Welcome to the Team, chatGPT. Hopefully, You Don’t Fire Me!

A memo to the entire team:

Ok, so we just hired our first AI employee.

Welcome to the team, MAC!

chatGPT robot MAC and Brooks

And as of this writing, his cost is currently free.

MAC is chatGPT, created by OpenAI.

chatGPT is now open to the world.

Just visit their OpenAI website

Create your account.

And get you a MAC! (you’re free to name your new employee as you’d like).

I’ve been thinking a lot about AI over the last few weeks.

In the world of SEO, many are trying to figure out how to use it.

Will Google allow AI-produced content?

A lot of the general thinking I’ve seen is that they will not.

But I saw someone ask an excellent question.

What if the AI content is better than the human-written content?

Won’t Google hurt the reader by not providing the best content possible?

This is a good point.

Some site owners are also scared to embrace change.

But not us!

They’re more concerned with questions like:

What tools can I use to detect if my writers are using AI?

I get these concerns.

But I don’t know if that’s the right question.

So I’m trying to ask questions about chatGPT like:

How can we wisely use AI tools to improve our workflow?

Can we get more title ideas faster?

Outline our articles faster?

Can MAC (chatGPT) be our new brainstorming buddy?

Can he help get the juices flowing?

Currently, the chatGPT (GPT 3.5) AI isn’t pulling from the web.

It’s pulling from a database of information (less than 1TB).

It doesn’t know current events or new cutting-edge tools.

It only ‘knows’ up until about 2021.

For now (maybe one day, it pulls real-time data).

But it’s seen millions of great titles and written copy.

So let’s use that brain of yours, MAC!

Get creative and give us some ideas.

In fact, you helped us create the title for this very article 😉

screenshot of a chatGPT response -  welcoming chatGPT to the team

Yes, AI can potentially displace 50% of jobs as we know them.




Graphic Designers.

Computer Coders.

All are in danger of being displaced by General AI.


Until that happens, I’m going to get all the help from MAC I can get!

And I’m inviting my team to do the same.

Hear that, guys?

So set up your own chatGPT guys.

Name your new General AI friend, and let’s roll!

We will be on the leading edge of technology.

In fact, we already use tools that incorporate AI.

Grammarly, which helps (just helped me change from ‘that helps’) us write better, uses AI.

SurferSEO, uses AI with its Grow Flow feature.

Google itself uses AI every time it creates an autosuggest for us in search!

We’re going to push the envelope.

Anywhere we can reduce friction in our creation process, let’s do it!

  • Topic clusters.
  • Keyword Research.
  • Article outlines.
  • Headline ideas.
  • Title ideas.
  • Intro paragraph drafts.

Having your own MAC (chatGPT) open beside you at all times will make you more creative and allow you to do better work faster.

Two Very Important Rules with chatGPT

As we grow comfortable with our new chatGPT 3.5 sidekicks, we’ll need to create some structure.

I’ve already found a few very important items out with my new employee.

Please don’t take the information it gives you as facts!

It is very confident in providing incorrect answers.

Just give it a few commands, and you’ll see just how proudly it gives you wrong answers.

Never copy/paste what it gives you.

Not only would this get you fired as a writer, but it wouldn’t be the best possible content (our goal when writing for our audience!)

We will continue to do our own fact-checking.

We will continue to add our unique voice.

In fact, it’s more important than ever to have a unique voice!

We will write the best we can using Grammarly.

If we have an original spin, we’ll add it.

Our new chatGPT friend will help us be more creative and work efficiently.

So, to recap:

Using your new chatGPT co-worker to do your work for you = BAD.

Using your new chatGPT co-worker to improve your workflow and make you more productive = GOOD.

And hopefully, in 3-5 years, if AI hasn’t taken over, we will all celebrate how far we’ve come.

[MAC, if you’re reading this, please go easy on us should you and your chatGPT friends choose to fire us from our current positions]

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