18 Best Two-Tier Affiliate Programs For Higher Earnings

Affiliate programs are a great way to earn passively through commissions on the products you promote.

These days, two-tier affiliate programs are becoming the trend in this industry which is an even more incredible opportunity to earn. 

Two-tier affiliate programs let you earn more money, have a consistent source of income, and work with a team. 

This article will feature some of the best two-tier affiliate programs so you can choose ones that can help you be successful.  

What are Two Tier Affiliate Programs?

Affiliate programs work by letting their affiliates earn commissions when they refer products to customers. 

When you enter two-tier programs, it adds another layer to how you earn from the commission. 

For example, the one tier earns the same commission as you in a first-tier or regular affiliate program.

Whereas, if you are in a two-tier, you can earn another commission from your referrals’ sales!  

Therefore, you are earning not only from your transaction but also from affiliate marketers under you. 

For example, a first-tier affiliate might earn a 40% commission from directly selling the products you promote. 

Meanwhile, the second tier may make a 20% commission from your sub-affiliate without directly selling products. 

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18 Best Two Tier Affiliate Programs

While there are a lot of affiliate programs that you can easily access online, there are some that stand out from the rest.

This list features some unique programs you can help you earn a lucrative passive income.  



PureVPN is a tool you can use to browse the internet without restrictions while also protecting your sensitive data. 

They offer commission for you through their two-tier affiliate program, depending on which play you choose. 

You can earn up to 100% commission while earning 35% lifetime income and a chance to open a second tier. 

You can also access a smart dashboard to track any affiliate-related activity and engage in deals for better traffic. 


MotoCMS two tier affiliate programs

MotoCMS is a website builder allowing you to make your business sites through cloud technology.  

You don’t need to be technical in web building to become their affiliate; you only need to market their products. 

Their two-tier affiliate program starts with a 30% commission per sale after you register in their program. 

Then, you can earn up to 40% per purchase after a month until you can push to a thousand dollars each month.  


ClickFunnels two tier affiliate programs

ClickFunnels is a helpful tool for building funnels and marketing them to help businesses grow. 

But you can also financially grow while working as an affiliate under ClickFunnels with their two-tier affiliate program. 

They are one of the most trusted programs, letting you earn up to 40% for the first tier and 5% for the second. 

They have the necessary tools like landing pages, tools, and resources to help you effectively market products. 


Groove two tier affiliate programs

Whether you are a starting, small, or large-scale business, GrooveFunnels can help you build revenue. 

They have a complete range of marketing tools and apps like landing page builder, shopping cart, and email service provider. 

It is a valuable tool that allows you to sell digital and physical products through funnels and websites. 

However, GrooveFunnels can also help you earn through commissions aside from your actual products. 

Their affiliate program is excellent for those starting to get into affiliate marketing because of its free front-end. 

For the first tier, you earn a lump sum when your sub-affiliate upgrades their plan for a year, while smaller parts monthly. 

If they are on a free plan, you can earn up to 20% per sale and 5% if you are on the second tier. 

If they upgrade to a platinum membership, your commission doubles to 40% for the first tier and 10% for the second tier.



ShareASale is a sub-affiliate network that helps its partner companies grow in affiliate marketing through sales and advertising.

It works by choosing among more than 4,000 merchants’ products and directing transactions to their websites.

When you refer merchants to ShareASale, you can earn $150 while you earn a $1 commission through affiliates. 

You can easily find two-tier affiliate programs under ShareASale and help you grow as an affiliate marketer. 

For example, you can earn $55 per sale from FreshBooks, a 10% commission from HireWriters, a 5% referral commission, and a $10 referral bonus from BannerBuzz.

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BuilderAll two tier affiliate programs

BuilderAll is a digital marketing tool that allows website building to help people create sites easily. 

BuilderAll has an affiliate program that lets you maximize your earning potential through commissions and rewards.

Their two-tier affiliate system lets you earn direct sales commission and share from your sub-affiliates income. 

You can earn up to 30% of the purchase or subscription plan monthly and 100% from your first direct sales. 

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie

SurveyJunkie is a famous survey site that lets you earn money from answering surveys from different companies.

Every time you answer a survey, you earn points that you can redeem as cash or gift cards. 

Registering in their affiliate program can make $1.50 every time a person signs up in Survey Junkie using your affiliate signup link.

You can get your earnings through PayPal if you have at least $10 in your account. 

They have heavy traffic, real-time affiliate reporting, on-time payouts, and affiliate support to help you attract more traffic.  

Dog Training Depot

sub affiliate programs Dog Training Depot

Dog Training Depot helps you train your dogs to become their best version using videos, blogs, and other resources.  

If you own a website in the dog niche, Dog Training Depot can help you earn on the side with its affiliate program. 

They have two different programs you can join depending on what works best for you.

The first one needs you to follow their training program, where you learn how to be an effective marketer. 

You earn a 15% commission when you sell ebooks about dog training and up to 50% for collars and leads. 

You can make $200 per purchase, with $100 for every new customer who registers and a lifetime of 2% for each sale.

The second program is their two-tier affiliate program which lets you earn 10% from your sub-affiliates sales. 


Travel Payouts

Travelpayouts is a digital platform and affiliate network that helps travel niche companies give people the best deals. 

It is one of the CPA networks, which means you earn through cost-per-action commissions. 

You get a percentage from every direct sale you make when someone uses your link to purchase. 

If you have a travel and tourism niche website, you can write a short review about Travelpayouts and use your link.

You can also write about destinations, flights, and activities while using your referral link for people to register. 

You can make a % of each purchase for direct sales, usually from hotel and flight bookings. 

Their two-tier affiliate program lets you earn 7% of the referred affiliate revenue from all programs for the first two years after registration. 

Dive deeper into the Travelpayouts affiliate program here or watch the video below.

Intechra Health

Intechra Health

Intechra Health Inc. sells weight loss supplements and other health products using clinically-tested and high-quality ingredients. 

If you join their team of affiliates, you can make as much as 40% of your revenue which is one of the highest starting payouts. 

They are a trustworthy brand with effective products, which helps them build high conversion rates. 

It means you can have a high success rate in building traffic and sales from Intechra Health Inc. 

If you are in the two-tier program, you get 5% commissions from your sub-affiliates with biweekly payouts through PayPal and check.

You also get a 30-day cookie to let you market your product to new users for up to 30 days when they use your link. 

WP Engine

WP Engine two tier affiliate programs

WP Engine is a website hosting provider for WordPress users that provides resources to help them create great sites. 

While they are one of the leading and most reliable WP hosts, they also have a strong affiliate program. 

You earn commissions when you refer new users to buy a hosting plan or theme through your link.

For direct sales, you can make at least $200 or 100% of the user’s first month’s payment for their plan.

If you offer the StudioPress themes and they also purchase, you make 35% per sale from the themes. 

You can also join their two-tier program, where you get $50 for every purchase made under the link of your sub-affiliates. 

So aside from generating income from direct purchases, you also make money on the side with more sub-affiliates. 

However, your referrals or sub-affiliates referrals need to keep their subscription up to 62 days before they credit payment. 



Kartra is cloud software that provides all marketing devices necessary for you to market your business and products.  

If you are a Kartra user, you can use their two-tier affiliate program to earn commissions. 

You earn for every purchase made under your referral and the revenue of those who signed up under you. 

You can make 100% earnings for every customer who registers for the entry-level plan and 40% recurring commissions.

If you are under the two-tier program, you can make 10% recurring commissions that you can receive monthly. 

They have no minimum sales requirements, and 30 day cookie duration.

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A2Hosting two tier affiliate programs

A2 Hosting offers shared hosting plans for WordPress, e-commerce, and VPS, which helps businesses sell products. 

They have almost perfect uptime, meaning you can make more money if you join as their affiliate. 

You can make anywhere from $50 to $200 when you promote and sell any of their hosting plans under your link.

When your sub-affiliates sell plans, you can receive 5% of their income and track it with A2hosting’s dashboard. 


Fiverr sub affiliate programs

Fiverr is a freelancing platform that lets freelancers promote their services to many clients. 

The Fiverr Affiliate program allows its affiliate partners to make money within the platform by promoting services through links. 

It has Fiverr, Fiverr Pro, Learn From Fiverr, and Fiver Business as digital products you need to sell. 

When a client uses your link to purchase any of these products, you’ll receive $15 to $150 from purchases. 

Meanwhile, under the second-tier commissions, you can make 10% of your sub-affiliates income on each purchase.


Grammarly two tier affiliate programs

Many of you may know Grammarly as a helpful writing tool that uses AI to proofread, edit, and check your articles. 

So if you are a content creator focusing on writing or blogs, their affiliate program can be something you’ll like. 

Grammarly is an established site that makes its conversion rates high, giving you competitive commission earnings. 

You get $25 when you place their banner on your blog, another $20 per sale, and $0.20 per registered user. 

For the two-tier bonus, you get a 10% commission from people who signed up under your affiliate link. 

They are also generous with rewards with a $200 bonus for making $2000 sales in a month while doubling it as you double sales.



TemplateMonster is an efficient digital marketplace to choose your themes, PPT templates, graphics, and more to build a web project. 

With their wide range of website templates, it is ideal for taking part in their affiliate program to offer these products. 

They have a reliable two-tier affiliate program that lets you earn a 5% commission, but you can make more when you directly sell.

For first-time customers who purchase under your link, you get 30% off their payment and 10% if they are returning customers. 

Cash Network

Cash Network two tier affiliate programs

Cash Network has all the online marketing services you need and copywriting, which helps you advertise your business better.

They also have a two-tier affiliate program that lets you hustle on the side if you use their services. 

As of now, they accept affiliates through referrals from their existing affiliates, and you can earn a 5% commission from sub-affiliates.  



LinkTrackr is an affiliate marketing platform that allows its users to track, analyze, and cloak affiliate links. 

But aside from being a digital tool, they also offer affiliate programs that let you make money from commissions. 

You can receive 30% to 50% per purchase on your first level commission, while 5% for the second level. 

They have a threshold of $50 before you can receive your payout through a check, Payoneer, or deposit. 

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Advantages Of Two Tier Affiliate Programs

Two-tier affiliate marketing is pretty new in this industry, but it can be helpful for you to earn more than before. 

The people you recruit become your sub-affiliates, which means you also earn a commission when they sell. 

So aside from earning directly from your link, you have another source of income from your recruits. 

It’s similar to multi-level marketing because of the tiers involved in the affiliates and their commissions. 

More Profit

You can double the revenue generated because you earn from your sales, referring affiliates, and your recruit’s referrals. 

Therefore, you gain more and have a stable income source because you and your sub-affiliates can promote double than you do. 

Wider Reach

Under the two-tier program, think of it as a web that expands as you add more tiers, in this case, a second tier. 

You’ll have a wider reach of customers because you and your sub-affiliates sell the products. 

They may have blogs, videos, or other ways to promote the products, which helps you reach their followers. 

Two-tier affiliate marketing is ideal for a new affiliate marketer because it is efficient. 

Work With A Team

If you love collaborating or working with a team, then two-tier affiliate marketing is ideal for you to try.

You can have as many as 100 sub-affiliates working with you as long as you have enough training and resources.

Some programs offer affiliate resources, coaches, and seminars to help you thrive in affiliate marketing.

It allows you to properly manage your team and get successful results, which means everyone earns more. 

You can also plan activities to help one another with sales, like competitions and rewards. 

No Need To Sell Own Product

Affiliate marketing is a great income generator because you don’t have to create your product to sell. 

When you join an affiliate program, they provide everything, including the product, marketing tools, and more. 

They also have a tracker for your sales and a calculator for your commissions so you can comfortably work. 

Digital products, in particular, are one of the most successful products to sell in affiliate programs because it’s readily available. 

You won’t need to pay expensive additional costs as an affiliate.

That’s why you can earn as much as 75% commission. 

However, you may also note that you’ll make less than the first tier when you sell digital products as a second tier. 

But you can compensate for it in the future when you have more sub-affiliates selling digital products. 

Disadvantages Of Two Tier Affiliate Programs

Two-tier affiliate programs are almost fool-proof income generators, and their disadvantages are not too impactful.

However, you may also want to take in these cons because it can be a dealbreaker once you start. 

Ineffective Management

Some affiliates, unfortunately, fall under a company or program that is not hands-on with their affiliate program. 

There may be a lack of supervision and training, leaving you to work for your team alone.  

You’ll have to take more time and effort developing your team instead of focusing on your direct sales. 

These affiliate programs are accessible and free most of the time, making joining easier. 

However, it may be hard to increase sales when you land on the wrong people who are less motivated. 

Paying Affiliates

Like other sub-affiliate networks, you must give a part of your sales to your affiliates.

Having two or more tiers in this program means that the farther you are from the direct sales, the smaller commission you get. 

Distributing it over two tiers is already a loss, but it may not be a concern as long as you have good management. 

Income May Be Slower

When you have a less experienced team, you may need to teach them how to increase sales generated. 

It does not take overnight to learn the process and master the tips, so that it may take slowly at first. 

Remember, when your affiliates sell products, you only start earning as a second tier.

So somehow, you are responsible for taking care of your team and teaching them ways to earn from affiliate marketing. 

However, it doesn’t mean you have to overlook your sales because direct purchases make you more profitable. 

So it is best to keep in mind to balance your team and personal sales because less effort means less revenue. 


Spamming can be prevalent, especially if affiliates urge to recruit more for income, but it is unethical. 

This action can reflect poorly on the company and product, making it harder to sell products. 

Most affiliate programs provide valuable tools to help you with marketing with a more ethical and decent approach. 

You can also help build relationships within your team to earn their trust and help them succeed. 

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Final Thoughts

Two-tier affiliate programs are the best way to upgrade your affiliate marketing journey while still earning consistently. 

It doesn’t require much time and effort as long as you know how to manage your team correctly. 

Success is not overnight, and in this case, success should start with you motivating your sub-affiliate networks. 

However, you also have to consider that you can only make an average of 10% commission in two-tier. 

You should not neglect your transactions even if you have second-tier affiliates to make money. 

So if you are a budding marketer, take this opportunity and use two-tier affiliate programs to turn your career around. 

Any time our team can find the opportunity for a two-tier program, we’re all for it!

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