AdSense Alternatives To Try Out

One of the most dependable ways to monetize your blog is to allow companies to post their advertisements on it.

So, you’ll need to join an advertising network that connects website publishers to online advertisers. 

And you’ve probably stumbled upon Google AdSense when looking for an ad network.

It is the most mainstream pay-per-click (PPC) platform on the internet, with over 10 million websites using it. 

AdSense is a simple, dependable program that pays publishers a fair amount of click-through earnings. However, it isn’t the only option.

We’ll go over why you might want to use a different ad network for your site in this post.

Then we’ll go over some of the most outstanding ad networks outside of AdSense that you can utilize to start monetizing your blog more effectively this year. 

Why Should You Consider Using Google AdSense Alternatives?

Google’s platform has a number of drawbacks that make it unfit for some blog sites.

Here are some excellent reasons to consider some Google AdSense alternatives:

Revenue Sharing 

The majority of ad networks employ an automated technique to display ads in specific places on your website.

You receive a portion of the commission when users interact with these advertisements. 

For instance, by viewing, clicking, and making a purchase through the ad, you profit a little and the remaining portion to the network.

Publishers receive 68% of the revenue produced by adverts on their website when they use Google AdSense.

Although this is a competitive rate, several alternative networks provide a higher percentage. 

Minimum Payouts 

A network’s minimum payout is the amount of earnings required before you get paid.

This amount is $100 for AdSense, which is way more than the next AdSense alternative.

If your blog is newer or less established, reaching $100 in revenue may take longer than you’d like.

You could be better off collaborating with a company that has a lower minimum payout requirement.


Before becoming a partner, several networks, including AdSense, demand applicants to meet specified metrics on their websites. 

If Google rejects your blog for an AdSense account, you’ll need to find a network with laxer approval requirements.

Your Google AdSense account may be disabled as a result of the platform’s strict click fraud management. 

Site Allowances 

Large ad networks, including Google AdSense, are designed to service any form of a content-heavy website, including blogs, video publishers, and online news publications. 

It’s reasonable to look for Google AdSense alternatives if you want an ad provider who will work directly with you and can provide a custom-fit solution for your blog.

Ad Customization 

Some ad networks allow you to customize your advertising style to match the concept of your website, making them blend in seamlessly with your original content. 

Customization varies by the provider; however, many let you change the color and size of an ad, which AdSense doesn’t allow. 

Compounded Revenue Streams 

Instead of replacing your AdSense account, you may want to consider a companion network that works alongside AdSense to provide an extra cash stream. 

As long as you comply with the AdSense terms of service, you shouldn’t come across any problems. 

If any of these concerns apply to you, there are a number of worthwhile alternatives to consider.

Let’s take a closer look at the most outstanding among them!

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The Best Google AdSense Alternatives Right Now 

If you’re starting to realize that AdSense isn’t for you, check out this list of the best Google AdSense alternatives and start making more money with your blog ad space. 


Ezoic adsense alternatives

Google has certified Ezoic as a publishing partner, even if it’s an AdSense alternative.

It’s a publisher-focused ad network with a slew of valuable tools to help you maximize your earnings.

For example, the platform uses artificial intelligence to determine the most appropriate ad location.

Your package also includes an ad inventory, ad layout tester, a site speed calculator, and a comprehensive analytics tool. 

You’ll gain a lot of information with this tool regarding how well your advertisements are doing on your site. 

Their network is straightforward to integrate with your website, and it works with everything from Cloudflare CDN to WordPress, among other options. 

If you come across some issues or need assistance getting started, Ezoic has a superb customer support team ready to assist you.


  • Great for novices 
  • Works seamlessly with Google ads to boost your earnings 
  • Their AI tests ad layouts for you. 
  • Lower minimum payout at $20 
  • Superb security features for enhanced privacy 
  • Includes Google Amp Converter for mobile versions of websites 
  • Includes analytics tools 


  • You have to fiddle with it to optimize your earning potential. 


Mediavine adsense alternatives

Mediavine, a prominent AdSense alternative, shares 75% of its revenue with bloggers and highly-tailored ad placements.

Plus, it only requires 50,000 monthly page views. 

This blog is currently monetized with Medicine, and I have had an excellent experience with them so far.

This ad network works with a massive pool of lifestyle advertisers; therefore, it’s geared toward lifestyle bloggers. If you create long-form content in this genre, you should absolutely apply.

In addition, Mediavine provides sensitivity to your business relationship, which is quite rare in this industry.

It was founded by bloggers who recognized the need for fast-loading, high-quality ads, as well as transparency. 

The company will answer any queries you have regarding advertisements on your site.


  • Excellent user experience 
  • Best for blogs within lifestyle niches 
  • Proprietary technology for improving and maintaining traffic quality
  • 75% revenue share model (as opposed to Google’s 68%)


  • 50,000 monthly visitors required to apply 
  • A contractual 3-month period means no sudden exists 
  • You must allow ad network exclusivity.

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AdThrive adsense alternatives

Many bloggers prefer AdThrive over AdSense because it collaborates closely with both publishers and advertisers to optimize advertisements, monitor ad inventory, and provide the best results.

It comes as no surprise that this is one of the best onsite advertising systems on the market today, with a 75% payment to publishers.

Due to its stringent restrictions, this network may not be one of the more realistic AdSense alternatives for newbies, despite having one of the highest compensation percentages in the business.

For example, to be qualified for membership, you must have at least 100,000 monthly visitors, the majority of whom have to be from the United States.


  • Way higher payout than AdSense
  • Complex propriety technologies 
  • Payouts are guaranteed regardless of advertiser payments. 
  • Effective support 
  • Best for video monetization 
  • Google Certified Publishing Partner 


  • Hard to qualify for 

Media Net

adsense alternatives is a strong AdSense alternative. It focuses on leveraging contextual adverts to revamp your advertising strategy. 

However, the platform also supports traditional ad formats, including native shopping ads and display ads, while allowing you to enable and delete ad units swiftly.

One of the best features of is that it has various customization options that let you adjust the general color scheme and design to match your company’s identity.

There is no minimum traffic requirement on! 

The advertising network uses the Bing/Yahoo network to provide PPC (pay per click) advertising.

Moreover, an exceptionally comprehensive dashboard makes tracking your ad metrics a breeze.


  • You get paid monthly. 
  • Users have flexibility in terms of ad options.
  • Exceptional customer support
  • Includes a massive selection of global advertisers


  • No real-time revenue updates 
  • Higher payout threshold 
  • It only works with traffic from the United States, Canada, and the UK. 
  • Your audience has to double-click ads. 


Monumetric adsense alternatives

Monumetric is an ad network and AdSense alternative that focuses on blogs.

It differs from most other networks because it uses CPI (cost per impression) rather than CPC (cost per click). 

This is perfect for popular blogs that don’t convert as well as they should.

Monumetric offers four different monetization options, each depending on monthly page views.

You must have at least 10,000 monthly visitors to be eligible for membership in the network.

If your monthly traffic is less than 80,000, you must pay a $99 setup charge to get started on the platform.

Nonetheless, the payout is fantastic, with a minimum of merely $10 available via PayPal or direct deposits. 


  • Provides data-driven ad strategies meant for bloggers 
  • Extremely low payment threshold 
  • Comprehensive ad revenue platform 
  • Customizable dashboard displays 
  • Excellent analytics to keep track of growth 


  • Revenues aren’t calculated till the following day. 
  • Blogs that have fewer than 80,000 monthly visitors have a $99 setup fee. 

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Adversal adsense alternatives

Adversal is a “self-service” AdSense alternative that is ideal for blogs and websites with a reasonable amount of monthly traffic, whether it comes from SEO, paid advertising, or social media.

The platform provides a variety of banner ads and a few additional, more subtle marketing possibilities.

Signing up is quick and straightforward, and you can get started as soon as you reach the minimum monthly visitor requirement of 50,000.

The platform does cover the majority of the work for you, so once you’re set-up, you can sit back and let it do the heavy lifting.

Adversal also provides a fantastic affiliate marketing scheme and has an intelligent interface where you can start, terminate, and pause your campaigns at any time.


  • Breezy signup process 
  • Minimal fiddling is required once it’s set up 
  • Very low payout threshold 
  • No contracts to sign 


  • Limited types of ads 
  • It doesn’t accept low-traffic sites 
  • Blogs must have a dedicated domain name. 

Amazon Native Shopping Ads 

Amazon Native Shopping Ads 

Amazon Native Shopping Advertisements and CPM-based ads are excellent options for anyone trying to increase their online revenue.

The Amazon associates program (also known as the Amazon affiliate program) is an AdSense alternative used by many bloggers and website owners to make money. Amazon Native Shopping Ads, on the other hand, can be just as profitable.

Amazon Native Shopping Ads are contextual, which means they show relevant products based on the content and keywords on a page.

If a person makes a purchase after clicking an ad on your website, you get a cut of the sale, whether or not the item they clicked on was the one they wanted.

The best part is that Amazon’s conversion rate is really high, which means you’ll earn more money with less work.


  • Commissions are based on the viewers’ whole shopping cart. 
  • Works well for US and EU audiences
  • Reliable and well-known provider 
  • One of the few contextual advertisers 
  • Various ad categories to choose from 


  • Widget integration could be more intuitive 
  • No PayPal payouts 
  • No individual commissions 


Adsterra adsense alternatives

Adsterra is a rapidly expanding AdSense alternative that caters to a significant number of well-known businesses.

Moreover, the platform provides novel and aggressive ad forms that are competitive with Google AdSense.

This is a well-known brand in the online advertising industry.

It offers impressive solutions for both advertisers and publishers looking for better AdSense alternatives.

The user-friendly platform makes monetizing visitors simple even for beginners, and publishers benefit from a 100% fill rate and the industry’s top CPM.

Also, all advertising is subjected to Adsterra’s exclusive fraud detection system, which ensures that your website is malware-free.


  • You could get your own dedicated account manager. 
  • Robust in-house fraud detection systems 
  • It covers over 248 countries 
  • Various high-conversion ad formats 


  • No real-time support 
  • Higher payout thresholds for wire transfers 

Propeller Ads 

Propeller Ads adsense alternatives

PropellerAds is a rapidly expanding AdSense alternative that offers monetization options for both new and established blog sites. 

PropellerAds is recognized for its popunder adverts, which load behind the current browser window and appear after it has been closed.

If popunders are too intrusive for your blog, PropellerAds also offers native advertisements, banner ads, video ads, and additional non-targeted and targeted ads for desktops. 

PropellerAds also caters to mobile sites and applications, with a push notification ad style available.

PropellerAds is suitable for both existing and newer blogs: there is no minimum traffic requirement. 

Your account is activated immediately after creation, and the compensation threshold is only $5 via PayPal. These payments are made every month.


  • Ads can bypass AdBlock 
  • One of the Google AdSense alternatives that can be used alongside AdSense
  • Includes interstitial add styles and push notifications 


  • Lower CPMs compared to other alternatives 
  • No header bidding



Native advertisements, which are created to match the appearance and feel of your blog material, are a specialty of Revcontent.

These advertisements are precisely tailored to blend in with the pages of your website. 

Ads in various media, such as display, mobile, and video ads, are also available through Revcontent.

Revcontent is an AdSense alternative that has a reputation for great clientele on both the publisher and advertiser sides.

It partners up with publications that are expected to create a high volume of ad clicks, attracting advertisers ready to pay higher commissions.

The catch is that Revcontent is much more restrictive than Google AdSense in terms of who it accepts.

Your site must have at least 50,000 monthly visitors and produce good content regularly to be reviewed.

There’s a chance you’ll be rejected, but with Revcontent’s guarantee of better engagement rates, it’s worth a shot.

Publishers are paid every month, with a $50 minimum payout.


  • Intuitive control panel 
  • Various ad formats are available 
  • High-paying advertisers 
  • Exceptional customer support 
  • Customizable widgets 


  • It doesn’t allow low-traffic sites and blogs 
  • Limited payout options 
  • Stringent acceptance policies 



RevenueHits, a relatively new AdSense alternative, is gaining traction as a trustworthy monetization platform. 

This platform boasts an innovative ad optimization engine that learns from your ad performance and recommends the ideal places for advertisements on your site.

To get started with RevenueHits, there is no minimum traffic requirement.

It’s crucial to note, however, that RevenueHits advertising is performance-based rather than cost-per-click. 

This means you won’t be able to make money solely through clicks.

Visitors must click your ad and then execute particular actions on the advertised website in order for your blog to generate cash. 


  • Straightforward dashboard 
  • Only displays relevant ads to visitors 
  • Several ad types are available (including native ads and contextual ads)
  • Lax application requirements 
  • No payout fees 


  • It doesn’t include video ads 
  • Limited analytics 
  • It doesn’t pay per “impression.” 

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BuySellAds adsense alternatives

You may want to look at BuySellAds, an AdSense alternative and self-serve ad portal for publishers, if your site has sustained high traffic. 

To be accepted by BuySellAds, you’ll need at least 100,000 monthly page views, and it only accepts English-language websites with exceptional content and design.

You’ll get a 75% commission for each click if you can attain this high bar. This is a reasonably competitive rate for the business and much more than Google’s 62% per click commission rate. 

Text ads, RSS feed ads, banners, native ads, content sponsorships, and email ads are examples of BuySellAds’ formats. 

BuySellAds, unlike other options, does not show automated or targeted ads. Instead, publishers sell ad space on their sites to advertisers through a marketplace.


  • Manual and automatic ad approvals 
  • Attracts niche-related ads well 
  • Flexible ad styles 
  • Breezy to set up 
  • Open to new ad smaller blogs with not much traffic 


  • Convoluted publishing directory 
  • No targeted ads 
  • Higher commissions at 25%


InfoLinks is an excellent AdSense alternative to display ads because it specializes in in-text advertising. 

InfoLinks dynamically matches advertising with relevant text snippets by searching for keywords in the body of your blog material. 

A suitable ad appears next to this specific text when a visitor hovers over it. Since there are more words on a page, in-text advertisements function well on blogs because there are more options for relevant adverts.

Any blog, established or new, can be monetized using InfoLinks. There is no setup charge, and there are no minimum page view requirements. 

InfoLinks pays every 45 days by PayPal, Western Union, and Payoneer (minimum payout is $50).


  • Compatible with AdSense 
  • Quick approval span 
  • Contextural targeting


  • Some ad formats might be too intrusive for some. 
  • Low income for countries with poor economies



The most appealing feature of the ad network ylliX is its openness to new publishers: there are no traffic limitations, daily payments, and a $5 minimum payout.

ylliX will also approve your website promptly after you join up due to its simple prerequisites.

This self-serve AdSense alternative lets you create mobile and desktop advertising, such as sliders, popups, banners, anchors, and push notifications.

You can also run campaigns based on impressions, actions, and clicks. 

ylliX also provides a substantial referral program in which you may earn up to $100 for each new user you refer.


  • Reasonable payouts based on traffic quality 
  • Generous affiliate program for both advertisers and publishers 
  • Supports CPC, CPM, and CPA ads 
  • Various ad types for desktop and mobile (including native ads)
  • Convenient daily payments 


  • Rudimentary security prone to malware
  • Clicks only count when purchases are made. 
  • Low CPMs

Skimlinks adsense alternatives

Skimlinks is unique among the other alternatives in this list because it focuses on affiliate marketing. 

It operates by looking for links to other websites in the text of your blog. 

If a visitor clicks on a link that directs them to Skimlinks’ advertising partners, the link is considered an affiliate link, and you receive a 75% compensation. 

When consumers purchase things through your affiliate links, you earn more money.

Bloggers who prefer to monetize their text content without (or in addition to) display ads should use Skimlinks. It’s also useful for product reviews, which are more likely to name companies. 

Skimlinks has a low $10 minimum threshold, and it only sends payouts every 90 days.


  • It blends in seamlessly with your website 
  • Lower payment threshold 
  • It has an editor toolbar plugin for Google Chrome 
  • Features many affiliate programs
  • Powerful analytics tool 


  • It doesn’t show traditional display ads 
  • Cuts 25% of your commissions 
  • Lackluster customer support 



Many media buyers, affiliates, and publishers use AdCash as a self-serve advertising platform and Google AdSense alternative. 

AdCash works with advertisers and publishers from all over the world, unlike many other networks that only engage with creators with a US-based readership.

This is something that can drastically increase your earnings.

The site has a diverse selection of advertisements.

They also feature anti-AdBlock technology, which can help you boost your digital ad revenue.

AdCash is simple to integrate, and you may have active ads in a matter of minutes.

You’ll have no trouble controlling your advertising or checking your reports and statistics owing to the platform’s well-designed control panel.


  • Anti-AdBlock feature 
  • Various ad types (including native ads and contextual ads)
  • Real-time stats and analytics 
  • More than decent customer support 
  • Honest pricing 


  • Only pays per action. 

Sovrn Commerce

For newbie publishers, Sovrn Commerce (previously VigLink) is a viable AdSense alternative. 

This alternative gives blogs a variety of display ads, video commercials, and affiliate links to place on their pages, as well as to automate the selection of relevant ads based on your content.

Sovrn Commerce is also focused on insights.

You’ll have access to a reporting site where you can track the performance of your advertising and determine which of your pages receives the most ad engagement. 

For your monetization plan, you can pick between a cost-per-impression or a cost-per-click model.

Finally, with Sovrn Commerce, there are no hoops to jump through – simply sign up.

The minimum payout via PayPal is $10, while the minimum payout by direct transfer is $50.


  • It lets you optimize your text with affiliate links 
  • Several ad sizes to choose from 
  • Real-time reporting on your dashboard 
  • Nurtured by Google and best for those concerned about SEO
  • No minimum traffic requirements 


  • Only supports the CPM model
  • Low eCPM for traffic not from the US
  • Invite-only network 
  • The approval process may take weeks



PopAds specializes in providing popunder advertisements and claims to be the best-paying advertising network for this type of ad.

Advertisers from over 50 countries are compiled in their network, and both advertisers and publishers can benefit from a referral program.

There are numerous targeting options available to help you better your advertising, and you have complete control over how much you pay.

It employs a cutting-edge bidding system that allows you to set your own price for each popunder.

You’ll get less traffic if your bid is lower.

Humans check all publisher websites to ensure that they fulfill specific quality standards.


  • Getting approved is easy. 
  • You can set minimum bids. 
  • Very low payment threshold 
  • You can request payments whenever you wish. 


  • No direct links 
  • Popunder ads usually irritate readers. 



Adblade is well-known among publishers and advertisers as a robust monetization tool.

The platform’s technology enables effective sales management and comprehensive reporting, resulting in increased revenue and gross margins.

Adblade’s network integrates effortlessly with any design to give a high-quality user experience for your audience.

Web admins may start earning industry-leading CPMs, while advertisers can use the original content-style native advertisements to target their desired audience.


  • Effective security measures to protect your site 
  • Uncluttered display and native shopping ad units 
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics tools 


  • Lower CPC and CPM 
  • Nonexistent customer support 
  • High payment threshold 



For anyone seeking a high-paying AdSense alternative, Bidvertiser is a great option to explore.

The platform compensates you for clicks and conversions, allowing you to diversify your revenue streams.

A referral scheme and other additional chances for growing revenue are also included in your Bidvertiser.

Premium advertisers, in particular, bid on the sites they wish to advertise on as well as the ad placement on those sites.

While this might mean a lot of extra cash in your pocket, to be successful with Bidvertiser, you need a lot of traffic to your site.

If your site generates less traffic than other sites on the network, advertisers are less inclined to visit it or give ad placements. 

Visitors will often receive irrelevant adverts as a result of this bidding function, which may negatively damage your overall user experience.


  • Flexible customization features 
  • Robust analytics tools 
  • Space bidding equates to higher rates 
  • Lucrative referral program 
  • Payouts for clicks and conversions


  • You’ll get irrelevant ads sometimes. 
  • Bidding is only an advantage to blogs with a sizeable readership. 
  • Lower compounds rates compared to other networks.



Taboola is a content discovery platform that is one of the largest in the ad tech sector.

Publishers can utilize this ad network to show their users sponsored content,’ also known as native advertisements, and help them discover content that is relevant to their interests.

Publishers looking for a mobile web monetization platform may consider Taboola.

It also places a premium on content quality and brand recognition. 

Publishers can also use Taboola to perform effective audience segmentation, targeting, and remarketing.

This ad network claims to have a 100% fill rate across all geographies.

With a minimum page view threshold of 500,000, getting permission from Taboola could be difficult. 

Please note that they now only accept Payoneer as a payment method.


  • Great for those concerned with mobile ads 
  • Targets and retargets visitors


  • Steep minimum page view requirement 
  • Only pays out through Payoneer 

Vibrant Media 

Vibrant Media

Vibrant Media is a well-known ad network that may be seen on a variety of major websites.

They have a large number of premium advertisers and pay their publishers hefty CPC rates.

They have the ability to be selective about which websites they approve. Any site that publishers submit for approval must be of excellent quality and receive at least 500,000 monthly page visits.

Vibrant examines your sites for relevant keywords and phrases using its own IntelliTXT technology.

The code to open a little popup when the user hovers over the link is then added, which is then underlined.

These popup ads are engaging and get a lot of clicks. Other ad formats offered by Vibrant include in-image and display.

Though site approval is challenging, they are a fantastic Google AdSense alternative to be on if you have a site that fits their basic standards.


  • Higher CPC rates 
  • IntelliTXT technology skims your website for keywords
  • Interactive ads 
  • Various ad types 


  • Lengthy and laborious approval
  • High minimum page views 



This advertising network pays you by CPM or CPC, which means you don’t have to wait for readers to click on an ad to get paid.

You are paid just for them viewing the CPM ad once it’s been displayed.

Adbuff is a fantastic option if you’re seeking Google AdSense alternatives with high payment rates. 

Publishers receive 90% of advertiser revenue, making this one of the most outstanding ad revenue distributors available online. 

All advertisements are screened for family audiences, so you can rest assured that your site will not have any shady ads. 

Adbuff solely accepts English-language sites, with a majority of traffic coming from the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. 

To get accepted, your site must receive at least 2,000 monthly visitors.

Only national marketers with at least a $1,000 monthly budget are accepted by the platform. 


  • Pays by CPM and CPC 
  • You receive 90% of advertiser revenues. 
  • Clean, brand-safe ads only 
  • Lower monthly visitor count at 2,000


  • Exclusive to English sites 


AdRecover adsense alternatives

Ad-blocking software blocks online advertisements such as display adverts from appearing in users’ browsers.

This is a significant barrier for online advertisers and publishers that rely on ad income to keep their websites running.

One solution to this problem is AdRecover, which works with ad-blocking software to show advertising that meets user experience requirements. 

It specializes in providing non-disruptive adverts to drive AdBlockPlus, AdBlock, and Crystal Adblock users. 

In order to bypass clicks from AdBlock, AdBlockPlus, and Crystal Adblock users, AdRecover assures that your adverts are non-disruptive.

Your website must receive at least 10,000 ad-blocked page views per month to be accepted. The minimum payout threshold is $50.


  • Bypasses ad blockers 
  • A viable solution for websites with decreasing impressions and clicks 


  • Sites must meet a 10,000 ad-blocked page view requirement 
  • Higher minimum payout 

Newor Media 

Newor Media 

Newor Media is a young but rapidly expanding platform that prides itself on maximizing revenue while increasing website performance. 

They use header bidding to encourage competition and improve CPM rates for publishers, unlike their competitors. 

In conjunction with their collaborations, they provide publishers with access to Google’s AdX program, which is nearly impossible to join for the average publisher. 

Google AdX has more premium campaigns, and Newor Media has them fight for ad space with over 30+ partnerships.

Since it works with publishers to optimize back-end elements, the platform is full-service and considered a solution.

They collaborate with publishers to optimize ad layout and placement, speed up websites, and balance user experience.

They also provide publishers with more ad space control, revenue-generating options, and higher-yielding ad formats.

Newor Media is an excellent platform for any publisher wishing to increase their earnings after reaching 30,000 unique impressions per month. 

The integration process is simple, and each publication is assigned a personal account representative. 

They provide a free profits calculator to help publishers estimate how much money their website should generate.


  • Impressive analytics and reporting 
  • Supports header bidding 
  • Supports Google’s AdX network 
  • Guaranteed payments regardless of whether advertisers pay or not
  • It can be used in conjunction with Google AdSense 


  • Highly specific eligibility requirements 
  • Sites must meet at least 30,000 unique impressions. 
  • They require to have at least two units on your site. 

Carbon Ads 

Carbon Ads

Carbon Ads uses its own network of development, design, and technology websites to help advertisers reach the tech audience. 

On over 600 hand-picked apps and websites, the platform delivers exclusive advertising to the IT audience.

Because the network is so segregated, you can grow focused campaigns.

Advertisers may access tech audiences through Carbon Ads’ exclusive network and simple ad design.

Moreover, the adverts show fresh content that is both informative and beneficial to your company. 

Ad campaigns are also implemented in such a way that they only appear on high-quality development, tech, and design websites.


  • Developer and designer oriented 
  • Easy to join 
  • Single ad user experience 


  • Customer support needs improvement 
  • Limited analytics on the dashboard 
  • Low RPM



Consider working with Setupad if your website has 100,000 or more monthly views.

Rich media advertisements (sticky, native, interstitial, expandable, amp), video commercials, and regular ad formats like display ads are available on this platform. 

Setupad is a simple Google Chrome plugin that allows users to report bothersome advertisements and monitor real-time data such as winning SSP, CPM pricing, and average eCPM up to the minute.

Setupad connects publishers with over 15 buyers, including Google, using header bidding technology. 

The increased competition encourages purchasers to raise their rates, resulting in higher ad income.

If you previously used Google Adsense, you can enhance ad revenue by at least 30% using Setupad.


  • Keeps up with industry standards
  • It supports several banner types 
  • Mobile-friendly ads 
  • It comes with a personal account manager 
  • Reliable customer support
  • Partnered with 16 SSP industry leaders


  • Lacks ads.txt notifications 
  • You have to collaborate with your account manager to create ad placement codes. 
  • High minimum monthly traffic requirement



PopMyAds is a popunder mobile ad network that welcomes traffic and publishers from all around the world.

They approve sites quickly, often in less than a day. This is one of the few ad networks that accept adult websites that are legal.

For additional information on the sites they accept, please see their Terms of Service.

Publishers can track the performance of advertising and check their earnings using a real-time dashboard.

Their minimum payout is $5.00, and they accept PayPal as payment methods. If you need to be paid via wire transfer, you can contact them. 


  • User-friendly interface 
  • Fast customer support responses 
  • Has anti-Adblock solutions 
  • It can be used with Google AdSense 


  • Only supports two ad formats: popunders and popups
  • Limited payment options

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Final Thoughts 

AdSense alternatives will provide you with an added income stream that will encourage you to write more blog posts and help you cover the costs of maintaining your website.

If you’re looking for an ad network, don’t go with the first one you come across. 

Make sure you try at least a few different possibilities over a period of time, then figure out which ones earn more passive revenue while minimizing user disruption. 

Most of the time, it’s better to do it your way — you’re not obligated to use Google!

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