How To Make 200k a Year (#5 is Surprising)

Are you sitting at your desk, bored, frustrated, and wondering if there are better jobs out there that can earn you a cool 200k or more per year? 

Well, wonder no more! 

This post will look at some of the best-paying jobs and hustles in 2023, some of which don’t require a degree! 

It would be amazing to earn a 6-figure salary without worrying about mortgages, car payments, and missing out on life experiences.

We’ll explore a variety of fields, from tech to finance to entertainment.

We’ll also run over some tips on achieving your goal of earning an annual salary of $200k faster. 

So whether you’re a newcomer on your career path or looking to make a shift, read on to see if these careers could fit you. 

Jobs That Make 200k a Year 

General Physician 

A General Physician.

Average Annual Salary: $223,790

This one is a classic.

Many parents worldwide year for their kids to become medical professionals because they will be set for life. 

Despite the times changing, this belief remains realistic in 2023.

Attending medical school is no joke, but being a general physician can be a pretty job that pays handsomely.

As a general physician, you’ll be the go-to person for your patients when it comes to their “everyday” healthcare. 

You’ll be responsible for diagnosing and treating various health issues, from the common cold to more severe illnesses like diabetes or heart disease. 

One remarkable thing about this profession is the variety.

You’ll never have a dull day seeing patients from stages and classes with various medical issues. 

You’ll need a suitable bedside manner to make your patients feel safe and confident in your abilities.

Another great thing about being a general physician is the job security. 

With an aging population, the call for healthcare professionals will only continue in the succeeding years. 

This means you’ll have a stable career with plenty of opportunities for advancement. 

The job offers an excellent work-life balance, regular hours, and a reasonable workload.

This means you’ll have plenty of time to devote to your family, friends, and hobbies. 

Chief Technology Officer 

Average Annual Salary: $293,696

A CTO oversees all tech aspects of a company.

They lead tech strategies, ensure systems are secure, and optimize operations. 

It’s a high-paying job because a CTO’s decisions directly impact the company’s success.

They ensure the company stays up-to-date with new technologies and trends, leading to higher profits. 

It’s the perfect job for those who love tech, have excellent leadership skills, and can think creatively. 

CTOs must have a strong understanding of programming languages, hardware, and software.

They also need to be able to expound technical concepts in layperson’s terms. 

Since this is a leadership role, they must work closely with other executives and departments, like marketing and finance, to ensure the tech aligns with the business’s overall goals. 

It’s a challenging job, but it can also be gratifying. 

Plus, with tech ever-evolving, there’s always something new to learn and master.

Overall, becoming a CTO is an intelligent choice for those who want a fruitful career in tech with opportunities for growth and impact. 


A Pediatrician Injecting A Baby.

Average Annual Salary: $218,116

If you’re passionate about children’s health, jumping back into healthcare, this is your entry point.

Pediatricians take care of children from birth to young adulthood.

They diagnose and treat illnesses, injuries, and developmental issues. 

They work with parents to monitor their child’s growth and development, including physical, behavioral, and mental conditions. 

Pediatricians also provide preventive care like vaccinations, screening for illnesses, and counseling on healthy lifestyle choices. 

Since you will be dealing with people’s kids, the salary for a pediatrician is pretty lucrative.

But beyond the financial aspect, the job provides immense personal fulfillment, which is hard to quantify. 

Voiceover Artist 

Average Annual Salary: $110,915

A voiceover artist brings scripts to life using their voice.

There’s always a demand for unique voices, from cartoons to commercials, video games to documentaries.

If you’ve got a talent for accents, a voiceover career could be your calling.

With the flexibility to work from home, it’s perfect for those who want a work-life balance.

You’ll need a high-quality microphone and a quiet recording room as a voiceover artist.

Then, you can audition for jobs and build your portfolio.

But competition can be fierce, so having a standout demo reel and being versatile with your voice is essential.

And networking is vital, as connecting with studios and producers can lead to more work.

If you make it big, the earning potential is enormous.

Top earners can make over $200k a year, but even beginners can earn $50k or more.

Business Owner 

business owner - how to make 200k a year

Average Annual Salary: $103,626

As an entrepreneur, you get to explore uncharted territory in the exciting world of finance.

Your earning potential corresponds directly to your ambition, determination, and decision-making abilities. 

You will create, run, and grow your own business from scratch.

You’ll get to be able to set your work timetable and work on the projects you love. 

And with top earners making $219,255 or more, there’s a lot of finance. 

Being a business owner is all about embracing uncertainty and being strategic.

It is crucial to know precisely what you want and develop a game plan to make it happen.

This can involve managing finances, marketing, hiring employees, and developing new products or services.

I know this seems like a lot, but the fruits of owning a successful business are limitless. 

You can enjoy financial stability, a flexible schedule, and the satisfaction of knowing you’re creating something that makes a difference in people’s lives. 

Plus, people’s business is blowing up, and you can bring on many talented folks to help you crush it even harder.


Average Annual Salary: $373,400

With the cosmetic industry booming, people are more interested in improving their skin’s appearance. 

As a dermatologist, you can help people look and feel their best, all while earning a healthy salary. 

Think about it — from Botox injections to chemical pearls, the cosmetic procedures that a dermatologist can perform are in high demand. 

And with advances in technology and techniques, there’s always something new to learn and implement should you start your practice. 

But it’s not just about all it’s money you can make.

As a dermatologist, you’ll also be able to make a meaningful change in people’s lives.

Skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, and eczema can cause physical discomfort, emotional distress, and social isolation. 

You can help your patients lead healthier, happier lives with their newfound confidence by providing expert care and treatment. 

Of course, becoming a dermatologist requires years of hard work and dedication.

However, the benefits are worthwhile if you’re prepared to invest the necessary time and energy.

The growing need for expert skin care isn’t going away soon! 



Average Annual Salary: $246,303

If you’re fascinated by how the human mind works, a psychiatry job might be your perfect career path. 

Psychiatrists help people navigate their mental health struggles and lead happier lives.

It can be pretty fulfilling. 

And with an excellent average annual salary, it’s safe to say that physiatrists are well-compensated for their expertise and hard work. 

But the benefits don’t stop there. 

As a physiatrist, you can work in various settings, from hospitals and clinics to private practices and research institutions. 

You’ll also have to take up a specialization, like addiction, anxiety, depression, and trauma, allowing you to shape your career based on your interests.

With the growing awareness and destigmatization of mental health, the demand for qualified psychiatrists is only expected to increase. 

Real Estate Broker 

Average Annual Salary: $101,612

Real estate brokers are like matchmakers, but instead of bringing people together, they bring buyers and sellers together.

They serve as the middlemen that facilitate the transaction of real estate properties. ‘

To excel in this job, ‘you’ll need to be an effective communicator, have a keen eye for detail, and be skilled at negotiation.

But what makes being a real estate broker a good career choice?

For starters, it’s a profession that has the potential to earn a handsome income, with top earners making upwards of $200k annually. 

Plus, the real estate market is constantly evolving, so the chance to learn and grow your career will always be in your back pocket. 

Being a real estate broker also allows for flexibility in your schedule.

You are also free to work independently or as part of a team.

But perhaps the most satisfying part of being a real estate broker is helping people find their dream homes or sell their properties for a fair price.

Associate Dentist 

associate dentist - how to make 200k a year

Average Annual Salary: $221,577

As an associate dentist, you are crucial in keeping people’s pearly whites and bright. 

You’ll be the person you’ll turn to for everything from routine cleanings to more complex dental procedures.

It’s highly technical; You’ll be compensated primarily if you work to the top. 

The field of dentistry is ever-evolving, and as an associate dentist, you can be part of it.

As an associate dentist, you can count on a consistent flow of patients, given the essential nature of dental care.

Plus, the salary for an associate dentist is nothing to sneeze at – you can make a comfortable living while doing something you’re passionate about.


Average Annual Salary: $48,300

I realize that that number seems a little low.

However, most bloggers give up midway through their journey or don’t work hard enough to make it.” 

Of course, “you don’t” want to be a part of that statistic.

There are countless niche topics to explore in the blogosphere, from food and travel to lifestyle and finance.

As a blogger, you have free rein to choose what you want to write about when you want to write, and how you want to express yourself.

Not only can you enjoy the flexibility of working from home, but the potential for earning is also high. 

Successful Bloggers can earn a six-figure salary through advertising, sponsored content, and other partnerships.

But it’s not just about tryin’ to make more money constantly.

Blogging also offers a platform for creativity, personal growth, and community building. 

You can connect with like-minded individuals through your blogging efforts, build a loyal following, and share your unique perspective.

So, consider becoming a blogger if you have a fondness for writing, a desire to share your voice with the world, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Senior Software Engineer 

A Senior Software Engineer At Work.

Average Annual Salary: $139,969

A senior software engineer is like a wizard with a keyboard, turning complex ideas into tangible digital creations. 

They lead teams, design software architectures, write code, and ensure quality through testing and debugging.

It’s a job for people who solve puzzles, constantly learn, and create.

But why is it a good job?

First, the highest-paid senior software engineers in the country earn upwards of $200k. 

Aside from the impressive salary, senior software engineers enjoy the freedom to work remotely, flexible schedules, and unlimited growth potential. 

They’re also in high demand for job security and the ability to work on exciting projects. 

The technology industry constantly evolves, providing endless opportunities to learn new skills and technologies.

The best part?

The gratification of seeing a project come to life and making a real-world impact.

Imagine seeing your code used by millions of people, solving problems, or saving lives. 

Tips on How To Make $200k a Year 

We’ll be here all day. We’ll be listing jobs that make 200k a year.

I’m sure you get the IDI, though. 

Most of the jobs listed above are in the health, tech, and industrial sectors, which will continue growing in the future. 

We will always need medical professionals, tech specialists, and production workers.

And you can find more jobs through referrals, company websites, and job search platforms. 

Here are some tips for achieving your goal of earning 200k a year sooner! 

1. Find your niche. 

Identify a specific area where you excel or can become an expert.

This could be anything from software development to marketing. 

Identifying the perfect niche for you may take some time, so don’t rush it because the decision can significantly impact the rest of your career. 

You can stand head and shoulders above the competition by zeroing in on a specific niche and charging a service premium. 

Remember, you will get paid more if you have more to offer than the average worker. 

2. Negotiate your salary. 

What if you’re already established in your chosen niche and have hit a plateau?

Be proactive in pursuing fair compensation that aligns with your contributions.

Sometimes, that’s all it takes. 

That’s worth it, and I acknowledge the value you bring to the table.

And if you do some research and find out that your same job would fetch a higher salary elsewhere, then it might be time to jump ship. 

3. Network, network, network! 

A Network Event For Likeminded Professionals.

Many successful professionals will advise you to connect with people in your industry.

You have to build relationships that can lead to better opportunities. 

Try attending industry conventions and conferences, joining online communities, and contacting people on LinkedIn

It’s incredible how that’s unexpected people can help you land your next big gig, so keep your eyes peeled!

4. Take on side hustles. 

At the outset of your professional journey, it can be tricky to land a job paying $200k a year right out of the gate. 

But in this booming age of the gig economy, you can take on freelance work or side hustles to supplement your income. 

This could be anything from consultation to offering specialized services.

Just ensure you can handle all this supplementary work on top of your day job. 

5. Start investing. 

Another thing that most successful professionals will tell you is that they make their money “work” for them in the “tough” market.

What does this mean? 

Instead of stowing away your surplus funds in a traditional savings account, you should start investing. 

If your current employment falls short, making smart “money moves” can result “ in an annual income of $200k. 

Ensure you’re well-informed and get advice from a financial advisor if needed.

These services aren’t expensive anymore.

You can even use a robo-advisor for a diminutive fee. 

6. Build your brand. 

These days, everyone is an individual brand.

You’re responsible for You’reg yourself up and showing people what you can bring. 

You can do this by forging a solid online presence and showcasing your skills through social media and other channels. 

7. Be open to new opportunities. 

As you age, your aspirations and career goals may change from what you envisioned in your early adulthood.

That’s okay. 

That’s your life stage; you must stay open-minded and willing to take on new challenges or career paths. 

Being brave at a crossroads might surprise you.

You might end up on a wholly different career path that’s way more fulfilling than the one you’re on right now. 

Ryou’reow, you might be in tech, but you might choose from many medical careers in a year or two!

8. Be persistent. 

Earning 200k a year is no easy feat.

It requires a ton of planning, hard work, and some luck.

Yes, we’ll never know what cwe’llalls life will throw our way. 

So, don’t give up when faced with challenges or setbacks.

Stay persistent and focused on your goals. 

Remember, success doesn’t come overnight (for most people). 

9. Put the work in. 

A Man Putting In The Work.

Planning and waiting are just half the battle.

You could lose valuable time merely daydreaming about achieving your goals. 

The key is action.

Nobody got anywhere by staying stagnant. 

Put in the hours to excel in your field and reach your income goals.

This might mean working long hours, skipping vacations, building more income streams, and living below your means. 

It’s a lot to sacrifice. The payoff will be worth it! 

10. Pursue higher education. 

This isn’t for everyone, but you’ll notice that many you’ve listed above require degrees or at least some certifications. 

While having a 6-figure salary job without a degree is undoubtedly possible, earning one wouldn’t hurt your chances. 

There’s a reason why there’s still the traditional route to professional success.

The reality is that most companies hiring for high-paying positions still want to see that college degree.

But what if you chose the wrong field of study back in college? What if you didn’t go at all? No didn’t 

Many people go back to pursue higher education later in life.

If you’re longing to go on your career path that requires a degree, there’s no shame in getting there, regardless of how old you are. 

It can be impressive and indicative of how badly you want the job! 


How to make a six-figure salary?

To earn a six-figure salary, you should look for a career in engineering, tech, or finance.

While many other jobs offer a six-figure income, these industries are the most popular for high-paying salaries.

Who earns a 7-figure salary?

A seven-figure salary is an annual income of over a million dollars.”

The term indicates ” salary significantly higher than the average. It is typically earned by high-level executives, entrepreneurs, and individuals in high-paying professions such as medicine, law, and finance.

What do rich people invest in?

Ultra-wealthy individuals invest in such assets as private and commercial real estate, land, gold, and artwork.

Real estate continues to be a popular asset class in their portfolios to balance out the volatility of stocks.

Final Thoughts 

Ironically, making $200k a year is not just about earning a big salary.

It’s about creating, building relationships, and pursuing your passions. 

It’s about finding a cat’s path that aligns with your strengths and developing expertise that sets you apart. 

It’s also about taking Calculated risks and learning from failures. 

Most importantly, it’s about maintaining a positive mindset and an unfailing work ethic. 

It goes deeper than finding a job paying you that dream amount.

It’s ultimately about self-improvement and navigating your life path until you find the most rewarding road. 

Good luck!

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