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Is selling used socks a viable side business venture?

You can earn extra cash by selling your filthy socks online rather than putting your dirty socks in the washing machine.

Many people, both men and women, sell their old socks online to supplement their income.

I mean, it’s not stranger than selling feet pics.

Given the global economic crisis, I believe many individuals seek methods to supplement their income.

Why not make additional cash by selling your used, filthy socks online?

Well Fitting White Socks.

How do you go about selling used socks on the internet? 

To begin, sell your socks online via websites that offer worn underwear, socks, stockings, bras, and shoes.

Note: only sell on trusted websites.

Many shady things happen in this area of the internet, so it’s best always to give yourself the upper hand. 

What exactly do they mean when people say “used socks?” 

Think of filthy, sweaty, and stinky socks you take off after a long run or a sweaty gym session.

Many customers like to purchase smelly socks that have been used for a long time.

The more you wear those socks, the better.

Weird, we get it. 

We’ve also heard of plenty of other weird ways to make money.

Other popular products to sell include knee-high stockings, leg warmers, and fishnet stockings.

It’s a solid money-making idea you can try.

And if you’re a mom, we also have some side hustle ideas for you.

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How much can you charge customers for your used socks? 

The amount you can charge for a pair of worn socks is determined by how long you’ve worn them and what activities you did while wearing them.

I suggest looking at other people’s prices for a similar pair to understand how much to charge.

Prices range from $3 to more than $200 per pair, with an average selling price of $10 to $30.

Selling socks is all about establishing a brand.

Otherwise, selling used socks online for these prices is impossible.

Each sale you make may result in a commission for specific websites. 

You can set yourself apart by making people want to buy your used socks and not others. 

Selling used socks online is just one way for many to work remotely. If you want some additional ideas, check out this video.

Can you make a significant side income by selling used socks online? 

You might make a few hundred dollars monthly if you advertise and put in the time and effort.

Sellers that brand themselves can make over a thousand dollars monthly selling socks online.

They might engage in specific activities while wearing the socks they sell, or they bank on their looks for advertisements. 

Many sellers get into the foot fetish market after being complimented on their feet.

Strange, we know, but they get ‘fans.’

Some even hop on a site like OnlyFans to profit from the relationship.

If you’d like, you can learn all about this process here.

How do you promote your used socks for sale? 

Pairing Socks With Plastic Sandals.

You can sell socks on a variety of websites.

Sellers often sell used socks on eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook.

Read the website’s terms and conditions before listing your used socks for sale on any of the websites listed above.

Your account may be suspended or possibly banned if you are discovered to be breaking their rules. 

You may even create your own blog and sell your old socks there.

And if you’re a college student, check out this video for some ideas in addition to this article.

Is it essential to gain repeat customers? 

Having repeat customs for you to sell used socks can’t hurt!

Think of your customers as business partners.

Keep in touch with some customers who have given you positive feedback, and try to sell a few more pairs of used socks. 

Some Tips For Selling Your Used Socks Online 

  • Use a fake name. Never use your real name if you decide to sell your used socks online.
  • Never give out your personal information to buyers and potential buyers. Protect your identity by keeping your phone number, address, and place of work private. 
  • It’s never required to show your face when you sell these items. If you’re uncomfortable doing so, you can post pictures of your feet. 
  • For some, flirting might be a good tactic, but I suggest keeping transactions with your buyers strictly professional to avoid confusion. 
  • Suppose you have a high-end camera, then great! Take quality photos of you wearing the socks you’re selling. 
  • Write great descriptions for the items you’re selling. Describe what you did in those socks in great detail to entice buyers. 
  • Wrap your goods well. If possible, use bubble wrap and vacuum bags. Sealing the socks in that bag will preserve the socks’ smell. 

Where You Can Sell Used Socks Online 

Here are a few websites where you can sell used socks online.

Final Thoughts 

Look into the websites further to discover what vendors and customers have to say about their experiences selling or purchasing used socks. 

Would you be willing to try selling your old socks online to get some additional cash?

I hope you find this article to be helpful.

I commend you for trying out a new side hustle!

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Some Used Sock Selling FAQ

Do only people with a sock fetish buy these?

Most likely.

Is selling socks online an excellent way to make money?

Maybe not the best, but it sure is unique!

Is selling socks a women-only side hustle?

Nope. Dudes can try, too.
But we wish you luck.

Should I label them as ‘used socks for sale’?

Sure. But it might be better to get a bit more creative.

Can I sell socks online in the UK?

As far as we know, any of these sites will also work in the UK.

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