Best Credit Card Affiliate Programs (my secret strategies)

Why are credit card affiliate programs one of the best things to join?

We’ll talk about the best affiliate credit card program, how to become an affiliate, and what networks are out there.

And I’ve discovered a bit of a secret in this credit affiliate industry that I’ll share with you as well…

me with my face showing the best credit card affiliate programs out there

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80% of Americans have a credit card, with the average family having 2-3 cards and are close to a trillion in credit card debt.

Many Americans think that America is going to be a cashless society (myself included!)

On the other hand, the affiliate marketing industry has seen explosive growth.

DemandSage measured it to be $17 billion as of 2023. 8.2 billion dollar mark by 2022, nearly doubling up from what it was in 2017.

Statista seems to believe it’s on an upward trend based on their data, that’s for sure.

If you’re just looking for the best of your standard credit card companies and want to run the affiliate play, you’ve got two main options.

Supermoney, Flexoffers, or CardRatings.


There’s more to the story.

I also need to start by telling you that…

Credit Card Affiliates are Old.

Let me explain…

Today affiliate marketing is considered as one of the most effective and easiest ways of making money online, to bring in sales and increase brand awareness passively. 

It’s hassle-free as the affiliate neither has to create a product nor has to deal with the after-sales issues.

Your job is to market the product in front of the right people at the right time.

But you know this already.

There is no denying the fact that affiliate marketing is going to stay.

So as the popularity of both credit cards (both regular and virtual credit cards) and affiliate marketing is on the rise, this is the prime time to join a credit card affiliate program or network and start generating commissions. 

Based on our research, a number of the programs use old technology.

I think there is room for mass disruption in the affiliate game for personal finance products (which we’re seeing).

In 2009, the Credit CARD Act was enacted. This caused a major change for affiliates and how publishers were able to promote and what they were required to disclose.

I believe the way finance companies are run in the modern era will change everything.

Personal Finance Tools Have Changed

Look at money transfer apps like Venmo and Cash App (we use with our teenager).

These tools allow you to seamlessly swap money and easily transfer it to your bank account.

If you’re not familiar with them, we have a guide comparing Venmo, Cash App, and Zelle. Check it out to get an idea.

Look at what’s happened with stock trading — with tools like Webull, Robin Hood, and Stash, nobody expects to pay a fee to trade.

That used to be unheard of.

And they all give you free stock to get signed up with them.

And Rally Rd, a company where you can buy shares in fun collectibles (I own some Hank Aaron baseball cards, an Andy Warhol, and an early copy of the Declaration of Independence).

Here’s the thing.

They ALL have really easy-to-use affiliate programs and are in the financial space.

Credit cards, on the other hand, have antiquated systems (with a few expectations I’ll share with you).

*We personally use a number of credit cards. Our main ones are business credit cards and travel credit cards.

[Credit cards like these were actually responsible for helping us get to go on a cruise for free and take many airplane ride…]

Ok, so to Become a Credit Card Affiliate

Promoting credit cards is a brutally competitive niche.

This is because the industry offers generous commissions if a lead converts through your link.

As you are reading this post, we assume that you already have an audience.

Which means…

  • You either have an established blog of a specific niche with relatable content [if not, start one!]
  • You know how to target the audience through paid methods (ads)

To get started with promoting a credit card, you first have to find the right credit card to promote to your audience.

If you run a travel blog (one of the blog types that make money), your audience might be interested in a card offering flier miles.

If you run a dropshipping store, marketing a cashback or reward credit card may be a good idea.

Make sure whatever you promote it’s a great fit for your audience.

Ok, for my affiliate marketers out there, let’s get into some more of the programs.

The Affiliate Programs

Most credit card companies or banks do not have direct affiliate programs.


If you are a customer of the cards, they have excellent referral programs, like the Chase Sapphire or the Capital One Quicksilver (both cards I use and also refer!)

Typically you can join different credit card affiliate programs and networks which these banks/ companies have partnered with.

Every program or network has different eligibility requirements, commission structure, and pros and cons. 

So let’s go through the blog and find yourself the best credit card to promote.

Before we look at some specific programs, let’s look at…

What Makes a Good Credit Card Affiliate Program?

There are certain factors that make an affiliate program to be a good fit for you to join or not.

Lucrative Payouts

Commissions vary with the credit card type and the audience it targets.

The standard is $25 to $100.

But it can be as high as $405 per accepted lead in the case of The Luxury Credit Card.

Some affiliate networks have a pay-per-lead structure.

For example, if someone has filled out a form, you will be paid up a fee even if they don’t qualify for the card. 

The commissions are one-time since there’s not income to make recurring payments on.

But there are plenty of programs out there that will be a recurring commission on the affiliates.

Lower Payment Threshold

Affiliate programs with lower payment thresholds are preferred. Though it is a factor to consider in the beginning only. 

For example, let’s say the program pays you $25 per referral, and the minimum threshold for payout is $100.

You have to wait till you earn $100 through 4 clients. Only then a withdrawal request can proceed. 

So the minimum the threshold the earlier you can get your hands on your money. 

Marketing Tools 

To make your life easier, most credit card affiliate programs provide you with marketing materials and tools. That may include…

  • Email swipe files to send to your lists
  • Creatives like infographics, images to embed on your website and educate your visitor about a certain credit card.
  • Different types of ads to display on your blogs or websites etc.  
  • Educational tools like videos or courses to educate your audience to pick the best card for themselves

Affiliate Support

Once you are accepted into the program, an affiliate dashboard will be set up for you.

From there you can track all the statistics like clicks, sign-ups, commissions earned and the status of the payouts. 

Some affiliate programs provide you with a dedicated affiliate manager who can guide you about which card to promote according to your audience and what marketing tactics to follow. 

When an interested customer visits a credit card website through your link, a cookie is released.

If they didn’t buy the same day but come back later within the cookie period and make a purchase, you will be paid a commission. 

That cookie duration for affiliate programs ranges.

The longer the cookie period, the more chances of you making money.

Credit Card Affiliate Programs vs. Credit Card Affiliate Networks

What is the difference between an affiliate program and affiliate network?

Let me explain.

Credit Card Affiliate Programs

They are set up by individual credit card companies who want to get affiliates on board to help them bring clients who can buy their credit cards.

Some credit card companies have their own affiliate programs but most of them register themselves with one or more credit card affiliate networks to promote their programs.

For example to promote American Express credit card you need to join a network like Commission Soup or Flex Offers. 

Credit Card  Affiliate Network

An affiliate network is a place were multiple credit card affiliate programs and affiliates come to find each other and start working together.

An affiliate network acts as an intermediary between credit card affiliate and credit card affiliate program and takes a fee for being the middleman. 

Affiliate Program: American express affiliate program, Open Sky affiliate program etc.

Affiliate Networks: Commission Soup, Bank Rate Credit Card, Flex Offers etc.

Best Credit Card Affiliate Networks:

The Bank Rate Credit Card Affiliate Network

Bankrate credit card affiliate network

The Bank Rate Credit Card affiliate network has been in the field for the past 15 years and has collaborated with top credit card issuers like American Express, Capital One affiliate program, Chase, Citi, Discover and more.


  • Free to enroll
  • Dedicated affiliate manager
  • Best credit card offers
  • Fast commission payouts
  • User-friendly affiliate reporting and tracking interface
  • Make promotion easy by providing creatives and other helpful in site tools like rate charts, banners, text ads to add to your content
  • Excellent customer service

The Commission Soup Affiliate Network 

The Commission Soup is a leading affiliate network having digital marketing of financial services as their core niche.

Since 2000, they have helped the credit industry in online customer acquisition.

Like the Bank Rate Credit Card affiliate network, Commission Soup also provides you with an affiliate manager who will help you pick the best credit card for your audience.

This network has a larger number of credit card advertisers.

Some of those include:

  • Capital One Affiliate Program – Open Sky Credit Card
  • American Express Credit Card
  • Indigo Credit Card
  • First Access Card
  • Milestone Credit Card
  • Total Visa Credit Card 
  • Credit One Bank
  • First Premier Card

The Flexoffers Affiliate Network

flexoffers affiliate network

Flex Offers is a network that has collaborated with over 12000 publishers. Covering over 25 categories that include credit cards as well, it acts as an intermediary between you and the advertiser.

Currently, they only offer two credit card affiliate programs.

1- New Coast Direct Affiliate Program: suitable for people who want an affordable means of instantly buying new items for their home and office.

2- Barclay Card Affiliate Program: For travelers 

The CJ Affiliate Network (Commission Junction)

Founded over 20 years ago, CJ affiliate is one of the most trusted and the oldest names in affiliate marketing.

Their advertisers include large companies like CNN, Buzzfeed, Barnes and Noble and Wirecutter.

Currently, CJ affiliate network has collaboration with Credit Karma, Capital Bank (Open Sky) credit card and few others. 

Sign Up here for CJ Affiliate Network to pick the best credit card to promote.

Best Credit Cards Affiliate Programs

Amex- American Express – $200 per sale

American Express (or Amex for short) is one of the big three credit card companies, along with Visa and Mastercard.

Having its operations worldwide American Express offers a wide range of credit cards suitable for all kinds of audiences.

It even offers cards without an annual fee.

Types Of Credit Cards:

  • Business cards, 
  • Travel cards
  • Cashback and 
  • Reward cards.

Payout: up to $200 per sale (in Canada, oh Canada!)

Cookie Period: 7 days

How To Join: Through Commission Junction

Indigo Platinum Mastercard – 5% Per Sale 

Indigo Platinum MasterCard is made for people with bad credit scores and now want to improve it by building a positive payment history.

To promote this card your traffic sources will be evaluated by the affiliate network.

Best For: People who want to build their credit scores

Payout: 5% of the total sale

How To Join: Through Commission Soup

Capital Bank – Open Sky Credit Card – $25 per sale

Open Sky credit card is a secured card offered by the Capital bank from a separate domain. 

The Capital Bank allows you to promote this card through email marketing as well. 

Best For: To get this card no credit scoring is required. So technically anyone can apply for it. For this reason, it is one of the best affiliate programs to join despite its low payouts.

Payout: up to $25 per sale

Cookie Period: 30 days

How To Join: Through Commission Junction and Flex Offers

Experian – Up to $100 per sale

Experian offers a wide range of credit cards including secured card, cashback cards, rewards cards, credit cards for fair to bad credit history and offer low-interest rates for students.

Best For: All types of audiences including students

Payout: up to $100 per sale

Cookie Period: 45 days

How To Join: Reach out at In the email don’t forget to mention the following details.

  • Your website URL
  • A brief description of your company
  • Monthly traffic levels
  • Most relevant credit card to promote to your audience

Your information will be reviewed and Experian will get back to you within two working days.

Petal Visa Card – $36

Petal’s credit card has high limits, no fees, low-interest rates, and gives customers cashback.

Best For: All types of audiences 

Payout: up to $36 per sale

Cookie Period: 45 days

How To Join: Petal credit card is supported by the impact program.

USAA Credit Cards – $25

USAA credit cards are offered for the US military and their members. Though the target audience for this credit card is very niche and commissions are not that high, yet it has low competition so there are more chances of making money.

Audience Type: US Military

Payout: Up to $25 per sale

How To Join: Through Commission Junction

Luxury Cards – $405 per sale

Luxury Card is a global leader in the premium credit card market.

Accepted at over 8 million domestic retailers in 210 countries with no foreign transaction fee involved, Luxury Card members receive the best airfare and cashback redemption rates, with points that can be redeemed in any increment and never expire.

Best For: For wealthy people only

Payout: up to $405 per sale

Cookie Period: 30 days

How To Join: Through Commission Junction and Flex Offers

Scotia Bank Credit Cards – $70

The Scotiabank Credit Cards affiliate program offers a total of 12 different credit cards to promote, targeting a diverse demographic of customers.

Affiliates can promote all or select credit cards that best line up with their audience types.

Types of Credit Cards:

  • Cards for travelers
  • Cashback cards
  • Entertainment reward cards
  • Credit cards with low-interest rates or no annual fees
  • Credit cards for students

Best For: For all type of audiences

Payout: Flat $70 per sale

Cookie Period: 30 days

How To Join: Has changed. Check back soon…

Upgrade Credit Cards – $60

Upgrade Credit Card is a recognized VISA credit card with a credit line of up to $20,000.

It has no annual fee and offers the lowest interest rates in the market with tariffs being closer to personal loans.

Thus it helps you to pay your outstanding card balance quickly.

Best For: For all types of audiences

Payout: Up to $60 per sale

Cookie Period: 30 days

How To Join: Changes often. Check back soon…

First Progress Platinum Mastercard

The First Progress Mastercard is a full-featured secured credit card with a credit line based on a refundable security deposit instead of your credit score. 

Best For: those with poor credit history and now want to improve it.

How To Join: Through Commission Soup

Milestone Gold Credit Card – $35

The Milestone card enables you to enjoy the benefits of a Mastercard without the need for a security deposit. 

Best For: those with less than perfect credit 

Payout: Up to $35 per sale

How To Join: Through Commission Soup

Sam’s Club Credit Card – $67.50

Sam’s Club credit card allows customers to earn up to 5 percent cash back on purchases. 

The credit card does not have an annual fee and the affiliate program is free to join.

Best For: those with less than perfect credit 

Payout: Up to $67.5 per sale

How To Join: Through FlexOffers

The First Access Visa Credit Card – $16

The First Access Card is a true VISA® credit card that does not require perfect credit for approval.

Best For: People with varying degrees of credit scores. Those with bad credit can easily get accepted over here.

Payout: Up to $16 per sale

How To Join: Through Commission Soup or Flex Offers

The Capital One Quicksilver Card – $100

This is a great program, and the way to sign up for the Capital One affiliate program is to be a customer! 

It makes sense. 

They require you to be a customer in good standing before you can refer the card.  (Sign up for the Capital One Quicksilver Card).

Best For: Credit card users with excellent credit.

Payout: Get paid $100 per referral (up to $500 per year).

How To Join: You must already have the Capital One Credit Card before you can join this affiliate referral program, but it’s one of the best Capital One affiliate programs. 

Apply for it here (this is my link and you’ll also receive $150 in cash when you spend $500 in the first 90 days).

Want a bit more info about the Captial One credit card affiliate program? Watch this video, or see it below…

How To Promote A Credit Card As An Affiliate:

Remember getting organic traffic to your affiliate linkd is hard.

It is a game of how much value you can provide to others.

Try to establish yourself as an authority in the field, and people will start listening to you and thus following your advice. 

Some strategies to use as a credit card affiliate are…

  1. Write an email sequence educating about the card you want to promote and send to your list. Use free Chrome extensions like Streak to track your emails.
  2. Set up a blog and create valuable content related to credit cards. Educate your audience to help make smart financial decisions.
  3. Add your preferred cards to the resource section of your blog.
  4. Join Facebook groups related to credit cards and financial education and promote your content over there.
  5. Twitter is loud and is a heaven for affiliate marketers. Join it, follow influencers of the credit card niche and initiate valuable threads. 
  6. If a credit card affiliate program allows, run paid ads. 
  7. Only promote attractive credit card offers (like the Chase Cards that I also personally use).

Wrapping It Up

Throughout my above discussion of credit card affiliate programs, you must have noticed that there’s no such thing as the “best” credit card to promote.

Reward cards will suit one audience, while travel cards will suit another.

And you don’t have to be an investor or a financial advisor to promote a credit card.

A little knowledge and the hustle to provide value and promote the card are required.

So keeping the above information in mind, do your due diligence, join any credit card affiliate program which suits you the best, provide value to your audience, and start making money online. 

And if you want some other money making ideas, look no further…

Ideas to make $3k a week

Ways to make $5k a month

Guide to make $10k in a month

But remember, if you want to make money, you must work hard.

Get that hustle on!

FAQ About Credit Card Affiliate Programs

What A Credit Card Affiliate Program Really Is?

It’s a way of partnering with credit card companies or banks and getting paid to send them new customers. By acting as a third party, you market their credit cards in front of the prospective clients which are your audience and earn a commission through the affiliate program when your referred visitor gets accepted for the credit card. 
Some affiliate programs pay per lead i.e you get paid a small commission when your referred visitor fills a signup form. No matter if they qualify for the credit card or not.

What are the details on the Capital One affiliate program?

Instead of an affiliate program they pay their current customers a referral fee for new customers. So you need to be a card user first.

Are there good business credit card affiliate programs?

Most of the companies listed above have business cards as well, so they would apply.

What are the best credit card affiliate programs?

The best credit card affiliate program is a tough one. But really, it’s probably an affiliate network, as most of the larger card companies do their affiliate deals through affiliate networks.

Disclosure: This article might contain affiliate links to the resources I refer to. It's at no cost to you, and it's how we pay the bills. Get more info here.

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