Buzzsprout vs. Libsyn: Which One I Chose & Why

If you want to be the next podcast star, of course, you want to use the best podcast hosting service available.  

Sure, there are several podcast hosting sites available right now, but we’re going to focus on Buzzsprout and Libsyn. 

Ok, so let me be real with you for a second.

I think that Buzzsprout blows Libsyn out of the water!

I was a former Libsyn customer, and I actually moved my podcast over to Buzzsprout.

This article isn’t about my move but just comparing Buzzsprout vs. Libsyn — you can make your own call.

Keep reading for a detailed comparison of the two platforms. I’ll be going over the essential functions, prices, and a lot more.

I hope I can help you make an informed decision on which podcast to choose by the time you finish reading this post. Let’s get started. 

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Buzzsprout vs. Libsyn

All About Libsyn 

Libsyn is a popular podcast streaming service. It was established back in 2001, making it one of the oldest podcasting platforms out there.

It’s the go-to hosting site for many of the podcasts that you might know as it’s home to the most popular podcasts on the planet.

I actually think that this is one of its downfalls. It’s the 500 lb gorilla and I think it stopped innovating years ago.

Companies like Buzzsprout have really shown up and keep blowing me away.

Libsyn seems to be an excellent option based purely on its popularity. Still, before you choose this podcasting site, I’m sure you’ll want to learn more about it. 

Ease of Use

Libsyn’s website looked somewhat outdated until recently. It honestly looked like something that came out from the early internet (hey, they 90s called and they want their website back!).

The out-of-date style was unappealing to many users, which reflected on the company’s reputation. 

The website was not only unattractive, but it was also challenging to use. The dashboard was cluttered, making it difficult to navigate.

Fortunately, Libsyn’s website was newly revamped, which is an excellent thing for its standing in the podcasting industry. 

It’s far more appealing now, and everything looks fresh. I must say that it’s also a lot easier to use, and it’s made users’ workflows a lot smoother.

So, if you go with Libsyn, you can rest assured that its website is now user-friendly, even for newbies.  [although too late for me, as I already switched to Buzzsprout!]


Sadly, Libsyn doesn’t offer a free plan. If you want to use any of Lubsyn’s plans, you have to pay a monthly fee. Let’s look at each tier in detail. 

Classic 50

Libsyn’s first-tier costs $5 a month. It comes with 50 MB of storage and access to features such as: 

  • Podcast source app listings
  • A mini-podcast website 
  • Unlimited listeners 
  • Basic stat reports for an extra $2 
  • WordPress Publisher Hub 
  • The option to monetize your podcast 

Yes, this list of features doesn’t look like much, but it’ll do for a beginner podcaster.


Classic 250

Libsyn’s second-tier costs $15 a month. It comes with 250 MB of storage and includes basic stats for free. You essentially get everything in tier one, with the extra storage space. 

Advanced 400

Libsyn’s third tier costs $20 a month. It comes with 400 MB of monthly storage. Aside from all the features, you get in tier one and two, you also get: 

  • Downloadable comprehensive stats 
  • Advanced IAB v2.0 stats
  • Your podcast’s own app for iOS and Android (for an extra $10 per month) 
  • An additional 200 MB of storage (for an extra $10 per month) 

Advanced 800

Libsyn’s fourth tier costs $40 a month. It comes with 800 MB of storage and access to the previous features I mentioned above. 

If you need more storage, you can always go for Advanced 1500, which costs $75 per month, or Advanced 3000, which costs $150 per month.

These upper plans don’t come with extra features, aside from the additional storage of 1.5 GB and 3 GB, respectively. 

Why would you need to subscribe to these plans?

If you have to publish a lot of content every month, it would be worth the cost of these more expensive plans.

You’ll get a better deal out of these Advanced 1500 and 3000 because you’ll only pay $0.05 per MB. 

Key Features 

Monthly Storage Space 

As I mentioned above, the size of the monthly storage you get is determined by the package you choose.

It’s important to note that storage refers to the amount of new content you can upload each month. 

Your monthly limit doesn’t carry over; instead, it’s reset on the first of each month. Before the new cycle starts, it’s best if you upload as many episodes as your schedule allows.

Many podcasters prefer this system because they never have to delete old files to free up space for new content. 

Let’s assume you have 1000 MB on your Libsyn account right now. If you have the Classic 250 package, you can upload 250 MB per month without using up all your bandwidth. 

Unlimited Listenership 

You get access to unlimited listeners across all of Libsyn’s plans, meaning you never have to worry about paying extra as you gain popularity.

This evens out the playing field among new and old podcasts. 


Hosting your podcast on Libsyn means you’ll get a secure 100% RSS feed, which will distribute your episodes across major streaming services like: 

  • Apple Podcasts 
  • Spotify 
  • Google Play Music 
  • Libsyn’s directory 

Multimedia Hosting 

Libsyn is not just a host for audio files.

You can also upload videos, PDFs, and texts. Being able to post different media will enrich your content, making it more appealing to listeners.

This freedom will go a long way in establishing your brand. 

Podcast Site 

You can’t call your podcast show legit unless it has its own home on the internet.

When you choose Libsyn, you automatically get a mini-podcast site, which can increase your exposure.

You can customize it however you want and put in many relevant links. 

If you have a WordPress account, you can link to your podcast seamlessly with Libsyn’s WP Publisher Hub. 

Getting Your Own Domain 

Getting your podcast its own domain will drive home the fact that it’s a unique brand.

You can get a domain through Libsyn by paying the meager fee of $2 a month. 

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All About Buzzsprout 

buzzsprout vs libsyn podcasting

Buzzsprout is also known as an excellent podcasting platform.

Established in 2009, Buzzsprout Became popular because of its free services.

While this platform isn’t as prominent as its competition (yet), its users can vouch for its dependability. 

Let’s take a look at Buzzsprout in detail and see if it’s the right fit for you. 

Ease of Use 

Buzzsprout has always had a simple, easy-to-use interface.

Like stupid easy. Uploading recordings, publishing episodes, and doing various tasks are all easy on the platform.

The website is easy to navigate. And they don’t measure your tiers in MB, but instead, time.

You might now know your file size, but you’ll know that your latest episode was 45 minutes long – genius!


The best thing about Buzzsprout is that it has a free plan. This allows users to check out the platform before paying for paywalled features. Let’s take a look at Buzzsprout’s plan. 

Free Plan 

Buzzprout’s free plan comes with two hours of upload time every month.

You can have as many team members as you wish and even get access to comprehensive stats.

Naturally, the free plan does have its limitations. Buzzprout will publish your podcast for free, but it will include feature ads.

You’ll have to pay to get rid of these ads. 

Another drawback is that Buzzsprout will only host each of your episodes for 90 days.

When that period ends, files will be deleted from your account.

If you’re at all going to be serious about your podcast, look at a paid plan.

Paid Plans 

All of Buzzsprout’s paid plans will give you access to the following features: 

  • All episodes are hosted indefinitely. 
  • Access to Magic Mastering (for additional monthly fees)
  • Unlimited storage
  • You can import existing episodes at no extra cost 

The only difference among the paid plans is how many hours you can upload per month.

For three hours a month, you have to pay $12. Six hours, $18. And for 12, $24. Buzzsprout’s pricing is pretty straightforward. 

Key Features 

Upload Hours

Like I said before, the hours you can upload on Buzzsprout are limited to what you’re willing to pay.

I like that its free plan comes with 2 hours, but episodes will be taken down after 90 days. For $24 a month, you can upload up to 12 hours.

That’s a lot of content, but it makes sense for larger podcasting businesses. 


All of Buzzsprout’s paid plans come with unlimited storage. As I mentioned above, Buzzsprout will only keep episodes for 90 days with the free version. 


Much like Libsyn, hosting with Buzzsprout means that your show gets a secure RSS feed. Your podcast can then be safely streamed across all major streaming services. 

Magic Mastering 

If you want to make it big as a podcaster, audio quality must be one of your biggest concerns.

The good news is Buzzsprout comes with a mastering feature, for a fee, of course. Many reviews say that it’s worth the price as you’re allowed to edit audio files. 

You can make your podcast sound professional and ready for people to enjoy. With Buzzsprout’s Magic Mastering tool, you can: 

  • Balance voices, music, and sound effects
  • Master your audio levels to the proper loudness
  • Reduce background noises like hissing, humming, and other annoying sounds. 

Podcast Site 

Everyone who hosts podcasts with Buzzsprout gets a free podcast website; yay!

Having a site for your podcast makes it easy for you to update your audience and boost your show’s exposure.

Buzzsprout sites are easy to customize.

People can go to your site and listen to your episodes because of the embedded player feature. 

If you’re on Buzzsprout’s free plan, your website will have ads. Of course, you can pay to get rid of these ads or simply upgrade to a paid plan instead. 

Importing files is free.

If you want to transfer files from a different podcasting platform to Buzzsprout, you’re free to do so at no extra cost. This is only applicable to paid plans, though. 

Unlimited Team Members 

It can take a small army to run a well-established professional-level podcast. Fortunately, you can add unlimited team members with Buzzsprout even if you’re on the free plan! 

Buzzsprout vs. Libsyn: Comparing The Features 

Now that I’ve given you a rundown on each platform’s features, let’s put them head to head.

These podcast-hosting giants are pretty similar at first glance.

Both have an RSS feed from which you can distribute your show.

They also provide you with a free website and several options that are tailored to most podcasters’ needs. 


They do, though, vary in a few vital ways. Here’s a couple of things to think about before you make your decision: 

Libsyn has the best reputation in the industry. It has been a staple of the podcasting world for over two decades.

But don’t write Buzzsprout off just yet because they have over ten years of solid performance that has served many podcasters worldwide.

Even if it isn’t as well-known, its usership is growing. 


Because of Buzzsprout’s free plan, many would-be podcasters looking to save money automatically choose this platform. However, it is, of course, somewhat limited. 

If you’re a newbie, Buzzsprout’s free plan is indeed ideal. A paid package, on the other hand, would serve you better if you need more storage and functionality.

I suggest you go for Libsyn if you intend to upload a lot of content.

You’ll get a better price for the features that you need. 

Think about it. For $15 a month, you get 250 MB of storage on Libsyn. $18 a month gets you six hours with Buzzsprout, which is equivalent to about 150MB. $15 for 250 MB is far less expensive than $18 for 150 MB.

But man, Buzzsprout being on the cutting edge is 100% worth the slight price bump.

Compounded Payments

Neither of these podcast platforms has a yearly subscription option.

You have to pay on a monthly basis. So there go your chances of getting discounts for being willing to pay for services for an entire year. 

The good news is that they don’t use contracts.

You always have the option to cancel your subscription any time you want. 

Free Trials 

You can try out Libsyn for a month without paying anything by providing a promo code. Buzzsprout doesn’t need a free trial because you can just sign up for its free plan.

If you fall in love with its features, you can upgrade to a paid plan. 

Monetization Options

You might not care about monetization if you’re new to the world of podcasting.

However, the more you establish yourself, the more likely you’ll want to make money from your popularity. 

There are monetization options on both Libsyn and Buzzsprout. You get to choose which products you want to promote on your show.

In my opinion, it’s way easier to find a product that suits your brand on Libsyn. 

Sharing On Social Media 

You may want to use social media or blog posts to promote your podcast. You’ll have to make shareable video clips showing podcast highlights, behind-the-scenes footage, and so on. 

Since it comes with a Headliner integration, Libsyn allows you to do all I’ve mentioned above.

Buzzsprout, on the other hand, has its own clip development software. Whichever platform you choose, the end result is pretty much the same.

You’ll get enticing files that will inspire your listeners to share them. 

Customized Podcast Players 

An embeddable player is available on both platforms. As a result, you’ll be able to embed your episodes directly into your website or whatever platform allows for it.

Everyone will have access to your audio and info about that certain episode.

Both players are customizable and easy to use, so they’re neck-and-neck on this aspect. 

Episode Stats 

The importance of podcast stats can’t be overstated. They provide you with useful info that you can use to improve the quality of your podcast.

Stats are available on both podcasting platforms. All the info that you can get will adhere to the IAB’s guidelines. 

I like that all Buzzsprout customers have access to advanced stats.

You’ll need to be on one of the premium plans to get the same kind of stats from Libsyn. 

Some Podcasting Platform Alternatives To Buzzsprout and Libsyn 

Are you still not sold on either platform I detailed above? Here are some of Buzzsprout and Libsyn’s competitors. 


Blubrry is the way to go if you’re not feeling Libsyn but still want an advanced hosting site. It was started back in 2005, and is a well-known host that most podcasters respect and compare to Libsyn. 

All podcasts hosted on Blubrry get a free WordPress site and file migration.

However, it offers unlimited bandwidth on all its plans. 

Blubrry, like Libsyn, only offers paid plans, and it isn’t as strong as Libsyn in terms of value.

The higher plans of Blubrry will cost you $0.08 per MB per month.

If you intend on publishing a lot of content, Blubrry could be a better fit for you. Its PRO package gives you access to 1T for just $100 a month. 


Do you want a free podcast but aren’t sold on Buzzsprout?

Podbean is worth checking out. Some people prefer Podbean to Buzzsprout since its free package comes with five upload hours.

I, for one, like the fact that all of Podbean’s paid plans have unrestricted bandwidth. 

Buzzsprout, on the other hand, outperforms Podbean in other areas. Podbean’s free plan comes with only 100 MB of bandwidth, meaning older episodes will have to be deleted to make space for new ones.

It’s incredible that Buzzsprout gives you unlimited bandwidth for free. 

Since both are free anyway, why give each a whirl?

You won’t get access to their exclusive features, but you’ll get a feel for how each platform performs. 

What is the best podcasting platform? 

Blubrry and Podbean are strong contenders, but if you’re looking for the best podcasting platform, it’s either Libsyn or Buzzsprout. 

I’d go for Libsyn if you want more upload time and better functionality.

Buzzsprout is better for beginners because it’s so easy to navigate.

It gets the job done, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. 

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Final Thoughts 

I hope this Buzzsprout vs Libsyn guide helps you make your decision.

If you’re still not sold on either one, it’s time to do a bit of experimentation!

Try them out and get a feel for both platforms. Buzzsprout has a free plan, and Libsyn sometimes offers month-long trials.

You can then find features that you prefer when it comes to your podcasting methods.

We use Buzzsprout to host our business podcast, but I wanted to give a review of both of their features. Good luck!

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