How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

You’ve got no money in your pocket. You don’t have much time. However, you still want to make money online without paying anything. 

It is not a big deal. Find yourself a Genie and ask for three wishes. Tell him you want your bank account filled to the brim. Stacked with cash.

That sounds easy, right? And maybe even impossible?

Don’t worry because there’s a more comfortable option. And more realistic at that. 

This article will only take a few minutes to read. You’ll read about more than 20 different ways you can make money online without paying for anything. 

There are no sign-up fees or investments to shell out, even if you are a beginner in this area. 

Let’s skip the typical ways to earn money through selling pre-loved items or clicking on Google Ads. This post will teach you the practical ways to make money without using money.

If this topic piqued your interest, keep reading.

How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

Can You Make Money Online Without Paying?

For any business around the world, you need a starting capital to invest. If you don’t have the money, then your time serves as the initial investment.

However, some business models out there allow you to earn money even if you don’t have a single penny. You only need time to start a business.

An example of a success story is Harold Everton.

Everton is a Super Seller from Fiverr, an online platform where you can pick up gigs. He finished college and had debts because of his student loans.

He had no job and money to use for starting something. Then, he found Fiverr and took graphics designing gigs as a freelancer. 

Now, he’s one of the highest earners of Fiverr, making at least six figures a month through freelance works. He built his team and turned what started as a small gig into a full-time source of income.

There are many stories to tell about people who got successful in starting a business without paying anything. It truly changed their lives. 

So with these sample stories, you could say that it is possible to make money with an empty pocket.

However, the question here is: how do I make money fast? How effective are these ways?

Naturally, you’ll be curious about these things, and they are good points. Continue reading to see the answer.

How To Make Money Online With Paying Anything

To start a business, you either choose between investing money or time. 

If you choose the time, you need to work for longer hours to source opportunities that can allow you to make money without using money. 

Building a sustainable online business requires more time if you don’t have money. Because you don’t have the money to hire someone to do work for you, you need to stand alone.

With hard work and time, you can turn a plan into a profitable business. Maybe in a few months or years, you can start building your team and be more independent. 

There’s no science behind this glow-up. 

Simply identify the problem, find possible solutions, opt for the best one, and charge people to pay for it. It can be a product or service, whichever you’re capable of providing.

If the problem is more significant, then the solution is more complicated. You can charge a higher rate for providing a better solution. 

And it is entirely normal for most businesses, even in the online world.

However, businesses may take time before they can grow and before you can benefit from it. What if you need the money quickly?

I’ll show you money-making ideas that can help you get the money quickly. 

For the most part, these ideas are not ideal for long-term careers. However, they pay immediately, almost on the spot, and don’t need money to start. 

Also, it gives you the chance to work on sustainable business models. 

Here are some ideas to make money, both for the short-term and long-term, without paying anything.

Short-Term Money-Making Ideas – Online

If you want to start earning money quickly without using any penny, then the list below can help you.

Also, you can turn these ideas into a full-time source of income if you are hard-working and patient.

Let’s dive into the list now!

Be A Freelancer

Be A Freelancer - pay no money upfront

Being a freelancer is a great way to earn quickly. It is not a passive income. However, you don’t need to learn freelancing for a long time before you make it. 

You only need at least an hour per day to start earning from it. For up to two days, you can even make a hundred dollars. 

If you are hard-working and consistent enough, this opportunity can turn into a long-term career for you. It can help you earn up to $100,000 yearly. 

To start freelancing, you need to have or develop a skill that clients may need. Then, find people who are willing to avail of your services as a freelancer. 

Freelancing is the quickest way to make money online without paying anything. You can even start today along with the other millions of people doing it already.

According to a press article, there is an estimated 57 million freelancers in the U.S. The numbers are likely to increase to 87 million by 2027.

Millions of freelancers are from the Philippines, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Russia, and many more.  

Some freelancing jobs like design and multimedia, engineering, manufacturing, programming, legal assistance, etc., pay at least $20 per hour.

However, these jobs are not the only industries available in the freelancing world. 

Offer Any Freelancing Skills

For almost every skill, there’s a freelance position for you. You can offer any skills to make money. It really is a great way to make money online without paying anything upfront.

If you have good writing skills, you can be a freelance writer. Or, if your typing skills are above average, be a transcriptionist.

If you have a great accent, intonation, and reading voice, be a voice-over actor. Or if you are good with selling products through words, then be a copywriter.

If you have the eye and skills for a good logo, postern, and banners, then be a graphic designer. Or if you know how to code, apply it in programming projects. 

You can also do administrative tasks like creating PowerPoint presentations, data entry, proofreading, editing, and many more. 

Suppose you can’t still do these things or do not have the skills to do the tasks mentioned above. There are still many things you can do as a freelancer. 

For instance, you may dance to any song a client wants for a specific rate of $30. By doing an outstanding performance, you will garner more positive reviews from clients. 

It sounds hard to believe that dancing as a freelance gig can earn you quick money, but it is not impossible. Anyone can do it. 

But if awkward gigs like this one are not your cup of tea, you can take a severe path towards freelancing.

Things To Prepare Before Starting 

We’re learnings how to make money online without having to pay anything. But before you can offer your services to potential clients, you need to find where you’ll fit in the industry. 

List down gigs, jobs, or any projects you’ve done, including those tasks you’ve done in school. Also, try putting works you did for a non-profit or only a project with friends and relatives.

Think of the other skills you can think and are capable of doing. Some of the easiest and most general skills you can include are writing, typing, researching through the internet, and speaking.

Additionally, think about the hobbies and things you are passionate about doing. 

Once you got everything down, see which skills and tasks you can offer as a freelancer. 

For example, if you ever researched a particular topic during college, you can offer the same service to many clients worldwide as a freelancer. 

If you can easily navigate Google searches and other browsers, this task should be quick and easy. 

It isn’t easy to list down everything you can and offer as a freelancer because there are many skills. But, take note of this information. 

Being a freelancer is not a passive source of income. You need to exert time and effort to earn money. 

Also, getting a freelance job is not a piece of cake. You cannot always get a client overnight, just after you decided to be a freelancer. 

Be ready to apply for many jobs and companies, every day if possible, to get a higher chance of being hired by a client. 

Consider freelancing as a number game. If you apply for many jobs, then you have a better chance of scoring an opportunity to earn money quickly. 

And if you start gaining positive reviews from satisfied clients and adding works to your portfolios may help you get clients quicker. 

General Freelancing Sites 



People Per Hour





Quick Freelance Gigs Sites 






Freelance Writing and Content Marketing Sites

Freelance Writing Jobs


ProBlogger Jobs



Freelance SEO/SEM Writer Sites


Search Engine Journal Jobs


Freelance Programming Sites



We Work Remotely

Android Jobs


Authentic Jobs

Angel List


Core Intuition


Freelance Graphic Designing Sites

Graphic River




You’ll find almost every type of freelancing gig on these websites above. If you don’t have a professional skill set, like programming and SEO writing, you may start small projects. 

Fiverr, Upwork, and other sites offer small projects that you can take on from a wide range of industries. They typically don’t need technical and professional skills. 

While taking these gigs, I suggest you enroll in some online courses that can help you explore other freelancing positions. 

More people like to try freelancing. Therefore, there’s greater competition in the field of freelancing. 

However, it does not mean you can’t shoot your shot. It is still the best option for you to make money quickly online. 

Be A Virtual Assistant

Another quick moneymaker is the virtual assistance industry. Most virtual assistants’ tasks do not need extensive technical skills, so learning it is easy and fast.

You may render at least two hours per day to earn up to $100 for two days. This task may be a quick way to earn extra money, but it can also be a long-term job if you want. 

Annually, a virtual assistant earns up to an average of $50,000 income. 

For short, a virtual assistant, VA is an online administrative secretary that most business owners hire to help them with tasks. 

Virtual assistants are in charge of many administrative tasks, like organizing and managing routine tasks. It helps business owners focus more on the business tasks in the company. 

In a way, V.A. is under the category of freelancing. However, rather than quick gigs, their contracts last longer. 

For the past years, the V.A. industry skyrocketed, and more opportunities opened almost every day. A part-time V.A. can work for three to four hours per day.  It’s also a solid way to figure out how to make money online without needing to pay or invest anything upfront.

Virtual Assistants’ Key Duties 

Virtual assistants cover most of the office tasks that the employer needs. 

One of the most manageable tasks is data entry. There is also an appointment setting and attending meetings. 

The employer may also assign schedules and set reminders for important tasks, and document some studies. 

Also, answering emails and following up on stakeholders can be a part of your duties.

The best thing about being a virtual assistant is you can be one immediately. If you can spare a few hours each day, you may start your virtual assistant career today. 

Depending on the employer, you don’t even need to report daily. You can work for a limited number of days every month as per your negotiation. 

Finding Clients As A Virtual Assistant

Most of the virtual assistant jobs are also available in the freelancing platforms I listed above. 

You may also promote your services directly to small businesses and entrepreneurs in LinkedIn, emails, or websites. Look up if they need V.A.s for their business. 

Search the freelance sites that I shared in the previous point.

Websites are not strictly necessary for a V.A., but it helps you get a higher chance of employment if you can provide one. Check out WordPress, where you can create one for free. 

Earn Money With Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a popular way to earn money while keeping yourself entertained. In a way, it is somehow a passive income, but you need to spend time browsing the web.

You don’t need to learn anything to start earning with SwagBucks. You need an hour every day to make $100 per day.

Swagbucks is more of a side hustle rather than an option for a long-term career. You can earn an extra of $10,000 annually if you try it. 

People spend an average of 6 hours or so browsing the internet on different gadgets. That is on a global basis. 

But if we take a look at the average time per country, the Philippines has ten hours; Brazil has nine hours; India has eight hours, and so on. 

Swagbucks pays you to browse websites, play online games, watch entertaining videos, and use shopping deals. You can redeem the points you earned on Amazon or withdraw with Paypal.

If you are an average internet user, 300 SwagBuck points are possible in 30 minutes. For every 100 points you have, it is equivalent to a dollar. So for 30 minutes of using Swagbucks, you can make $3. 

You’re not doing much work, just doing the usual. It is an excellent option to earn quick cash without doing much. 

Survey Junkie is a similar website with higher payouts and a better user experience.

Check out Survey Junkie to make money online.

Start Dropshipping

e-commerce dropshipping - Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

A dropshipping store can make money passively once you lay the groundwork. 

Dropshipping is one of the best ways to start a business without investing money. Unlike other businesses, dropshipping doesn’t need inventory and shipping on your part. 

You may start with creating a website that features the products you’ll sell.

Then, you can source a direct manufacturer after a customer orders from you. 

Many people from the U.S., Australia, India, and other countries make millions of dollars from dropshipping without spending money upfront.

Irwin Dominguez is a successful eCommerce drop shipper. He climbed his way up to $1 million in sales in just eight months of operation, starting from scratch. 

There are lots of ways to start your dropshipping store. One of them is creating a Shopify store, then automating it with a company like Spocket. Though, it needs a small investment of a few hundred dollars. 

However, if you are looking to start a dropshipping store free, you can approach the local area’s business model sourcing suppliers. 

When you get their product images and rates, post them on your WordPress website, and buy from them when you get an order from a customer. 

Be An Online Teacher

Be An Online Teacher - How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

Online teaching is one of the most profitable jobs that allows you to work remotely. You don’t need to spend money yet; you still make money quickly. 

If you have the knowledge and skills in teaching a specific subject, then this idea is for you. You can even teach an hour every day, and it will be enough to make $100 in two days. 

Online teaching can be a full-time job that pays you $30,000 on average annually. 

Many people want to learn new things and skills through the internet, and you can offer to teach them whatever you know. 

You don’t need a license or be an expert in the field you’re teaching. You only need more knowledge and skills than your students. 

It may sound similar to selling online courses; however, teaching through the internet is a one-on-one service: your time in exchange for their money.

To start as an online teacher, find students on sites like Preply and ClassGap. Aside from that, use social media sites for marketing your services through friends then referrals. 

Freelancing platforms also offer gigs on online teaching, so you can check that out to find students. 

Answer Online Surveys

Answering online surveys is another popular way to make money quickly. It is easy, fast, and takes only an hour or two of your day to make $100 in three days. 

I don’t suggest this one as a full-time career, but you can keep it as a side hustle to earn extra cash. An average of $5,000 yearly is not bad, considering it is a simple way to make money quickly.

Many websites pay you to answer surveys with free registration. You only need to set up your profile then participate in surveys.

Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, InboxDollars, My Points, etc., offer these paid survey tasks. 

You’ll earn $1-$20 for every survey you answer, but it still depends on many factors. 

To make a decent amount of money from paid surveys, sign up for many sites to earn more. 

There’s no guarantee that answering surveys will make you rich, but it is a great way to earn a hundred dollars monthly quickly

Be A Guest Blogger

Be A Guest Blogger - or start a lifestyle blog

Being a professional guest blogger needs hands-on efforts, but you can learn it for a short period. 

You’ll need to spend at least three hours every day for ten days to earn $100. If you keep this as a long-term income source, you can earn up to $20,000 yearly.

However, I don’t recommend being a guest blogger as a long-term career choice. But, it is good enough to help you make money.

Some people who have excellent writing skills don’t have time to manage and grow their blogs. If that’s you, then be a professional guest blogger. 

As a guest blogger, you contribute posts to various websites that need content. There are many ways to make money as a guest blogger. 

You can earn at least $100 per article you write as a guest author. 

Another way to earn as a guest blogger needs more explanation as it involves backlinks.

Blogs need more backlinks because they affect their ranking on search engines. Try approaching various blogs to apply as a guest writer for an XYZ site and provide a backlink for $50 and up.

Be An Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is a passive source of income that helps you earn an average of $100,000 annually. 

Though it sounds effortless, you still need to exert a bit of effort in learning how affiliate marketing works. You can spend an hour or so per day to make $100 in fifteen days at tops. 

Being an affiliate marketer can be a long-term career for you, as long as you know the right approach. It is one of the most popular ideas to earn extra cash online. 

An affiliate marketer’s job is to promote products from an e-commerce site and earn commissions from every purchase. You don’t even need investments. 

Different affiliate marketing approaches also have other yielding times. 

For instance, it takes up to months of hard work before you earn and rank in an Amazon affiliate site. 

A quicker option in the affiliate marketing industry is to promote digital products like Clickbank and other platforms. 

You can opt for a digital product that tends to sell the most, become an affiliate for that network, and focus on driving traffic to the product. It will help you earn money faster. 

Since you don’t shell out money in this one, you’ll need to stick with creating content on a free website you’ll manage. 

The next option in marketing these products is introducing them on social media sites, group forums, and other related platforms. 

The same approach is also possible with Cost Per Action (CPA) offers. CPA is different from the commission for every sale approach.

Instead, you earn for specific actions done by the users. For example, the clients fill up a form or download a file.

There are many options for affiliate products and CPA offers in the platforms I mentioned and those similar to it. 

Be A Medium Writer

Medium is an online publishing platform for every kind of writer. They have roughly 100 million active users every month, so this idea is an excellent opportunity for you. 

According to Similar Web, Medium reached 210 million visits during February 2021. 

Besides publishing content through the platform, you can also earn money from applying to its partner program. 

To earn from Medium, you’ll need to publish quality content that targets a specific group of readers. When a Medium user subscribes to your content, you’ll earn from the $5 subscription fee they paid. 

The top authors in Medium earn about $50,000 monthly. That happens when you’re lucky enough for your content to go viral. 

However, on a more typical scene, you can make a few hundred dollars monthly with consistent publishing. 

Self Publish On Amazon

Self Publish On Amazon

If you have a passion for writing, self-publish your works on Amazon. You can earn passively while comfortably writing. 

To publish a book, you’ll need around 4 hours per day to write. You can get your first $100 in 15 days at tops. 

Unleash the inner writer in you and turn this opportunity into a long-term career. You can take up to $30,000 in sales in a year. 

Even a college dropout made a million dollars from self-publishing in Amazon so that you can do it too. 

You may not start with millions, but you can make hundreds in a short time by selling books on Amazon. Also, regular people made self-publishing in Amazon a full-time job for them. 

To be successful in this business, ensure the quality of your book, whether it piques the interests of readers, the reasonability of its price. 

Authors from Amazon priced their books cheaply and earned from the volume sales because of the platform’s traffic. 

Start A Consultancy Business

Start A Consultancy Business

Starting a consultancy business is not a passive source of income: however, it helps you make money without paying anything. 

Unlike other ideas, this one may need a little learning on your part. You may need to provide advice on some areas that need specific solutions. 

You can start earning by spending two hours every day and making $100 on your first two days. It is a business that can turn into a full-time source of income with an estimated $100,000 average yearly payment. 

If you have professional experience working in any industry, you can start an online consultancy business to make money quickly.

A degree, title, and office are not even necessary to start this business. It is all about guiding clients with specific problems. 

You don’t even have to opt for large businesses or firms. 

Hunter Otis, an ex-porn addict, started a consultancy business when he found Facebook Groups with people struggling with porn addiction.

Within a year of operation, Otis earned thousands of dollars monthly, even reaching almost $1 million in revenue for the year. He didn’t even create a website to launch his services.

You can try the same approach with many problems people are struggling with right now. For example, advice people facing alcohol addiction, marriage problems, or gadget addictions. 

If you are a lawyer, accountant, programmer, etc., you can start a technical consultant business. These types of independent consultancies make more money. 

You don’t need a lot of clients to make money in the consultancy business. Just need at least two regular clients who can vouch for you to make enough money. 

You can get your clients by promoting your services to your friends and relatives. Then, you can start marketing your business on social media sites and LinkedIn groups. 

Sell Online Courses

A passive way to earn money is to sell online courses on Udemy. It takes only two hours of your day, and you’ll make $100 within 15 days. 

If many people availed your online courses and consistently sell online courses, it can turn into a long-term career. You’ll earn up to $30,000 yearly as additional cash. 

Udemy has more than 50 million students with 50 thousand instructors. It is one of the biggest online learning platforms. 

A general knowledge that you are knowledgeable of can be an online course for sale to thousands of clients. 

For example, you can help people train pets, cook different dishes, understand academic subjects, web designing, and many more. 

With the wide range of industries to choose from, there’s a place in Udemy to sell that online course. 

In selling online courses, Udemy has sub-categories for every category. Listed under are popular topics that can give you an idea of what courses to sell. 

You don’t need to produce a sixty-hour-long video lesson or exams. Instead, create smaller courses with presentations or screen recordings. 

Even a course priced at $10 can make enough sales in a month because of Udemy’s traffic. 

Apart from Udemy, there are stand-alone course creation and selling platforms like Thinkific, Podia, and Teachable. If you want to have more customizability and control over your audience, do check them out.

Stream On Twitch and Facebook

Another popular way to earn money is playing video games and streaming them on Twitch or Facebook. 

You can dedicate at least three hours of your time each day to make $100 in ten days at the minimum. Annually, you can earn up to $50,000 at max. 

Believe it or not, this idea is possible to be a long-term career. You just need to invest in some gaming skills so you can keep your viewers entertained. 

In this article, 65% of adults, about 164 million people in the U.S., play video games. 

If this many people enjoy playing video games as a hobby, it is easy for them to turn it into a money-making career. 

Play your favorite games on your gaming consoles or even desktops. Livestream them on Twitch, Facebook, Youtube, and other platforms that allow donations from viewers and earn from ads. 

Pewdiepie, the most famous Youtuber with more than 109 million subscribers, earns millions of dollars from streaming video games.

Twitch is the most famous platform for game live streaming. It helped many gamers become millionaires by just streaming. 

A Twitch streamer can earn an average of $250 with 100 subscribers. It isn’t exactly difficult, mostly if you play exceptionally in a famous game. 

Also, Facebook Gaming is keeping up as well in the game live streaming industry. Nowadays, it is becoming a more serious career choice for many people across the globe. 

Sell Pictures Online

Sell Pictures Online - How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

If you enjoy taking photos, then you can make a passive income from it. You can list your images on Shutterstock and other stock photo sites like Adobe.

In ten days, you can make up to $100 by just uploading your photographs. It is an excellent source of extra income because you can earn an average of $8,000 per year. 

Shutterstock allows you to make money from the photographs and even videos you contribute. For the past years, the company paid around $1 billion to their contributors. 

You don’t even need a professional camera to get started on this method. Your mobile camera is good enough to take photos and sell to sites. 

Be A Website Tester And App Reviewer

A website tester and app reviewer is an income generator that needs your website or mobile application’s technicalities. 

If you can spend at least 2 hours every day for ten days at most, you’ll get your first $100. You can earn about $10,000 per annum.

However, it does not guarantee a long-term career for you. Still, it is an excellent option to earn quick cash. 

Many websites and apps emerge every day, and they need feedback from actual users to improve their overall performance. 

Your two hours every day of browsing and using websites and apps can earn you $10 per hour. You’ll need to provide a review according to the guidelines the firm required. 

UserTesting and Tester Work are some of the famous sites to do these tasks. You’ll get assignments on website and app testing, then earn from accomplishing them. 

The projects differ for each user depending on their demographics and location. Most of the time, the U.S., Australia, and other European countries get more tasks because the demand is higher in these places. 

However, companies still hire from Indian, Pakistan, and other developing countries for these assignments. 

Start A Print-On-Demand Business

Start A Print-On-Demand Business

A print-on-demand (POD) business is another business model that does not need any initial investment. It can be a passive income source that lets you earn a hundred dollars in two days. 

For example, see our online store that sells gear for hustlers.

You can turn this into a full-time income source from a small business that’ll bring you up to $100,000 sales annually.

To start a print-on-demand business, sign up for a POD service like Printful (we use) or Printify so you can design merchandise using their tools.

Then you list the product up for sale on your website.

The POD company prints the design on the respective merchandise as soon as a client orders. Then they directly ship it to the customer and give you apart from the transaction. 

One of the biggest POD companies is Merch by Amazon.

It is advantageous because they have high website traffic to help you build the business.  

However, not every seller is eligible to join Amazon Merch.

They usually reject applications from new sellers, so you need to have a backup plan. 

Explore other sites that offer POD services like Printify

Many people found success in the POD business that went from small to big companies. 

The POD business model is similar to dropshipping because you don’t need to worry about storage and shipping. 

However, POD lets you be more creative in the physical appearance of the product. 

Sell Your Artworks

Let your creative side shine by selling artworks online. It can help you earn money passively up to $50,000 as a long-term career.

You can start your money-making journey on Etsy. It is an online eCommerce site where you can list your creative products. 

It is easy to promote products on Etsy because they have many active buyers. For painters, Etsy allows their pieces to sell, but their works get the recognition they deserve. 

However, Etsy is not free. You need at least 20 cents to list down a product on the site. 

Conclusion: Short-Term Money-Making Ideas – Online

These ideas are some of the quick ways to make money online. The best part is that you don’t need to spend anything. Try your chance in earning extra with them. 

But if you can spare more to invest in an online business, the next section is for you. 

Long-Term Money Making Ideas – Online

Most businesses need an initial investment before it becomes a multi-million business. But, online businesses are different. 

If you can exert hard work and effort, you can become a millionaire by trying these ideas without spending a penny.

Start A Profitable Blog

Starting a blog is one of the typical passive ways to make money without using money upfront. Though it can take longer than usual to earn your first $100, it will all be worth it. 

You can definitely make 6 figures and possibly become a millionaire through blogging. 

To have a successful blog, you need to start by choosing the right niche. Then, identify what the readers want to read.

Know what are the usual questions of the audience and provide the answer in your content. Make sure that they are high quality and have sufficient information. 

You have to be consistent in the posting schedule and also the content itself. Then focus on optimizing the keywords in your articles for search engines and create backlinks for the content. 

You can turn your audience into subscribers, and that’s where you can get regular website traffic. Once you do that, you have more options to monetize your site.  

Your website can make money by placing ads, adding affiliate links, posting sponsored articles, selling courses, starting a membership account, or selling your site. 

Backlinko, Smart Blogger, Copyblogger, RobbieRichards, and other sites started from the bottom with no investments and connections, but now, they grew as full-blown businesses. 

Be A Social Media Influencer

A social media influencer built a reputation in the social media world and influenced the audience’s purchase decisions. 

Social media influencers recommend products on their social media accounts to promote and earn money. Many people are making this as a full-time income source that brings in $100,000 yearly.

Many companies spend on influencers to advertise their products on their accounts to reach more audiences. Some of the most famous brands even cut off traditional marketing budgets and use them for social media influencers. 

Most consumers buy products because an influencer used them. To be an influencer, you need the patience to gain followers over time. 

You need to gain the trust of your followers so they can believe in your opinions and suggestions. You need to put the effort in making them consider you an expert in the product you’re endorsing. 

Start a YouTube Channel

Youtube is the largest video streaming site, but it is also one of the top search engines. Many people are starting their careers on Youtube and earning money from it.

It is a passive income that needs little knowledge. You only need to work hard in gaining subscribers then you’ll be able to make at least $100 in four months. 

You can start joining the Youtube community by creating your channel and attracting an audience. 

A Youtuber is somehow similar to a blogger. In both fields, you need to choose the right niche and consistently post content. 

Once your channel gains a regular audience, you can start monetizing it with ads, sponsored videos, affiliate marketing, and membership content. 

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Start An Affiliate Marketing Site

We discussed affiliate marketing in the list of short-term money-making ideas because it is quick to make money. 

With the consistent promotion of affiliate products, you can make a sustainable amount of money in a year. 

To optimize the advantages of affiliate marketing, you need to follow an authority site model. It is a blog specifically designed for an affiliate marketing niche. 

It is not for a one-time selling site, rather a long-term blog that focuses on engaging with audiences to help them with concerns and promote products relevant to it. 

Creating a successful and growing authority site, it may take up to two years. However, the long period of building the reputation is worth it because it’s a reliable business. 

You need to invest the most of your time and effort to put up an authority site and research to create content that appeals to your audience. 

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Sell Online Courses

We talked about selling online courses via Udemy in the past section. But if you can sell online courses directly to your clients, then you’ll make more money. 

It needs hard work to achieve your first hundred dollars, but you can make up to $100,000 annually in the long run. 

The online course industry may rise to $30 billion, and it will continue to snowball.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Question

How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything?

There are several ways you can make money without paying, like dropshipping, answering online surveys, affiliate marketing, and many more. 

How Can I Earn $200 Now?

The best way to start earning $200 at the moment is to be a freelancer and/or reading this.

When Can I Make $1000 Monthly Through Affiliate Sites?

How quickly you can make a thousand dollars monthly depends on many reasons. The kind of products you promote and their sources affect the sales. 

How To Make Money From Blogs?

The most straightforward ways to profit from a blog are placing ads, affiliate marketing, sponsoring posts, and selling online courses. Make sure that your blog has regular or high traffic.

If the website traffic is at stake, you can make $1000 monthly in almost a year.

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Can You Quickly Make Money Online?

It is possible to earn quickly online. You can offer services in the freelancing, online teaching, dropshipping industry, and several other ways. 

Can I Passively Make Money Online?

There’s no money-making idea that guarantees a full passive way to earn, but you can start a business that lets you almost entirely passively make even while sleeping. 

How To Passively Make Money Online?

Some ways to earn money as a passive income source are blogging, self-publishing on Amazon, dropshipping, affiliate marketing, and many more.

What Are The Typical Scams In Work From Home Jobs?

Any job that offers you to get rich overnight is already a red flag. You must avoid these jobs immediately. 

These jobs include pyramiding offers, affiliate marketing with almost impossible yield, no work done, and does not make value in the market. 

Why Not Start Making Money Online Now?

We discussed everything you need to know in making money online, both for short-term and long-term options. 

If you need quick cash, you can proceed by reading the first section. But if you have the patience in growing an investment, then try starting an authority site. 

There are many ways to monetize your ideas without spending anything. I believe there’s no excuse to delay your journey. 

Don’t overthink and start making money now. With the right approach and knowledge of these ideas, it will be easier for you.

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