How to Start a Podcast in 1 Day (my cheat sheet)

It’s time.

You’re finally ready to start that podcast.


Destroy The Box Podcast.

You can make it complicated, but we can simplify it into a few steps.

I run a few podcasts and use the 80/20 rule to make them easy…

So, I’ll give you a quick overview, and then we’ll get straight to my cheat sheet.

A Podcast, what the heck now?

Okay, a quick overview (60-second version).

You’re making a recording that you can share with friends (and new friends).

You’re taking a file (like an MP3 recording) and uploading it to a store service.

That service also communicates with all platforms like Apple and Spotify (so you don’t have to).

That’s it.

You make content and upload it, and they do the rest.

Great, you’re ready to go.

So here’s my cheat sheet.

My Podcast Cheat Sheet:

Sign up with a Podcast host.

You want Buzzsprout (referral link that gives you $20)

Want to read more and get lost in podcasting information?

Buy a podcast microphone.

If your budget is under $100, get the Samson Q2U USB microphone (I have one and love it).

For under $300, get the Shure MV7 USB microphone (you see this in lots of YouTube podcast videos).

More articles to get lost in…

Set up your podcast studio.

You need a quiet room that won’t create an echo.

Room with hard floors and walls = bad.

Room with carpet and drapes = good.

If you’re doing audio, do you know the best podcast studio?

A closet.

Yep, a closet.

Carpet and tons of clothes to absorb sound.

And it’s free. 🆓

But if you want more articles to get lost in…

Record and upload your Podcast

Easy, free options for you to edit your podcast MP3 files.

Audacity (Windows) and GarageBand (Apple)
*Audacity is a bit clunky, but hey, it’s free.

There are plenty of paid options. Descript is a good one (I use this).

Play around with these. 🏋️

There’s a learning curve, but you’ll be a pro soon.

If you want to keep it simple, you can create a standard intro and outro for every episode you produce.

Plenty of stock music that you can purchase out there.

Your editor (like Descript) will have free options for you within the software.

The YouTube audio library is an option for free if you’re creating a video podcast.

Make 12 Episodes and then Launch.

Why make 12 episodes first?

Well, for starters, nobody likes showing up to a party and being the only one.

If you have a single episode, it doesn’t look good.

Also, what if you record a few and decide it’s not for you?

In that case, it’s best not to shout to all your friends that you’ll launch soon.

Once you have 12, you’ll know if you’re in it to win it or not 🚀

That’s it!

Of course, if you have any questions, connect with me on YouTube.

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