Fiverr Affiliate Program – What You Need To Know

In the freelancing world, Fiverr is one of the best online marketplaces for freelancing services. Over 400 categories of digital services are offered on Fiverr. Thus, the Fiverr Affiliate program is another excellent opportunity for you to make money.

Unlike other affiliate programs, you don’t need to have a website, making it accessible for everyone to join the program.

Let me show you the process of joining the Fiverr Affiliate program and other details about the program, including tips to promote Fiverr as part of the program.

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Fiverr Affiliate program

Fiverr Affiliates

The Fiverr Affiliate program pays users their commission when they refer services from the Fiverr website.

Before you start earning from the program, you need to set up your account first.

The account you create in Fiverr Affiliates is not the same account you use for offering or availing services in Fiverr.

Here’s a step-by-step process for creating your Fiverr Affiliates account:

Step 1: Go to Sign-up Page

Proceed to the Fiverr Affiliates sign-up page, or from the website’s homepage, click ‘Start Earning Now’.

The page will require you to fill up information like name, email, username, password, country, and number. Go on with the next page by clicking ‘Next’.

Step 2: Tell Us A Little About Yourself Page

The next page introduces two sets of questions where you can select answers by ticking boxes.

These queries are ‘How do you plan to promote Fiverr services?’ and ‘Tell us about your audience interests.’

This part does not have any bearing on promoting the program; therefore, choose what you want to select.

After selecting your answers, make sure you agreed to the Terms of Privacy and, finally, register.

Upon finishing the sign-up process, you can now log in to your Fiverr Affiliates account. You don’t need to wait for an approval process. Just start promoting Fiverr services at once.

The platform is easy to navigate, but you can check their guide if you want more details.

Program Summary

We will begin with the significant disadvantage of the Fiverr Affiliates program.

You have to know that they give the commission only if the orders are from first-time buyers (FTBs). So, if a person already has an account on Fiverr, you will not receive a commission from their purchase.

Moving forward, let’s discuss the pros of this program.

First, for 12 months, the links you use will have a tracking cookie. Hence, if someone buys from your link within 12 months in the program, you will earn a commission from the order.

Second, promoting links is available to all 160 countries within Fiverr. So if the buyer is not from the U.S., as long as the country is on the list of Fiverr’s approved countries, you will be paid.

Lastly, deep links are available to use for promoting Fiverr products and services. Meaning, links can direct buyers to the item they wish to purchase. It helps increase your sales.

Your earnings are available to cash out to your Paypal or bank accounts. Fiverr pays monthly, but with a minimum of $100 before you can withdraw your commissions.

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What Are Fiverr Commission Plans?

Fiverr offers commission plans according to their Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) commission structure. You are qualified to choose when a buyer transacts through your affiliate link.

The commission rates depend on the digital service that the buyer avails from your links.

Below are the Commission Plans you can choose from:


Fiverr is the primary marketplace for freelancing services. Available on this marketplace are writings, designing, editing, marketing, etc., which are either availed or offered.

In this plan, your commission rates can be between $15 to $50.

For example, WordPress rates cost $40, Articles and Blog Postings is $30, Whiteboard and Animated Explainers is $50, and Promotional Videos are $30.

Fiverr Pro

Only qualified experts can offer their freelance services on Fiverr pro. Because professionals are present in this version of the Fiverr marketplace, rates are higher than usual. For a gig, sellers can earn a minimum of $100.

Fiverr Pro lets you earn a commission of $150 for all the services across Fiverr Pro.

Learn From Fiverr

Learn From Fiverr is an online course platform that offers freelancers, professionals, and entrepreneurs lessons to upgrade their skills.

The courses range from digital marketing, graphic designing, copywriting, branding, and many more.

Although Learn From Fiverr is widely available for freelancers using Fiverr, anyone can enroll in their courses.

For every course that buyer’s take, you can get a $30 commission.


AND.CO is an app offering freelancing tools. Fiverr acquired AND.CO that helps freelancers and small businesses manage their businesses.

This Software as a Service (SaaS) software provides tools for freelancers to monitor and track their gigs, time duration, and invoices.

You get a $30 commission for every plan purchased in AND.CO.

How To Make Money With The Fiverr Affiliates?

Now you know how to set-up your affiliate account and how much you earn from commission referrals.

But how can you promote and make money from the Fiverr Affiliates program?

Like most affiliate programs out there, you have numerous options to do. I will include the steps that can make you more money from using Fiverr Affiliates for the post ahead.

1. Write A Guide About Your Niche Then Recommend Fiverr Services.

If you have a blog or own website, try writing a guide about your chosen niche. For example, you decided to write about creating a blog.

Mention WordPress development in your post when you discuss the steps in creating a blog.

Then, you can insert a link to your recommended Fiverr freelancer that specializes in WordPress development.

Moving forward, you will discuss the importance of having a professional logo when creating a blog. You can now include another freelancer that does logo designing services as your recommendation.

When you write about guides or reviews on blog postings, it gives you many opportunities to add your affiliate links to different Fiverr services. It increases your chance of earning a commission.

2. Recommend Services You Purchased On Fiverr.

Recommend freelancers from Fiverr where you availed their products or services. Assume you are writing a blog post about where you can buy logos for business and personal use.

The topic can be an excellent way to introduce Fiverr’s website because they also feature logo designers and makers. Then, mention that a freelancer from the site designs your website logo.

If your logo catches your website visitors’ interest, they will check out the link you will attach because they may want to know how much and who made the logo.

Another example could be posting about outsourcing blog writings. Like in the previous scenario, list down platforms you would recommend outsourcing, including Fiverr.

For the ending part of your post, mention that the blog writing is from a freelancer from Fiverr. If your audience found the article impressive, you highly likely get more clicks on your affiliate link.

3. Write A Fiverr Review Or Compare Freelancing Sites.

Remember the information you only get a commission if the buyer who accessed your link is a first-time buyer?

This type of content can introduce Fiverr to new freelancers or those who are new to Fiverr.

When writing reviews, we assume that your audience is new to the topic and wants to know more about Fiverr. Show the site’s strengths so you can attract buyers to click your link.

Fiverr offers more than 200 digital categories that are available for you to promote. Most of these categories have targeted forums or groups on Facebook.

But no, this does not mean you will spam the timeline with your affiliate link. People will ignore you, and for sure, you will not succeed in getting commissions.

Rather than flooding these groups, provide informative posts and answers, and attach your affiliate link as a recommendation.

Here is an example:

Your affiliate link focuses on WordPress services. The commission rate for this category is $40.

Next, think about who will be interested in this service. For this example, we can target people who plan on creating a blog.

Use keywords that can easily find your market. You can try putting in ‘blog for beginners’, or ‘start your blog.’

Upon searching, you will find relevant results, and these groups are your market for promoting the link.

If you set your goal into earning at least $3000 per month, choose a CPA with a steady $50 commission rate.

Here are some of the services that can give you $50 per service:

  • E-commerce
  • Game Development
  • Whiteboard & Animated Explainers
  • Website Builders & CMS

You can also promote in the commission plan of Fiverr Pro, where you earn $150 for all services availed by buyers.

Fiverr Pro can easily make you $3000 in a month with only 20 buyers to transact using your links. As long as your website has consistent website traffic, 20 buyers and $3000 in a month are not tricky.

However, if you do not have a website or are just opening one, focus on social media promotions.

This way is the best platform to promote your links because, as a new website, you will not get as many visitors from the start.

Pros vs. Cons Of Fiverr Affiliates

Similar to any affiliate program, Fiverr Affiliates has its advantages and disadvantages. To have an overview of the program, here are the pros and cons:


  • Fiverr is an established online platform.
  • The marketplace offers a wide range of skills and services.
  • Consistently high commission rates on Fiverr Pro and some on Fiverr.
  • A 12-month tracking cookie for your affiliate links.
  • Availability of generated deep links.
  • Affiliate links are open for social media promotions.


  • Only first-time buyers can make you a commission.
  • Fiverr Pros limits commission earnings to $150 despite an expensive service.
  • Not all services in Fiverr are high quality, so you need to choose what to promote carefully.

The advantages of the Fiverr Affiliate program overshadowed the disadvantages on this one. As long as you promote Fiverr correctly, $3000 a month is easy to achieve.

Fiverr Referral Program

Fiverr doesn’t only offer affiliate programs; they also have a referral program.

Fiverr Referral Program is Fiverr’s referral program, and there are quite the differences with Fiverr Affiliate Program.

One distinction is that you don’t need to create another account to join the referral program. Your performance in Fiverr for buying or selling will do.

With your Fiverr account, go to your user image and click “Refer & Get Up to $100.” As easy as that.

To Use The Fiverr Referral Program

Before we proceed, you have to know this critical detail. Fiverr don’t pay you on your Paypal or bank account.

Instead, you receive Fiverr Credits, which stores your funds collected from referring. You can only use your credits on the platform and store up to $500.

For example, if a person buys from your referral link, you get a 20% discount from their first order to your next order. The limit per order is $100.

At the same time, the buyer also receives a discount. However, just like the affiliate program, they have to be FTBs.

You don’t earn actual cash from the referral program, but you still save up to $500 for your next Fiverr order.

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