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Ok, my intention is to share the best way to work your way through our website and resources.

We have hundreds of articles, so this page is a great starting point guide.


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Why Should You Listen To Me?

I’m not saying you should. 

I firmly believe that no person has all the answers.

The most successful people I’ve seen ask more questions than they provide answers!

But to learn a bit about me, see my story, our current income streams, and my ‘life list.’

Tools We Use

Tools change often, and we’re constantly trying out new ones.

But here is our main Resource List, and it is a great place to start.

We also share a list of 100+ money-making and business ideas that you can get here.

How to Build a Brand

I’m a huge proponent of building a website and a brand.

This is blogging.

But blogging doesn’t have to be in a traditional sense – like a travel blog or a recipe blog. And it’s not about sharing your daily life (although it could be).

I recommend building a blog like any other business.

The blog becomes your hub for the brand.

Check out our guide on How to Start a Blog.

YouTube University

YouTube is an excellent place to get educated.

We continue to build out our channel with blog income reports and what we learn.

Everything you need to learn is technically free.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t purchase additional education.

I’m a huge proponent of courses as well.

Additional Education and Courses

I believe in traditional education disruption.

It needs a shake-up.

There are many business ideas (blogging?) not taught in schools.

Courses are the only way.

I am a part of the Blog Growth Engine (I wrote about it here).

We are also creating a school at Destroy the Box University.

And if you didn’t already, get our 100 side hustle ideas, and let’s stay connected.

See you out there!