30+ Easy Ways To Earn $20 In 5 Minutes

Could you use an extra $20 right now?

If you do, earning $20 is much simpler than you might think!

Fortunately, many solutions are available if you need this kind of money immediately.

You might not have to look for quick cash all day, so this post will surely help you. 

Below, I’ll discuss the easiest ways to earn $20 in 5 minutes and much more if you want to keep the cash coming.

You might have to combine several methods below to earn the needed amount. 

Let’s get started.

How To Earn $20 In 5 Minutes 

Monetize your opinions with Survey Junkie. 

Surveys are among the most convenient and highest-paying ways to earn money online quickly.

So, it looks like Survey Junkie will be your new best friend. 

Many survey sites are out there, but Survey Junkie is among the most reputable ones.

It shouldn’t be difficult for you to earn $20 easily!

By voicing your opinion, you get rewarded and assist brands in providing better products and services.

Even though I wouldn’t necessarily advise using survey sites to make a steady income, they are a terrific method to occasionally acquire SMALLER amounts of cash.

You can take surveys as you’re plopped down in front of the TV, waiting in line somewhere, or passing the time.

You’ll quickly reach your cash-out goal as the surveys you answer pile up.

Get a sign-up bonus from Swagbucks. 

A Lady Enjoy Using A Smartphone App.

Another survey site for you to check out is Swagbucks.

With its app, you’ll have more opportunities to make money, including: 

  • Taking surveys 
  • Playing games 
  • Watching videos 
  • Browsing the web 
  • Shopping online 
  • And more! 

Since Swagbucks has given more than $500 million in rewards to its users, it is unquestionably credible.

Swagbucks also provides a $5 sign-up incentive to attract new users.

Depending on how much time you spend using the app, you can earn $20 daily.

If you need $20 immediately, combine this sign-up bonus with another method in this list. 

Get a sign-up bonus from Groundfloor

Real estate investing and passive revenue are the two best ways to generate wealth.

Both of these are combined by Groundfloor, which enables you to spend as little as $10 in short-term loans for residential properties.

Their website states that Groundfloor has generated returns of 10.5% annually on average so far.

You might easily make $20 or more if you have little money to invest.

Additionally, they offer a $10 sign-up bonus for making your first deposit of $10, allowing you to reach the halfway point of $20 quickly.

You know what they say; you gotta have money to make money. 

Install and play games with Mistplay

PLaying Games With Mistplay.

Did you know that it’s possible to get paid to play games? 

With the help of the app Mistplay, you may download and play games and get paid for it! 

What is the process?

As you play games, you accumulate points that can be exchanged for gift cards to various stores, including Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon.

You are supposed to test and make suggestions to developers for their upcoming games before anyone else.

Playing mobile games won’t make you a fortune, but it’s a terrific way to earn additional spending money.

Get your $200 from Upgrade

When you apply for an Upgrade Card and subsequently open a new Rewards Checking account, you will receive a $200 welcome bonus.

You will first need to register for your Upgrade Card to be qualified for this promotion.

This card combines the features of a credit card and a line of credit.

The next step is to create a free Rewards Checking account.

Lastly, you only need to use your new debit card or Upgrade Card for three transactions.

Earning this bonus won’t take much work.

Although it’s possible that starting a credit line will cause a hard credit draw, Upgrade has only ever performed soft pulls in response to customer requests.

This cash offer is much higher than other institutions and has no conditions like a direct transfer, minimum balance, or monthly fees.

Get a sign-up bonus from MyPoints.

MyPoints is a cash-back program primarily focusing on online shopping at your preferred stores.

After creating a free account, you may view the current offers and look for one of their many partner stores to purchase at.

You can save money when you click on a store’s link as you are directed to their website, and for any purchases, you receive cashback in your MyPoints account! 

Members of MyPoints can save up to 40% merely by making their usual purchases using their MyPoints login. 

You can exchange your awards for PayPal cash or gift cards when you have earned enough points.

Get a sign-up bonus from InboxDollars

Smartphone Is Useful Even At Camp.

Another well-known website that enables users to earn money online by carrying out regular tasks is InboxDollars.

InboxDollars collaborates with businesses that pay them to solicit user feedback.

InboxDollars then compensates you for performing online tasks and providing your views.

You can earn money online by doing things like:

  • Answering surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Redeeming free coupons for your favorite merchants 
  • Playing games 
  • Shopping at InboxDollars partner retailers 

The most significant distinction between it and other cash-back apps is that InboxDollars will pay you actual cash rewards rather than points that can be converted into money. 

This helps you determine the precise amount of money you can earn for each task you accomplish. 

By signing up with InboxDollars, you may redeem $5 for free, which will help you earn extra cash quickly.

Get a sign-up bonus from Crypto.com.

One of the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges is Crypto.com, established in 2016.

If you haven’t gotten into the cryptocurrency frenzy yet, Crypto.com is an excellent place to start.

You may purchase and sell a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, LTC, and USDT.

Additionally, you can trade fee-free if you utilize their native token, CRO.

Plus, Crypto.com provides its users with crypto cash back credit cards so they may gain cryptocurrency with each purchase.

Registration takes two minutes to complete, and there is no need for a deposit.

You can earn a free $10 bonus if you stake at least 1000 CRO tokens.

Shop with and get a sign-up bonus from Rakuten

Ladies Enjoying Online Shopping.

One of the first cash-back applications that rewards you for online purchases is Rakuten.

Best of all, their $25 sign-up bonus will blast your goal out of the water.

Rakuten is fantastic since it allows you to get cash back for purchases you would have made otherwise.

Rakuten offers cash back almost anywhere you might spend online, such as:

You can get anywhere from 1-20% cash back with Rakuten (often around 2-5%), which quickly adds up.

Over $1 billion in user payments have been made via check or PayPal.

Installing the browser extension and mobile app for Rakuten is the simplest method to get cash back.

When you visit a retailer’s website, the extension automatically tells you how much cash back you can get.

You will receive a $25 incentive when you sign up for Rakuten and spend your first $25.

Additionally, if you refer a friend who makes their first $25 purchases, you will receive $25.

Get a sign-up bonus from Ibotta

Similar to Rakuten, Ibotta is a cash-back app.

However, it focuses mainly on grocery purchases.

Ibotta lets you clip digital “coupons” and then scan your receipt to get cash back on your regular supermarket buys.

I like Ibotta because it allows you to make money even if you don’t go for name brands. 

So, how can you use Ibotta to earn $20 quickly?

Download the app, finish the welcome bonuses, and receive $20 cashback.

Referral to Ibotta is another fantastic way to make money.

When a buddy redeems their first offer on Ibotta, you’ll receive a $10 bonus.

Answer surveys on Rakuten Insight

Working From The Comforts Of Her Home.

Unlike the websites I’ve listed, Rakuten Insight doesn’t provide a welcome bonus. 

However, opening an account is entirely free, and as soon as you do, you may start taking paid internet surveys.

Rakuten Insight is worth considering for those wishing to earn extra money in their leisure time, as it’s one of the highest-paying survey sites.

There are several surveys to choose from, and the payout varies from one to the next.

If you’re wondering how to get $20 right now, complete the offers offering the highest compensation.

While other methods exist to make money on Swagbucks, MyPoints, and InboxDollars, Rakuten Insight specializes solely in surveys.

This will reduce the amount of money you can make from the site, but if you want to earn money by taking online surveys, Rakuten Insight is a site you should try.

It’s among the top survey websites out there.

Start investing with Public.com

Leading investment app Public.com provides commission-free stock and fund trades.

Because there are no account minimums and you can acquire fractional shares in addition to commission-free trades, it is pretty user-friendly for beginners. 

You can invest in your preferred company without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars, thanks to fractional shares.

Public.com currently grants new users a free share of stock worth up to $300 just for signing up. 

You MUST register for an account and fund it with cash of any amount to be eligible for the no-strings-attached bonus.

You will receive a complimentary share of stock worth at least $3 but perhaps up to $300.

In addition to this incentive, Public.com is an excellent choice because it has a straightforward, user-friendly interface and a wealth of social features. 

Connecting with friends or other investors is made easy by social features.

You can join discussions, follow other investors, and gain additional investment knowledge.

Thanks to its simple user interface, both novice and seasoned investors will find Public.com a great choice.

Get free stocks from Webull. 

Another commission-free trading app with a bonus you won’t want to pass up is Webull.

They occasionally change their offers, but they’re giving new users up to 12 free stocks valued at up to $30,000!

Just for opening an account, you’ll receive two free stocks worth up to $300 each, and when you fund your account with any amount, you’ll receive 4–10 additional supplies valued at up to $3,000 each!

You won’t find a better sign-up bonus offer anywhere than this one.

Even without the registration bonus, Webull is a great app.

It does not impose commission fees on stock and ETF trades like Public.com. 

Additionally, you can purchase and sell fractional shares, and there are no account minimums.

Webull adopts a different UI style from other apps, which usually simplifies their user interface.

It provides more advanced research and analysis features than most free trading apps. 

Although it’s terrific for users who want to conduct in-depth analysis, it makes the program slightly less user-friendly and accessible to beginners.

Get free stocks from Robinhood

Robinhood was an early adopter of commission-free trading and fractional shares. 

With Robinhood, you can start investing with little to no upfront cost and in little time.

Since Robinhood started the trend, many other companies have allowed customers to make transactions for free.

You only need $5 and the Robinhood app to get started in the stock market.

For example, you could purchase a fractional share of Amazon for as little as $5!

You can get a free share of stock when you open a Robinhood account, and doing so can help you accumulate wealth and generate additional passive income. 

Chances are good that you could walk away with some stock in a significant corporation like Facebook.

Sell something you don’t need. 

A Well Organized Male Side Of The Closet.

Selling things you no longer have a use for can quickly add up to $20 in your pocket. 

Everything from outdated clothes to kids’ toys to discarded books is suitable for a garage sale.

Plenty of folks are eager to acquire used goods, and we all have items we can eliminate.

So, how do you go about selling your stuff?

You can get the ball rolling on your online selling business using marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

In addition to traditional classified ads, you can now sell unwanted items on social media like Facebook Marketplace and Offer Up.

Everyone has at least one marketable possession.

Your attic or garage may overflow with items ready for a yard sale.

Get rid of gift cards you don’t want. 

Have you ever been given a gift card to a place you never bought at or completely forgot about?

Suppose you could turn your unused or free gift cards into cash. 

Fortunately, this isn’t an uncommon need, and websites like Raise.com allow selling gift cards for cash.

Raise.com is an online marketplace similar to Amazon where users can buy and sell gift cards. 

To sell your gift cards on Raise.com, create a seller account.

The BEST part is that the selling price is entirely up to you. 

Direct deposit, PayPal, or a paper check will send you payment once a sale is made.

Consider making $20 quickly if you have managed gift cards.

Rent out your available storage space. 

A garage, cellar, attic, or even a driveway that isn’t being used is wasted space.

Renting out unused space is a great way to generate income.

Neighbor is a mobile app that facilitates leasing spare rooms to folks in need.

If you have an extra parking space in your driveway, you can rent it to someone who needs a place to keep their car if they need to. 

Maybe a nearby family needs a place to store their boxes while relocating.

Because of Neighbor, you can assist them and earn some additional money by renting out the spare storage space in your garage.

The fact that you may start earning money from this side business quickly and that it produces passive income makes it one of your best options. 

Other than ensuring that renters have access to the space, there isn’t much you’ll have to worry about.

Neighbor takes care of all the specifics, including marketing, promotion, and payment collecting.

Get a personal loan from ZippyLoan

Online personal loans are an option if you need to make $20 immediately.

ZippyLoan is the place to go if you require money this urgently.

You submit a loan application via the Zippy Lending website, and if it is accepted, it is forwarded to one of many loan providers.

You examine the loan terms and, if you’re satisfied, e-sign.

Checking the offers you’ll receive carries no risk.

You can borrow anything from $100 to $15,000 as early as tomorrow!

Service on loans lasts for up to 60 months.

ZippyLoan uses its network of lenders to match borrowers and lenders.

They’ll search for the ideal no-credit-check loan with the lowest interest rate for you.

Perform odd jobs for others with TaskRabbit

If you don’t mind putting in some light labor, you could make a whole lot more than $20 in a short amount of time. 

One freelance marketplace that enables you to earn cash in your city or neighborhood is TaskRabbit.

Create an account as a “Tasker” and browse through work listings from people looking for assistance with moving, assembling furniture, setting up events, painting, vehicle washing, and other tasks.

The typical hourly wage varies by region, but a Tasker may expect to make $40 per hour.

This is a fantastic way to make quick cash when you have a free day!

Claim free stock with Acorns

If you’re looking for free cash, Acorns gives out $10 in free stock when you open an account. 

Acorns is a fantastic way to increase your savings and generate passive income through stock market trading if you need to make $20 quickly.

You could invest your spare change with this investing app and earn money without putting effort into it.

Acorns automatically round up your purchase to $1 and invest the extra $.21.

Even though this one purchase might not change your life, it will mount up over time.

Earn $20 from Opinion Outpost

In Deep Thought.

Some of the top-paying surveys are available from Opinion Outpost.

Even though this survey site doesn’t offer free money, you can earn $20 pretty quickly with their high-paying surveys.

If you’re short on time, taking surveys can earn you more than $25, a terrific way to make additional money.

Opinion Outpost is a terrific way to make money online if you enjoy doing surveys.

Install the Nielsen Panel

Installing the Nielsen Panel on your phone is a great way to earn $20 if you quickly need cash.

You will be compensated for simply loading the Nielsen mobile app on your device.

You won’t have to do anything else. 

Advertisers can then use it to remain anonymous while learning what content performs better than others.

Don’t worry; it is safe to use, and no personal data is ever gathered.

You can enter monthly sweepstakes to win $10,000 in addition to the free $20 you will get!

The Nielsen Panel has been around for over 90 years, so it’s safe to say that it’s one of the most reputable names in the industry. 

Buy gas with Upside

With the Upside gas cash back app, you can get $20 just for filling up at participating stations.

To start receiving cash back, link a credit card, choose a station, and fill up your tank.

You may also get extra money by encouraging your family and friends to sign up for Upside.

Also, there are no restrictions on how much you can make.

The average annual savings for this free cash-back app for gas users is $124.

Cashouts have no minimum requirement, and you can start making money immediately!

Play Solitaire with 21 Blitz.

 Many of us enjoy playing solitaire games for leisure or to kill time.

Do you want to try your luck at winning actual money? 

Check out the 21 Blitz app, which lets you play for real money.

The maximum payout for a win is $82.

There is no catch; you can play for fun or in big-stakes tournaments.

You’ll play against five people with comparable skills in each game, and you can win $20 immediately.

This is a legitimate game app that pays, as evidenced by the glowing reviews and over 33.9K 5-star ratings in the app store.

Collect your savings with Capital One Shopping. 

Check out Capital One Shopping.

It’s a free service that can help you get your money back for internet transactions.

COS will search through your emails for purchase receipts from various online merchants, which will help you request a refund if the price drops.

After setting up an account, you can shop at more than 25 reputable online stores as usual.

Capital One Shopping records your receipts for every purchase you make. It notifies you if you are eligible for retroactive refunds due to price decreases, delayed deliveries, etc.

So far, Capital One Shopping has found over $6.5 million in possible savings for its members. 

Play Dominoes for money with Dominoes Gold. 

Need a more straightforward method to earn $20 every day?

Playing Dominoes on the gaming app Dominoes Gold can make you real money.

With a 4.7/5 rating out of 6.2K+ reviews in the App Store, this win real money app won’t waste your time.

You’ll want to turn off notifications or block phone calls to avoid interruptions while playing a real-time cash game.

Rent out a spare room with Airbnb or Zillow

Renting out a spare room, basement, or guest house could instantly bring in $20 or more if you’re lucky.

Airbnb is a fantastic site to use if you want to arrange a short-term rental.

Alternatively, you might advertise it for long-term rent on Zillow or your local MLS.

Sell Plasma. 

All For Love And Compassion.

There’s always a need for plasma, especially in today’s world, where illness and disease are pervasive.

Spending just an hour a week at your nearby plasma donation center can earn you an easy $20 or probably more. 

Some plasma donation facilities will even give you a sizable bonus on your first visit, double the amount you would typically receive for your donation.

Cancel some of your subscriptions. 

Spotify, Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Disney+… seems to go on forever.

If you’re anything like the average consumer, you sign up for subscription services and quickly forget about them. 

Sometimes, saving $20 is more straightforward than earning $20.

Evaluate all of your subscriptions to see which ones you use.

You should cancel the ones you don’t need if you’re in dire need of $20.

When your financial situation improves, you can always subscribe once more.

Refer Cash App to your friends and family. 

The Square Cash App makes sending money to friends and family straightforward. 

Best of all, you can receive an additional $5 for each of your friends who sign up!

Go to the Profile icon in the top right of the app after downloading it and scroll down to locate a green option labeled “Enter Referral Code.” Easy as pie!

Listen to music. 

Are you constantly on Spotify, Amazon, or YouTube, listening to music?

Did you know that finding new artists and writing reviews can earn money?

For instance, a platform like Music Xray allows musicians to share fresh music with listeners and solicit feedback before releasing tunes.

You can earn money by rating music in a variety of genres.

Why not try this if you’re going to listen to music anyway?

Answer questions on JustAnswer and Quora

Internet users frequently ask questions on sites like JustAnswer or Quora and usually rely on the community for answers.

If you are an expert in your profession or any subject, you may earn extra money by responding to questions on JustAnswer.

Whenever you respond to a query, the website compensates you.

Profit off your creativity with Amazon Merch. 

You should not squander your artistic abilities.

Since they lack the resources to print their artwork on commonplace items like mugs and hats, artists sometimes fail to turn their ideas into money.

Through Amazon Merch, a website where you can showcase your artwork and connect with customers, you can get past this problem. 

You are entitled to a royalty for every use of your creation.

It’s a quick and straightforward method to start putting your artwork into motion and making money with your ideas.

Deliver stuff within your neighborhood. 

Platforms like Grubhub and DoorDash let you connect with nearby businesses and customers who order products on demand.

The only difference between driving for Uber or Lyft and working for these delivery apps is that you don’t have to pick up any passengers. 

The apps connect you to local job opportunities and pay you for timely and effective delivery.

Deliveries can earn you money, plus tips.

Fees and commissions are levied for these services.

When driving for these services, keep track of the commissions you lose, and think about collaborating with nearby establishments directly to increase your earnings.

Final Thoughts On Ways To Earn $20 In 5 Minutes

Some of the methods I mentioned above might take more than 5 minutes to earn you that $20 you need.

It can’t hurt to know more minor money-making techniques if you find yourself in a pinch, needing $20 here and there. 

Once you get out of this predicament, you may want to think about setting up a stable passive income stream or two.

Those should buff up your bank account enough so that when you need $20 again, it won’t be a problem.

Good luck! 

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