25+ Great Jobs To Make Extra Income While Working Full Time

Sometimes, even a full-time job isn’t enough to meet your financial goals.

You might be in some pickle right now, but don’t worry! 

Whether trying to make ends meet or preparing for an emergency, supplementing your income is now easier than ever. 

However, I understand that working a full-time job can be exhausting.

Ideally, you’d want to decompress from your busy work week. 

Well, what if I told you there are low-stress ways to make money in your free time? 

The gig economy has made it possible for people to make money on the side doing various skills. 

In this post, we’re going to explore these options. 

You can pick something that resonates with you so you don’t get burned out.

Let’s get started! 

How To Make Extra Money While Working Full Time

Use Investment Apps 

These days, anyone can earn more money by investing on the side.

Your future self will be grateful if you take the initiative now. 

You can even automate your investments if you’d rather sit back and watch your money increase over time. 

Best of all, starting investing doesn’t have to be complicated or costly.

Some apps will let you invest with as little as $1. 

Go on Delivery Runs 

Making A Food Delivery Run.

The popularity of food delivery has skyrocketed as of late.

I know doing your groceries or eating out can take a while. 

People in your neighborhood short on time can hire you to bring them their orders.

You’ll collect their purchases and bring them to wherever they are. 

Some delivery services you might have heard of are Uber Eats, Postmates, and DoorDash

Many of these delivery companies don’t require you to have your vehicle to work for them.

You can make deliveries on foot or while riding a bike or scooter. 

Even vehicle rental services specifically cater to delivery people with no cars. 

Rent Out Storage Space 

I’m sure you’ve heard of people renting their rooms and properties on Airbnb.

This seems like a good idea, but what if you don’t want strangers in your home? 

You can still run an Airbnb without owning property.

If you still have space to spare, you could use the self-storage platform Neighbor.

It links those who need storage with those who have extra room. 

So, if you’ve got an empty garage, shed, attic, driveway, or room in your property, I’m sure a renter in your area is glad to rent that space. 

Top hosts operating mini self-storage businesses can make up to $10,000 annually!

Not too shabby. 

Provide Web Design Services 

It takes some experience and expertise to provide website design as a service. 

If you are skilled in visual design and coding, you can help companies without updated or eye-catching websites. 

You may want to think about contacting local businesses as well. 

Be sure to include finished professional work in a portfolio to showcase to prospective customers!

Answer Online Surveys 

This method might not make much money, but it’s still a viable way to monetize your free time. 

Companies and brands value consumer feedback because it allows them to make intelligent choices about their current and upcoming products and services. 

That’s why they’re prepared to reimburse you for your thoughts through these paid surveys. 

Aside from paying you to complete surveys, survey sites like Branded Surveys, Swagbucks, and InboxDollars will also pay you to perform various minor tasks.

I’m talking about online shopping, watching videos, reading articles, installing apps, and playing games. 

These platforms usually offer cash and gift cards just for signing up. 

Teach English or Other Languages Online 

Teaching Sign Language On An Online Platform.

One of the most in-demand side hustles today is teaching languages online. 

Some platforms will facilitate teaching sessions between you and people from other countries. 

When you commit to having regularly scheduled classes, this work can develop into a reliable secondary source of income.

Sometimes, you won’t need certification or be particularly adept at teaching grammar. 

Some people will be willing to pay you for friendly conversations so they can practice with a native speaker.


Consider working as a weekend nanny or babysitter if interacting with children seems fun or worthwhile.

You’ll be able to act silly, have fun, and give a parent a much-needed break. 

There usually aren’t any prerequisites to care for kids, but you can charge way more if you have a degree related to childcare. 

You might also want CPR and first aid certifications to feel prepared. 

Parents will naturally be protective of their kids, so you should also expect some clients who’ll want to run a background check on you. 

Sell Your Secondhand Items 

A Thrift Shop.

Look around your house.

Is there a bunch of things that you don’t use anymore?

Are some of them particularly valuable?


You can put them up for sale in Facebook Groups or on eBay.

You could even set up a physical yard sale.

So, as you declutter your home, you can also earn money simultaneously.

What if you don’t keep items you don’t use?

You could ask your family, friends, and neighbors if they want to offload some unused items. 

You could suggest selling these items and sharing the proceeds with them in exchange for your time. 

Start Freelancing 

Sometimes, having a regular 9-to-5 job doesn’t automatically mean you earn a consistent income.

Some wages fluctuate. 

If this describes your situation, you might want to consider taking on work as a freelancer in your free time. 

You could use your valuable skills on Fiverr or Upwork and see if anyone is willing to give you part-time work. 

Working with different people will require you to adapt.

But this setup will be ideal if you get bored quickly and like changing things. 

Depending on the quality of your work and how often you take on jobs, you’re looking at an extra $100-$2,000 per month.

Not bad! 

You can expect to earn more if you can share technical skills like coding, designing, and writing. 

The key to being a successful freelancer is only charging for the value you will provide.

Most independent contractors get underpaid because they’re too shy to demand what they’re due.

Use Tapestri 

There’s no denying that there’s money to be made in personal data.

We’re all involved somehow, whether or not we know it. 

I’m sure you’ve signed up for some sites and apps and had to give up some personal information. 

I’m also almost sure that you’re not getting paid for that. 

Enter Tapestri. 

In many ways, the concept behind Tapestri is brilliant.

The app is very open about the data it gathers, which is private and not linked to you personally.

It is also open about the fact that it sells this data.

The upside is that they share the profit with you rather than keeping it all for themselves.

Installing the app allows you to make up to $25 a month. 

Lower Your Expenses 

This isn’t technically a side hustle, but it’s still a way to make some “extra money.”

You know what they say.

Saved money is just as good as earned money. 

Our recurring costs can add up quickly in a world that is becoming more and more subscription-based.

Most of us have one or two paid-for memberships that we don’t use.

Many apps are available today that are focused on helping users reduce their subscription costs and other bills. 

Trim, Rocket Money, and Billshark are the clear standouts for apps that save money.

Their bill negotiation services aim to reduce your monthly utility bills by $20 to $50 in return for a small savings cut.

Stage Homes 

A Color Palate.

Design-savvy folks can arrange to stage homes for those who can’t be bothered. 

Make a portfolio demonstrating your expertise in staging homes, then pitch your services and rates to real estate agencies and home flippers. 

If you can dedicate your weekends to decorating homes, this could turn into a lucrative side hustle quickly. 

It might not be steady work, but it’s a chance to use your interior design interests and skills.

Real Estate Crowdfunding 

Do you want to invest in real estate and have the funds for a downpayment on a property?

No problem. 

Crowdfunded real estate investing is your solution. 

You can grab opportunities by using sites like Fundrise that facilitate crowdsourcing.

It lets investors with modest financial resources combine their funds and purchase shares of private real estate investment trusts (REITs).

Fundrise allows you to invest in privately held residential and business properties for as little as $500!  

After you’ve invested with Fundrise, its real estate experts take care of the technicalities.

You have to wait and see your money grow.

Create a YouTube Channel 

Do you have a topic that you’re passionate about?

Do you not mind being on camera or recording your voice?

You can start your own YouTube channel like your favorite content creators. 

You can produce and publish videos to educate people or open, healthy discussions around your chosen niche. 

However, your channel must meet specific requirements before YouTube allows you to monetize your account.

Just focus on creating high-quality videos that add value to your audience’s lives.

The views will come. 

Housesit For Vacationers 

Do you have neighbors who travel often?

Do you live in an area with many empty for most of the year? 

If so, you could make a pretty penny housesitting for property owners.

You won’t have to do much. 

Just ensure their plants are watered and the mail is brought in.

You might also be asked to care for their pets. 

This gig is a fantastic choice if you want to relax, put your feet up, and catch up on your social media.

You’re getting paid to go on a mini vacation yourself! 

Offer Fitness Classes 

offer fitness classes

This gig is for those who always find time to work on their fitness.

Maybe you want to encourage others to adopt healthier lifestyles by being an instructor. 

Jobs in this sector are becoming more common and can be enjoyable and fulfilling.

If you’re going to exercise anyway, you might as well make some money off of it. 

You’ll want to be certified to qualify for some positions, and the American Council on Exercise (ACE) is the most extensive certification body in the country. 

Depending on the certification you choose, you can take on different levels of work. 

You’ll be free to study at your own pace for the certification test, so don’t worry!

Sell Your Old Textbooks 

Some students don’t want to pay the total price for textbooks because they can be prohibitively expensive. 

This is good news if you’re a student or a recent graduate.

You could offload your old textbooks online with sites like BookScouter and Buyback Boss

Naturally, you won’t receive the complete amount you paid initially.

However, even a portion of your pay would be better than having those books lying around and gathering dust.

Plus, what you get from these websites is typically higher than what your institution’s bookstore offers.

Sell Crafts or Produce 

Creative folks who produce items can sell their creations online or in local shops. 

Maybe you’re good at designing and making handmade jewelry.

Maybe you’ve got a surplus of produce from your vegetable garden. 

You can sell prepacked meals for busy people if you’re a skilled cook.

You can sell pastries for local events if you’re a talented baker. 

I’m sure there’s a market for whatever you can create online or in your area.

This is a great way to profit from your hobbies, too. 

If selling your products online is not realistic, you can ask the proprietors of neighborhood shops if you can offer them there. 

Clean Offices 

This fantastic weekend or after-hours job can generate consistent extra funds. 

Cleaning and tidying the office usually happens after everyone has left for the day.

This suggests you can clean offices as soon as your full-time job ends. 

To be left unattended, cleaners must show professionalism, thoroughness, and reliability. 

Customer recommendations from other companies can help you get more jobs and raise your rates.

Take Up a Second Job as an Affiliate Marketer

One of the best part-time occupations for long-term financial security is affiliate marketing. 

Even though affiliate marketing has the potential to generate income, there is a learning curve to overcome before you can start making big bucks. 

Choosing the right product to sell is only half the battle. You have to work with the right company to affiliate with. 

If you decide to promote online retailers as an affiliate, your fee will likely be much smaller than if you were to start a drop-servicing business. 

Affiliates who bring in new customers can earn much money from some tech startups.

Launch a Blog 

With the rise of AI, you might wonder if blogging is still worthwhile. 

It is!

People still value human-made content over something that a computer can generate.

This is why blogging is still a realistic way to set up a passive income.

It’s a great way to gain financial independence and establish a name for yourself in the market. 

Best of all, you can create content around topics that interest you. 

The best way to connect with people who share your interests.

Many people first start blogging as a hobby and eventually take steps to monetize their efforts.

Provide Handyman Services 

Provide Handyman Services.

Those with skills in carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, and general household maintenance can provide handyperson services to those who lack the knowledge or time to do the work themselves. 

Word of mouth and online community sites are great places to spread the news about your business. 

Over time, you may be able to generate a consistent stream of new work solely through referrals. 

Houses always need repairs, and you can meet your neighbor’s needs.

Work as a Brand Ambassador 

Maybe you’re the type who has fun trying out new products and talking about them with friends.

If so, you might enjoy doing promotional work for brands in your spare time. 

Brands in many sectors use Craigslist to find people to offer free samples at retail locations like supermarkets, bars, pop-up shops, and other events.

Some of these openings may coincide with a passion of yours. 

You’ll likely discover postings for everything from wine tasters to toy promoters with a focus on families.

Just check out the “gigs” section of your local Craigslist page.

Work as a Tailor

There will always be a demand for low-cost alteration because not everyone can sew.

If you can sew with a machine or by hand, you have the makings of a successful side hustle. 

You can start by sharing your details with local boutiques and secondhand clothing shops.

They would then tell their clients about your services if needed. 

Not exceptionally skilled at sewing?

You can still provide others with bespoke apparel with sites like Trumaker

You can find clients, ask for their dimensions, and send custom-made garments their way in exchange for a nice commission. 

Mystery Shop 

There are many sites out there that have partnered with businesses and are looking to hire mystery shoppers.

You will be tasked to go shopping and complete a survey or questionnaire about your experience.

This could be fun if you wouldn’t refuse some retail therapy. 

This job is unpredictable, but it can help you bring in extra cash when needed. 

Remember that there are many fraudulent mystery shopping sites, so you must do your homework and verify them with user reviews.

Offer Consultation Services 

As a consultant, you won’t be paid for the services you usually provide.

What you’ll be selling here is your expert advice. 

You can make some extra money by instructing others in your area of expertise if you have a high-demand skill.

These days, it’s all about sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, business management, and personal finance. 

But don’t worry if your skillset doesn’t fall within these areas.

People will pay you to share your knowledge as long as you’re a professional. 

Typical hourly rates for experts can exceed $100.

But instead of charging an hourly fee for your consulting services, you can increase your earnings by offering packages.

Profit from your Photography Skills 

Showing Off Her Photography Skills.

Taking and editing pictures with Photoshop can be a lucrative side business for anyone with a camera and the skill to do some rudimentary editing. 

Taking photographs of your city is one option, and you might be able to sell your shots to publications in your area. 

You can also make money by selling your photos on sites like Foap

If you’re unsatisfied with selling copies of your photographs, you can increase your earnings by licensing them for mugs, shirts, and phone cases. 

If that isn’t enough, you can always work as the official photographer of events or products.

You could even set up a studio and charge people for photoshoots.

Final Thoughts 

My parting tip is to find a side hustle with which you can have fun as it brings you closer to your goals. 

If you need to work extra hours on top of your full-time job, you might as well do something you like (or love).

You have power over your schedule, so time management is critical.

Work is work, and it tends to burn us out.

So, be careful not to add too much to your plate. 

You can do it!

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