My Quick Ideas to Make Money Instantly Online đź’µ

How do you make money instantly online without making any kind of investment?

Some legitimate answers are in this post.

Yes, there are hundreds of ways you can make instant money without having to leave your house, but some ways are better than others. 

Warning: to make real cash, you’ve got to be willing to work for it ($3,000 a week or even $10,000 a month). But if you want some quick cash, I’ve got some ideas for you.

make money instantly : get money instantly

In this post, I’m going to focus on ways to make instant money with no risk.

It is entirely possible to make money without having money, but there is a catch.

You will have to use your time as the investment. 

If you need to make instant money, your best option is to take advantage of websites that pay people for small tasks.

Most of these sites offer paid surveys.

That’s cool, online surveys are an easy way to make extra money too.

(a few you might want to compare are Rakuten and Survey Junkie).

There are also money-making apps that will pay you for doing tasks like watching ads and reading articles. 

You won’t get rich, but you were already doing these things anyway!

I have to emphasize that these specific online money-making methods can’t replace your income.

But it’s enough cash to supplement your current income.

The extra cash never hurts. 

If you’re looking to make a decent income with some online ventures, there are some opportunities like affiliate marketing.

The kind of money you can make from these ventures is much more substantial, but it’s not going to be instant. 

The saying “you need money to make money” applies here.

You can’t expect to rake in a lot of cash by doing menial tasks here and there.

But like I said, it can’t hurt to earn a few bucks, especially for things that you’re going to be doing anyway. 

Below, I categorized the ways you can make money instantly online.

All these methods are absolutely free. 

Sites That Pay Real Cash You For Answering Surveys 

Survey Junkie 

Swagbucks 101 survey junkie vs swagbucks

Survey Junkie pays people to give their opinions, and these opinions are sent to participating companies.

These companies will use your opinions to improve their products and services. 

There are some survey sites out there that will ask you to pay when you register.

Legit ones like Survey Junkie will never ask you to do that.

Your membership is going to be completely free. 

Once you sign up, you will have to fill out your profile in detail.

The information you put in your profile will match you with surveys that are applicable to you.

If you skip filling out your profile, you’re going to miss out on what you can answer and get paid for. 

Once you accumulate a minimum of $10, you can cash out your earnings on PayPal. 

Want to watch me see how many online surveys I could complete in 60 minutes? I do it in this video! Or just want below…

Inbox Dollars 

Inbox Dollars is one of the most popular paid survey sites out there.

Right now, the site has over 17 million members, and registration doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Like any legitimate survey site, it doesn’t cost anything to sign up with Inbox Dollars.

In fact, you get paid a $5 bonus just by signing up. 

With Inbox Dollars, you’re going to be asked to watch videos, shop online, and do a bunch of other tasks.


Swagbucks has been around for a while now, making it a renowned survey site that is advertised by many.

The average payout for surveys you can take on Swagbucks is $2. 

What I like about Swagbucks is that it doesn’t just pay you for answering surveys.

You also get paid for things that you usually do in your day-to-day life.

You can shop online, watch videos, and read articles on the web, all while getting paid?

Who would say no to that?  It may not be the fastest way to make money, but Swagbucks is definitely legit.

You don’t always have to cash out with Swagbucks.

The points that you earn can also be redeemed as Amazon and Walmart gift cards.

Before you can cash out to PayPal, the minimum amount that you have to accumulate is $25. 

If you’d like some additional info on if Swagbucks is Legit or not, I also made this video. You can watch below…

Prize Rebel 

On Prize Rebel, you can make instant money without much effort.

You can earn prizes and rewards simply by giving your opinions about specific products and services.

Everyone is encouraged to join because these products and services are owned by large companies known internationally. 

Prize Rebel has over 10 million members, making it one of the largest and highest-paying survey sites around.

It’s quick to register, and you don’t have to pay a penny. 

Like Swag Bucks, you can claim your rewards on Prize Rebel, not just through cashouts.

You can redeem your points in name-brand gift cards and Visa gift cards.

Prize Rebel also doesn’t just make cashouts through PayPal. You can also get the money you earn through direct bank deposits.

Best of all, you can cash out just by earning a meager $2. 

Hey, if you’re game to try new things, you can even make cash with some pics of your feet 🤣

Mobile Apps That Pay You For Doing Tasks 

If you’re not the type who likes answering surveys, you can still make money by doing stuff that you usually do every day.

Please check out the cash apps I listed below.

You could easily be earning a couple of bucks here and there – even by doing things like staying healthy and moving.

And if you’re ready for some bigger hustles, look into…

Making $200 a Day

$500 Fast

or Make $250 in a Day


We all have to buy stuff to sustain ourselves. With BeFrugal, you can save up to 40% when you shop at their partner stores.

As of now, they have partnered up with over 5,000 establishments, including Walmart, eBay, Sephora, and Macy’s. 

Do you like to keep up with fashion and electronic trends? With Start Saving, you can also get discounts for top brands like Dell, Levi’s, Samsung, Adidas, Nike, and many more. 

Are you still not convinced? The list of savings goes on.

Besides store discounts, you can also get restaurant coupons, and cashback on plane tickets, concert tickets, and movie tickets!

What’s not to like? 


Online shopping is pretty addictive.

What if you could make some money off your online purchases? 

With Ibotta, you get money back from thousands of famous brands and retailers.

All you have to do is add a debit or credit card to your Ibotta account. 

Every time you use your cards for purchases online or offline, you earn cashback instantly.

Make your shopping habits a little healthier by signing up for this app and getting yourself some money back. 


I love that Makeena incentivizes the act of helping our planet out. Makeena rewards its users for buying healthy and eco-products.

Whether you’re a health nut or you just want to make the world a better place, Makeena will make your lifestyle all the more rewarding. 

When you buy products according to their guidelines, all you have to do is convert your receipts into points.

Your points can be converted into cash.

Makeena will also help you discover healthy and eco-friendly products that you didn’t even know existed.

Overall, it’s an excellent app for those who are trying to be healthy and environmentally conscious. 

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Apps That Will Pay You For Getting Your Sweat On


We all know about apps that can track how many steps in a day. Better fitness apps can even log other activities aside from walking/running.

SweatCoin isn’t any different from those apps, but it will pay you for sweating!

The steps that you log into the app will be converted into its digital currency called “sweatcoins.”

You can then spend your coins on fitness gadgets, training sessions, sports kits, nutrition plans, and so much more.

If you feel like you need to contribute, you can even donate your sweatcoins to charity. 


What’s the best weight loss motivator?

Winning a $10,000 bet. With HealthyWage, you can bank on progress and give yourself a chance to win loads of money. 

While you trudge on, you can also participate in HealthyWage’s many weight loss and fitness challenges.

I love these challenges because they’re motivating, effective, and fun to do.

So while you’re losing weight, you might as well up your chances of hitting big bucks. 


It looks like there’s no end to the benefits of an active lifestyle.

Lympo is an app that gives you LYM coins in exchange for activities you can do on a daily.

With these points, you can buy sporting goods to improve your healthy lifestyle even more. 

You’re bound to find challenges you can take on Lympo because they’re designed for novices and veterans. 

For example, two of the challenges you can do in Lympo are short-distance walking and long-distance running.

Someone who would like to put in a few more steps a day and someone who runs marathons can benefit from this app. 

Lympo can track your activities. Once you complete them, you earn money, which is automatically reflected in the in-app wallet. 

Charity Miles 

Maybe you’d like to earn extra money not for yourself but for your favorite charity.

Make your steps go toward a noble cause by using Charity Miles.

This app is a distance tracker, meaning it can take in your walking, running, and biking. 

So far, Charity Miles’ users have raised over $2.5 million for charity. So while you’re keeping healthy, you could also be helping out the less fortunate. 

Right now, there are over 40 active charities subscribed to Charity Miles, including Stand Up To Cancer, American Diabetes Association, Alzheimer’s Association, and The Nature Conservancy. 

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Apps That Will Make You Money For Doing Nothing 

Capital One Shopping – (Formerly Paribus)

Capital One Shopping is a free chrome extension that will keep track of the virtual receipts in your inbox. All you have to do is go online shopping as you usually would.

It will then alert you when potential savings are detected in your future purchases. 

Capital One Shopping can also compensate you whenever your orders are delivered late. 


Dosh is an app that gives you money back every time you make purchases at its thousands of partnered retail stores, restaurants, and hotels.

You essentially get money back by doing nothing more than your daily activities. 

The only requirement is to link your debit or credit cards to the app and pay with those linked cards every time you make purchases online.

That’s it. You just buy stuff as you would usually and get money back, no questions asked. 

Nielsen Computer And Mobile Panel

The last app on this list is Nielsen App that is another research panel whose aim is to understand how consumers use the internet on their mobile devices.

The app collects the participants’ activities on other apps and websites. 

You, as the consumer, will only have to install the app.

Voila, you’re part of the digital landscape, and you can earn a ton of rewards.

The Nielsen app on your mobile device unlocks up to $50 in rewards points per year, redeemable via

Paypal or gift cards from retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and others!

This app is only available to users in the US, Germany, Australia, Japan, and Italy.

It will ask you for your location when you register, so there’s no way around it. 

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Are There Other Ways To Make Money Online? 


There are tons of ways you can make extra cash on the internet without having to spend money.

If you’re exceptionally skilled in something, you can work as an online tutor.

You can sell your stuff and offer to walk people’s dogs.

You can also work as a freelancer with Fiverr and Flexjobs. The way I make money online is through affiliate marketing

I make enough money to cover my bills with online ads through Ezoic and affiliate marketing.

I started as an affiliate marketer by setting up a blog.

Then I did my research and managed to send a lot of traffic to my blog, making it more valuable to companies in my chosen niche. 

I have to stress that this method is not instant. It took some time for my blog to rise up the rankings and gain a decent readership.

With enough effort, I was able to live off my blog in a year of consistent posting and collaboration.

When I got high up in the ranks, I knew it was time to monetize my blog with affiliate links to start earning some real dough. 

And if you’re not sure what route you want to go and you need some accountability, look at this program as it can help you take the right track.

FAQs – Make Money Instantly

How can I make cash right now? 

Like I said above, there are many paid online survey sites that you can register at.

A lot of them have sign-up bonuses, so you basically get paid right away.

The kind of money you can get from these sites and apps is not all that substantial and cannot replace your real income. 

How can I make a quick $100? 

I can’t think of a way you can earn $100 instantly. But I’m sure you can make that $100 very quickly by tutoring or driving for Uber and Lyft.

There are also plenty of side hustles on the internet, like working as a virtual assistant

Are there apps that pay you instantly? 

Yes, some apps pay you instantly, but most of these apps have a threshold or pre-condition before you can take out the money you earn. 

If you want to make money instantly by doing the things you would normally do anyway, there are apps for that as well.

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