+20 Great Ways to Make Money as a 13 Year Old

Welcome to teenhood! 

First of all, I commend you for being an enterprising young person.

Not everyone is driven to make money at such a young age. 

Maybe you want to make money to buy a new gadget.

Maybe you want some pocket money for an upcoming trip with your friends. 

Maybe you’d like to help pay the bills. 

Whatever your reason, there are many ways to make money as a 13-year-old.

You could even build a business as early as now! 

If you’re interested in making money, this post will teach you everything from labor laws to making it big on YouTube. 

Even while you’re still in school, there’s no reason why you can’t start gaining some financial independence. 

So, if you have the okay from your parents, let’s get started!

How to Make Money as a 13 Year Old in 2023

Work For Your Parents 

Make Money Working For Your Parents At Home.

The most basic answers are often the most effective. 

Unless you ask, you’ll never know if your folks would be willing to pay you to do more chores around the house! 

I’m talking about the tasks they avoid or never get around to doing. 

For example, maybe it’s been years since your garage has gotten a deep cleaning. 

Maybe your parents don’t have the time to cook, wash the car, or do the shopping. 

Maybe they have a business and wouldn’t mind you lending a hand. 

If no one in your immediate family needs help, you can also consider your neighbors. 

Many of them would probably gladly pay you to take care of their lawns or do some random errands. 

Pet Sit 

Being dependable and good with animals are the only requirements for pet sitting.

If you have both these qualities, starting a pet-sitting service is a good idea.  

Pet sitting is nothing more than looking after animals while their owners are away. 

And if the owner spends many hours away from home every day for work or travel, this might turn into a regular gig! 

To start your own company, think of a catchy name, print some flyers, and distribute them around the neighborhood. 

Rates can be set on a daily or hourly basis. 

There are many factors to think about before launching your company.

Design Printables 

Working On Some Design Printable Ideas To Make Money.

Do you pride yourself in your design skills?

Please take full advantage of them by selling some printables!

You can use a free tool like Canva to help your fellow students organize their schoolwork. 

You can also help working mothers who would benefit from having a schedule to follow to get through their stressful days. 

Try making budgeting and savings trackers to help other kids manage their finances like you do!

Trust me; if you can make unique and beautiful calendars and planners, people will buy them. 

So, the glaring question is, where do you put up your printables for sale? 

Creative Market is one platform that I recommend.

You can also try out Etsy

And just because I included some suggestions for printables you can create, feel free to develop your own. 

Sell Stuff You Don’t Use 

This is the perfect money-making idea if you’ve meant to clean out your room.

Even though many do so, it’s a bit wild to let unused items sit around gathering dust. 

You’d be surprised at how much money someone will pay for your old comic books or last year’s phone!

Look around your room.

Are the video games, books, gadgets, clothing, or collections you wouldn’t mind parting with? 

If you’re nodding yes, then it’s time to get selling! 

There are, however, two reasons why you should consult your parents before doing any of this. 

Since they are the ones who originally paid for the items, it is only right to ask about selling them with their knowledge.

Second, you’ll need to use their accounts for sales and listings.

Many online marketplaces restrict their use to anyone below 18.

You can try marketplaces like Craigslist, eBay, Vinted, Decluttr, and Facebook Marketplace for local deals. 

Please remember that selling online can be a tricky business.

There are SCAMMERS out there, so always keep your parents in the loop.

Sell Food

sell food

This one’s a classic.

You might feel too old to start a lemonade stand, but I have other ideas. 

Selling food and drink can fetch you a lot of money as long as you abide by the laws in your region. 

You could set up shop on the street with a lot of foot traffic to cut down on food waste and cater to the most customers. 

Consider what the weather will be like when thinking about products to sell.

It could be:

  • Burgers 
  • Hotdogs 
  • Cupcakes 
  • Tacos 
  • Fresh fruit juices 
  • Coffee
  • Other quick-to-prepare food items 

Bear in mind, though, that the cleanliness and quality of your food will draw the most customers to your cart. 

Take care to serve clean, well-prepared food! 

Start a Blog 

One of the best online hustles you can have is blogging; you can do it at any age!

If you don’t believe me, take a look at Tavi Gevinson

She created the Style Rookie blog when she was just 11 years old.

She was generating millions from it by the time she hit 15. 

What an inspiration!

It’s also very inexpensive to launch your site.

You probably won’t have trouble borrowing your parents’ credit card for this. 

To get started, you’ll need hosting, and I recommend Bluehost.

They’re cheap and speed up your site, so it loads quickly. 

And don’t worry; you don’t need any technical expertise to start.

After figuring out your host, you can have your site up and running in less than 20 minutes. 

As for what you should blog about, I advise you to take a moment and think about your interests. 

Are you interested in something that you know a lot about?

Are there other people who share your passion for this thing?

Can you offer them any valuable knowledge? 

Once you figure out this, it’s time to make some content.

If you are genuine, it will come through, and you’ll soon have an online community of like-minded people. 

You can then start monetizing your blog once you have a loyal following. 

This information would be pretty helpful for amateur bloggers.

Publish Your Books 

He Is Making Money Publishing His Own Books.

Since we’re on the topic of writing, let’s talk about self-publishing.

Maybe you’re an incredible writer, and it’s always been your dream to be published. 

Well, Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing will make this happen. 

Of course, the hard part will be coming up with your book or self-publishing a children’s book.

It could be about anything!

You could write about your experiences, or you could write a YA novel.

Once your book is ready, it can take as little as five minutes to publish it!

And when it’s up on Amazon, you will have access to its millions of customers.

You get to set the price of your book, and you’re allowed to keep 70% of your sales. 

Start a YouTube Channel 

We all spend much time on YouTube, following our favorite content creators. 

Some toy reviewers, music critics, and other YouTube “influencers” regularly rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars simply by posting and promoting their videos online. 

You could be one of these people. 

Ryan Kaji, a young YouTube star, and his family live comfortably off of the earnings from his videos.

Watching his videos shows that anyone with a niche interest and a YouTube channel can make a living doing what they love. 

If you don’t want to do reviews, there are other content you can create, like: 

  • Vlogs
  • Tutorials 
  • Video essays 
  • Music (singing, playing an instrument, producing your own, etc.) 
  • Ask Me Anything videos 
  • Listicles 
  • Challenges 
  • Unboxing 
  • Explainers 
  • Product demos 
  • Testimonials 
  • Reactions 
  • Video Podcasts 

This is all just a matter of presenting your best self online.

If you let your personality shine through the screen, people are more likely to watch your videos. 

You may monetize your YouTube channel in several ways, including through advertising, product sales, and paid endorsements.

Take on Paint Jobs 

A Girl Making Money With A Paint Job.

Jobs in the painting business can pay pretty well for a 13-year-old.

You might be asked to paint various surfaces, like walls and fences. 

But before you get into this gig, it’s wise to check in with your parents.


It’s been suggested that prolonged exposure to the odor of certain paints may lead to respiratory issues. 

If you get the green light, it’s also best to change into something that can get ruined with paint spots. 

If you’re in good enough shape to paint, you should talk to the customer about getting paid before starting the job. 

You’ll want to do this, especially if the job takes two days to finish.

This is so you can rest easy knowing you won’t be shortchanged for your efforts. 

Babysit After School 

Babysitting is a classic way to earn some extra money on the side.

If you’re a natural at taking on the responsibility of looking after younger kids, this is the gig for you. 

You can start by posting ads around your school or at nearby establishments.

You can even advertise your services on local online community boards. 

Once you have your regulars, it’s time to start looking for more work on sites like SitterCity

So many parents are looking for child care on sites like this.

Parents should plan their pickup and drop-off locations since they’re not old enough to drive. 

Work as a Golf Caddy 

Caddies Working On A Golf Course To Make Money.

Does your dad have a lot of golf buddies?

If so, maybe you could contact them to ask about caddying for them. 

I suggest contacting these people directly because golf companies might hesitate to hire a 13-year-old. 

You’ll need to be prepared to lug around the golfer’s bag and clubs as you walk around the course under the sun. 

Wear a hat and put on sunblock! 

Since you may not be able to provide as many services as other caddies, you may not be paid as much.

Older, more experienced caddies typically offer players the encouragement and guidance that they need around the course. 

Still, this is a realistic option if players want someone to carry their stuff around. 

The more experience you gain with the game, the higher you can charge. 

Gather Golf Balls 

If being a caddy seems too social, some golf courses provide a service that pays employees to collect and return golf balls to players. 

You’ll be doing a lot of walking around golf courses. 

The main drawback is that you might not get paid if you don’t find any golf balls. 

However, that is unusual because so many golfers’ shots fall wide.

And most of these golfers rarely care enough to retrieve their balls. 

One tip is to go ball hunting on Sundays or Mondays after peak golfing.

With this approach, you’ll increase your odds of finding a lot of lost balls. 

Tutor People Online 

A Young Girl Making Money Taking Tutoring Session Online.

If you’re a whiz at a particular subject, online tutoring other people is another viable choice to pursue at this age. 

Parents are happy to pay someone a year or two older than their kid to help them with a subject they’re struggling with. 

Think about it. Of course, they would be more comfortable with another kid helping their kid out. 

After all, you just studied the same stuff. It’s all still pretty fresh, right? 

You won’t be able to sign up for most sites that advertise online tutoring jobs if you’re under 18.

However, you can still use Skype or Zoom to offer your services to people who need help.

You can even tutor people who are older than you! 

Maybe there’s someone out there who’s looking to learn your language.

Maybe they want to learn how you paint or play an instrument so well. 

I recommend getting an adult’s assistance setting up your business to ensure it’s legal and that you get paid for your job. 

It would be best to ask your guardian about fair service rates to avoid being taken advantage of. 

Wash People’s Cars

This is another classic choice. 

Making money washing your neighbors’ cars can be an excellent way for you to spend your summers. 

Of course, you first need to find someone willing to pay you to wash their vehicle. 

Since this is a pretty flexible job, you’ll have the freedom to make your schedule and decide how many jobs to take on. 

You’ll want to gather the following supplies before advertising your services.

You probably have these lying around in your garage. 

  • Bucket 
  • Car Shampoo 
  • Towels 
  • Car cleaning supplies (wax, tire black, etc.) 

In many cases, fussy car owners will have these supplies on hand for you to use. 

It’s possible to make $100 daily by washing cars, even if you only know the basics.

You might want to join your friends and start a full-blown business! 

Sell Snacks at Your School 

Children Enjoying Snacks At School During Lunch Break.

Some kids genuinely are more enterprising than others.

In middle school, some kids would sell candy during recess. 

If you think this is something you’d like to do, check in with your school’s administration. 

The last thing you want is to get into trouble with your school. 

You can sell snacks outside school, like at the bus stop, if they don’t allow it. 

You also want to talk to your parents about this because they’re the ones who will probably buy your inventory.

You can permanently save your allowance if they’re unwilling to do so. 

Work For Humanatic 

Have you ever called customer service for help with your console or phone?

While you were on the call, do you remember being told that your conversation would be recorded? 

Why do businesses do this? 

Well, companies often employ workers to listen to recordings of earlier customer service calls.

This is to make sure that their services meet their standards. 

At 13, you’re eligible to apply for this position at Humanatic. 

Your only job is to listen to and review recorded calls. 

Who knows?

You might even enjoy listening in on dramatic calls since things tend to get a little heated occasionally. 

Review Music on SliceThePie 

review music on slicethepie

Do you spend a lot of time hunting for new tunage? 

Well, platforms like SliceThePie will send new music your way.

Then, you’re free to give feedback on these tracks and get paid for it! 

When you leave reviews on the site, it goes directly to the people who can use it most: the musicians who made the music. 

They can then apply what they learn from their listeners. 

It doesn’t say anywhere on the site what the minimum age is.

But after doing some digging, I found that 13 should be fine. 

If your folks are concerned about the minimum age limit, they can email the company’s support staff. 

Be a Social Media Manager For Small Businesses 

Do you hang out with your friends on social media sites for hours?

If you know all the ins and outs of these platforms, you might as well monetize your time and skills. 

If you’re a social media fiend, you probably have the time to answer many emails and comments. 

This is something that the local mom-and-pop shops around your neighborhood need help with. 

They’re probably not even aware of how social media can help their business: 

  • Creating brand awareness 
  • Attracting more customers 
  • Having an online presence 
  • Guiding potential buyers to make more sales 

Try approaching local business owners you know with the offer to work for them remotely as a social media manager. 

Try negotiating a raise as the company’s social media activity picks up steam!

Sell Your Crafts 

A Girl Working On Her Painting.

Do you end up with a lot of products from your hobby? 

Maybe you like jewelry-making, or you love to crochet.

Maybe you like designing t-shirts or creating miniatures. 

Whatever your hobby, Etsy is the platform where you can sell your products, digital or physical

The snag is that you must be at least 18 to be an Etsy user.

As a 13-year-old, you can still sign up so long as the account is in the name of your parent or legal guardian. 

To make the most of Etsy, consider selling items around the holidays. 

Another problem with Etsy is that it takes a 6.5% cut of your earnings.

To compensate for this loss, you should include wrapping and shipping in your prices. 

Design Websites 

Teens with coding skills have an excellent opportunity to generate cash by developing websites.

Maybe you’ve been working on your website and have picked up a thing or two.

The best way to monetize your coding skills is to create one-of-a-kind designs for clients.

Even though custom sites take longer, you can make more money for your specialized services. 

If you don’t want to sell one-off designs, you could try selling templates on Etsy.

Buyers can then apply their unique spin on your designs. 

Even at the young age of 13, you could make money off your coding projects with minimum effort because they’d be a source of passive income. 

Just put them up for sale and wait for the sales to come in!

Transcribe Audio 

transcribe audio

Do you have mad listening and typing skills? 

Transcription work is a terrific option if you’re 13 and looking to earn money. 

When you find a platform to work on, you might need your parents’ information to open an account and receive payments. 

Teens who are fluent in English can find work transcribing audio and video at companies like AccuTran Global. 

However, just working with English audio requires native-level English skills, and you should be fine if you live in the US. 

Please note that transcribing audio is not as easy as it seems.

A single hour of audio may take you five hours to transcribe when you’re first getting started. 

Complete Small Tasks For Cash 

I’m sure you’ve heard you can make money online by answering surveys.

Here’s the kicker: Teens can participate in some of these paid surveys. 

But what if that’s not your thing? 

You can also get rewards by watching videos, reading articles, dropping movie reviews, and playing games. 

Yeah, you read that right.

You can play games and get paid for it. 

However, some surveys pay out in gift cards or redeemable credits instead of cash. 

As a minor, you can check out the following “task” and survey sites: 

Do Voiceover Work 

Enjoying Time In Studio Doing A Voiceover Work.

Any cartoon or commercial featuring a kid’s voice should convince you that voiceover work is not limited to grownups. 

Teens can also earn money by reading books aloud for audiobooks and podcasts. 

And if you’re considering a career in entertainment or marketing, this is an excellent way to gain valuable experience and start making money now.

The first step is to find a voiceover platform that will accept teens.

These sites serve as a bridge between voice actors and businesses looking to hire them. 

Rates are based on the scope of the project and the client’s available funds.

Sometimes, your talent is a factor here as well. 

Most sites, like Voices.com, have a minimum age requirement of 13.

Still, this is usually conditional on parental oversight to ensure your safety.

Work as a Junior Camp Counselor 

Do you go to a camp during summer? 

Now that you’re 13, maybe it’s time to apply as a junior camp counselor.

It would be your job to support the senior counselors as they carry out their responsibilities. 

You can do anything from providing input to the program coordinator or helping with daily games and activities. 

You might even be asked to perform administrative tasks, like relaying info to staff and other campers. 

If you’re 13 and looking to gain professional experience while also valuable leadership experience, this is the job for you. 

This is the perfect summer gig if you love interacting with kids of all ages!

Become a Teen Actor 

On Stage Rehearsing For A Play.

Is theater your thing?

Do you enjoy performing in front of crowds? 

If so, maybe you should consider acting as a career path. 

I know, I know, it’s a little outside the box to think you’re going to be the next Timothee Chalamet or Anya Taylor Joy. 

But even if you don’t make it that big, you’d still be doing something you’re passionate about while earning from it! 

Here are some suggestions to help you launch your acting career: 

Take a Local Acting Class 

You can start honing your craft and connecting with other local performers by enrolling in a class. 

You’ll learn to feel more at ease on stage and remember your lines efficiently. 

Check online for acting studios in your area that are accepting students. 

Practice at Home 

If you want to succeed as an actor, you must keep practicing even after graduating from acting school. 

This practice will help you improve over time and make you readier for auditions. 

Develop Your Acting Resume

Even for minor roles, going on auditions can be advantageous as you start first.

You might not get the spotlight immediately, so working in the background is the next best thing. 

In most cases, a background actor won’t have any lines.

But this is still a terrific opportunity to observe the work of more established performers. 

Sing at Local Events 

Performing in live gigs in your community is a fantastic way to showcase our singing chops and earn money while you’re at it. 

Not only can you sing at local events, but you can also sell your products in live displays.

You can offer merch like shirts, CDs, buttons, journals, and booklets. 

Check out GigSalad if you’re looking for venues and private individuals looking to hire performers. 

With the help of GigSalad, talented musicians and performers in North America can find high-paying clients. 

Who knows?

You might even get discovered at one of these events!

This could be your key to becoming the next big star in the music industry. 

Referee Sports Matches 

In A Soccer Field Playing With Friends.

Teens are welcome to pursue careers as referees.

If you’re 13, you should ideally be at least a few years older than the kids you’ll be refereeing. 

So, there’s no reason you couldn’t officiate a game between two teams of 10- or 11-year-olds. 

As your sporty parent, sibling, neighbor, or teacher, if they know of any openings for sports groups in your area. 

If you’re a team member, maybe you already know a local sports group that can help you. 

Maintain Pools 

When spring arrives, folks scramble to get their pools some TLC.

They will pay good money to get their pools sparkling clean again.

Let your neighbors know you’re available to vacuum their pools, clean the tiles, and maybe check the water’s chemical balance. 

You might also be asked to brush and skim people’s pools. 

The pool water’s pH can be corrected by adding the proper chemicals.

But this might be out of your wheelhouse, so don’t expect to be paid big bucks. 

If it’s enough that you get rid of leaves and scour some tiles, then you’re golden. 

Shovel Snow 

shovel snow

Shoveling snow can be physically taxing, and some folks can’t be bothered to do it. 

At 13, I’m sure you’re limber enough to shovel snow without getting any back pain.

You can capitalize on your strength to make some extra cash in time for the holidays. 

Folks will gladly pay you to shovel the snow on their driveways if you advertise your services before the first flakes fall. 

A few weeks before the first snow is expected, you may want to do a letterbox drop of flyers within your neighborhood. 

You could also promote your business by posting ads in regional Facebook groups

Tips For Working Teens 

Not sure what to expect on your first few gigs?

Not to worry. 

Here are some tips to prepare you as a hustler:

Make Safety Your Priority 

My number one advice is always to keep your parents informed while you’re looking for work and working. 

ONLY sign up for entirely legitimate sites to avoid being taken advantage of by SCAMMERS

You know, there are some folks out there who know they can get away with preying on vulnerable kids. 

It would be best to exercise caution before disclosing personal information to anyone.

Please keep your parents in the loop about what you’re doing online!

Stick to a Schedule 

I’m sure your parents would agree that schoolwork should always come first.

That’s why there are so many restrictions surrounding kids’ employment. 

I suggest sitting down with your folks to figure out a proper schedule that will allow you to work on top of your schooling. 

At such a young age, it’s far more essential to do well academically than to focus all your attention on money-making.

Leverage Your Contacts 

You’ll want to inform your parents about your business endeavors for safety.

Letting them know what’s going on could also provide you with a network of resources. 

Maybe your mom’s coworker needs a babysitter.

Maybe your dad’s best friend needs a golf caddy.

You should do your best to get the word out about your business.

Your neighbors, acquaintances, and relatives may have connections you don’t. 

Set Up a Separate Email 

If you plan on signing up for a website in your job search,

I suggest creating a separate email address for that purpose. 

Make sure it sounds professional!

Something like “bubbly_bunny” or “red_rager” just won’t cut it when projecting an image of responsibility. 

Set Up a Payment Method 

If you want to make money, those funds should be directed somewhere safe. 

You’ll need to consult with your folks again because you won’t legally be eligible to use services like PayPal until you turn 18. 

So long as your folks are okay with it, you might want to open a checking account in your name. 

Gain Some Skills 

As a 13-year-old, you probably have a lot of free time on your hands.

So, use that to your advantage! 

Get creative by crafting something, trying out unfamiliar software, posting a review, or exploring DIY ideas on Pinterest. 

The best kind of job is one you love. 

So, why not hone your skills to make them marketable? 

Be Aware of Labor Laws 

You and your parents should get familiar with the rules that the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the US Department of Labor (DOL) have set out for minors who work for pay. 

Please look into this before you even start looking for work. 

The breakdown by age group is as follows: 

Below 14 

Teens under 14 are typically only allowed to do chores like babysitting or light housekeeping. 

They’re also allowed to work on their family farm or family business.

You can technically work in businesses like restaurants and stores. 

Acting, delivering newspapers, and light domestic tasks are legal employment choices for you. 


You can get a job in a shop, fast food joint, cafe, or restaurant when you turn 14.

However, there are still limits to when and how late you can work. 


If the DOL does not consider the job dangerous, 16- or 17-year-olds can work whenever and wherever they want. 

Jobs involving driving are restricted in some states, and the use of some machinery is outright banned. 


Once you turn 18, the child labor laws no longer apply to you! 

Act Profesional 

Once you start working, you’ll likely encounter challenging bosses and coworkers. 

You might come across someone with a bad attitude, and this is no excuse to start acting disrespectfully. 

You’re paid to do the job that you’re hired for.

So while you’re at “work,” you shouldn’t be on TikTok or slacking off. 

When you do encounter people you don’t like, don’t post your grievances online.

You should keep your social media posts free from work-related opinions. 

Also, showing up on time for a job reflects your work ethic.

If you’re never late, show your clients how much you value and respect their time. 

Establish a Budget 

Once you earn money, you must learn to save and manage your spending.

This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about money management.

You’re probably trying to make money to accomplish a financial goal.

Maybe you’re saving up for a car or your college education. 

I suggest figuring out what portion of your earnings should be put away.

Of course, you can set aside “fun” money, too! 

The sooner you learn to handle money, the better off you’ll be. 

Don’t Be Entitled 

Treading lightly is another helpful advice for thriving at your first job.

Remember that you’re a new worker, so avoid being too demanding. 

Your work ethic will be put to the test. 

You’ll have to put some effort in to earn some leniency. 

Remember To Care For Yourself 

It’s essential to take care of yourself in every way, from the inside out.

This means maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a polished and dignified appearance. 

Always put your best foot forward in terms of personal hygiene. 

Confidence is a known factor in success, and looking presentable can help you build it. 

Final Thoughts 

Although you might have trouble getting hired by a “real” employer, that doesn’t mean you can’t start making money as a 13-year-old. 

As you can see from this guide, there are a ton of opportunities out there. 

One reliable way you can earn money is to put your skills to good use.

If you’re good at something, there’s probably a way to earn money!

Disclosure: This article might contain affiliate links to the resources I refer to. It's at no cost to you, and it's how we pay the bills. Get more info here.

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