Unveiling the Reality: Is Social Rebel Legit? Get the Revealing Truth Here

Who would turn down a chance to earn $500 a day?

That’s the bold claim that’s plastered on Social Rebel’s homepage. 

Is there some truth to that? 

In this review, we’ll put Social Rebel under the microscope.

The app promises users up to $500 daily in real cash. 

In exchange for what, you ask? 

The usual.

Try out free apps, give feedback, share links, and get your friends in. 

Essentially, Social Rebel claims that anyone can make a few hundred dollars by doing simple online tasks regardless of where they are (in school, at work, at home).

You probably came across Social Rebel by looking up ways to make money online.

And you probably ended up here to verify its legitimacy. Good on you. 

Now, let’s see if Social Rebel is worth your time. 

What is Social Rebel? 

A Snapshot Social Rebel Webpage.

Available in 140 countries, Social Rebel is a get-paid-to website with many big claims. 

According to their site, they’re based in the Netherlands and were founded in 2018 by Ralph Lawson and Chad Evans. 

This isn’t true. 

I found that this business was registered in 2021, and those owners are made up. 

What about its claims? 

First, you can earn a $50 bonus just by signing up. It also promises earnings of $500 in a short amount of time. 

You can sign up for Social Rebel in under a minute and start making money.

It functions much like any other rewards site, except that the payouts are promised to be ridiculously high. 

Please don’t get your hopes up if you’re sitting up straighter.

As we go through this review, you’ll find that these rewards are too good to be true. 

How Do You Use Social Rebel? 

To join Social Rebel, you must provide your email address, FULL NAME, and password

The US, Canada, Australia, and a sizable portion of Europe are among the 140 countries where it is currently available. 

After joining the site, you can start “making money” in a variety of ways by doing stuff like: 

  • The Social Rebel Referral Program 

You allegedly get $2 per click on your referral link. If you get someone to sign up, you get $20. 

  • Answering Surveys 

That is another bold claim here. Social Rebel says you can earn $100 for every paid survey you complete. There are even surveys that promise more than that upon completion. 

  • Testing Random Apps 

Much like Mistplay, you get paid to install apps and games on your phone.

You’ll be asked to keep these apps installed for specific periods or reach a certain level in some games. 

  • Subscribing to Their Channel 

You allegedly earn $12 for subscribing and turning on notifications for the Social Rebel YouTube channel. 

  • Sharing Links on Social Media 

You’re encouraged to share your link on social media to get unsuspecting folks to click on it and fall prey to Social Rebel’s scheme. 

As a “bonus,” Social Rebel provides its users with many withdrawal options. PayPal cash, Venmo, Cash App, and Cryptos are all viable choices. 

There’s also a Social Rebel shop where you can purchase iPhones, PS5s, and iPads as rewards for completing various tasks. 

The payoff per task is also incredibly high, far above the rates offered by other reward sites.

Again, this is not true. Social Rebel is a fraud and not worth your time because withdrawals are impossible. 

Is Social Rebel Legitimate? 

A Fraud Alert Sign On A Computer Screen.

That’s a big fat NO

Now, let’s start unraveling the Social Rebel website’s mess.

The idea that you would instantly receive $50 by signing up for a platform is ridiculous. 

If this were the case, wouldn’t you expect Social Rebel’s popularity to skyrocket? 

It’s important to note that although many legitimate PTD sites will pay users for their efforts, they often only pay a tenth of a cent for each click.

How can Social Rebel promise $2 for every clicked invite link? This is simply illogical. 

If this were true, then the company would be losing a lot of money from folks just signing up. 

Think about it. 

Let’s say a thousand people sign up for Social Rebel in one day.

On that one day, do you think that they could pay out $50,000 for essentially nothing? 

There is no way for this site to pay so much money because its business model is flawed, if not nonexistent. 

We’ve just scratched the surface!

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This comparison dives deep into the best ways to earn online!

How Social Rebel Operates as a Scam 

So, it turns out that Social Rebel is just a well-designed scam site that acts as a bridge between you and other paid survey sites. 

They get paid whenever they trick someone into signing up for an account through them. 

I suspect this website makes money by illegally gathering and selling its users’ personal information on the black market. 

Plus, all the “testimonials” you’ll find on this site have been staged and paid for. 

There are even a bunch of stock photos and bios of real people to make it seem like they’re real. 

You can also find several automated comments under Social Rebel’s YouTube videos, all saying that the site is legitimate and you can earn money with it.

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Can You Make Money on Social Rebel? 

The Financial Big Question.

Does Social Rebel pay at all, even in some cases? Will they throw their victims a bone? 


This is the biggest red flag of all. 

There’s no use in withdrawing your “earnings” from Social Rebel.

You’ll find many honest reviews out there corroborating this sad fact. 

It’s a scam because if you try to withdraw, you’ll get an error page or be told to complete more tasks. 

If you’ve gotten this far, don’t waste more time hoping to get your money.

I recommend setting up a passive income stream instead. 

Who is Social Rebel For? 

By now, it’s clear Social Rebel falls short for anyone.

If someone promotes it, shut it down! Please spread the word to protect others from its scams.

There are better platforms for earning with minimal skills—though with low potential.

Surveys or tasks may only fetch $5-$10 a day.

The reality?

To thrive online, offer value. ‘Get-paid-to’ sites bring in extras, not a sustainable income.

What Do People Think of the Social Rebel App? 

That Is A Bad Review For Sure.

Most of the Trustpilot reviews for Social Rebel are FAKE. That’s why their rating there is pretty high. 

But it’s all pretty negative if you check avenues where real people are talking, like Reddit or Discord. 

People are sharing their experiences of realizing that they’ve been scammed. Some even want to take legal action. 

I’ve reviewed a bunch of get-paid-to sites, and I could smell the fraudulence the moment I landed on Social Rebel’s homepage. 

Just don’t waste your time on it, please. 

Social Rebel Alternatives 

Working On Her Laptop.

What if you still want to get paid by doing menial online tasks?

Let me tell you that it’s possible with the following Social Rebel alternatives. 

This Social Rebel review wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t offer you natural avenues to make money online without fundamental skills.

Please note that you can’t make much with these sites even though they’re legitimate.

No one is about to pay big bucks for playing games and answering some questions. 

Survey Junkie 

Survey Junkie is one of the most popular survey sites around, with over 10 million active members.

While longer surveys and research projects can pay up to $10 or more, most of the platform’s surveys pay between $0.50 and $3. 

Users will receive a $1 incentive when they sign up for an account and verify their information.

That’s way more realistic than Social Rebel’s $50 promise. 

The minimum amount required to initiate a withdrawal to your PayPal or bank account is $5, which will take a while to earn. 

Explore this comprehensive Survey Junkie review for a detailed read later. Uncover all you need to know about maximizing your survey-taking potential!

Branded Surveys 

Branded Surveys is an online panel that pays you for feedback on various consumer goods and services. 

Most surveys on this site can be finished in 10-20 minutes, and pay anything from $0.50 to $5.

You can pay out your profits from Branded Surveys through PayPal cash or gift cards, which are convenient options. 

Withdrawal minimums are similarly modest, starting at just $5.


Swagbucks is another one of these survey sites that you’ll see in lists on how to make money through paid surveys. 

It also pays you for doing your usual online activities. 

There’s a $5 sign-up incentive given to new members of Swagbucks. Making anything from $0.50 to $2.50 per survey is possible. 

The minimum amount required to withdraw your winnings is $1, and you can do so by cashing out on PayPal or claiming a gift card. 

Aside from taking part in online surveys, other ways to earn Swagbucks are:

  • Watching videos 
  • Claiming offers 
  • Inviting friends 
  • Taking part in daily challenges 
  • Playing games 
  • Reading articles 
  • And many more

The website offers 18 unique ways to make money, each paying a distinctive rate.

Explore this comprehensive Swagbucks review for a detailed read later. Dive into what you need to know for ultimate survey success!

Pinecone Research 

Pinecone Research is a legit website for market research that is only accessible by invitation.

It boasts some of the highest compensation and rarest surveys available. 

Pinecone Research offers a starting pay rate of $3 per survey.

Plus, it offers a product testing program through which you can earn up to $9 for each product you review. 

Unlike the other options here, your rewards per survey on Pinecone Research will grow as you complete more surveys on the platform.

Valued Opinions 

Online surveys from Valued Opinions can make you up to $5 each. 

Online surveys from Valued Opinions can earn you up to $5 each.

Only gift cards can be redeemed at Valued Opinion, with a $10 minimum withdrawal amount.

It usually takes between 15 and 20 minutes to finish a Valued Opinion survey.

A minimum survey completion requirement is 2-20, depending on your account type.


MyPoints is a pioneer in the online survey industry, launching in 1996. 

In addition to paid online surveys, users may earn prizes by completing one of the following types of microtasks on the platform:

  • Shopping online 
  • Referring friends 
  • Watching videos 
  • Playing games 
  • Reading emails 
  • And many more 

Every survey you complete can get you anything from $0.27 to $2.13.

MyPoints also has one of the lowest withdrawal minimums among the platforms listed here. 

Even if you only have a dollar in earnings, you can cash it out for a gift card.

You can also have your money sent to your PayPal account as cash.

Delve into this detailed MyPoints guide for a more profound read later. Get ready to conquer surveys and elevate your success game!


You can make fast money with InboxDollars, a legitimate paid survey service.

InboxDollars pays you to fill out surveys, view videos, and download apps.

Surveys on the site often pay anywhere from $0.01 to $2.50, with the occasional higher-paying one available. 

You can make anywhere from $10 to $50 per month by engaging in various activities on the site.

Your InboxDollars earrings can be redeemed in a variety of ways, including:

  • Check 
  • PayPal 
  • Amazon gift cards 
  • ePayments 


Toluna has been around for over 25 years, making it one of the longest-running survey sites. 

More than 9 million users are actively sharing their thoughts on the site.

There are paid surveys available on the site, and each one can net you anywhere from $16.66 to more than that in cold, hard cash. 

The average user will receive seven survey invitations every day. By investing about an hour daily in the site, you can make as much as $30 monthly.

The following are additional methods to make money on Toluna:

  • Reviewing products 
  • Taking part in quick polls 
  • Engaging with others on the Toluna platform 

You can withdraw money from the forum using a gift card or a PayPal account. 

The lowest withdrawal amount for PayPal cash is $10, and there are gift cards that may be redeemed with as little as $10, too.

Opinion Outpost 

Opinion Outpost has been active since 2003, and in that time, it has established itself as a reliable market research platform. 

Now, with over 350,000 users, it provides various paid survey options.

On Opinion Outpost, you can earn anything from $0.50 to $5 for completing a survey. 

Various qualifying questions must be answered before users can begin each survey on the platform. 

This can take two to three minutes, and those not selected for a survey will not be compensated.

Opinion Outpost is a trustworthy choice that gives customers one to two surveys daily if that is all you are searching for.


This platform’s survey options pay anywhere from 20 to 500 points per completed survey, with 5500 points equaling $5. 

It provides users with more opportunities to make money through product testing, behavior tracking, and daily challenges. 

American Consumer Opinion 

As one of the first of its kind, American Consumer Opinion (ACO) has been in business for quite some time.

Established in the 1980s, the company now boasts more than 7 million users as members.

Most of the platform’s surveys pay between $0.50 and $2.50, typically taking approximately 10 minutes of your time.

Additionally, some polls on the site pay as much as $50 for your participation.

You can earn up to $200 for each product reviewed when you work with ACO. 

These, however, are highly uncommon and usually get snagged within seconds of being made available.

This means you’ll have to act quickly if you want to participate in them.

Ipsos iSay 

The Ipsos Group, one of the leading market research firms in the world, operates the survey platform known as iSay. 

Taking part in the company’s research studies and surveys will fetch you some cash in exchange for your time and input.

Spending just one to two hours daily as a registered user answering survey questions can earn you up to $50 monthly.

You can cash out your earnings after you reach the $5 threshold.

When it comes time to cash out, users can do it in several ways, including:

  • PayPal 
  • Gift cards 
  • Physical products 
  • Virtual Visa debit cards 
  • Charity Donations 

Please note that PayPal cashouts take a long time to process with iSay.

It could take up to three weeks for your earnings to appear in your account. 

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Final Thoughts 

Social Rebel is a NO-GO!

The above platforms are safe options if you want to make money by answering surveys and performing small online tasks. 

If you want to make significant deposits to your bank account, I suggest doing something more worthwhile, like starting an online business. 

Now, that’s a realistic way to make money online if you put the work in!

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