Lifestyle Blogging // Do People (still) Care About Such Blogs?

Do you like sharing your life with people and want to connect with a community that shares your interests?

If so, then welcome to the world of lifestyle blogging!

man and woman food bloggers

In this type of blogging, you share your personal experiences, opinions, and tips about various aspects of your life, such as

food (my favorite),
relationships, and more.

Lifestyle bloggers often use social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube to share visual content and grow their following.

The goal of lifestyle blogging is to inspire and entertain readers/ viewers while also building a community around shared interests.

So, caffeine up, and let’s take a journey of self-expression, creativity, and connection as we explore the INS and OUTS of lifestyle blogging. 

What is Lifestyle Blogging? 

As I briefly discussed above, lifestyle blogging is a platform for sharing your passion for food, fashion, travel, and more with an audience.

It’s like maintaining a diary that’s open for everyone to read, where you can share captivating entries, stunning photos, and helpful tips.

It’s a way to connect with like-minded people, inspire others, and create a community around your interests.

Plus, it can be a lucrative venture if your blog takes off.

Ultimately, lifestyle blogging is about embracing your unique voice, celebrating what you love, and inviting others to join in on the adventure.

With that said, lifestyle blogging is just one of many blog niches. If you want to dig deeper into other lucrative niches, I have a list ready for you here.

And, if you’ve spent some amount of time on the internet, you’ve likely come across a lifestyle blog or two.

Here are some niches of lifestyle blogs for you that I like the most.

Lifestyle Blogs Niches/ Categories

Explore & Adventure Lifestyle Blog

This niche documents the life of a consummate explorer.

It offers readers a captivating glimpse into the world of exhilarating world adventures. 

Here, a blogger would describe and post photos of breathtaking landscapes and heart-pounding experiences.

From daring rock climbing expeditions to exploring remote ruins, this blog would be a haven for all adventure enthusiasts. 

It would also be a place to discover hidden gems, ultra-specific travel tips, and gear recommendations

This blog is a great example of such a niche

Eco Blog 

This lifestyle blog champions sustainable living and empowers readers to become eco-conscious warriors. 

With a passion for the planet, this blog could serve as a beacon, inspiring folks to make more environmentally friendly choices. 

And being immersed in the realm of conscious consumption, it could delve into topics like the zero-waste lifestyle, veganism, upcycling, and eco-travel. 

Its community could swap tips and creative ideas for reducing your carbon footprint, taking a greener and more mindful approach. 

Check out this example for an eco blog.

Tech & Travel Blog

rv living

This lifestyle blog sheds light on the intersection between cutting-edge tech and the nomadic lifestyle. 

It serves as a modern remote worker’s toolkit, where you’ll discover innovative gadgets, insightful reviews of travel-friendly apps and accommodations, and invaluable tips for those always on the go. 

See an example here.

Vintage/Retro Blog

This lifestyle blog is the ultimate expression of the love of vintage and retro items.

It’s almost like a time machine that can transport readers to a bygone era, where nostalgic fashion, interior design, music, and entertainment reign supreme. 

Posts can include expert styling tips, curated shopping guides, and pegs for retro-inspired DIY projects. 

Look into this example here.

Healthy Living Blog

women food blogger recording herself

This lifestyle blog is dedicated to promoting a holistic approach to well-being.

It provides valuable content on various aspects of physical, mental, and emotional health. 

The goal is to inspire and educate readers on leading a balanced and fulfilling life. 

These blogs typically cover topics like nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, self-care, personal development, and natural remedies. 

They often offer practical tips, expert advice, personal experiences, and product recommendations to support readers in their journey toward optimal wellness. 

Now you are convinced that you want to start a lifestyle blog, but how to do that?

Not a prob…

I have broken down the steps below for YOU…

How To Start a Lifestyle Blog

Define Your Blog’s Niche 

When starting a lifestyle blog, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is settling on the perfect niche. 

It’s all about finding that ideal intersection where your passions and expertise converge with the needs of your target audience. 

Take a moment to contemplate what truly excites and inspires you.

This is going to be a subject matter that you’re going to be thinking a lot about! 

After that, do some research to see what’s trending in the world of lifestyle blogging.

While you could still find success as an outlier, it still HELPS to know what’s making money these days

Identify the most successful blogs in your chosen niche and look at the topics they cover. (Here is my list of blogging niches for your help.)

Can you add value to this niche that would draw in an audience? 

Don’t worry; your niche can evolve over time, so don’t be afraid to adapt and explore new territories as you grow your lifestyle blog. 

Create Compelling Content 

As we know, CONTENT IS KING!!!

The KEY to a flourishing lifestyle blog is consistently delivering compelling content that keeps your audience hooked. You can

Share captivating stories,
Offer valuable tips, and
Let your authentic self shine through.

People can sense insincerity from a mile away. 

Sometimes, though, it takes a lot more than pumping out personalized content.

You will have to add variety and publish posts in different formats to make your blog visually appealing. 

This will all start clicking once you start thinking of your blog as a business!

Here is my guide to starting a blog and treating it like a business.

Ultimately, your goal is to engage with your readers and stay updated with the latest trends to keep your blog from going stale.

Embrace experimentation to keep your brand relevant.  

Most importantly, always keep your readers’ needs front and center, delivering content that truly resonates with them.

It won’t matter if you publish beautifully constructed content if no one can relate to it. 

By sticking to this golden rule, you’ll build authority, foster connections, and earn the loyalty of your followers. 

Cultivate Your Online Presence

These days, creating great content is NOT ENOUGH.

You have to make a splash online to get more eyeballs on your blog. 

You can start by setting up a user-friendly blog that suits your style.

(I run multiple blogs in different niches, and these are my Go-To tools for blogging)

Create a logo or hire a virtual assistant to make one for you. (Watch this video about mistakes to avoid while hiring a VA)

Optimize your blog for search engines and social media sharing by strategically incorporating keywords, meta tags, and sharing buttons.

Sounds difficult?

No worries!

There are various blogging courses to help you out.

I am a big believer in constant learning from both free and paid resources, and here is my review post of a blogging course that I’ve invested in.

Or watch this video below to know more about the course that I am a student of.

Next, do your best to engage with your audience by responding to comments and actively participating in social pages that are related to your niche. 

You can also think about collaborating with other bloggers or influencers to stretch your reach and tap into new audiences.

Here are some of my favorite books that will help you learn how to network and leverage the power of influencers for your new lifestyle blog.


We didn’t talk about the cost of running a blog yet.

Seriously it all depends on your hosting plan, theme, plugins, VA cost, etc.

You can find my rundown of the cost of running a blog here.

Making Money From Your Lifestyle Blog

Here comes the exciting part — earning money from your efforts!

I am sure you have wondered how bloggers make money.

Well, it is no ROCKET science.

There are multiple ways to do that.

For example, like other lifestyle bloggers, you can display relevant ads on your blogs.

The two favorite ad networks of all bloggers are Ezoic and Mediavine.

(I myself have used both. I switched to Mediavine from Ezoic Premium. And here is my take on why I did that. )

You can also collaborate with brands.

You can earn commissions for promoting products and services. 

You can also go the selling route and offer digital products that you created yourself.

This could include eBooks, online courses, coaching, or exclusive content for subscribers.

This is a pretty nifty way to set up passive income streams. 

And don’t overlook the power of leveraging your blog’s influence on social media platforms! 

Isn’t it cool that all this earning potential could come from a modest little lifestyle blog?

To stay “true to your roots,” keep in mind the importance of maintaining authenticity and transparency when monetizing your blog. 

Be selective about the partnerships your form and make sure they align with your audience’s interest and trust.

Using all the monetization strategies available to you might hurt your blog in the long run, so adapt and experiment carefully! 

(Lifestyle blogs do have a good monetization potential, but if you want to find out what other types of blog make money, click right HERE.)

Commit to Long-Term Success 

A lifestyle blog is not a set-it-and-forget-it situation.

In fact, no blogging niche is like that.

Commitment is the secret ingredient that will propel your blog forward toward long-term success. 

You have to create a strategy aligned with your vision, set clear goals, build a content roadmap, and avoid these mistakes that amateur bloggers make.

There may come a time when you’re feeling a little too squeezed-dry for content, but you have to trudge on and find inspiration anywhere it’s available

This is not a quantity game, anyway.

It’s all about prioritizing quality, striving for well-researched, thought-provoking, and valuable content. 

It’s about staying flexible, adapting to new trends and tools, and thinking outside the box.

The blogging landscape is ever-changing, but one thing that will be constant is the need for authenticity.

People are always going to prefer genuine human experiences to, say, AI-generated content. 

As long as you establish trust and forge lasting connections with your audience, you’re paving the way for enduring success. 

What to Avoid With Lifestyle Blogging

Now that you know what you generally have to do, let’s go over what you should avoid.

And you could save your blog from piling on to those abandoned ones that didn’t make it! 

If you prefer to watch, here is my recap video of blogging mistakes that all bloggers should avoid.

or keep reading 🙂

Not Narrowing Your Niche 

Gone are the days when aiming to be the go-to blog for a broad niche was every blogger’s dream.

Now’s the time when competing against established websites with a broad focus leads to a dead end. 

I suggest you try to specialize in a sub-niche and stand out by offering unique value. 

Going Overboard With Posting 

Mindlessly churning out tons of posts solely to drive traffic is a dying strategy.

Its effectiveness in the past relied on the scarcity of quality content to satisfy online searchers. 

Times sure have changed, though. 

A better approach is to anchor on quality to meet the evolving demands of the online landscape. 

Using Clickbait-y Titles and Overdoing Keywords 

As I keep reiterating in this post, authenticity matters.

Readers crave genuine content, not deceptive tactics. 

When you resort to clickbait-y titles and keyword stuffing, it erodes trust with your audience.

Plus, search engines are getting smarter at recognizing these tactics, potentially leading to penalties or lower rankings. 

Overly Personal Blogging 

While personal blogging can be cathartic, relying solely on an overly personal approach might turn off your readers. 

When it comes to blogs, people are mostly looking for answers, not entertainment.

We have social media and video streaming platforms for that. 

So, striking a balance between personal experiences and providing insights, tips, and broader perspectives can help maintain a wider audience appeal. 

Only Publishing Written Content 

Relying on text alone is a thing of the past.

It’s no secret that there aren’t as many readers these days. 

That’s why countless bloggers use multimedia like videos, podcasts, and infographics to captivate their audiences. 

Your competition is fierce, so you might as well give ‘em all you’ve got!

Fearing Change 

Okay, let’s tackle the big one — what about AI-generated content?

With the rise of services like ChatGPT, starting a lifestyle blog right now seems more of an uphill battle. 

Well, contrary to popular belief, AI-generated content can’t replace human content.

It’s not a detriment to blogging; it can actually be a valuable aid. 

Here is how I introduced Chat GPT to my team and asked everybody to get on board.

You can use it to break through writer’s block, check your grammar, optimize your content, and ultimately save time. 

This video has my top 30 Use Cases for ChatGPT that I have discovered, and you can use them as well for your blog.

Hence shifting your perspective by adapting new tools made available by technology will help your blog endure, not turn obsolete! 

Is it Too Late to Start a Lifestyle Blog in 2023?

Absolutely NOT. 

I’m happy to report that lifestyle blogging is still going strong in 2023.

And you know what’s even better?

It’s likely to stay relevant and profitable for many years to come. 

The trick is to adapt to how people are searching, consuming, and interacting with online content these days. 

Those naysayers can eat their words!

Blogging isn’t dead; it’s simply evolving. 

It’s true that many blogs fail, but that’s because most people don’t understand how much work it entails.

However, there are many newbie bloggers out there who put the work in and are raking in at least $1,000 a month

Let’s get to some FAQs…..

Lifestyle Blogging – FAQs

Who are some successful lifestyle bloggers?

Sure! Here are some successful lifestyle bloggers.

Aimee Song of Song of Style
Chriselle Lim of The Chriselle Factor
Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam
Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere
Marianna Hewitt of Life With Me
Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific
Sazan Hendrix of Sazan
Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What
Amber Fillerup Clark of Barefoot Blonde
Rachel Parcell of Pink Peonies
Camille Styles of Camille Styles

These bloggers have built successful businesses by sharing their personal experiences and interests in areas such as fashion, beauty, travel, and more.

They have also leveraged their influence to collaborate with brands and launch their own product lines.

What are some lifestyle blog examples?

All of the above are examples of lifestyle blogs.

Can you start a lifestyle blog using free blogging platforms?

Yes, you can definitely start a lifestyle blog using free blogging platforms.

There are many free blogging platforms available that you can use to create and host your blog, like Wix and Blogger and more.

These platforms offer customizable templates, easy-to-use interfaces, and basic features such as domain hosting, analytics, and social media integration.

While some advanced features may require a premium subscription, you can still create a professional-looking blog and build a following without spending any money.

Do lifestyle blogs make money?

Yes. They do.

What are some lifestyle blog categories?

There are many lifestyle blog categories, some of which include:

Fashion and style
Beauty and makeup
Travel and adventure
Food and cooking
Health and wellness
Fitness and exercise
Home decor and DIY
Personal development and self-improvement
Relationships and dating
Parenting and family

How to be a lifestyle blogger on Instagram?

To be a lifestyle blogger on Instagram, you have to..

Choose your niche
Create a strong profile
Post high-quality content
Use hashtags
Engage with your audience
Collaborate with others
Analyze your results

By following these steps, you can create a visually appealing and engaging Instagram profile, connect with your audience, and grow your following around your niche.

How much do lifestyle bloggers make?

The income of lifestyle bloggers can vary widely depending on factors such as their niche, audience size, and monetization strategies.

According to various sources, the average income of a lifestyle blogger can range from a few thousand dollars per year to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

Monetization strategies may include sponsored content, affiliate marketing, product sales, advertising revenue, coaching services, courses, or other digital products.

The income of a lifestyle blogger is not guaranteed and may require a significant amount of time and effort to achieve.

Lifestyle blog vs. personal blog – What’s the difference?

Both personal blogs and lifestyle blogs are forms of self-expression and creativity.

Lifestyle blogs are more focused on a specific niche or topic and aim to provide helpful content to their audience, while personal blogs are more focused on the author’s personal life and experiences.

Summing Up Lifestyle Blogging 

Lifestyle blogging continues to hold its rightful place in the digital realm.

In this fast-paced world, people seek connection, inspiration, and guidance in their everyday lives. 

That’s where your blog comes in. 

You have the power to curate experiences, share meaningful insights, and foster communities that uplift and support. 

It will take a lot of work to set up and maintain, but if your blog makes it, not only will it add value to people’s lives, but it will also fetch you some serious coin!

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