4 Key Lessons From Adam Enfroy’s Success?

As bloggers, we could all take a leaf from Adam Enfroy’s book. 

He’s easily ONE of the BEST in online marketing and search engine optimization. 

This influential person honed their craft on the job.

In 2019, he launched a review blog for several pieces of software. 

Adam then decided to SCALE his site like an online business rather than following the CONVENTIAL WAY of expanding a blog. 

He knew he had to do more than write and promote content.

We’ll talk more about that later. 

By mid-2020, he generated $80k monthly from his blog, which seems to have worked out. 

I’m sure you want to know the secrets behind his success.

Read on to get to know Adam more.

You might pick up something about establishing a PROFITABLE blogging business!

Who is Adam Enfroy? 

Adam Enfroy.

Adam Enfroy is an ex-digital marketer turned full-time blogger. 

He aims to teach the next generation of online entrepreneurs how to scale their businesses. 

His blog currently attracts OVER 450k readers in a month.

Since he accomplished this himself, he details exactly what he did on his site. 

It’s truly a valuable resource if you want to increase your chances of making substantial money in months instead of years. 

Adam attended Michigan State University and majored in audio and video production. 

Unfortunately, he was expelled near the conclusion of his stay there, placed on academic probation, and sent back to live with his folks.

He was partying a bit too hard. 

But there was a silver lining, as there usually is in these situations.

He found the inspiration to get started by learning digital marketing in his spare time while living at home. 

He realized it was as creative and analytical as his undergraduate major but offered far more excellent professional prospects.

After his probation, he went back to school to get his degree.

Although, he ended up staying in the field of digital marketing. 

The Turning Point For Adam Enfroy 

Adam had a hard time finding work once he finished college.

Unexpectedly, his attitude shifted after he read extensively during a three-day personal development seminar. 

He had gained a deeper insight into who he was and was now prepared to take on the world.

He relocated to Austin, Texas, to work as BigCommerce’s affiliate manager. 

While employed there, he witnessed firsthand the success of bloggers and influencers who wrote about the SaaS e-commerce platform.

He did so well that he was promoted to oversee the digital marketing department and its budget of over a million dollars.

However, Adam began to feel the pressure and scrutiny, subsequently changing course.

It was all uphill from there. 

How Adam Enfroy Took Advantage of His Experience 

Adam felt prepared to go out independently after working in digital marketing for multiple national businesses and gaining SaaS knowledge.

He launched a blog or, more accurately, an affiliate website to evaluate and recommend SaaS applications.

Even though it was a highly competitive field, Adam decided to keep his day job and devote his spare time to his side business in the hopes of turning a profit in three to six months.

What Makes Adam Enfroy Unique

SEO Scramble Blocks.

Adam took a NON-TRADITIONAL strategy to expand his blog by treating it like a startup.

That means he didn’t follow the standard procedure of producing, promoting, and spreading content.

Instead, he went straight for the CLIMB.

Between his regular employment and side projects, he worked well over 100 hours weekly.

This is what he did:

  1. He created an email funnel and launched his WordPress site with five pillar posts. 
  2. He looked for freelance writers and used content creation companies to produce guest posts. 
  3. He focused on pitching guest posts to speed up backlink acquisition. 
  4. He used SEO tools to outrank the competition in Google page results. 
  5. He added affiliate links when his posts got on the first page of Google. 

Adam encourages you to do the same for your blog, and he can walk you through the process.

The Result of Adam Enfroy’s Efforts 

Adam’s plan was brilliant!

He was able to amass over 500 backlinks in just three months, and his site received over 7,000 monthly organic visitors.

Six months later, he had over 3,000 backlinks, 44,000 monthly organic visitors, and a domain authority score 66. 

His website had finally SURPASSED his regular income, and he no longer needed regular employment.

By February 2020, his blog made $45k per month, up from $35k after just nine months.

After about three months, Adam was bringing in $80,00k every month!

He quit his office job, adopted the flexible lifestyle of a digital nomad, and set off around the world.

Now, we have the unique opportunity of walking in his shoes and trying to replicate his success with HIS guidance. 

Adam Enfroy’s Blogging Course 

Adam Enfroy and Colin Shipp started Blog Growth Engine in the summer of 2021. 

It’s an online course and community that will teach you how to build a blog, gain credibility online, and make money through affiliate marketing. 

This course constraints the same methodology Adam used to grow his site from nothing to over $1M in revenue in only two years. 

This is a real-world illustration of the methods that work in 2023 if you want to develop a successful blog.

Treating his blog like a company has been crucial to Adam’s success as a blogger and affiliate marketer.

Blog Growth Engine is founded on this principle. 

An Overview Of What You Can Learn From His Course 

Busy At Work.

Adam relies heavily on video content in his instruction.

Additionally, it offers downloadable information and membership to an exclusive Facebook group. 

What follows is a brief outline of the material covered in the course:

Choosing Your Niche 

MODULE 1 will help you develop your brand.

Also, you’ll learn about the authority flywheel, a structure for rapidly expanding your standing in any online community.

Gaining The Proper Mindset 

MODULE 2 covers the mental preparation for launching a blogging business, including overcoming imposter syndrome, squaring up with the “demon on your shoulder,” and plowing ahead confidently.

Blogging Like a Startup 

MODULE 3 is all about how to blog like a startup.

This part will cover the startup mentality using principles from The Lean Startup. 

They’ll EXPOSE you to pivoting and the concept of feedback loops to demonstrate that a blogging business is data-driven.

Analyzing Search Intent 

Learning the inner workings of search engines, the importance of attracting Google users, and how to dissect queries and competitors are ALL part of this module.

Minimum Viable Website 

You’ll learn EVERYTHING, from where to host your site to which theme to use to which plugins are essential, as well as how to adjust every parameter in this comprehensive series of tutorials.

Keyword Monetization 

In this module, you’ll learn the process for conducting keyword research.

They’ll also go over the specifics of where to HUNT for profitable keyword prospects, and you’ll also locate the foundational keywords for your campaign. 

The keyword research matrix is also going to be discussed. 

Blog Content Creation 

In this part, you’ll learn how to assemble (not write) posts using the content assembly line method. 

You’ll also have access to the best starting points for other types of blogs, such as how-to guides, affiliate lists, reviews, and comparisons.

In this part, you will learn advanced strategies, such as how to scale guest articles and link-building partnerships. 

These can help you RAPIDLY increase the number of inbound links to your brand-new blog. 

Here, you’ll learn about the latest and greatest link-building techniques, which most bloggers today aren’t using.

Affiliate Marketing and Monetization 

This part discusses the steps to monetize your blog, including creating an outline for your initial affiliate material and setting up your affiliate links. 

Then, you’ll move on to the advanced affiliate strategies that aren’t covered elsewhere. 

You’ll learn how to increase the number of programs you’re approved into.


This module will teach you how to make the most of your time and resources to grow your blog and generate a profit as quickly as possible. 

Everything from who you’ll need on your scaling team to how much money you’ll need and what you’ll need to do it is all crucial components of a blogging business’ daily operations.

Once your blog becomes a well-oiled machine, you could even consider it a source of passive income.

You might not have to do much with guest writers and an affiliate marketing manager in place.

My Blog Growth Engine Review

So, what do I think about this course? 

First, let me emphasize that the instructions for Blog Growth Engine are clear. 

It’s not a pick-your-own-adventure style application that wanders through a thicket of agency-level strategies.

It skips the preamble and gets down to business.

This is why the course is shorter and less technical than others.

You WON’T find any in-depth tutorials, like how to set up Google Analytics or exit intent pop-ups.

In designing the Blog Growth Engine, they avoided including any content that could be easily found through a web search. 

In other words, if you can find a video of someone showing you how to do something step-by-step online, chances are good that it won’t be covered in the course.

Some people will be disappointed to hear that, but there is LOGIC to Enfroy and Shipp’s approach.

The two instructors are not slackers by any means.

If they feel anything is essential to the course, they will include it.

The “essentialist” concept is intertwined with Adam’s blogging strategy.

It comes down to making sure you can at least break even.

Carrying out the plan and releasing the product.

But it doesn’t mean they threw together Blog Growth Engine without care. 

This merely attests to his skill in honing in on what’s most critical.

He doesn’t want to lead you ASTRAY by suggesting superfluous blogging tasks. 

Adam Enfroy’s YouTube Channel 

Adam Enfroy's Youtube Channel.

The Blog Growth Engine is PRETTY pricey.

You can always check out Adam’s FREE content if you can’t make that investment. 

He has a pretty awesome YouTube channel

He shares valuable insights and strategies for growing a business online and maximizing revenue through digital marketing on his channel. 

Here are a few reasons why you should check out Adam Enfroy’s YouTube channel:

Access To Valuable Content 

Adam’s YouTube videos cover a wide range of topics related to digital marketing, including SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, making money online, and more. 

By subscribing to his channel, you’ll have access to a wealth of information and advice to help you grow your business.

Expert Insights 

Adam is a seasoned digital marketing professional with experience helping businesses succeed online. 

His videos offer practical, actionable advice to implement in your marketing efforts.

Most blogging advice is generic.

His are specific.

Consistent Updates 

Adam’s videos are not only informative, but they are also entertaining and engaging.

His friendly and approachable style makes it easy to absorb the information he shares.

What We Can Learn From Adan Enfroy’s Success 

You’re always trying to up your game as an entrepreneur. 

If you’re trying to “make it” in this industry, applying what Adam is preaching can’t hurt. 

Here are a few KEY things we can LEARN from him: 

The Importance of Creating Valuable Content 

Adam firmly believes in creating valuable, informative content to attract and retain customers. 

He encourages businesses to FOCUS on providing value to their audience rather than solely promoting their products or services.

The Value of Long-Term Planning 

Adam emphasizes the IMPORTANCE of thinking long-term and developing a solid strategy for business growth. 

He advises businesses to SET clear goals and regularly review and ADJUST their strategies to ensure they are on track to achieve their objectives.

The Role of SEO in Digital Marketing 

Adam emphasizes the importance of SEO in driving organic traffic to a website and generating leads and sales.

It doesn’t matter how great your content is if NO ONE can find it. 

The Power of Social Media Marketing 

Adam is a STRONG advocate for the use of social media in marketing. 

He regularly shares tips and best practices for using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to reach and engage with customers.

Final Thoughts 

Adam Enfroy is an authority in the blogging world.

He cemented this role by providing something that would be hard to find anywhere else. 

He’s passionate about sharing his knowledge with others.

He has a ton of free content to review if you’d like to learn from him. 

If you want to take it to the next level, I recommend the Blog Growth Engine. 

This course is straightforward, easy to follow, and packed with practical advice and techniques you can implement immediately to improve your blog. 

It will take effort, but the payoff will be worth it if you stick with it.

Good luck! 

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