The Favorite Affiliate Marketing Programs of Top Online Pros

Affiliate Marketing is amazing. It allows you to promote a business and get paid for sending business their way. I mean, we do this every day in the real world, we just don’t necessarily get paid for our efforts. But if you can build an audience of people that trust you, then affiliate marketing is an excellent opportunity for you to take advantage of. I asked a group of online colleagues if either they had affiliate programs at their companies or what their favorite affiliate marketing programs were. Of course, their favorites are also going to be high-paying affiliate programs.  

Below are examples of some of what they shared.

I’ll go and tell you that they picked some great ones. Many of their favorite affiliate marketing programs are on my list of best affiliate programs for beginners.

Bluehost, Wix, and Referral Candy

Simon, the CEO of Click Intelligence, shared the following:

Affiliate programs are at the core of a marketing strategy. They are highly effective in promoting business products and a good income source for the affiliate. Here are a few programs that I consider a good deal:

Bluehost’s web hosting plan starts from $2.95 per month and has a one-time payout of $65+. You also get credits for referrals when you sign up.

Wix, a website builder, has one of the highest-paying programs with $100 per sale.

ReferralCandy is the best referral program for online stores. For each referral, you get $20 along with other discounts. 

New Silver

Richard of New Silver, a hard money real estate lender, shared their program information:

The New Silver Lending referral program pays up to $750 for each completed loan that originates from a registered affiliate. Learn more about their program.

The New Silver is a real estate loan provider, so bloggers and websites that focus on the real estate niche tend to be the best fit.

Get Response

GetResponse - one of Favorite Affiliate Marketing Programs

Mia Green, the Chief Operating Officer of FindThisBest, shared in on one of her favorite affiliate marketing programs.

GetResponse is one of the most popular and best-paying email marketing services for sales made through referral links. Affiliates get 33% out of every deal, so if you refer users to their most extensive plan, you can make hundreds in recurring commissions.



Milosz Krasinski, Managing Director at web consulting company Chilli Fruit says:

I’m involved with a few affiliate programs but, my favorite is probably Leadpages. Leadpages is an excellent program for newbies as you can earn a passive 50% in recurring commissions for each new customer if you put forth the effort.


Digi24 - Favorite High Paying Affiliate Programs

Francis Wolff, CEO of Digistore24, shares details about their company’s affiliate program.

I want to share Digistore24, an affiliate marketing platform that pays from 70 to 100 percent commissions. Digistore24 connects a trusted network of more than 8,000 affiliates with vetted products and vendors, and it’s free for affiliates to join.

Digistore24 has made a name as Germany’s largest automated reseller and affiliate marketing platform and has experienced the same growth in the US, delivering a 14X increase in sales in 2020, regularly growing 8-figures per month.


Jay of Genie 9 offers the following:

We’re Genie9, and we offer a selection of backup products for our affiliate marketers to promote to their audiences.

Demand for a solid backup solution (particularly cloud-based) is at an all-time high for businesses and consumers. 

We are producing 2.5 QUINTILLION bytes of data per day! Our lives are becoming more and more data-driven every day, and we need a reliable storage/backup solution for all that data.

Genie9 offers local backup via its Genie Timeline brand, mobile cloud backup via the #2 Android backup app G Cloud, and cloud backup for individuals and businesses via Polarbackup and Zoolz backup for business.

Our affiliate programs reward affiliates with a very generous commission of between 40-50% of the sale price.

Setting up an affiliate account is easy, as we are a part of two of the largest affiliate networks HasOffers and Avangate.

Apple Partner Program

Sharon van Donkelaar is the CMO at Expandi, a B2B SaaS for Linkedin marketing. And she shares her thoughts on her Favorite High Paying Affiliate Programs.

The highest paying affiliate marketing program, in my opinion, is the Apple Partner Program, which extends to all Apple products. Since Apple has a dedicated legion of fans, it’s not difficult to get sales since the product pretty much sells itself on the Apple Store. 

Not only that, but you can get a commission from ALL products purchased during a time frame that can last up to a month. 

So even if someone just bought one song on Itunes from your link, if they decide to buy an iPad or anything else you get a nice chunk of change!


Nowpayments - Crypto payments - Favorite High Paying Affiliate Programs

Kate is the Senior Marketing Manager at NOWPayments, a crypto payment gateway. 

She shared her company’s program with us.

She says: 

We have an affiliate program of our own.

People can sign up, get an affiliate link, and if merchants sign up with said link and start accepting payments or donations in crypto, our affiliate partners get a percentage of each of their transactions for 5 years.


learn world - one of Favorite High Paying Affiliate Programs

Joe Smith from iCrowdNewswire reached out with the following program:

My favorite affiliate program to promote is LearnWorld’s Partners Club, which offers a 25% lifetime commission. You will receive 25% of the customer’s monthly bill while the subscription is active. Likewise, if they upgrade, you will receive a bigger commission.

Wrapping Up Our Favorite Affiliate Programs

I hope you got some new ideas seeing other online pros’ favorite high paying affiliate programs!

I am partnered with 150+ companies as an affiliate. As you grow in the industry, you will start to realize that there are affiliates for every type of product that you use. Anything digital and online has the chance to have an affiliate program attached to it. It can have an affiliate program because a digital purchase can be tracked.  

Now do I do deals with all of these companies? Nope, the 80/20 principle applies here. I get 80% of my business from 20% of my relationships. Of course, this is true in all of life. But again, if you wanted to see a list of some great programs, have a look at my list.

Disclosure:  this article might contain links to the resources discussed.
Some of the links are affiliate links, meaning that I will make a small commission if you purchase a product or service by using the link. You get the same price whether you use our special link or not, and sometimes I’m able to get you an even better deal through my relationships!  More info in my privacy policy.

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Disclosure:  these articles contain links to the resources discussed.
Some of the links are affiliate links from Amazon and other companies, meaning that I will make a small commission if you purchase a product or service by using the link. You get the same price whether you use our special link or not, and sometimes I’m able to get you an even better deal through my relationships!  More info in my privacy policy.

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