My RankIQ Review // A Go? Or A No??

It’s not that straightforward to write stellar blog content.

It even gets increasingly tricky if you’re consistent with no results to show for it.

All bloggers need to use an SEO tool at some point.

In this RankIQ review, I’ll put a spotlight on a popular one. 

You need web traffic to monetize and be profitable.

That’s all there is to it.

me talking about rankIQ seo tool

Pages that are well-optimized for low-competition keywords usually attract a significant amount of traffic over time.

This can be pulled off without the use of backlinks, believe it or not.

There are dozens of elements that go into ranking on the first page of Google or other search engines, and the competition has never been higher! 

RankIQ is a fantastic SEO tool with an extensive database full of low-competition keywords, high-traffic phrases, and powerful AI technologies.

In fact, it’s on our list of top SEO tools.

Ok, Let’s take a closer look at RankIQ.

What Is Rank IQ? 

In March 2021, RankIQ, a search engine optimization tool for bloggers, was launched.

The software uses artificial intelligence to suggest blog post keywords that have the best possibility of ranking on the first page of Google.

Brandon Gaille, a famous blogger and host of The Blogging Millionaire podcast, invented it.

If you check out his stuff, it’s not hard to see why he came up with this tool. 

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How Does Rank IQ Work? 

RankIQ was created to assist bloggers and content providers in achieving first-page Google rankings.

Brandon Gaille realized that most content publishers struggle to get their websites’ pages to rank on Google’s top page for their target keyword.

According to a study by Ahrefs, 91 percent of sites don’t get any traffic.

Well, that sucks.

Another significant result of the survey is that only 1% of pages receive 100 to 1,000 monthly visitors.

Brandon wanted to design a program that would teach bloggers a simple approach to getting a good Google ranking for every blog article they produce.

As a result, organic traffic will increase.

Each blogger with a desire for traffic will have a different objective.

Some people will try to make money off of all that traffic by using display adverts, affiliate links, information items, or eCommerce products. 

Others will just wish to produce high-quality content that assists readers in resolving a specific issue.

Bloggers, content providers, publishers, and anyone else who generates web content and wants it to rank well on Google should use this program.

Beginners, intermediates, and expert bloggers can all benefit from it.

The software can be used to optimize both new and existing content in order to increase the amount of organic traffic they generate.

Is SEO important?


Maybe can even pay for college like this guy. (or watch below…)

How Do You Use Rank IQ? RankIQ Review

How Do You Use Rank IQ

The graphical user interface of RankIQ is highly straightforward and straightforward to use.

You’ll be greeted by a simple home screen when you log in. 

Your attention may be directed to the tutorial video on the right-hand side.

Brandon has prepared a highly educational 26-minute onboarding video to welcome new users and get them up and running right away.

The directions are well-presented in a step-by-step fashion that is simple to follow.

The described logical procedure may appeal to you. The following is the recommended strategy:

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Step One: 

Go through the keyword library for your topic and go through each keyword line by line.

RankIQ, unlike ahrefs and SEMRush, was not built to be searched for keywords by term.

Step Two: 

Make a keyword library with the keywords you want to use (the keyword library is my favorite part of the tool!)

Step Three: 

Schedule articles to be published based on the keywords you’ve chosen.

Step Four: 

Run the AI SEO report when you’re ready to begin writing.

This is to ensure that the AI SEO tool provides you with the most accurate and up-to-date content analysis data possible.

The data in this report is updated in real-time.

Ready to give RankIQ a shot? Test it out here…

What Is The Keyword Library? 

Each niche is paired with one or more keyword libraries.

There are various keyword libraries in the personal finance area, for example.

The first is “Personal finance: how to,” which has a collection of keywords that describe how to do something in personal finance.

These could be things like “how to budget” or “how to save up for a mortgage.”

Keep in mind that these aren’t search results.

There are more than a hundred keyword libraries, and the number is growing.

I think this is the key benefit of this tool for me.

It’s like having another team member on my team helping me do keyword research!

If you have a unique specialty, you should check to see if there is a keyword library for it before signing up.

If your niche isn’t currently listed, you can request that it be included.

What if everyone who joins RankIQ wants to write about the same keywords?

Well, the program maintains track of how many reports are generated for each term.

The keyword gets retired after it reaches a particular threshold.

The keyword results provide you a competitiveness score, the number of annual visitors you may expect for that term, and the time it takes to rank on Google’s first page.

According to RankIQ, it takes 180 days or six months on average for a post to rank without using RankIQ.

It’s said that it can take anywhere from 8 months to a year.

RankIQ’s target keyword should, in theory, rank faster.

After that, you can run a report on any of the keywords or create your own.

Let’s pretend you want to make content around baking. 

The term “how to bake an apple pie” may be suggested as a valuable topic to write about based on the keyword in the library list.

You could run a report on said keyword. 

Reports can also be run on keywords that aren’t in the library.

This is useful for updating old posts with keywords you’ve previously targeted.

After you run a report, you’ll receive an AI SEO report with recommendations for how to develop content that will rank on Google’s first page, including:

Suggested word count 

It will propose that you write more words than the top-ranking posts right now.

Competition analysis 

These are links to the most popular blog articles for that term and their word count and content quality.

Content analysis 

These are the points that Google wants you to address in your post. Content analysis is helpful if you often have writer’s block.

Suggested grade content 

This is the level of quality you should aim for in your blog posts if you want to rank well.

If it specifies an A++ rate, you should compose a post that earns an A++ from the content optimizer.

This is perhaps the most crucial aspect of the AI SEO report.

Sources Analyzed 

These are how many sources RankIQ looked at to come up with its findings. 

Title Analysis 

This supplies you with a selection of the essential terms to use in your title.

Title analysis is necessary if you want to create articles that readers will want to click on.

The Content Optimizer – RankIQ Review

The Content Optimizer 

The Content Optimizer is an essential element in the report.

This is brought about through the use of a WYSIWYG content editor. 

You’ll see the content grade score and word count updating in real-time as you type and make changes to your draft material.

The essential themes that should be covered to have the complete content for the keyword you’re targeting are prompted on the right-hand side of the screen.

Once you’ve reached the desired content grade and suggested word count, your post will be ready to publish. 

Brandon states that at this stage, RankIQ will have assisted in creating the most thorough material on the chosen topic and a CTR-optimized page title.

Of course, the added benefit is that you’ll have material that will likely rank well for all of the secondary relevant keywords and keyword phrases associated with the subject. 

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Cost and Alternatives 

The current introductory price for RankIQ is $49 per month.

It will almost certainly rise to $99 at some point, but new members will be ushered in at $49 per month.

In comparison to other AI SEO keyword research tools, I think this is a fair price.

This is something that most new bloggers can afford.

Using RankIQ will help them rank their new material faster, and if they monetize it, it will generate more money more quickly.

There are no free or trial versions available.

With that considered, I think RankIQ is reasonably priced.

Because it provides new reports and a keyword research process, RankIQ is the first of its type.

SurferSEO (what our team currently uses!), Clearscope, and MarketMuse are the SEO products that are the most closely related.

However, they range in price from $30 per month to $1,4999 per month. Oof! 

What Makes Rank IQ Unique? 

Rank IQ is distinct from other popular keyword tools because it contains a list of low-competition, high-traffic keywords for almost any niche.

Brandon is an expert in the field of keyword tools and research.

In fact, I believe he is one of the world’s foremost experts in the field.

Brandon handpicks a list of keywords on themes relevant to your niche, which is the most remarkable feature of Rank IQ.

He conducts the study and incorporates the keyword list into the software himself.

A keyword phrase could be very specific, so eliminating the guesswork can be valuable.

Yes, you heard me correctly.

Brandon’s keyword research on hundreds of categories is available to all Rank IQ subscribers.

Brandon will develop a bespoke list for you if your topic isn’t already covered by the tool.

Ready to give RankIQ a shot? Test it out here…

How Safe Is Rank IQ? 

How Safe Is Rank IQ rankiq review

RankIQ, unlike black-hat SEO tools, concentrates on identifying low-competition keywords with high traffic potential. 

RankIQ also has tools to assist you in creating a high-quality piece of content based on the term you’ve chosen.

This is a perfectly white-hat strategy that search engines really endorse!

The tool’s modifications are intended to increase your blog posts’ crediblity and help you create quality content. 

It is risk-free because no black-hat SEO strategies are employed.

It’s an entirely ethical SEO tool.

How Is RankIQ’s Customer Support? 

Stellar! You can bet that any queries you might have will be answered straight away.

Plus, you won’t get scripted responses.

I’ve always received personalized responses from Brandon and his team.

Reviews from others also back this up…

RankIQ Review: Pros and Cons at a Glance 

RankIQ: Pros and Cons at a Glance


It truly works. 

If you use RankIQ diligently and correctly, you can expect your new blog posts to rank higher and higher.

If you do your part, it’s much easier to rank the highest on Google.

It’s easy to use. 

On one of his Blogging Millionaire podcast episodes, Brandon stated that he spends weeks on keyword research every year.

When employing the more well-known and more expensive SEO toolset Ahrefs and Semrush, this could be the case for any blogger out there. 

You might not have extra weeks or money to spend on keyword research.

You could utilize a program that’s simple to use and can assist you in immediately optimizing your blog posts.

Depending on how quickly you write, you may outline an article in minutes and complete it in a couple of hours.

Aside from that, the website features a simple layout with only a few sections, making navigation straightforward. 

The keyword libraries are extensive. 

As previously stated, the keyword library is constantly expanding. As a result, you’ll be able to write about and rank for an increasing number of keywords.

You can update your previous posts. 

Many bloggers I’ve heard of have increased their traffic by optimizing older blog entries. 

This tool can assist you in determining what to add to old posts that aren’t ranking well in Google searches so that they appear higher in the rankings.

Because much of the keyword research and writing is already done, this is typically easier than writing a fresh blog post.

It’s occasionally a matter of adding a second or third side to the issue, which will likewise lengthen the piece.

You don’t even have to use the Google search console to assess past posts.

Just run them through the program and let it do the work for you.

It’s affordable. 

When compared to other SEO tools, RankIQ is a bargain at $49 per month.

For a new or solo blogger, the price is reasonable.

In contrast, the basic version of Ahrefs costs $99 per month.

Semrush’s lowest tier is $119.95 per month. When paid annually, Moz costs $79 per month.

The customer service is unparalleled. 

When you’re in RankIQ, a support option on the screen makes it simple to ask for assistance.

Brandon is eager to address his customers’ issues. 

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video about may 2022 blog income report


It might not be the right tool for your keyword research strategies.

RankIQ specializes in locating keywords with low competition and high search volumes. This isn’t everyone’s SEO or blogging technique.

Even if it finds keywords in your broad topic, the keyword results may or may not be relevant to your niche.

Brandon indicated that if you have a particular niche that the KW library doesn’t cover, he will personally conduct keyword research and construct a library for you.

However, it might still generate a KW library about things you don’t want to write about. 

A food blogger, for example, could be looking for recipe inspiration.

Because she can’t construct a recipe or an entire blog post around a keyword like “substitutes for wheat,” they might not find it helpful.

If this happens to you, you can incorporate those keywords into a section of an existing blog article or a FAQ.

Google’s search results may include your inquiry and answer.

I can imagine myself running out of effective keywords in a month or two if I have a highly niche site and only a few keywords that are a good fit for me.

If you want to get the most out of RankIQ, you’ll have to adjust your technique a little and write about relevant themes or utilize the searches to update existing postings.

Some users said RankIQ was a nice compliment to other keyword research tools like Semrush, but they wouldn’t use it in place of their other SEO tools. 

That would necessitate paying for two subscriptions at the same time, which is something that not everyone is ready to do.

$49 is a big deal for some. 

When you’re just starting out as a blogger, the monthly fee of $49 can be expensive.

You’ve probably already paid for hosting, email service, and a few other courses and tools.

You want to know if you’ll be able to recoup that $49 each month in ad revenue, affiliate commissions, product sales, or something else in the near future.

Is it really worth it?

SEO is a long-term approach that is more akin to running a marathon rather than a sprint.

Although using RankIQ keywords is designed to get you ranked faster, it can take 6+ months for a blog article to move up the ranks in Google.

Consider these postings as setting the foundation for your blog.

With each article, you’re adding 100 or 1,000+ pageviews every year.

A year from now, you’ll be able to observe the long-term benefits of your work.

Meanwhile, you’re not making guesses about what to write.

These keywords have been thoroughly researched for you.

When you guess at keywords, you have a considerably lower likelihood of your content ranking.

You’ll still have to put in some effort to recoup your $49 investment.

If you want to make money from your site, you’ll need to add another arm to your plan, whether it’s running advertising or linking to affiliate products.

You’re limited to 16 keyword reports. 

Depending on your requirements, sixteen can be too few, just right, or too many.

If you have a team of employees who can produce many articles per week for you, it’s not enough.

It would be ideal if you and your team could optimize the 16 searches for 16 articles per month that are allowed.

RankIQ Review – Final Thoughts 

RankIQ is a fresh AI SEO tool that debuted in March 2021, and its development is ongoing.

It’s sure to help you create quality and informational content.

The product isn’t flawless, but it provides excellent value for money.

In my opinion, just getting access to the keyword planner alone was enough value to make the tool worth it for my team.

In addition, the RankIQ team has been highly responsive to any technical concerns that have arisen.

It’s a promising service that delivers!

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