Running a Marathon – Bucket List Item, check.

Running a Marathon – Bucket List Item, check.

Running a Marathon – Bucket List Item, check.
Running a Marathon

My friend asked if I was interested in training for a marathon.
“Nope, but I’ll do it anyway.”
Was I interested in running a marathon?
Why did I respond with that?

I think I wanted to prove

to myself that I could do it.
I wanted to conquer that mountain.
I wanted to strike it off of this grand list before I even knew I had a bucket list.

3 of us were set to do it.
So I looked up a marathon training guide online.
3 months of consistent methodical training.

And I trained.
It was winter.
It was cold.

I trained.
My roommate that was going to do it with me snapped his ankle on a curb while training.
He’s out.

I kept training.
6 mile runs, 3 mile runs, breaks, 7 mile runs.
My friend told me that a great goal was to get my time under 4 hours.

I kept training.
My longest training run was approximately 20 miles.

A month before the race, my friend informed me that she hadn’t been training like she should and that she was only going to run the half marathon.
I wasn’t backing out now.
I was running the full 26.2 miles.

Training For a Marathon

I ran it.
With this guy (who had apparently run something like 800+ marathons)

My time?
3 hours 58 minutes 27 seconds.

Approximately 2 minutes

beneath my goal.

The good news.
It can be done easily if you prepare.
Because I trained well and ate a nice carb filled meal the night before, I wasn’t even sore after the race!

So if you have a desire, pick a race.
Not 3 years later.
6 months out.
Pick the race.
Sign up.
Put your money out there.
Have a friend sign up.
Nobody you know want to run?
Put an ad on Craigslist.
Get on the interwebs.
Get a simple book like Marathon Training for Non-Runners (aff link).
Facebook it.
Find a running buddy.
Get accountable.
Find a training regiment and do it.
Train hard.
And knock it off your list.

When I finished running the race, my friends asked how I liked my first marathon. I said, “Oh, you mean my first and last? It was all good.”
It’s been about 5 years.
Haven’t run another one.

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Brooks Conkle

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Disclosure:  Our articles contain affiliate links, meaning that we make a small commission if you make a purchase through the link. Sometimes we're able to get you an even better deal through our relationships!  More info in the privacy policy.


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