Destroy the Box: The Art Of Unconventional Thinking!

Destroy the Box.

Go beyond just thinking outside of one.

We all like our routines and habits. 

We prefer things to be stable and predictable.

But growth happens when you go beyond that.

It’s OK to think differently.

To carve your path.

Not to think outside the box.

But you know, Destroy the Box!

Destroy the Box

Most of us avoid risks. 

I get it.  

Survival is key.

We’re wired this way.

We might look foolish.

Or our idea might fail.

But history has shown that just on the other side of uncertainty is where the MAGIC happens.

Take Steve Jobs, for example. 

The board of directors at the company he created fired him. 

But later, Apple bought the operating system his team developed, and Jobs became the CEO – again.

Under his leadership, Apple’s stock skyrocketed.

This is how you Destroy the Box!

Taking risks is necessary for personal and business growth.

Yes, there’s a chance of failure or rejection. 

But you’ve got to do it – at least with a portion of your energy and efforts.

Let me tell you a bit more.

Where ‘Destroy the Box’ came from

I have no idea.

I said the phrase more than 15 years ago.

I had the phrase trademarked.

And, over the years, we’ve developed plenty around the brand.

Destroy the box swag.

Our online university is named Destroy the Box University.

Our podcast is called the Destroy the Box Podcast.

destroy the box podcast

Currently, our newsletter is under my brand.

Should we brand it as the ‘Destroy the Box’ Newsletter?

Our team is thinking hard about this.

The phrase and the brand will continue to evolve.

But I’ll leave you with some ideas about the concept.

Here are a few warmups to help you Destroy the Box.

Seek advice from a child.

Yep, you wouldn’t think of this one.

We’re Destroying the Box with this idea alone!

Children are natural innovators due to their imaginations. 

They’re not scared of anything (just yesterday, a kid was walking up to me, telling me his name, and shooting ‘bats’ out of the air).  

Unlike adults, our rules and norms don’t apply to them.

I envy this so much.

So, ask a kid!

Also, be more childlike.

Ask why

We often hear the phrase, “This is just the way it is.” 


No way, man.

Challenge this.  

By questioning why you do things a certain way, you may discover the path to new ideas.

And this is what the world needs.

It needs you – destroying the world’s box of norms with your questions.

Expand your knowledge

Education is a powerful tool for gaining new perspectives. 

It’s easy to think you’re done with learning after graduate school.  

Nope, it never stops.

You’re just getting started.

Learning something new can provide fresh insights into things you already know how to do.

Consider taking a paid course or reading helpful books to jumpstart your brain with fresh ideas.

Give your brain a workout.

Exercise the brain.

Keep it agile.

One exercise is alphabetizing the letters of a word. 

Take any word and arrange its letters alphabetically. 

For example, C-L-O-C-K would become C-O-K-L-C. 

It forces your brain to take the info and completely reorganize it. 

Play the game a few times a week.

As you become more experienced, increase the number of letters in your alphabetized words.

Here’s another brain exercise to flex mental muscles and help you destroy the box.

Add a series of one-digit numbers in your head without using a pen and paper. 

If it becomes too easy, switch to two-digit numbers.

Take a Shower and Let your mind wander.

Showering is an autonomous act.  

You have done it plenty of times.

So your mind goes on auto mode.

This allows creativity to happen.  

This is precisely why the majority of my ideas come while I’m taking a shower.

Taking a walk has a similar effect.

You can also destroy the box by…

Create a mind map.

Start with a single word or sentence and draw a ring around it. 

Then, create branches and write related words or phrases connected to the main idea. 

Repeat this process to expand your mind map. 

This exercise helps generate new ideas by visually mapping out your thoughts. 

I use mind maps for keyword research and topic clusters for my “Destroy the Box” brand on YouTube

I use mind mapping to think through all of my projects and all aspects of my business.

I do this quietly over coffee, especially when on trips (something about being in a new location).

Don’t worry.

You don’t have to do it all at once.

Use the compound effect.

Be Consistent.

Get 1% better every day.

Results will happen slowly, then all at once.

And then, before you know it, Destroying the Box will become your new norm.

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