Is Ezoic Premium Worth It? My Experience & Better Alternatives

Ezoic has clearly established itself as one of the top solutions for publishers to monetize websites. The platform primarily displays advertising on web pages, among its other features. 

So it’s commonly known that their Ad Tester machine learning tool may significantly increase ad income on your website. What is Ezoic Premium, though?

Ezoic Premium is an Ezoic subscription-based service where publishers pay a monthly fee to access ads from higher-paying advertisers. I’m talking about huge companies here. 

Higher-paying advertising is subsequently displayed on your site, increasing revenue for you, the content creator. 

When compared to other advertising networks, the price strategy for this premium service is a little different. It might be challenging to precisely determine what you’re paying for and whether it’s worth it.

That’s probably why you’ve landed on this post, so let’s start analyzing. 

 is ezoic premium worth it

Ezoic 101

Let’s take a quick look at Ezoic and what they do before we delve into the details of Ezoic Premium.

They’re a website technology platform with a variety of features to assist publishers to enhance things like:

  • Site speed 
  • User experience 
  • Ad earnings 
  • Layout testing 
  • Improved security 

I’ve found practically all of their features to be helpful and valuable additions to my websites. However, I’m ready to wager that most Ezoic users use it exclusively for the Ad Tester.

Ezoic’s Ad Tester is a machine learning-based solution that helps publishers maximize earnings by optimizing ad placement.

Ultimately, the publisher produces several various potential ad placements on their website. Then the Ad Tester tries out various ad combinations to find the one that delivers the most income, UX, and engagement. 

The Ad Tester, in my experience, does a fantastic job of raising revenue, especially compared to Google Adsense. 

It’s relatively commonplace for publishers to see a big jump in ad revenue after using the Ad Tester to optimize their campaigns.

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Ezoic Premium 101

Ezoic Premium 101

Ezoic Premium is an invitation-only program that allows publishers to earn more by accessing higher-paying adverts.

The higher-paying advertising is the result of Ezoic’s pre-negotiated arrangements with well-known brands.

These pre-arranged agreements are with specialized advertisers that are looking for a specific type of publisher traffic.

Ezoic doesn’t just hand out invitations to their premium program instantly, even if your site already has a lot of traffic.

That’s because high-paying advertisers want to know that their ad funds are going to high-quality visitors.

It takes time for them to determine whether or not your website is suitable for the program.

So Ezoic Premium is a subscription-based model wherein publishers pay a monthly fee in exchange for increased display advertising revenue.

Premium ad earnings will always be larger than the monthly price because the program is set up as such. 

video about road to million project

Ezoic Premium Pros 

The boost in ad revenue is the primary benefit of a premium plan. Without a doubt, I believe this is why 99% of premium customers signed up in the first place. I mean, if you’re paying $100 per month to be in the premium program, and get $150+ in ad revenue, then it’s guaranteed to be a net positive return.

However, aside from the added revenue, there are a few other advantages to utilizing Ezoic Premium, such as: 

  • Discounted price on Ezoic Site Accelerator subscriptions
  • Premium advertiser reports (you get to see which advertisers make up your revenue) 
  • API access and expedited reported (you get to see your ad revenue data 24 hours before regular users) 
  • Dedicated account manager and monthly site reviews (optional) 

Early access to reporting is a good perk. But I believe that out of everything, having a dedicated account manager is the biggest benefit of joining Ezoic premium.

In general, I believe Ezoic provides excellent customer service. After joining the premium program, I’ve always felt like a priority when I have a question or need assistance. 

When I contact our manager, the problem is quickly resolved (of course, I’d prefer there to not be any problems in the first place!).

Plus, having someone to ask about the platform and ensure I’m getting the most out of the technology is invaluable.

Another advantage worth mentioning is that Ezoic Premium doesn’t post additional advertisements on your page to earn more money. 

In fact, your site will be able to earn substantially more money while displaying significantly fewer advertisements than before.

Last but not least, Ezoic claims that premium customers see an increase in “regular” ad partner revenues.

According to the company, the platform analyzes premium users’ data first, resulting in constant income and UX optimization benefits.

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Ezoic Premium Cons 

Can’t Change Your Plan Manually

The first drawback to Ezoic Premium is you won’t be able to change your plan manually. This fact made me uneasy when I was contemplating whether to commit to a premium plan. 

You also can’t manually downgrade after you’ve picked the premium tier. I’m not sure I get that even after all this time. 

The good news is that the premium subscription is designed to be a lucrative proposition for the publisher. It wouldn’t make sense for anyone to commit to it otherwise.

So what happens if my site’s traffic consistently reduces, resulting in premium revenue falling below the subscription price?

If this occurs, Ezoic will immediately downgrade your account and credit your balance. You’re allowed to continue to earn more money than you would have without the program.

Upfront Subscription Payment Is Required

The upfront payment is the second disadvantage of Ezoic premium. Users are currently unable to pay for your premium subscription using existing ad revenue earned on the platform. 

You must pay with a credit card. Well, you could at least earn points on it. Premium revenue might arrive 30-45 days after you pay for a given month’s subscription, depending on your payment cycle.

This one makes sense, though it would be good if the membership could be subtracted from ad revenue. Advertisers are not paid until the month after the one in which Ezoic earned income.

So, if they let you deduct your subscription from ad revenue, they’d essentially be giving you free credit. That’s because they haven’t yet received payment from advertisers.

This feature honestly had me scratching my head. When asked why we had to pay, I was told “it’s so that we can afford to spend our time and go directly after better advertisers for you.”

While on one hand, I can understand this, it led me to ask: “wouldn’t you always want to be getting the best advertisers possible at all times?”

It’s especially crucial if you’re thinking of investing in Ezoic Premium.

Minimum One Year Commitment Is Required

Lastly, a year’s commitment is required to get the best pricing. A year is a short period for many enterprises. In the same vein, a year can seem like an eternity online.

If you sign a year-long contract with Ezoic, you’ll save 20% on all pricing tiers.

This is where your specific goals and what you aim to achieve for your site will come into play. Using a month-to-month contract can significantly reduce your profit potential. 

Sure, a long-term contract shouldn’t be an issue and will save you money. This perk applies to buy-and-hold digital asset investors and those who intend to keep their sites for the foreseeable future. 

However, it’s a disadvantage if you’re not sure if you want to commit to holding your asset for a year.

The higher price for a month-by-month plan can significantly reduce your return.

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Are Ezoic Premium’s Claims Of Boosted Income True? 

 is ezoic premium worth it - Are Ezoic Premium’s Claims Of Boosted Income True?

I’m not going to overcomplicate things with graphs and reports to show you my results in this post. Instead, I’ll give you an estimate of my recent experiences.

To answer the question quickly, you do make more money with Ezoic Premium than you would without it.

Here’s a sample scenario: 

Premium advertisements can earn you up to $60 per month if you pay $44 each month for them. Ezoic splits the profits so that you can see the difference between regular and premium adverts.

So you practically paid for your premium plan while also earning some extra cash. When you look at it this way, it all makes sense.

If you’re on Ezoic and don’t plan on moving your site anywhere anytime soon, you should definitely upgrade to premium. 

You’ll surely be able to earn more money. However, keep in mind that you may be entering a contract with significant cancellation fees if you cancel early.

Long-term contracts like this irritate me. As a content creator, it’s a huge turn-off. In my perspective, the entire premium business model is flawed. I mean, why have them at all??

Should You Consider Other Ad Companies?

Ezoic is where I start all of my new sites because it covers all the basics. The issues arise when your site begins to stretch its legs and experiences large growth surges.

You’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t test alternative ad platforms. It’s all about you making as much money as possible with your hard work. A site that you most certainly spent hundreds, if not thousands, of hours creating.

I’ve removed Ezoic from two of my larger sites once they’ve reached 50,000+ sessions. I moved over to Mediavine, which I’m also a big fan of.

The point I’m trying to make here is that it’s all about business. Ezoic’s business is to monetize websites and collect money from their publishers in new and inventive methods. 

It’s my job to make sure that my websites have the highest possibility of succeeding. As a site owner, it is also my responsibility to take advantage of all changes that are offered to me. 

Ezoic should be aware of this, but it seems like they aren’t the way their plans are laid out. 



After a bit of groundwork, I decided to switch a site from Ezoic to Mediavine. I wasn’t unhappy with Ezoic; I just wanted to see if I could make more money with a different company.

It turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. There’s no chance Ezoic will touch this $30-40 RPM. And I’m not charged for “premium ads” on Mediavine. Hallelujah!

It’s really something to think about if you’re on the fence about Ezoic Premium. It’s undeniably an excellent service, but Mediavine is worth checking out if you find that Ezoic is insufficient. 

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Ezoic Premium FAQs

So is Ezoic Premium worth it? 

The simple answer is yes (even though I can argue easily against having it at all). I chose Ezoic Premium because I wanted to make more money from my website’s display ads. That is precisely what I received.

Different tiers (1 star to 7 diamond) and plans within those tiers make up the program (basic, preferred, and elite).

The highest tier your site qualifies for, and the elite plan provides the best returns.

Does Ezoic offer free trials? 

Yup. Ezoic offers a 14-day free trial period for new premium customers at the time of writing. This trial gives you a chance to study the system in action.

How long do you have to wait to get invited to Ezoic Premium? 

On the platform, the typical wait period is two months. That seems reasonable to me. However, I’ve heard that if your website already attracts 100,000 or more visitors each month, you’ll get invited sooner.

Are you obligated to join if you’re invited? 

Nope. You are under no function to use the program if you don’t believe it is a good fit for your objectives.

How much do you have to pay to use Ezoic? 

It varies based on how much traffic your site receives. The price is set at a level where you can be confident of making more money than you pay for the membership.

Consequently, the most straightforward package costs $70 per month, while the most costly, 7 Diamond Elite, costs $18,000 per month.

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Final Thoughts 

In the end, you must do what is best for your company.

Ezoic keeps going on and on about how people are constantly switching from other platforms to Ezoic.

My account manager even forwarded me links to case studies of people criticizing Adthrive and praising Ezoic.

As someone who now also works with Mediavine, I can tell you that they have never even mentioned Ezoic to me.

Their primary focus is the level of service they provide.

For the record, I continue to suggest Ezoic to everyone. Just keep in mind that after your site gets a particular level of traffic, you have alternate possibilities.

Honestly, Ezoic has little chance of competing with the likes of Mediavine or Adthrive with their present premium model.

That’s why Adthrive or Mediavine are used by many of our industry’s medium to large specialty site publishers.

This is where it all comes down to:

You can’t expect to compete with premium ad firms if you charge folks to show premium advertisements without proper compensation. 

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