Ezoic Affiliate Program Review: Should You Apply?

Using affiliate programs has been increasingly popular in recent years.

The cornerstone of such programs is that they provide reciprocal benefits to their participants through partnerships. 

An affiliate program at a company is based on referral links. These links are used to invite a new partner to join Ezoic’s program.

The Ezoic Affiliate Program is intended for current users who want to introduce other folks to this system. 

ezoic affiliate program

Who is Ezoic, and Why Should You Partner With Them? 

Ezoic is a platform that employs artificial intelligence to modify ads based on a visitor’s demographic, ad preferences, and location. 

Overall, this means you’ll see fewer advertisements on your site, have a better user experience, and make the most money possible. 

Ezoic even assures the most outstanding user experience and most considerable revenue.

As a user, Ezoic also has a premium ad service, but let’s keep rolling with the details of their referral program.

How Does The Ezoic Affiliate Program Work? 

The Ezoic affiliate program is a brand-new mechanism for those who want to make money by spreading the word about the platform to other Internet users.

To profit from this service, you must share your referral link with various themed resources.

The system automatically recognizes all users who have subscribed to you.

You’ll get to earn 3% of the publisher’s earnings for as long as they use EzoicAffiliate.

Plus, the platform, not the new publisher, is responsible for this commission.

Moreover, you will be able to earn 1% from sub-affiliates that you introduce to the EzoicAffiliate Platform and who then introduce new publishers to the website and display ad optimization platform.

How Much Can You Earn From This Program? 

According to Ezoic, members of the network earn an average of $1,600 per month.

This works out to about $50 per month for EACH conversion. 

Because the conversion rate and commission ceiling are both infinite, the amount you can earn through the program is virtually limitless.

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How To Sign Up For The Ezoic Affiliate Program 

The Ezoic affiliate network is one of the few that allows websites with fewer than 25,000 monthly visitors to join.

A step-by-step guide to the signup process is provided below!

Step One to becoming an Ezoic Affiliate

Sign up for a free account on the Ezoic platform and fill out all of the required information about yourself and the publishing platform.

Step Two 

Once you’re in the program, you will be given a unique affiliate ID. This ID is specific to your account and is used to welcome new users to the Ezoic platform. It’s easily traceable.  This is your personal affiliate link.

Step Three

Begin publishing web content that includes your affiliate ID.

The most typical method is to write blog entries on Ezoic with links that direct folks to the site.

You can also use social media networks, forums, paid search advertising, and email newsletters to get the word out. 

Provide value and educate readers about the Ezoic affiliate program, how to become an Ezoic affiliate, how much ad revenue is possible, etc.

Step Four 

You earn a 3% commission when a new user clicks on your affiliate ID and signs up to become an Ezoic customer.

Ezoic sends you your total earnings monthly. You are basically making a portion of the revenue generated from ads being shown on their website. Ezoic is sharing a piece of their ad income with you.

How Does Ezoic Track Conversions?

You have 30 days (the cookie length) after someone clicks on your link to get them to sign up.

You will not be credited for the conversion if they sign up outside of this timeframe.

If they sign up immediately but don’t start using Ezoic for another 14 days, you’ll still get credit for the transaction.

However, there are several ways you could miss out on these commissions. 

You won’t get paid if a potential customer clears their cookies or uses a cookie blocker while signing up or if they click another affiliate link before becoming a customer. These instances are rare but can happen. It’s just a part of being an affiliate marketer.

The platform operates on a last-click basis, which means that only the click that results in conversion is rewarded.

Your dashboard’s reporting tool will display all clicks and conversions so you can keep track of them yourself. 

Is The Ezoic Affiliate Program A Legit Way To Earn Passive Income? 

Many people are looking for ways to make money online to achieve financial independence and eventually retire early – or at the very least, be able to do what they enjoy.

Because all training is free and supplied to all Ezoic publishers online, the Ezoic Affiliate program is a no-brainer, especially if you’re already a customer displaying their ads.

There’s nothing to lose but oh so much to gain.

So, yes, if you can persuade others to join in, you can make a substantial amount of money.

Plus, joining the Ezoic Affiliate Program is a breeze.

There are no minimum traffic criteria, no complicated application process, and no signup costs.

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Partnership Restrictions 

Naturally, participation in this affiliate program is subject to specific terms and limitations.

Ezoic won’t accept your application if your site has: 

  • Violence 
  • Sexual content 
  • Discrimination against sex, race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, disabilities, and age
  • Content on illegal activities 

Any form of content that is not allowed on Google AdSense will almost certainly not be allowed to be monetized with Ezoic, as they work with the Google AdExchange ad marketplace, which does not allow advertisers to bid on such categories.

Can You Refer Returning Ezoic Users? 

This affiliate program can only credit a conversion if a referral registers for Ezoic and then uses it.

As a result, if someone returns to Ezoic after a long absence, you will not be eligible for a commission since they already have an Ezoic account.

But fair enough, their goal is to pay you ad revenue for referring them new customers.

Ezoic Affiliate Program Pros and Cons 


  • You can run the Ezoic Affiliate Program alongside Google AdSense and other affiliate programs. 
  • There is no minimum traffic required, making it an excellent option for newer sites. 
  • You can use your unique affiliate ID to monitor your conversions. 
  • The Ezoic platform is pretty valuable to its users and is highly regarded. Many marketers advertise its services and have a high user retention rate. 
  • It’s an excellent source of passive income, especially if you know how to rake in conversions. 


  • Publishers moving from Ezoic to other higher-paying platforms once they exceed 25,000 monthly visitors is a common occurrence. Your Ezoic earnings will be reduced if your referrals are among those that switch. 
  • The 3% commission is pretty low compared to other affiliate marketing programs. But while this is true, advertising in itself has slim margins. And besides, what other ad networks do you currently see out there that has an affiliate program to reward website owners?

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Final Thoughts 

Offering a premium advertising network with no minimum page views is a win-win situation for most people who aim to make money from their website.

Considering that Ezoic offers a revenue guarantee, the platform should be a no-brainer.

Still, affiliate marketing does necessitate some effort to get your links in front of the right eyeballs.

But it’ll all be worth it once you make your first few sales!

Remember, those website owners will attempt to maximize the amount of money that comes in, which will raise the amount of money you may make.

So, what do you have to lose?

Create an account today to start earning a passive income with Ezoic!

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