Top Affiliate Programs For YouTubers

Are you looking to make more money with your YouTube channel?

That’s not going to happen if you rely on YouTube ads alone.

Lucky for us, there are different ways to monetize and make passive income off our YouTube videos.

That’s where affiliate programs for YouTubers come in.

An affiliate marketing program is a method of promoting other companies products or services.

Affiliates do so by embedding a link in their YouTube videos with a unique code.

These codes are usually included in the video description too.

You may have noticed your favorite Youtubers peddling something or other.

They make money off that.

The company will pay you a commission if a customer purchases a product after clicking on your link.

Of course, all this has to happen within a specified time frame. 

You will earn more money if more customers click that unique link to purchase the product.

When choosing an affiliate marketing program, look for one with favorable terms.

You want one that pays a recurring commission rather than one that just pays commission once.

affiliate programs for youtubers

The Contrast Between Affiliate Networks and Affiliate Programs 

The distinction between in-house affiliate marketing programs (merchants) and affiliate networks is the first thing to tackle here.

Some newbies think these two are interchangeable, but they aren’t.

Imagine you want to create an authority site about skincare and promote serums, toners, and creams.

You’d then have the option of joining a few (or several) different affiliate marketing programs for various manufacturers and providers.

Alternatively, you might just join a network that will connect you with the bulk of the product suppliers.

The best course of action for someone new to affiliate marketing seems to be to join affiliate networks.

Of course, they have the intention of working their way up from there.

However, please note that affiliate networks aren’t all-in-one solutions.

In reality, several affiliate programs exist solely outside of affiliate networks, requiring you to join up for them separately. 

Plus, especially for small YouTubers, being a program affiliate could significantly be more profitable if done correctly.

Joining an affiliate network is also more stringent. 

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The Best Affiliate Programs For YouTubers


Folks use Airbnb to add comfort and authenticity to their vacations.

I’m sure you’ve already heard of this fantastic platform.

Airbnb is a service where you may reserve a room or an apartment in practically any location on the planet.

If you’re a travel blogger or just like to travel a lot, skip the boring hotels!

Spend your holiday at someone’s home instead so that you can show your audience the actual essence of the area. 

Alternatively, show your audience how fun it is to be a host and meet new folks from all over.

We, as content creators, can inspire them to do the same.

You can join one of Airbnb’s two affiliate programs: either as a host or as a visitor.

That implies you can select the program that best suits your target demographic and channel. 

The Airbnb Affiliate Program is reputable, yes.

However, due to the popularity of travel as a YouTube category, you should expect fierce competition.

There is no specific information about commission rates, though.

So you will have to wait to get approved by the platform. 


Movavi is a straightforward piece of software that allows you to modify and enhance your video content.

You can market Movavi to your viewers in a variety of ways.

For example, if your audience is engrossed in making video content, you could provide them with Movavi editing tutorials. 

Because Movavi is so simple, it appeals to a broader audience.

Their program initially offers a 30% commission rate, which can climb to 50% as your sales increase.

However, your commission will revert to the lower rate if your average sales are lower than the preceding two months.

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Online shopping has become a massive part of our everyday lives.

So, it’s so easy to promote Honey, a service designed to help save money from shopping. 

Honey is a free browser plugin that assists you in finding the finest online offers.

Many well-known YouTube creators support Honey, including Marques Brownlee and Ethan Klein.

They typically have affiliate links in the descriptions of their videos.

You can explain how Honey helps you save money and spend wisely by sharing your shopping experiences with your audience.

You won’t have to look for the finest deals in your favorite online retailers because the web extension will do it for you.

Since around 73% of Internet users purchase online, the Honey affiliate program allows you to reach an almost limitless online audience. 

After all, who would decline a fantastic deal?

You can earn commissions from every Honey extension download using your unique affiliate link.

That’s regardless of whether you run a specialized channel or not.

Plus, the minimum payment amount is only $10.

Honey is solely available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

You’re out of luck if you reside outside of these areas. 

And please note that Honey is only available as a desktop extension.

If your subscribers watch your videos on their mobile devices, they won’t be able to add Honey to their browser.

So even if they click on the link on their phones, you won’t get paid.

Tripadvisor – Affiliate Programs For YouTubers

TripAdvisor is a travel-related website where you can get everything from hotel and restaurant reviews to bookings and more.

Since everyone enjoys traveling, the TripAdvisor affiliate program will work for any YouTube channel, regardless of its usual topics. 

Still, keep in mind that you’ll be paid a percentage of the revenue made by users who click on commerce links.

These links will be on the TripAdvisor website. This could be problematic.

There’s no guarantee that a person who comes from your link will click on the TripAdvisor advertisements and commerce links.

Now, let’s say a user from your video clicks on a commerce link that takes them to a Tripadvisor partner site.

You’ll get a 50% commission on the gross revenue.

Because the platform approves global affiliates, anyone can apply.

My issue with the Tripadvisor affiliate program is that its terms are challenging to comprehend.

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Adobe is a well-known brand that requires no introduction.

Most creatives have used at least one of their products for editing, web development, and other purposes.

Adobe allows you to promote several digital products, including: 

  • Adobe Stock 
  • Adobe Creative Cloud 
  • Adobe Photoshop 
  • Adobe Document Cloud 

You can pick a specific product best meets your audience’s interests.

You could then make reviews and tutorials to promote these products. 

It’s simple to join the Adobe Affiliate Program.

Once you’re in, you’ll have access to special Adobe deals and up to 85% commissions.

The program’s disadvantage is its time-consuming setup.



Amazon is visited by almost 200 million individuals every month from all around the world.

Your channel could have a distinct niche or, on the contrary, a highly defined focus.

Either way, the Amazon associates program can be a good fit.

There’s something for everyone on the Amazon Affiliate Program.

Tech nerds, gamers, designers, beauty gurus, and readers all have access to relevant products on Amazon.

Your task is to select the different products that your audience will appreciate. 

Amazon is a well-known brand, and sales surge over the holidays.

The main drawback is that commissions differ depending on the type of product.


With Skillshare, you can help your audience grow their skill sets.

Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of lessons in areas such as design, photography, and business.

This online education platform has over 24,000 online classes and around 60,000 student projects.

You can use Skillshare to share some of your favorite tutorials and classes on the platform.

Afterward, inspire your followers to put their newly gained information to good use.

Skillshare pays out commissions on a monthly basis, and trail sign-ups are counted as referrals.

Each person that signs up for a Premium Membership or a free trial earns you $10!

That may not seem like much money, but it adds up.


Twitch is a platform that highlights the fun in life.

Twitch is a streaming network that provides live and unique experiences.

It also has an integrated chat function that lets everyone viewing participate in the event.

So, if you enjoy video games, creating artwork, music, or anything else creative, the Twitch affiliate program could be a good fit for you.

On Twitch, you earn Bits rather than clicks.

Bits are a type of virtual coinage that consumers may purchase to show their support for their favorite affiliates.

As a Twitch affiliate, your objective is to earn as many Bits as possible to convert them into cash.

The conditions to become a Twitch Affiliate aren’t stringent.

You’ll need at least 50 followers, seven distinct broadcast days, and an average of three or more simultaneous viewers.


ShopStyle Collective is a website that allows you to earn money by sharing links to various online fashion stores.

You may earn a commission by sharing what you’re wearing with your audience through the ShopStyle Collective program.

In your first 90 days with ShopStyle, you can receive a 75% revenue share.

By becoming an affiliate, you gain unrestricted access to a variety of widgets that can help your followers connect with your content more effectively. 

The “Shop the Post” button, for example, allows your followers to shop the things in your post directly.

Such features increase your audience engagement, all while earning extra cash. 

A warning: Some affiliates claim that after receiving their first $100, their commission rate dropped dramatically without explanation.

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Shopify is a giant in the e-commerce world.

You’ve probably heard of the platform, even if you don’t have your own online shop.

Over 1.7 million online retail businesses in 175 countries use Shopify’s eCommerce platform to sell over $200 billion in merchandise.

This is when things start to get captivating.

The Shopify Affiliate Program pays a one-time commission of up to $598 on the Advanced, Shopify, or Basic subscription price.

The figure rises to a hefty $2,000 per unit for enterprise sales.

Of course, if you want to make that kind of money, you’ll need to create highly high-quality videos.

Software reviews, long-form videos, and affiliate product comparisons are all likely to be successful.

However, you’ll need to be well-versed in your domain.

EtsyAffiliate Programs For YouTubers

Etsy is another large eCommerce platform, but it concentrates on things manufactured by independent crafters, dealers, and artists.

Sure, there are a few vendors selling low-quality knock-offs on the marketplace.

Still, Etsy has unquestionably established itself as the industry leader in the handmade and vintage arena.

There is no other marketplace that compares.

So, if that audience is a good fit for the video content you’re making, you should definitely sign up for Etsy’s affiliate marketing program.

You could imaginably earn a lot of extra money or perhaps a job replacement income through Etsy.

You will have to make video content that reviews specific Etsy products and links directly to them.

The principle is similar to Amazon and eBay.

You’ll get a 4% commission every time someone buys something through your affiliate link.

Sure, we’re not talking about big bucks, but the cookie window is a lot longer than on eBay and Amazon.

The important thing is that you and your audience have access to a wide variety of products.


Let’s talk about eBay. It is one of the world’s oldest and largest e-commerce platforms, with over 1.4 billion product listings at any given moment.

You might not know that 80% of them are brand new.

Moreover, it is home to a number of well-known companies, such as Nespresso and Adidas. eBay also carries a variety of small shops and individual vendors.

eBay, like Amazon, has a wide range of products, making it an excellent alternative for any affiliate marketer on YouTube.

But, like Amazon, the eBay Partner Network has certain drawbacks.

The commissions are once again low, with a top tier of only 4%.

Plus, the cookie window is equally as brief as Amazon’s at 24 hours.

However, there is a benefit to high-profile affiliate schemes.

Although the terms aren’t ideal, your YouTube viewers are likely to trust them, removing a hindrance to purchasing.


JVZoo is the most outstanding affiliate program for vloggers because it provides them with access to a variety of advertisers.

JVZoo is unusual in that it pays commissions immediately compared to other affiliate networks. 

They give out 100% commission on certain products, and you can monitor the performance of your products in real-time. 

Let’s say your content on your small channel contains selling products.

It would be best if you tried promoting them through an affiliate network because you will receive visitors and a commission.

Another distinguishing characteristic of this affiliate program is that you will be paid two-tier commissions.

Other affiliate programs do not offer this.

Any successful sale you make using the JVZoo link will earn you a commission through your PayPal wallet or bank account.

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Final Thoughts 

Now it’s time to answer the question that’s staring me in the face: is YouTube affiliate marketing worthwhile?

It’s a no-brainer, to be perfectly candid.

The YouTube video platform is so marketable and continues to grow in terms of traffic and subscribers.

And for that reason, it has a lot of affiliate marketing potential.

Although that’s not to say you should neglect your other platforms in favor of your YouTube channel.

To maximize your earning potential, I always recommend combining YouTube marketing with an affiliate marketing blog (and potentially some other platforms).

You won’t be completely reliant on people clicking links in your video descriptions and popups this way.

Still, it’s a great way to earn a passive income and monetize your online presence.

Good luck! 

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