Why Everyone Should Start a Blog – EVERYONE.

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Why Should I Blog?You might ask yourself, “Why Should I Blog?”
Every entrepreneur should start a blog.
Yes, you there.
I’m talking to you!

Because you can put your ideas on paper (electronic paper).
Because it’s a great entry into learning online business.
Because you can build your future client base.
Because it can help keep you accountable and on task.

But you may object with the following:
I don’t know what I would write about.
I don’t know anyone that would listen.
I don’t want people to know what I’m writing.
I don’t know how to get started.
I don’t have the time.
I don’t know anything about a blog.

All of these are super valid and are exactly why you need to blog.
To get over all of these.
All of these are brick walls.
Just getting over these walls are huge accomplishments.
And this is before anyone actually reads your blog and cares about what you say.

That’s why I admire anyone that has a blog – high trafficked or not, beautiful design or not.
Because showing up is 90% of the game.
Simply getting a blog started is a large hurdle to be jumped.
People like to make fun of the crappy baseball players in the pros.
“Yeah, this guy I know played for the White Sox but he wasn’t all that good.”
You Chump.
He Played For The Pros – The PROS!
He was better than 90% of other ball players out there that thought they were pro material.

So just get started.

You can google and find out 100% of what you need to know on how to start a blog.
There is a ton of free content online.
Or you can go directly to a blog that spells it out in detail.
Joel Runyon over at ImpossibleHQ has a great source.

There are also some great courses that you can pay for.
One incredible one is How to Start a Blog that Matters (aff link) by Corbett Barr of Think Traffic.
[And of course you’ll need a domain name, theme, hosting service, etc.
Feel free to use my recommendations (who I use) on my Resources Page.]

“But I don’t have a niche, what will I write about?”
Your aspirations.
Your goals.
What you want to accomplish.
Your fears.
What you’ve learned.
What you’re going to learn.
What you’re in the process of learning.

“But I don’t have the time to get started.”
I agree.
I don’t either.
I didn’t have the time to write this post (I’m on vacation in Guatemala at this very moment).
But I made it a priority
I did it for you.
To show you that you can make the time.
Am I busy like you?

“But I just want to learn how to create an online business.”
That’s great!
Create a blog in the process.
You’ll discover that a blog is an online business.
You’ll learn incredible skills – SEO, website building knowledge, affiliate knowledge, information product knowledge, writing skills, etc.
All of these will help you in building your online business platform.
Guess who will be the first in line to buy your product in your online business?
The folks that read your blog (as long as you are targeting the same audience).
Heck, you can even blog about the process of starting your online business.
You’ll have content for a year.

“But if I blog I want to keep it a secret”
Don’t tell anyone.
Blog anonymously.
Build a huge following incognito.
Make up a pen name Mr. Mark Twain.
Create a secret personality Ms. Betty Crocker.
A following will crave what you have to say.

They will also buy what you have to offer because they trust you.
Whether products of your own, products of others, your knowledge, etc.
They will happily pay for it.

So start a blog.
Start small.
And then go big.
Change the world.

Do you blog or aspire to?
Tell me about it below – I’d love to check yours out!

  • I totally agree that just showing up is 90 percent of the game. The fact that anyone has a blog of any size is impressive. It shows initiative.

  • brooks

    Heck yeah!
    It’s easy to say that there’s thousands of blogs and that anyone can make one (which is true). But getting one set up from scratch and generating content is totally respectable in my book. PS – congrats on your $7k month 😉

  • Catherine

    Other people’s blogs and motivational speeches like this always get me back to my blog!! Now I need to hear more ab Latin America and your travels!!

  • brooks

    Hello Ms. Mackey! Dylan and I were just talking about you 2 days ago. He’s got a potential opportunity to work in Sydney and we talked about you guys being just a close flight apart if so. I just finished my first week of Spanish School in Guatemala (post coming soon!) and will do another this next week. I’m also working remotely so it’s a pretty cool experience – a challenge but exciting!
    Any plans on returning stateside or do you think you’ve permanently turned into a Kiwi?? 😉

  • Brooks,

    I definitely enjoyed this article, and I can definitely relate. I am newly into the game with a site/blog, and I could identify with everything that you talked about. And while I though getting over the doubt/fears of launching the blog was tough, earning a readership and getting people to read and to actually care about what you have to say is another challenge, but it is one I am looking forward to.

    I am definitely subscribing to the start small mantra, and I am in no hurry with this process. I am simply enjoying it and taking my time and learning as I go. And so far, it has been great.

    Thanks so much for the read, it provided some solid perspective!


  • brooks

    Absolutely. Great to hear from you.
    I’m sure that you (like me) have a long term goal in your mind with your blog.
    What many folks see in the blogging world is what seems like instant successes.
    But the truth needs to be known.
    Sometimes it took bloggers years to gain traction.
    Sometimes it’s not their first rodeo and they had platforms that they built before and learned from.
    But we usually don’t hear about that.
    So always keep that in mind.
    Look forward to hearing from you again.
    Take Care.

  • I like the fact that a blog can be both a journal and outlet. My posts are usually aimed at sharing my life experiences in the form of “How to’s” but it can also be a way to get philosophical ideas out to the world. I agree, everyone needs a place to do that. Really nice post!

  • brooks

    Thanks Ralph!
    It’s amazing how I have friends locally that tell me about things they’ve read on here.
    I’ve forgotten I’ve written some of it and made it public until they’re talking to me about it 😉