How To Make Money Without A Job

Are you curious about how to make money without a job? well, let’s feed that curiosity. 

As I support entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs themselves, I aim to help people find what idea is best for them.

People can start their business online or offline and consider making it a full-time source of income.

In this post, you’ll read some money-making ideas for those who are starting their journey. You don’t need to work a 9 am to 5 pm shift to earn. 

I will provide you fifteen ways to make money online and five ways to make money offline.

When we reach the end of this article, you will get a clear concept of what you may pursue to make money without a job.

Create A Blog

A blog is a website that allows you to post about different topics, just like this website.

Before, I never thought that you could make money without working under someone. But one time, someone told me about blogging. 

They know someone who makes up to five figures monthly by blogging. Of course, it was surprising to find out that someone can make that much without a job.

When I saw how much bloggers earn from blogging, it motivated me to start blogging. I researched everything about it and changed my view on making money.

Your blogging success will not happen overnight, but it’s a great long-term business strategy.

Note that blogging is similar to most businesses out there. There are risks you have to consider. 

You can either make a lot of fortune from it or fail from doing it. However, the beauty of blogging is that it requires less capital than other businesses. 

For about $60, you can run your blog while bringing you in more income in the long run.

A blog is one way how to make money without a job. You can also read here if you’d like to know the detailed costs for starting a blog.

Be A Content Writer

Do you love writing and genuinely enjoy doing it? If it is a hobby of yours, you can generate income by making it an online business.

As a content writer, you write articles for different platforms. It can be for blogs, social media pages, online magazines, business websites, and many more.

A content writer must be excellent with the English language and grammar to be a qualified content writer.

With businesses emerging and growing every day, the need for content also grows. Most companies look for writers that can help them create marketing content. This task makes a lot of money.

If you want to start your freelance writing or content writing career, you should prepare a few things.

First, you can select a niche you want to write. It can be about anything you like or what most people like beauty, health, fitness, or travel.

Then, create a blog where you can write about the niche you chose. Write articles that appeal to the people with the niche. You can use AI to speed up your writing. There are tools available at AppSumo at lifetime discounts.

You can try being a guest blogger for other blogs. Not only it helps the industry blogs have great content, but you can also put your name out there for people to notice.

Once you establish a remarkable writing portfolio, you can start cold pitching potential clients. They are usually on social media sites, or you can send them emails.

Another option for you to pursue that writing hobby is to sign up at freelancing websites like Upwork. However, there is much competition in these sites, and rates can be lower, so the first option is preferable.

Want more ideas on how to make money without a job? How about writing copy.

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Be A Copywriter

Another profitable task you can do is copywriting. It lets you earn an income as good as a full-time join, with the advantage of enjoying flexibility on your working hours.

If you can write content that attracts people’s attention, good enough to make them purchase the items, then this task is for you.

A copywriter writes content, advertisements, emails, and sales copies that appeal to people. You must keep the people interested with the product with great lines.

You also need to have a strong competency in language and tone. The tone required particularly for this content is persuasive. 

Beginner copywriters can make an average of 15 dollars per hour, while professional copywriters can earn about 40 dollars per hour.

To start a copywriting career, you need to choose a niche. Be sure to know and understand the place you are writing. 

Next, create a writing portfolio online. You can write new sample works and market your writing services on social media sites and cold pitch companies through email. 

If you’re interested in being a copywriter, books about copywriting skills are available for you to study. Try daily practicing so you can improve faster.

Be An Amazon Associate

Most of you must have used Amazon to purchase something. Amazon offers an affiliate program that lets people earn through commission.

People can review and promote products from Amazon and make money whenever customers buy through an affiliate link.

If you don’t know about this program, then you missed what could’ve been your commission income. A lot of people earn through this program.

Based on this case study, Luqman Khan was a successful Amazon associate. He earned $80,000 for one month alone with his 8-page website that focuses on Amazon product review.

The typical way to make money with Amazon Associates is to create a website that focuses on one niche. Then, choose products to review that are related to that niche.

For example, I made a website about photography and narrowed the niche to portrait photography. I can review various cameras, lenses, tripods, and other accessories.

When people like the items, they can buy them through my affiliate link. Then I’ll receive a commission for every successful purchase. 

Starting a blog can take only a few minutes in WordPress. You just need to invest around $60 and let the potential of blogging double or even triple your investment.

Want to start a blog?

Also, you don’t need complicated and technical knowledge when you start a blog. WordPress allows users to create, edit easily, and manage their sites without the hassle.

Want more ideas on how to make money without a job? Keep reading.

Dropshipping In Shopify

Dropshipping is another excellent way to start an online business. If you have spare money to use as capital, this is the best idea!

I’ll discuss the necessary details you need to know for those who are not yet familiar with dropshipping.

Dropshipping means selling goods without storing and shipping them by yourself. You can have a third-party product in your shop and get it shipped to the customer through the supplier.  (you can also create a print-on-demand store like we did that uses Shopify).

First, create an online store on Shopify or Sellfy. They provide a free trial period. Use a theme like Debutify for higher conversion rates.

Second, use a tool like Spocket to select which items you want to sell.

Third, list the selected items as a product in your Shopify store. You can mark a 20% to 30% profit margin.

Fourth, you can start marketing your products by promoting them through social media sites or Google ads.

Fifth, buy the product from Aliexpress after your customer placed an order from your shop. Then, Aliexpress ships it directly to the customer.

A nice thing about dropshipping is that you don’t have to think about storage and shipping. You play the position of a middle man, almost like an associate, to make money.

You can start earning even if you are at home.

Use Rakuten To Earn Cash Back From Shopping

How To Make Money Without A Job

Rakuten is a platform that lets you earn cashback from purchasing. It is not directly a moneymaker, but it is more of a money saver. 

Remember that with every penny you save, you are earning a penny.

If you like shopping from online sites like Amazon and eBay or availing subscriptions for Netflix and Hulu, this idea is excellent.

In the current situation where some people experience financial struggles, it is best to sign up to Rakuten to save.

Every time you buy from someone online, you get your cash back with their offers.

Promoting Clickbank Products

Clickbank is an online affiliate marketplace that connects affiliate marketers with different product owners.

When product owners put their products in Clickbank, they need to include the commission rate they will pay for every purchase.

Then, the affiliate marketers pick which product they would like to promote. They can earn from the amount of commission that the owners chose.

Most products available on the site are digital goods. There are electronic books, online courses, and many more.

Clickbank is more flexible than Amazon Associates that have specific rules on product promotion under the affiliation program.

This site lets you promote social media accounts, group forums, your website, and other platforms where you can reach more audiences.

You could earn a lot of money from affiliate marketing if you acquired many sales from your link. Here are some of these strategies to better promote Clickbank products. :

Start a website that focuses on Clickbank product reviews. Use Google to direct traffic so you can have more people buy from your link.

Another way is to create a landing page using software to promote through browser ads like Facebook, Google, and Bing.

It also offers a browser extension, so you’ll get notified of the cash-back deals from an online store you opened. It is a more comfortable option. After all, it saves you time to look through because it informs you if there are offers or none.

You may know Swagbucks as a site that pays users when they answer surveys. However, in my opinion, you’ll earn more from using their cash-back features rather than answering surveys.

Sometimes, Swagbucks offers cash-back deals up to 8%, but at most, they have a 1% to 3% rate.

This platform is commendable because it’s free to sign up, yet you’ll receive offers that can help you save more. It also gives you a $5 sign-up bonus if you obtain a $3 cash-back. It’s a solid way to make money without a job.

Be A Transcriber

Make money from being competent in English, listening, and typing. If your English is on a native level and you have a fast typing speed, then you can make money as a transcriber.

As a transcriber, you type down into words any audio or video content. You can do this while in the comfort of your home. You can take the help of automatic transcription tools like Descript as well.

Usually, transcribers in the U.S. make an average of $15 per hour from working at home.

Many transcription websites offer positions as a transcriber and let you earn from completing a task. You can check out sites like Crowdsurf, Scribie, and Transcribme to sign up and start earning.

Self Publish at Amazon Kindle

Did you want to be an author? Or do you like writing and want people around the world to read it?

Maybe you are good at something, and you want to teach other people through writing.

Many people have the knowledge and skills about a specific activity and may want to write a book about it. However, they shy away once they hear that the process of writing and publishing a book is complicated.

But don’t worry, as Amazon can help you pursue that passion.

Amazon made it possible for anyone, beginner or professional writers, to self-publish their works on Amazon Kindle without putting any money into it. You can write whatever genre you want and publish it.

Even though eBooks in Amazon cost relatively low, the site still has a lot of web traffic. It can make up for the low price that you can expect decent earnings every month.

Make YouTube Videos

Now, the best way to earn a side income is through Youtube. Many people around the world make money through this site. 

People with different hobbies or passions rise to popularity and monetize their videos. More and more users are joining in every day.

There can be categories on games, food, tech reviews, beauty tips, product unboxing, tutorials, and many more. You can create videos of anything you love.

Youtube is a great venue to start earning money online because it is free, and there are no limits to what kind of video you want to produce.

Dollar Sanity’s Youtube channel grew its subscribers from 0 to 100,000 in less than two years of starting. 

You can also land YouTube sponsors that will pay for content that you create.

Youtube Ideas You May Want To Know

Camera-shy people may find this option not suitable for them, but you can create videos without showing your face to the camera. 

Tons of ideas won’t require you to face the spotlight. You need to talk or put in excellent background music.

Some of these contents are cooking, travel, fashion, life hacks, exercising, gaming, and many more. Though a few feel like you need to show your face, you can find a creative way to keep the video entertaining without your face.

A successful Youtube channel’s secret is to create quality videos, consistent posting, users of the right keywords in the video title and description. But the most important above all is to interact with your viewers and subscribers.

Even if you are a beginner who can’t afford expensive video equipment, you can start using your phone camera to shoot videos. 

Many YouTubers use their mobile camera when recording and have an excellent output. 

How Can You Make Money From Youtube?

There are lots of ways that YouTubers make money. Here are some of them:

  • Google Adsense – make money by placing ads on your Youtube videos and when people click on them.

You need to have at least 1000 subscribers with 4000 minutes of watch time to use Google Adsense.

  • Sponsorships – promote products from companies on your videos and earn money from them.
  • Some Youtubers earn a lot from this monetization, but you need to have a decent number of subscribers and viewers.
  • Affiliate Marketing – promote products and services from several companies and earn by using affiliated links. For every purchase done using your link, you earn a commission.

Some companies that offer affiliate marketing are Amazon, Impact Radius, Clickbank, and many more.

Be A Graphic Designer

If a copywriter uses words to persuade people, a graphic designer uses visuals. They use appealing graphics to sell something. 

Nowadays, more businesses emerge in the market, that’s why the demand for graphics designers increases. For as long as companies continue to grow every day, graphic designers’ demand will continue too.

They are essential in a business because customers are highly likely to be attracted to visuals.

You can learn graphic designing in online courses from Udemy and Lynda. Youtube also has many visual designing tutorials for beginners.

The field of graphics design is one large zone, and there are subfields that you can specifically learn at a time.

You can choose to design a logo, business card, banner, brochure, stationery, and social media posting under graphics design.

The best way to pursue a graphics design career is to develop your skills by joining freelancing websites. Freelancer, Upwork, etc., let you pick up gigs that can help you gain more experience.

Also, make a remarkable portfolio that impresses well-paying businesses.

Be A Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistance is a career where someone works for an individual or company as an assistant. They don’t have to go to a physical office and do administrative work as they do them remotely.

Many people are working as full-time virtual assistants and make decent amounts of income. All while working at home. 

As a virtual assistant, you need to do most online tasks in a company or individual’s business. These tasks include social media posting, data entry, content writing, email management, and others. 

To start a virtual assistance career, choose one to two skills you want to learn and develop. For example, you want to focus on data entry and content writing. 

Once you become skillful in the mentioned fields, offer your services on various freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Flexjobs. Build an impressive portfolio, so you have bigger chance of getting hired. 

Approach big companies by cold pitching through email.

Be A Social Media Manager

For most companies, managing social media pages of their businesses is a handful of work. They don’t have the time to handle the pages themselves, so they hire social media managers.

A social media manager handles the social media pages by engaging with people, posting content, and many more. 

This opportunity is excellent even for teenagers who are proficient in social media usage and tech-savvy. They navigate with more ease in social media. That’s why it can be comfortable for them.

Aside from the basic netiquette in social media, it is advantageous for a social media manager to know Facebook ads. Most companies look for this skill because it helps in running ads effectively.

If you want to learn more about becoming an efficient social media manager, Youtube offers various tutorial videos to help you. 

There are also articles available online that teach you how to gain more followers on social media pages. Check them out so you have an idea of handling business pages.

Sell on Etsy

You can make money by making and selling crafty goods on Etsy. If you have the talent and creativity, then this idea is fit for you.

Etsy is an online marketplace for crafts, vintage items, and a lot more. You can see pieces of jewelry, clothes, decorations, toys, ceramics, and other things on the platform.

If you join Etsy as a seller and start your shop, you can start selling your art pieces at a reasonable price.

So far, many Etsy sellers have their websites or blogs that they use to promote their products. They get a larger audience to market their items, so they get more sales.

Sell T-Shirts

Most of us love wearing t-shirts. We have them in our closets, and you may even be thinking of buying a new one. 

Because many people like t-shirts, it indicates that they can be a popular item to sell. A t-shirt business can help you have a successful income.

However, you may think that the process of producing and shipping these products can be expensive, right? Yes, they are, but there are solutions for that.

Printful, Teespring, Cafepress, and other similar companies help people like you to start a t-shirt business quickly. Do less, and let them do the most. 

These companies make it possible for you to sell t-shirts online without the hassle of going through production and shipping processes.

They take care of producing and shipping the t-shirts. All that’s left for you is to design the t-shirts and send them to them. 

You can also use Sellfy or Shopify to launch your own store (like we did here).

Make the designs as unique and eye-catching as possible. It will be the key to appeal to your customers.

Next, you have to promote your product on online platforms like Facebook ads. Also, try using sites with high traffic to have a higher chance of selling.

Also, be aware that these sites charge a fixed percentage of the cost of your t-shirt. Their part serves as their profit, while the rest goes to you.

Flipping Products

Flipping products are an excellent side idea for people who want to start a business that can earn them extra income. Many people have been doing this business.

There is nothing special about the concept of flipping. It is a simple and straightforward way to do business.

You buy something for a low price then sell it for a higher cost. However, the item must look presentable so if it seems new, sell them right away. If it needs some fixing, refurbish it.

Flipping products lets you earn a lot of money, and every day, more opportunities can come your way.

Search through online sites like Craigslist to find cheap items from garage sales. Try to repair and enhance that item before selling it again on Craigslist for a higher price. 

Be A Dog Walker 

Walking dogs is a fun way to make money during your free time. Aside from making money, if you love dogs, it will be an enjoyable task.

On average, dog walkers make about $20 to $30 for every 30-minute walk. Rates changes depending on the number of dogs and how many times per day you’ll walk the dog.

It is a side hustle that can make you extra income during your spare time. Your dog walking income may be enough to cover some of your expenses.

Walking multiple dogs at the same time is possible. However, check on their owners to make sure their dogs have no issues walking with other dogs. 

If you’re a certified dog lover, you’ll have fun doing it all over again. You’ll earn extra money while playing with fur babies.

However, as easy as it may sound, you still need to consider a few things about dog walking. Try considering courses about treating dogs in certain circumstances.

It can help you understand and respond to a dog’s behavior while on walks and make it more comfortable.

You can check out courses about professional dog walking on Udemy and other online course sites. Most sources are one click away now with the internet, so you can easily find articles and videos.

Mow Your Neighbors’ Lawn

Another easy task to earn from is mowing lawns or removing snow. A lot of people gain income from doing this gig monthly.

As most homeowners are busy with their jobs or personal errands, they don’t have the time to do the task themselves. That’s why they hire people to do the duty for them.

You can easily find clients around your neighborhood. If most of your neighbors work on a full-time shift, you can offer your services to them.

Ask around who needs their lawns mowed or snow removed. You can probably pick up two houses that need your offer.

But you also need to consider the equipment you’ll be using in the task. A lawnmower can be expensive, so if you don’t have one, you can rent first. 

After earning from a few clients, you can start saving to buy your lawnmower that you can use for further gigs.

Be A Babysitter

Do you find playing with babies fun? If your answer is yes, then make some money out of it. 

A classic way to earn extra cash is babysitting. Even a teenager can do this task, and it pays you decently.

Babysitters now earn an average of $15 per hour in the U.S., which is pretty high if you think about it. 

It can be an advantage for you if you have younger siblings at home. You must have picked up a few skills while looking after them.

Start building your career in babysitting by letting your friends, neighbors, and relatives know your services. You can also hop on a site like to find babysitting jobs.

This way, you can gain more experience and clients through referrals of people who can vouch for your service.

It’s a great idea on how to make money without a job. Maybe some would call it a job, but it’s more of a gig, as I doubt you’ll have a set schedule or get taxed at the end of the year.

Be A Private Tutor

If you excel in your academics, you can work as a private tutor. You’ll earn money from teaching kids or teenagers with their studies.

Private tutors earn more compared to regular tutors. Their average hourly rate can be as high as $40, which is a pretty decent amount.

Start private tutoring by offering your services to friends, neighbors, and relatives. They can either avail of your services or refer you to more clients.

Also, join online tutoring platforms so you’ll have a bigger chance of getting a client. Search sites that accept private tutors and offer your services there.

Invest In Collectible Assets With Rally

Rally screenshot

Want to make money without a job?

Rally is a great place where you can invest in some of the world’s rarest items like original first edition books, Baseball cards owned by Hall of Famers, vintage cars driven by Hollywood royalty, and Rolex watches owned by icons etc.

Investing in these collectible assets helps you build a portfolio over time that pays off.

Join Rally and invest in your passions.

Final Word On How To Make Money Without A Job

This long list of how to make money without a job is a matter of compatibility. Some may work for you, and some may don’t.

However, most of the ideas here are general and accessible to almost everyone, regardless of age and location. You just have to try first and move on if it doesn’t work.

As for me, I highly suggest that you try starting a blog to make money. I chose this and have had an incredible journey so far.

How about you? Which of these ideas best fits you?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Make Money Without A Job?

There are many ways for you to make a living without working that full 8 hours every day. To start making a living, find what’s your passion. 

If you are sure of what you are passionate about, assess if it can be profitable. After that, create a blog around that topic.

Blogging is not smooth and easy at first, but if you let it grow over time, then your hard work can pay off. Give your best shot to harvest excellent results.

Many bloggers from around the world make decent money from blogging. You can check out articles that teach you how to make your blog profitable and grow.

How Can I Be Wealthy Without A Job?

Even without a job, you can still be wealthy. Find an industry you want to work around with and start a business. 

Start as a small business, but if things get successful, then upscale your business. Of course, considering that it is a business, it is never easy at first.

You need time, hard work, and face struggles before you get big. This suggestion may work for you, but it also may not work, so it’s best to start small and expand later.

How To Make Money At 13 Years Old?

Even at the age of 13, it is possible to make money without a job. Similar to the other questions, blogging and freelancing are the best options out there. 

Also, starting a small business helps. You may flip products, sell food and drinks, and do other neighborhood-friendly gigs to help you earn decent cash.

How To Make Money As A High Schooler Without A Job?

If you’re a high school student looking for a way to make money without a job, try out some of the mentioned ideas from the list that suits your level of experience and skills.

The main tasks you can do are blogging, freelancing, babysitting, dog walking, selling pre-loved goods, and many more.

As long as each task’s restrictions do not apply to you, try working for most of the stuff listed in this article. 

How To Earn Money As A Teen Without A Job?

If you are a teenager looking for a way to make money without a job, you can find many ways to start earning. 

Some of the best opportunities to earn are starting a blog, answering online surveys, being a freelancer, starting drop shipping, and being a social media manager. 

For teenagers, I highly recommend for you to start freelancing and blogging to have experience and portfolio for your chosen field.

Let’s Conclude: How To Make Money Without A Job?

A lot of things can happen in a day. If you have a free day, use this time to pick up gigs like mowing lawns or removing snow, babysitting, or dog walking.

Also, try selling items that you don’t use anymore from your house, homemade goods, and other specialties you offer. Sell them in areas where there are many people, like outside of school or parks.

Hopefully, you’ve found this to be a great start for ideas on how to make money without a job. Also feel free to check out my “Make Money” section for more articles and ideas.

Disclosure: This article might contain affiliate links to the resources I refer to. It's at no cost to you, and it's how we pay the bills. Get more info here.

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