Why I Moved From Bluehost to WPX Hosting

Google is now implementing the speed of websites as a part of its ranking system [and its core web vitals system].

And they should.

If a website is slow, do you leave it if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds or so?

Yep, me too.

So Google serving up fast websites with great content on page one of the SERP is a good business move.

Whether you have a seasoned blog or you’re just starting one, this post will be somewhat of a WPX hosting review and help you understand WPX vs Bluehost.

If you’d prefer a video, watch here or check out below. You can see why I’m now in love with WPX!

My BlueHost Review

I’ve used Bluehost hosting for seven years.

And to be honest, I like them.

Their customer service has been great for me (although I’ve heard some horror stories), and I have seven or so sites hosted with Bluehost.

But when based on research and some speed tests, my hunch was that Bluehost was not helping my site speed for this site.

And given that my traffic is steadily growing, now is the time to make a move.

I could have upgraded to a VPS with Bluehost, but I decided to hunt for a new host.

It’s always good to see what else is on the market.

To see my WPX vs Bluehost thoughts, keep reading.

Best WordPress Hosting Companies

After researching and asking other site owners in my network, I narrowed it down to Kinsta, WPX, SiteGround, and Cloudways.

[If you want to dig into SiteGround or Kinsta, check out our comparison guide for these two major brands].

These are all highly recommended, so if you go with one of them, you’ll also be making a great choice.

Kinsta is a white-glove service for WordPress hosting.  My gut says that they would have been a great choice, but their price point was just a bit higher than I wanted to pay.

I was impressed by SiteGround, but I got the idea that they may also be a larger company, and I wasn’t sure if their tech would keep up with fast changes in the marketplace.

So I narrowed it down to Cloudways and WPX.

Cloudways seems incredible if you can handle most of the tech and don’t need much assistance.

But I know just enough to be dangerous, so I wanted to be sure that I was getting assistance to migrate my site where needed.

I made the call to go with WPX.

Before signing up, I ran three different speed tests while at Bluehost – Google Speed Insights, Pingdom, and GTmetrix.

wpx vw. bluehost - google - desktop version
Bluehost Test – Desktop

Bluehost Test – Mobile

Bluehost - Pingdom
Bluehost Test using Pingdom (Load Time 5 seconds+)

bluehost - GTMetrix
Bluehost Test using GTmetrix

My WPX Hosting Review

I am blown away by the customer service.

WPX support was there every step of the way.

WPX migrated my site over in less than 24 hours.

For free!

They patiently answered all of my concerns about my email addresses that I had at Bluehost and what would come of them.

I changed my nameservers over to them when I went to bed.

When I woke up in the morning, my site was live with WPX.

I ran new speed tests, and below are the results.

wpx vs. bluehost - google speed test
WPX Test – Desktop

wpx - mobile google speed test
WPX Test – mobile (still needs work)

WPX - pingdom test
WPX Test using Pingdom (not sure why grade lower — load time improved to less than 1 second)

WPX - GTMEtrix
WPX Test using GTmetrix

WPX vs. Bluehost

So, with all else the same, this is the difference between Bluehost and WPX.

Not only was I blown away with the customer service of WPX, but my site speed has dramatically increased as well. You can easily see this from the tests I ran within 24 hours of each other.

Simply by moving from Bluehost to WPX.

With my current plan, I can have five websites with them.

I have three sites that I am concerned about SEO, keyword research, and growing traffic.

These will migrate from Bluehost to WPX.

I am paying $24.99/mo for the WPX hosting and plan to move to the annual plan to bring my monthly cost down to $20.83/mo (which will save about $50 for the year).

With that said, if you’re starting out, Bluehost is a great option.

They give you a great deal for your first year (less than $49 is pretty amazing).

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My New Strategy Using Both Bluehost and WPX

It’s not simple to move hosts, but it also isn’t the most complicated thing with some help.

My new plan is to use Bluehost as my springboard.

I will launch new sites there, and then as needed, I will move them over to WPX.

WPX vs Bluehost.

WPX is better overall, but you may not need to start with them.

Bluehost is great for you to start from, and then you can graduate to a higher-grade host.

But, I will warn that you might want to rethink which host you start with if you are concerned with ranking your site in Google.

With Google now having site speed as one of their ranking measuring sticks, it might be more beneficial to begin with a host like WPX that will help speed up your website.

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