Mountains Beyond Mountains – Life Explained in 45 Seconds

The Haitians have an ancient proverb that has become a way of life for me.
The proverb has helped me be patient in my business and allowed me to choose to live a life of adventure.
It’s the phrase Mountains Beyond Mountains.
I’ve also heard it stated: Beyond Mountains, there are Mountains.

mountains beyond mountains - Haitian Proverb

At first look, it doesn’t seem very profound.

Ok, so there are mountains.

So what?

Maybe you’ve never been on a multi-day hiking trip.
If not, I’ll provide a bit of context to the Haitian proverb.

Hiking is a beautiful activity that can become very repetitive.
It’s the essence of it.
You walk.
Put one foot in front of the other.
[I’ve written about some of my hikes and lessons in the past including my Half Dome experience and surviving a bear encounter – hiking half dome with a headlamp in order to watch the sunrise from the top is still a part of my bucket list].


Hard climbs.
Normal and mundane.
Scary and treacherous downhills.

You struggle to get to the top of a mountain.
When you do, the views are beautiful.
It’s amazing.
Then you look out, and all you see are more mountains.

You have a choice to make.
Does it cause you anxiety?
Are the mountains beautiful, and you look forward to tackling them?
Maybe you can look at the past and see the hard work that you’ve already completed.

Or you can take in the view and accept it for what it is.
Appreciate the view and the present moment.
And learn to enjoy the process of the hike.

Life is a journey.

There are hard parts and easy parts.
People are ahead of you and others are behind you.

That’s your future.
More climbing.
So the lesson of life?

Enjoy where you are right now.

We are the only created beings who can focus on the past that has already happened.
Sometimes we have physical anxiety over the future – something that hasn’t happened in real life.
The reality is that you have the present moment.

Smell the flowers.
Enjoy the present.
Appreciate the journey.

Take the hike.

Appreciate that there are mountains beyond mountains.

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