Podcasting For Business: How A Podcast Can Boost Your Hustle

Is podcasting for business something you should consider as a business owner? A company that was formed decades ago might have had a reasonably stable business plan back then.

However, this is a whole new world. Rapidly changing technology has made operating a firm more difficult. You must pivot and make regular changes to stay current. 

One of those new technologies is podcasting, which is a valuable addition to your marketing plan. We’ll look at nine ways a podcast may help your business in this post.

We’ll go through how to set up a podcast studio and how to choose a good podcast host later.

podcasting for business

What is a Podcast Anyway? 

Podcasts are audio broadcasts that are accessible for on-demand listening, similar to radio programs. They’re available on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets and virtual personal assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant and online. They cover a wide range of subjects, including politics, cuisine, technology, sports, travel, home maintenance, money, fitness, pop culture, history, and more.

Have a look around your neighborhood. More than 1 out of every 4 households has listened to a podcast in the last week. That’s a growing medium you need to be a part of!

Some of these listeners are looking for amusement, while others are looking for information. According to Forbes, “more than one-third (39%) of SMB owners listen to podcasts, and 65 percent listen at least weekly.” “As a corporation grows in size, so does its listenership. According to one poll, 70-72 percent of business owners with 100 to 500 employees are paying attention.”

Consider these nine ways a podcast may help you develop your business as you seek new methods to expand.

How can a podcast help your company? The benefits of podcasting range from the tangible (like actual money) to the intangible (like branding, networking, and connection development).

1. Podcasting allows for a more personal relationship with consumers. 

The human voice is accessible, approachable, and trustworthy. Podcasting is like bringing a person into the room with you. They can be a part of your conversation. They get to listen in.

This is always beneficial in acquiring new consumers and clients as well as maintaining relationships with existing ones.

Podcasts are also ideal for conveying stories, such as discussing unique industry experiences or clientele you’ve worked with. And tales enable individuals to form meaningful connections with one another.

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2. Podcasting can help build brand awareness. 

podcasting for business - Podcasting can help build brand awareness. 

Businesses used to rely on traditional marketing methods such as media advertising, mail, brick-and-mortar positioning, walk-in traffic, and word of mouth.

While I still think these are important and have a place, new digital solutions like digital advertising, blogging – and podcasting – are available and easier than ever to implement.

The benefits of podcasts are comparable to those of blogs. Both enable you to express your knowledge and experience and, as a result, increase your reputation. You may provide guidance, industry insights, suggestions, and particular work-related experiences, all of which will demonstrate your expertise.

3. Podcasting provides an opportunity for back-end connections.

You may provide a more profound experience for your listeners by inviting guests into your podcast. At the same time, you’re strengthening and building those crucial connections by interacting with those visitors!

You can invite industry experts, business partners, and existing customers.

An event-based company, for example, might give behind-the-scenes access to events, as well as interviews with organizers, artists, and stagehands.

These visitors will be grateful that you recognize their effort. They’ll be thankful for the publicity you’re giving them and their companies. This mutually beneficial partnership gives a great networking opportunity as well as the potential to establish relationships.

4. Podcasting assists you in reaching new potential clients and customers.

A podcast has the ability to reach a different audience than past advertising and marketing efforts.

For starters, those who listen to podcasts differ from those who read blogs (but I also highly suggest that your company have a blog as well).

Second, people who consume both media utilize podcasts when reading isn’t an option, such as when exercising or commuting, preparing meals, and sweeping the house.

Third, podcasts are included in suggested lists and provide you organic reach.

Finally, podcasts that are entertaining and/or instructive typically benefit from word-of-mouth promotion. Podcast listeners are a passionate bunch!

5. Podcasts can be created on a small budget. 

Producing and promoting podcasts may be done on a shoestring budget with the right equipment and platforms. Your “studio” doesn’t have to be much more than a quiet space in your home. During pandemic social distance, I’ve even heard frequent podcast participants admit to broadcasting from their closets. The clothes in a closet dampen sound and make for a great podcast studio.

A can help you become more approachable by humanizing you. It’s much better if it’s related to your field of expertise: a parenting blog with a child banging on the door, a pet supply store with a dog barking in the background, and so on.

6. Podcasts can serve as social media content. 

podcasting for business - Podcasts can serve as social media content. 

Coming up with frequent social media updates might be difficult for some businesses. Podcasts allow you to announce what’s coming up, share it once it goes live, and come back to it later. The concepts discussed in the podcast may also be applied to social media.

Better yet, you’ll reach fresh eyes and ears by tagging your visitors and promoting cross-promotion.

7. Website content and traffic can be boosted with podcasts.

You may use podcast content for blog text in the form of informative articles or – even easier – interview Q&As. It’s a piece of cake with the right transcribing software!

You may embed your audio files, provide show notes, and offer links to the podcasts on your website.

Make sure to direct visitors to your site for further information on the subject, such as images, statistics, lengthier interviews, product connections, guest bios, and so on.

All of these steps increase your web content and allow you to update your site more frequently – factors that search engines view favorably!

8. Podcasts can earn money from sponsorships, advertising, and even paid interviews.

You will be able to seek sponsorships and advertisements as you get more followers. You might be able to provide paid interview slots on your program for select bloggers.

If there are 20 companies in your local niche and you are the only one with a podcast, think of how that sets you apart from your competitors.

Consider what you might accomplish with your company!

9. Podcasting is fun! 

Making a podcast can be both rewarding and enjoyable if you get the hang of it. We can often become trapped in a rut of the same old, same old with our companies. You may increase your enjoyment while also promoting your business by starting a podcast.

Why Podcasting Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Why Podcasting Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

You must devote the time necessary to develop an educational and entertaining podcast, just as you do with any other marketing technique you contemplate employing to attract new consumers. It requires time and effort. It isn’t something that happens overnight.

Podcasting is a commitment that must be maintained over time. However, if it is appropriate for your business, it can be effective.

Brands can interact with a captive audience through podcasting. If you frequently provide fresh material, your audience will eagerly anticipate the next episode and the information you provide.

Of course, this necessitates providing the material that customers desire. This isn’t a commercial. You can’t expect to thrive by talking about only yourself. Instead, your material should be relevant to your business while also being appealing to your target audience. It must both educate and amuse the audience.

On this site, we’ve talked a lot about high-quality content. Having a regular podcast allows you to offer new content regularly. Add a link to it on your website. Include it in your blog articles and on your social media profiles. It’s a fantastic way to become involved in your community.

Producing a podcast isn’t tough. Even on a shoestring budget, the instruments are well within reach. You’ll be able to start recording with just a microphone and a computer. To host a podcast, you’ll need a platform. The more advanced you become, the more features you can add, such as editing platforms, creating intro music, and generating ad income. But all of that can wait. It all starts with the choice to include podcasting in your marketing plan.

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Final Thoughts 

A podcast may help you expand your business in a variety of ways. It only takes a little effort, continuous content development, and a commitment to being consistent. Your company growth options will broaden as your podcast expands and you establish yourself as an authority in your profession or sector. Just choose a great host and get going.

If you’re not afraid to be on video, I’d highly suggest that you explore the idea of creating a video podcast as well and posting them to YouTube.

Don’t skip out on the opportunity to get your company’s message in front of more people, and don’t forget to give as much value as possible to your new audience to acquire those devoted podcast listeners. They might turn into paying customers down the road.

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