AppSumo Review: Who’s It Best For?

Developing a company from scratch is no easy feat. 

Building a brand to make it to the big leagues would be best.

Your primary concern is probably to keep folks interested, turn them into customers, and run intelligent advertising campaigns. 

And even before those tasks, you must figure out how to get your message to the right people.

Fortunately, you can streamline this process with the right business apps. 

The problem with that is they can be pretty expensive.

This is where AppSumo comes in. 

It allows you to enjoy lifetime discounts on your business tools without breaking the bank! 

But if you’re even somewhat in this field, you’ll know that AppSumo’s reputation is starting to decline. 

Recent feedback shows some customers are dissatisfied with AppSumo’s offerings and support. 

So, is it still worth using in 2023 and beyond?

That’s the question we’ll explore in this post. 

What is AppSumo? 

A Screenshot Of The AppSumoOfficial Webpage.

If AppSumo slipped past your radar, it’s an online store that sells software at “permanently low” prices.

It was founded by Noah Kagan back in 2011.

Although there are many similar services, I think AppSumo consistently offers the best lifetime deals because of its size and popularity. 

In addition to being the most user-friendly site, I’ve found that AppSumo has the most generous refund policy.

AppSumo stands behind all of its products with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

If you are unhappy with what you bought, you can get your money back. 

AppSumo’s tools are typically from newer SaaS businesses that sell a product for a monthly fee. 

They want to offer their products on AppSumo for a steep one-time discount. 

In most cases, you can choose from various plans by stacking different “codes,” each with restrictions and perks.

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How Does AppSumo Work? 

A Screenshot Of The AppSumo Pricing Page.

AppSumo functions in a pretty simple way.

They announce about three new deals for Sumo-lings to gorge on each week. 

These offers, as I previously stated, are pretty cost-effective.

You can find ones that cost what you would typically spend for a month for an entire year.

Naturally, Sumo-lings don’t simply purchase them because they are affordable.

These products have to add value to their lives! 

AppSumo prominently shows each bargain to make sure you don’t miss it.

They perform some of the most critical work for you because they only feature the best of the best (roughly 10% of the applications they receive).

They can be a valuable partner if you’re a seller.

They will cover everything from drafting your copy to beta-testing your product and publishing a review.

During the selling period, deals are active, codes are available, buyers are flocking in, and reviews are exchanged.

This happens for around two weeks until the codes run out. 

AppSumo goes on to other applicants to undergo the same process when the partner’s contract expires. 

Ultimately, partners get exposure and clients, Sumo-lings enjoy fantastic bargains, and AppSumo remains the ideal destination for such mutually beneficial relationships.

Who is AppSumo For? 

Most software bargains are targeted at the average small business owner.

So whether you own a blog, freelance writing or designing, or run a digital agency, you should check it out.

You’ll generally find software with a focus on the following:

  • SEO
  • Image editing 
  • Video editing 
  • Analytics 
  • Email marketing 
  • Content generation 
  • Etc.

AppSumo Pros 

Using Credit Card Online.

There are many reasons why AppSumo is an excellent option if you’re looking to buy business software. 


AppSumo’s discounts on their products are the company’s primary selling point. 

There is a chance that you could acquire the software you need on AppSumo for a fraction of the retail price. 

Evernote Premium is generally $120 annually, although they once offered a lifetime subscription for $69.

Now, isn’t that a great AppSumo deal?


Because of its enormous customer base, AppSumo provides a wide range of products and services. 

AppSumo will likely have whatever you need, whether you’re searching for a design, development, or productivity app. 


AppSumo is renowned for its quality as a digital product reseller.

They’ve established a reputation for selling only top-notch products and providing solid guarantees.

Money-Back Guarantee

AppSumo backs up all purchases with a 60-day money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with the product.

Having this assurance is a relief while shopping around for business tools. 

Customer Service 

AppSumo’s customer support is quick to respond and helpful if you have any queries or concerns regarding a product or require assistance. 

Of course, there will be some downtime, but the support team is available around the clock.

AppSumo Cons 

Frustrated By Something She Is Working On.

Compulsive Buying 

Shopping on AppSumo can quickly spiral out of control, with users buying lifetime deals on non-essentials they never intend to use.

There’s a tendency to “hoard” software that you think you would need down the road.

You can justify purchases because you’re probably thinking, “well, I better get it now while it’s cheap!” 

People on AppSumo appear to have bought dozens of offers, but I doubt anyone needs so many apps.

Biased Reviews 

As you use AppSumo, you’ll learn that you shouldn’t invest much in customer feedback.

I’m not saying these AppSumo reviews are fake, but I can’t be entirely sure.

I guess many tool buyers know nothing about the features offered by alternatives. 

This leads them to praise something without considering that there may be other better products out there.

Don’t take someone else’s word for it; instead, do your comprehensive testing of any app on AppSumo before committing to a purchase. 

Early-Stage Products From Startups 

You should know that you typically purchase early-stage products from fledgling companies. 

Even if the product is fantastic, it doesn’t ensure the company can commercialize it successfully.

They may or may not survive the short and long term.

If you buy a product, you’re taking a chance.

The company could go out of business in two years, or the product could be discontinued if the owners decide they no longer want to back it.

However, AppSumo claims that of the businesses that post offers on their website, 92% are still operational after three years.

Shaky Product Development 

The product you’re purchasing is often in its early stages of development.

You might buy a product that falls short of its advertised capabilities. 

To invest here is to take a chance at the product’s future success and its creators’ continued efforts.

The creators of most AppSumo launches also post a product development roadmap detailing the features they intend to implement in the future. 

However, there is no assurance that these will be implemented.

Opportunistic Companies 

This doesn’t occur very often, but it’s also not unheard of. 

It’s common for AppSumo purchases to include a plan or at least offer multiple plans from which to choose (such as “Basic” and “Growth”), as compared to other online retailers.

Limits and benefits may vary between plans.

In most cases, new features created in the future will be added to your plan at no additional cost unless otherwise specified in the initial offer.

The problem arises when a corporation introduces a new plan and then restricts access to all or most recent features to that tier.

Not much can be done to prevent this, but it’s unusual for a successful business to ignore the customers who made it possible actively.

Tips For Using The AppSumo Platform in 2023 

Staff Meeting.

Let’s say you’ve decided to give AppSumo a try. 

You might find yourself on there and getting overwhelmed by the tempting discounts.

However, not all lifetime offers are created equal. 

Some contracts may not be helpful for your company, either now or in the future.

This won’t be much of a review if I don’t emphasize the importance of using AppSumo properly. 

You have to give serious thought to the purchase of any new software or digital resource. 

Here are some tips that help want to follow regarding lifetime software deals:

Look For Outside Non-Biased Reviews 

The clock starts ticking as soon as AppSumo deals go live.

The best offers go quickly, and everyone knows that every good offer has an expiration date, so you can’t afford to dilly-dally too long. 

It induces a little panic because you don’t want to miss out.

You might not even have the time to research the product you want.

However, it has been said that the AppSumo review sections are a little too “regulated.” 

AppSumo will inevitably lean in favor of the product they’re selling.

This does not imply that the reviews posted on AppSumo are not helpful. 

I suggest you look outside the website and see what unbiased users are saying.

This is just responsible shopping. 

Audit Your Existing Software Tools

AppSumo knows what to offer. It does not have a base: small businesses, solopreneurs, and larger organizations. 

It’s safe to assume that most of their discounts are geared toward things the typical entrepreneur likes.

To that end, you may notice that similar promotions on AppSumo tend to cluster together. 

After snagging a great deal, it can be frustrating to see an even better one appear on the market shortly after.

You should forward things the typical entrepreneur would need before you upend your current workflow and the tools you already know and love. 

Ask yourself if it’s game-changing enough to join your arsenal of tools.

It’s important to note that AppSumo offers a self-service return method and a 60-day refund term. 

It’s possible to try out a new software program for up to two months before committing to buying it, and you may get your money back at any moment during that period. 

AppSumo’s hassle-free refund policy and astonishingly low deal pricing make the platform an attractive investment option with no risk.

Always Assess A Product’s Development Roadmap 

AppSumo seems to be the choice for many companies that want to get into traditional venture capital investments. 

For the enterprising consumer, this presents a once-in-a-lifetime deal to save a ton of money on a service they may come to rely on heavily.

You should know that the true worth of a featured bargain may depend partly on a feature that isn’t available for a few more months. 

The quality of the added features justifies the time spent waiting. 

Buying a lifetime deal while anticipating a specific feature leaves you committed without the option of canceling in the future.

So, it would be best to look at a product’s roadmap.

When a company doesn’t have it, turn away. 

Some lifetime contracts are established with companies that don’t last long.

Specifically, a contract is modified without much warning. 

While this isn’t common, it’s important to note it as a potential risk for businesses on a tight budget.

Should You Partner With AppSumo? 

If you have software to sell, AppSumo is most definitely on your radar.

But is agreement worth partnering up with these days? 

It depends on where you stand in the market. 

You’d have difficulty benefiting from AppSumo if your company is too small or too big. 

If you think your business is just at the right level to take advantage of AppSumo’s full potential, here’s why you should take the plunge: 

High-Quality Feedback 

Buyers on AppSumo tend to be savvy pros with extensive experience in SaaS and digital goods. 

They are like the coupon-clipping hipsters of the SaaS world, always looking for the best offer and signs of trouble with any given application.

You should consult these experts for advice on enhancing your product or introducing a new feature.

You can expect thoughtful responses.

Startup Boost 

AppSumo users anticipate new product releases with excitement because of the limited weekly discounts available. 

Each product gets the attention and care it needs when there are few.

Being included in AppSumo’s weekly list of debuts attracts attention from sources beyond the AppSumo ecosystem regarding the range of these releases.

A weekly live email list undoubtedly aids in this endeavor.

A Neat Profit 

Every small business owner knows that while comments and shares are valued, they don’t exactly cover expenses.

You will want cash. 

That’s just one of the benefits of partnering with AppSumo.

It would be unusual for an app to receive that much promotion from AppSumo and not sell several hundred copies. 

If you meet all the launch requirements, it just so happens that you’ll make a tidy sum.

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AppSumo Alternatives 

AppSumo is the go-to for business software.

Still, there are plenty of other options to hunt for comparable or better deals. 


StackSocial appeared on the scene at about the same time as AppSumo.

They’ve been steady competitors ever since. 

StackSocial offers a wide variety of valuable applications.

They have sales on numerous categories of merchandise, including kitchen and home appliances, design courses, and do-it-yourself tools.

This means that it applies to everyone, not just entrepreneurs and marketers.


You can save a lot of money on software and SaaS with the coupons and bargains offered on this site. 

SaaS can be broken down into various subsets that cater to specific business needs.

SaasPirate saves you over 90% on some of the best software available at pricing you’ll never see again. 

All of the offerings in SaasPirate come from the platform’s creators and founders.


Akash Kumar and Di Singh launched Dealmirror in 2016 to consolidate the market’s leading B2B applications for commercial use.

It’s a hub for finding reasonably priced applications.

Dealmirror promises to provide service around the clock for their 1,000,000+ customers in 82 countries.

Its online sales are time-sensitive and only available for short periods.


Dealify claims they are the best place for growth hackers to exploit lifetime bargains. 

Those in growth hacking, startup management, and marketing can all use this website as a one-stop shop for finding affordable options for digital marketing software.

Those who purchase from them have 30 days to get a refund. 

Chrome and Firefox users can also install an alert extension to be notified of lifetime price reductions.

You’ll probably even see an AppSumo deal or two on there. 

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AppSumo FAQs 

What is AppSumo Plus? 

There is a premium membership rewards program on AppSumo called AppSumo Plus.

You can access KingSumo and other perks, like even more discounts on deal purchases.

This membership is not refundable once its advantages have been used.

AppSumo does provide some physical products for sale on occasion.

These include conference tickets, books, and more. 

To purchase one of these things, you must have cash or a payment method equivalent to money.

What is AppSumo Briefcase?

This is just another option to cut costs when shopping at AppSumo.

This deal’s mechanics are a little convoluted, though. 

You’ll pay $49 every three months and receive four chips worth $49 each. 

When you purchase AppSumo, you can use the chips you’ve earned as payment.

This is only worth it if you buy from AppSumo often.  

Why is AppSumo Getting Flack These Days? 

AppSumo relies heavily on user feedback in the form of ratings and reviews.

However, moderation doesn’t seem to be on their priority list. 

The reviews submitted by the Sumo-lings are accepted without question. 

While they’re a massive part of the AppSumo ecosystem, they have no say in how many tacos Sumo-lings react to a given product.

You can also find negative reviews written by former or current AppSumo employees who were unhappy with their work environment.

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Final Thoughts 

AppSumo is an industry giant but is not above criticism, especially when businesses are involved. 

It’s still the go-to place for startups to access the best tools, discounts, and solutions.

There’s no denying that. 

Just make sure to do your research on the tools you’re buying.

It also doesn’t hurt to assess if they’ll add value to your business. 

With so many AppSumo deals, it’s not hard to get greedy!

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