Top Blog Niches For Beginners – Let’s Explore The Options

A blog’s niche is the specific area of interest that will be its main emphasis.

Choosing a blog niche is just another way of addressing the question: what am I going to blog about? 

It’s a pretty heavy question.

Given its importance to the future success (or failure) of your blog, it’s a crucial issue to consider from the get-go.

Many bloggers write about anything that tickles their fancy, but this is not a sustainable approach to blogging. 

Your niche blog can’t merely be a personal online diary with a handful of readers who occasionally check in to read your thoughts.

You have to treat it like an online business. 

And the first step to treating your blog like a business is choosing the right niche or a certain subject within which you publish your content. 

In this post, I’m going to go over some evergreen niches that will always remain as fads and trends go away. 

Please bear in mind that not all evergreen blog niches are created equal. Some are more profitable than others. Some are inevitably going to get more traffic. 

The niches that are going to be covered in this post are those that have stood the test of time. 

Profitable Evergreen Blogging Niches For Newbie Bloggers


food blog niches

Since everyone needs to eat, it stands to reason that food is a common interest for bloggers to discuss. 

Posting recipes on a food blog gets a lot of organic traffic, and you can even expand into other areas, like publishing cookbooks or creating how-to videos. 

There are a lot of successful food blogs that make thousands (or even millions) of dollars per month!

Sometimes we see content creators promote foreign food products. For example, a couple of years ago, nobody knew what Gochujang or Sambal was. 

Sometimes social media plays a huge part in this niche.

For example, many folks wanted to show off their banana loads and sourdough starters during the pandemic. 

In a nutshell, culinary blogs are known for their inherently inventive and trendy content. 

If you opt to focus on a specific diet, you’ll have a much greater chance of creating a successful blog.

Vegan and vegetarian blogs, for example, find it easier to build a loyal following than food blogs that cover a wider range of topics.

Food niche blogs around certain food sensitivities tend to do well too. 


health blog niches

One of the most popular blog niches is the health niche.

Spending time and money on one’s own health is something we all do.

I’m sure you’ve Googled a symptom or searched for fitness tips at some point. 

Most health blogs focus on a particular issue, like how to finally get rid of that pesky beer belly, gain muscle, or address an addiction problem.

There are tens of thousands of submarkets inside the larger health industry.

You have the option of aiming for a broad health audience or narrowing your focus further.

You could, for example, focus solely on the diet industry, much like does.

This blog covers a wide range of diet topics, from fasting to keto to paleo and beyond

d. The popularity of any one of these diets going out of style wouldn’t have a major impact on this site because it can focus on the next new thing. 

One alternative is to have an all-encompassing health discussion blog like

The subjects range from picking out a new mattress to juicing for weight loss.

Personal Finance 

personal finance

Similar to the health industry, the finance industry tends to be extremely cutthroat.

The rewards are substantial for those who are successful in attracting and retaining an audience. 

Credit cards, personal finance, investing, insurance policies, and cryptocurrency are all sub-niches within the larger personal finance niche. 

Many people look to reliable personal finance blogs for guidance because they find it difficult to make sense of the complexities of money management. 

That’s why it comes as no surprise that many personal finance blogs enjoy widespread popularity and financial success, with some raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly.

You don’t really need a degree in finance to be a financial blogger.

However, it would help immensely if you had a firm grasp on your own finances.

How else are you going to impart useful insights to your readers? 


In the grand scheme of things, the dating subculture has been around for a very long time.

Anyone can find a place in this market, whether they want to give advice on love or review hookup apps.

I suggest zeroing down on a specific demographic if you are seriously considering diving into this niche.  

Maybe you want to give men the best relationship advice you can offer.

Narrowing your focus (even if just based on demographics) will provide you with a huge advantage over competitors in this area. 

Credibility among readers is essential to gain loyalty, so it’s best to know what you’re talking about. 


lifestyle blog niches

This hot blogging niche encompasses a wide range of topics. 

Lifestyle bloggers produce content around their daily lives and things that interest them.

The well-known “Mommy Blog” subset is an example of this niche. 

You can create a blog chronicling your life, but for it to be successful, it needs to appeal to an audience in some way.

For example, you could write about city life, country life, parenting, your profession, and much more. 

The point is to detail your daily routine, which can lead to lucrative business ventures by showcasing life hacks that others can use to improve their own.

Since you can recommend anything from housewares to vehicles, from hotels to children’s toys, a whole business has sprung up around this specific type of blog, providing enough potential for sponsorships and other forms of income. 

The most challenging part of increasing your readership is making your content noticeable among the sea of other content online.

High-demand specialty blogs are the best approach to engaging with your target audience.

If you choose this niche, you’ll have to be organized enough to cover a wide range of subtopics.

Everyone engages in quite a few activities in a day, and each of these has the potential to attract a certain type of reader. 



Every person has a natural inclination toward self-improvement.

Most of us have the desire to learn and develop personally. 

There are bloggers out there who help people deal with their challenges.

Their content usually involves forming habits and increasing productivity. 

One of the best things about the self-help market is that you don’t have to be an expert or be the next Tony Robbins to cash in on it.

To be an effective teacher, you need only excel to the point where others can learn from you.

There are bloggers out there who can help you better deal with your own challenges, whether you’re interested in lifestyle design in the way of Tim Ferriss or increasing your productivity.

There are even bloggers that just report the latest developments in this field to their readers.

Anything from bolstering one’s self-assurance to exploring one’s faith or romantic relationships could fall within this category.

James Clear is a good example of this kind of blogger.

He is an author who focuses on how to become more efficient and productive in life. 

It’s only been a couple of years since he first published his blog.

Since then, he has written a book that became a New York Times bestseller and developed a massively popular online course on habit formation.

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blogging - blog niches

Blogging may seem like an odd choice for a list of blogging niches, but it’s actually a very competitive and lucrative field. 

Many people want to blog or have someone accompany them in their blogging journey.

It’s only natural that they would want to get advice from the best bloggers around. 

Blogs in this niche, like Problogger and the Smart Passive Income Blog, are aimed at content producers who want to make money in their specific fields. 

The following are examples of specialized blog topics:

  • Forming an SEO strategy 
  • How to fight writer’s block 
  • Tools to use for blogging 
  • How to build a loyal audience in the creator economy
  • And many more! 

Reading other blogs is a natural next step for anyone who is already immersed in the blogging world. 

This could be the reason why certain blogs in this field receive over 100,000 visitors per month from search engines.

It’s all thanks to the bloggers’ innovative use of monetization strategies.



It’s likely that even if you’re not particularly tech-savvy, you occasionally visit sites that cater to that audience. 

These blogs typically offer expert opinions on the latest smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

It helps to get advice from experts before your next big tech purchase, right?

They also make money off of their content by giving users how-to guides and help on how to use technology better or fix things like routers.

Even while competition is high in the tech market, there is substantial diversity to be found there. 

A wide variety of specialized markets exist for you to explore.

There are tens of thousands of potential sub-niches, from writing about security to reviewing obscure tech products. 

Check out to get a sense of how you can make a living reviewing products.

Technology-related content doesn’t have to take the form of reviews of specific gadgets. 

You could also talk about the good and bad things about different software, operating systems, and hardware parts.

The website Instructables, for instance, is dedicated to the art of do-it-yourself tech projects. 

They’ve been around for decades, and throughout that time, they’ve amassed a massive following.

Each day brings with it a slew of new technological releases, and now the market is saturated with thousands of products.

You wouldn’t believe how many new smartphones are introduced each month!

New technologies emerge annually, providing writers with a seemingly endless supply of potential topics. 

Making Money 

making money blog niches

Everybody nowadays is looking for a means to supplement their regular income.

They may be looking for part-time employment, a new business venture, or a remote internet position.

Making money, often known as wealth creation, is a huge niche, and there are countless opportunities available both online and off.

If you decide to go for the wealth creation niche, I recommend narrowing your focus to a specific demographic.

Some specific sub-niches might be:

  • How to set up passive income streams
  • How to make money from home
  • How to make money with your hobbies
  • How to make money as a strapped-for-time parent

The earning potential is high in this field if you are able to sell online courses or provide coaching services related to your area of expertise.

Career Guidance 

career guidance - blog niches

There will always be a demand for advice on navigating one’s career. 

Job advice is helpful for folks at all stages of their lives, including when they are considering what to study in college or when they are making a career switch.

Writing on this subject would be fruitful because of the wide variety of angles from which to approach it. 

You could cover topics like resume and CV construction, the job search process, skill acquisition, professional advancement, and workplace diversity and inclusion.

You can also choose a specialty that relates to your professional background.

For instance, if you’re a writer, you might focus on helping aspiring authors become better writers, expanding their businesses, and developing marketable skills.



Most people want to get away for a wide variety of reasons.

There are those who enjoy lavishing their money on trips to far-flung locales.

Others travel the globe for the better part of a year with nothing but a backpack on their shoulders. 

Many families have made vacationing together a tradition.

Newlyweds want to make the most out of their honeymoon. The list goes on. 

Anyone with a love of exploration and a computer can find success in the travel writing niche.

Topics for travel blogs can range from advice on planning a trip to the best places to visit and ideas on how to become a digital nomad.

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gardening blog niches

Gardening’s popularity as a stress-relieving pastime that can be done right in one’s own backyard shows no signs of waning.

You could turn your gardening enthusiasm into a lucrative career as a blogger. 

Folks are interested in learning the fundamentals of gardening, so they can expand their knowledge to include topics like vegetable growing, flower arranging, and landscape design.

This niche market is expanding at an astounding rate, right along with the popularity of organic foods and healthy living. 

Margaret Roach, who uprooted her life in New York City to found a farm in upstate New York, writes the excellent gardening blog A Way To Garden.

She’s a prime example of how you could be a gardening blogger yourself.

Vegetables and vines, perennials, and plant-to-table dishes are just some of the stuff covered in this blog.



More than 500 million people around the world have taken the plunge to start their own businesses.

Last year, the US witnessed 5.4 million new companies form.

This recent uptick in the number of people starting their own businesses is due to the fact that they recognize the advantages of working for themselves.

If you’re a new entrepreneur or have experience with startups, here is your chance to put your expertise to use.

Bloggers in the startup industry write and produce different forms of content, like videos and podcasts, about many aspects of launching and maintaining a company and avoiding bankruptcy.

You can tell the story of your own entrepreneurial ups and downs, teach others about the best resources and strategies for growing a startup or recount the stories of other successful entrepreneurs.

The potential for interesting material here is practically limitless. 

OnStartups, written by successful software entrepreneur Dharmesh Shah, is a notable blog that focuses on SaaS companies.

It’s an excellent start-off point if you choose this niche. 


fashion blog niches

When it comes to popular blogging niches, fashion blogs consistently rank high up there in terms of search volume. 

Thousands of people are looking to follow quality, unique blogs in this lucrative industry.

That’s why you can expect to see a steady stream of organic traffic pretty quickly if you decide to launch one. 

Ideally, you’d have many sponsorship opportunities if you’ll regularly interact with brands.

You could also broaden your brand’s reach onto other platforms like Instagram and YouTube, increasing your potential customer base and sales.

The most well-liked subcultures inside the fashion industry shift with each new trend.

Despite the rapid pace of fashion, several bloggers have found success by specializing in fashion for newbies. 

For example, kids finding their own style or folks looking for style tips for events will often look to fashion blogs for help. 

You could also narrow your “specialization” to those with unique characteristics, like specific hair and body types. 

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Final Thoughts 

Evergreen niches never lose relevance or value to their target audience.

Starting a blog in a popular but fleeting niche will bring in readers at first, but this will fade as interest in the subject wanes. 

High search engine results, more visitors, and constant lead generation are just a few of the many benefits that come from focusing on an evergreen niche business.

I hope your own blog falls into one of the blogging niches above.

A good niche website business still makes more than a decent profit if you put the work in.

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