Virtual Summit Software You Need To Launch Your Online Conference

An online conference is also called a virtual summit. A host brings together specialists for interviews that are streamed online for participants to watch and learn.
Virtual summit software or a website process is required. In this post, I’ll also mention some of the equipment you’ll need to create your summits. 

Virtual Summit Software

I want to go over the list of hardware and software that you’ll need to create a successful summit in more detail below.
I’ll also provide specific recommendations for companies and brands that I use when creating my own virtual conferences.

1. Webcam 

To record interviews with influencers, you’ll need a webcam. Most laptops include built-in webcams, but the quality of these cameras is generally terrible. 

An external camera, such as the Logitech C920 1080p model, is recommended. It’s a USB webcam that works with any computer and captures excellent images even in dim conditions. I also recently added a Logitech Brio to my collection and I’m loving it.

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2. Mic

Apart from excellent video to keep your audience interested throughout the guest speakers’ interviews, audio is another area where you don’t want to fall short. 

It’s important for your attendees to be able to hear clearly. If your guests can’t understand what you and your guest speakers are saying, how can they learn?

Make sure your microphone is better than the one on your laptop or camera. The Blue Yeti microphone comes highly recommended. I also recently traded my Blue Yeti in for a Samson Q2U microphone and I love it. Both of these connect to your computer via USB and are simple to use.

3. Virtual Summit Software

You’ll need software that lets you see, hear, and interview your guest speakers over the internet, as well as record the interview for eventual broadcast at your virtual summit. In most circumstances, trying to capture a Skype interview with video never works well. 

That’s why I propose something like Zoom, Restream, or Streamyard (what I use), a web-based video conferencing tool that’s free for up to two people in a single meeting. The interviews that you have using these tools can be recorded for later playback.

virtual summit software tools

4. Landing Page Software 

You’ll need an internet platform where you can broadcast the interviews live on personalized landing pages throughout the summit. Choose a platform that will allow you to host your virtual summit on your own unique domain. Ideally, it will also serve as a sales funnel. 

I have seen virtual summit hosts use ClickFunnels, a great option and an all-in-one business solution software. You can also check out AppSumo for lifetime super discounted deals on other funnel-building software.

Personally, I prefer to use Worpress (using a theme like Divi), Hosting (I recommend Bluehost or WPX), and own my own website for ultimate functionality and not have to pay a monthly software fee.

5. Video Editing Software

If you have video editing software, you’ll be able to transform your raw recorded footage into something suitable for your virtual summit. 

I recommend Camtasia or Screencast-o-matic if you don’t already have one. It is, without a doubt, the most popular and user-friendly program available. It can also record your screen, add callouts, and more, making it the ideal video editor for those who also design online courses.

6. Email Autoresponder 

I’m sure you’ll have to begin marketing your virtual summit and encourage people to register as participants as you prepare to host it. 

To send automated emails to registrants verifying their registration and providing instructions during the summit, you’ll need an email autoresponder that integrates with the sales funnel software you’re using. 

You may already use an email autoresponder, such as ConvertKit (what I use), Constant Contact, or Aweber, in your business, which you can utilize for your virtual summit. 

However, if you’ve elected to conduct your virtual summit using ClickFunnels‘ “Platinum” plan, you can easily leverage their built-in email autoresponder system, known as “Follow-Up Funnels.”


7. Graphic Design Software 

Canva, Canva, Canva! This is my favorite tool of the year and I listed it on my top tools page. Yes, if you are already familiar with and have a license with a tool like Photoshop, that’s great. But Canva makes designing basic graphics so easy for everyone. It’s a simple visual design tool that has thousands of templates to choose from and is easy to build designs with.

Canva for Easy Designs

8. Video Host

Vimeo is a video hosting service that I use to host my video interviews with guest speakers, which I then embed into my Clickfunnels landing pages. 

YouTube works to embed videos with Clickfunnels, but I like the increased control and professional look and feel of Vimeo. You can, for example, remove the Vimeo logo from hosted films when embedding them elsewhere.

9. Payment Processor 

To collect payments from folks who purchase your All-Access Pass, you’ll need a payment processor that works with your sales funnel software. Stripe is now integrated with a large number of online sales systems, including Clickfunnels. Square is another growing platform and is what we currently use.

10. Affiliate Sales Tracking Software 

You could offer your guest speakers a percentage on each All-Access Pass sale they make to encourage them to share your event and promote it to their audiences. 

To do so, you’ll need to use an affiliate software system to track their referrals. Another reason I use and recommend ClickFunnels is because it includes an integrated affiliate tracking system called “Backpack.”

If you have built your own WordPress website, then you can use a plugin like AffiliateWP to create your own affiliate program.

11. Sales Funnel Software 

When people sign up for a complimentary ticket to your summit, they’ll be routed through a sales funnel where they’ll be offered the All-Access Pass you’re offering, given the option to buy it, and have their purchase validated. 

ClickFunnels is one of the best ways to do so, but there are alternatives. Check out AppSumo as it has lifetime discounts on other funnel-building software.

Again, if you don’t want to have full control, you can build your own site and easily route your purchasers to the appropriate pages to give them access.

12. Membership Site

Finally, you’ll need a web address to host your All-Access Pass membership site. If you utilize the ClickFunnels “Platinum” plan in your business on a regular basis, you might as well host your membership site there.

If you simply want to utilize Clickfunnels for the development and execution of your summit, though, you may save money by hosting it somewhere else. 

For example, your membership site might be hosted on an online course platform like Teachable or Thinkific, Podia.

If you use WordPress to host your company’s website, you might utilize a WordPress plugin like Wishlist Member.

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Final Thoughts 

An online summit might be challenging to plan, but if you’re willing to put in the effort, your company will gain immediate popularity and authority in your area of expertise like never before.

It’s a whole approach that has the ability to outperform practically any other marketing plan in terms of return on investment. It takes a few months to complete, but it is well worth the wait.

Keep in mind that this is a large-scale event, and the more you run it, the better. This means that you need to look at events with a long-term growth mindset. It may be that your first two get you grounded and familiar with the process. It might not be until your third or later virtual summit where you really start seeing growth happen.

All you need is virtual summit software and a couple of available resources online. Good luck on your future conference!

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