I was the kid at school selling you candy from my backpack.
I was an entrepreneur – I just didn’t know what that meant yet.

I’m not very good at 9 to 5 jobs.
I’ve tried them a few times.
They are the right path for many folks, but they’re just not right for me.

I have a BSBA degree in Finance, but I knew since high school that I wanted to be a business owner.
So I started carving my own path as an entrepreneur after graduating college and have done so for the last 15 years.

I believe that life and business are one grand adventure.
We’re meant to live it fully and I would love to live the adventure with you (in fact, I publicly share my Life List – things I’d like to attempt to complete with my time on this planet).
I don’t think that we should only attempt to think outside of the box.

I think that we should Destroy the Box.

I physically and spiritually come to life by having multiple projects going on at one time.

Having lots of projects happen has allowed us to create almost 20 different income streams  and develop our own rules for personal finance.

One of the businesses that I purchased needed me to work inside of a retail store every day.  I’m just not made for this.  I literally felt like my soul was being crushed.

Coupled with my mother passing away unexpectedly, it led me into a pretty nasty depression.

I learned just how powerful the brain is and where it can take you (I now have great respect for anxiety/depression and am grateful to be able to empathize with others).

I learn more from failing than getting things right.

When I fail, it allows me to do it twice as fast the next time.

I want to continue to share my adventures – my life goals, my business goals.

I’m going to share with you what has worked for me.
I share those tools with you over on my resource page.

My wife and I are full-time side hustlers and micropreneurs ourselves.
So I’m going to give you marketing ideas, sales ideas – good for both life and business – that have worked for us.
A good spot to start is the blog.
*note: people say they hate sales (I’m one of them) but life is sales. How else did you get friends, get a job, win a mate, etc.? We can all improve our sales skills ????

I hope that you’ll buckle up and take the journey with me.
I don’t take it lightly; I hope you don’t either.
There are going to be bumps.
There is going to be smooth sailing.
We are going to hit walls.
There are mountains beyond those mountains.
But we will survive.
Growth happens when you are tested the most.

But let’s live this adventure of life and business together.
And don’t just think outside the box.
Destroy the Box!

If you’d like to work with me or further connect, let’s do it.