Ideas For Side Jobs

Depending on your needs and skills, there are tons of ways to earn a fair amount of money during your downtime. So in this post, I’m going to drop some fresh ideas for side jobs to augment your income. 

Working from home has provided an ideal setting for anyone looking to supplement their income with a side venture.

Short-term engagements provide a rapid cash infusion and longer-term ventures with the potential to blossom into a full-fledged company.

Yes, folks have demonstrated ways to make significant revenue for themselves. 

Check the list of side jobs below for one that meets your skill level and time constraints.

Why waste time prowling around social media when you could be earning sweet cash? 

ideas for side jobs

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Why Take Up A Side Job?

If you’re like the majority of recent college graduates, your beginning pay was 10% lower than you anticipated.

Even steps ahead in your profession and earning a decent salary, you may be seeking ways to supplement your earnings.

The average millennial spends 45% of their earnings on shelter, which is 15% more than the suggested level.

This makes it difficult to save money for large purchases or unexpected expenses.

Whether it’s financing a new vehicle or purchasing a home, significant purchases necessitate substantial money for down payments. 

A side job allows you to save money towards these objectives while establishing the financial stability necessary to retain good credit.

You’ll need a satisfactory credit score to qualify for loans.

If you’re wondering whether or not to establish a side business, here are some things to think about:

1. The labor market is more competitive than it has ever been.

Fierce competition in the workforce makes it more challenging to get work.

It also causes businesses to reduce their pay.

Several variables contribute to this competitiveness.

One of the most pivotal factors is that there are more college graduates than ever before. 

It’s more challenging to stand out in a crowd by completing something that has become the norm.

Over the age of 25, 34.2% have finished a four-year degree.

Furthermore, the average projected retirement age had risen from 60 in 1995 to 66 in 2018.

This means that more experienced people stay longer at their jobs, leaving fewer positions vacant.

2. It’s easier to acquire new skills. 

You don’t have to spend years to learn something new, even if you aren’t a talented writer, painter, or coder. 

While Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000-hour rule was long considered the gold standard for acquiring a new skill, it was recently disputed. 

Josh Kaufman, a professional instructor, claims that learning a new skill takes only roughly 20 hours.

Why not pick up a side gig if you only need half a workweek to get started?

3. Who wouldn’t want to beef up their bank account? 

Side job workers can make roughly $836 per month on average.

This excess cash might be used for recreational expenses, vacation, or entertainment.

You can also use it to pay off debt, place a down payment, or scrape by when unemployed. 

It would be best to place a part of this money towards your savings if you can.

While the optimum time to begin saving is while you are in your twenties, the second-best moment is now.

It’s essential to be able to develop a long-term financial foundation.

4. The cost of living continues to rise everywhere. 

A variety of aspects influences the cost of living.

Housing accounts for a substantial chunk of this, but the cost of healthcare, food, and transportation also plays a role.

Most folks know that goods cost more now than they did 50 years ago.

However, they might be unaware that things cost more now than what individuals are paid.

Housing costs have climbed by an average of 5% over the last several years, yet income has only increased by 3%.

As a result, folks are scraping to meet their financial obligations on a single paycheck.

5. Salaries are at a standstill. 

Based on the Harvard Business Review, inflation-adjusted hourly salaries have only increased by 0.2% every year.

Although productivity has risen, the advantages have not been equally dispersed across all employees.

Sure, there may be a few modest rises here and there. 

However, the rate at which earnings rise does not keep pace with the rise in the cost of living.

This means that employees are paid less for their labor each year.

6.  You get to try out your true passions. 

Perhaps the most significant difference between a side job and a regular job is that you get to choose it.

You can pretty much do anything that interests you.

If you follow your passions, it can be instantly satisfying, even if it takes time to become successful. 

The edge of having a side job is that you can say no to things that don’t interest you.

You have the option to change your path and learn new things about yourself in the process.

And if you need a side job to help pay the bills, there’s one for you.

7. You’ll be more valuable and flexible.

You become more valuable to both your primary and side jobs when you develop abilities outside of your job description.

You can solve challenges and offer unique abilities to your present-day job if you have a side hustle.

Moreover, many side gigs may be done from home with low starting fees, allowing you to generate money right away.

According to Seth Godin’s Linchpin theory, Extra abilities make you more versatile and desirable in today’s environment.

As the adhesive that keeps the company together, you become more difficult to replace.

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Ideas For Side Jobs You Can Use To Boost Your Current Income 

1. Launch and manage a blog. 

So, a blog isn’t going to make you rich overnight.

However, creating a blog that provides a lot of value can set you up to generate passive income.

You can quickly grow this on the side with just a few hours of work per week.

However, you must be consistent and produce excellent content regularly. 

2. Edit videos. 

Folks are eager to see more video content from the businesses they love.

As a result, companies will require more video makers.

By mastering Adobe Premiere Pro CC, you may learn how to become one yourself.

3. Work as a virtual assistant. 

Virtual assistants are in high demand, but it’s only sustainable if you have free time and are well-organized.

It also doesn’t hurt to reside in a lower-cost-of-living region.

Platforms like Flexjobs, Fiverr, and Upwork will help you connect with clients looking for virtual assistants.

4. Sell crafts on Etsy. 

Sell handmade crafts or other things on Etsy.

Etsy is one of the hottest online marketplaces for selling handcrafted goods.

You might also sell digital products that can be printed, such as digital posters.

5. Make logos on 99Designs. 

You might potentially compete for design jobs on 99Designs if you’re graphically minded and have mastered applications like Photoshop and Illustrator. 

However, you won’t be paid unless your design is chosen as the winner.

So you’ll need to be a skilled designer to make a decent living here.

video about blog income report of Feb 2022

6. Babysit. 

You can always start babysitting or become an irregular nanny if you need some extra cash.

Various websites, such as or SitterCity will help you connect with potential clients. 

You can even advertise your services on social media sites.

You’ll be vetted and graded for your services, so make sure you deliver an excellent experience. 

7. Sell online courses. 

Develop an online course using a platform like Thinkific or Teachable and use some of your skills to earn money. 

You can generate a significant supplementary income stream by building courses that give vast levels of value.

Naturally, this depends on how much time you invest in your course.

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8. Be a delivery person for DoorDash. 

Another way to augment your income is to deliver for DoorDash.

As with Uber and Lyft, you can work whenever you want.

While the income isn’t high, you do have the opportunity to earn tips.

This is a terrific means to make money if you live in a heavily traveled region like Los Angeles. 

You don’t even need a car; a bike or scooter will do. 

9. Be an email marketer. 

Be an email marketer - ideas for side jobs

One of the most fruitful forms of digital marketing is through email. 

But note that acquiring subscribers and establishing a personal connection with them takes a lot of effort.

To get started, use tools like Aweber, LeadPages, and ConvertKit.

10. Work as a freelance article or blog post writer. 

Write articles for the benefit of others.

If you enjoy writing, you might want to assist other bloggers or even work as a ghostwriter for well-known corporate leaders.

Advertise your services on platforms like Flexjobs, Fiverr, Upwork, and others.

11. Teach people the languages you know with Preply. 

If you have a second language and are well-versed enough in it, you could teach it to others.

Of course, the most popular language you can teach is still English.

If you plan on traveling the globe, you could teach English as a second language in your country of choice.

Preply is a great platform for finding students looking for Language teachers.

12. Run ads on Tiktok and Instagram for other companies. 

If you’re a marketing genius, look for brands that aren’t communicating with Gen-Z on social media.

To get started, offer pro-bono work and make your way up to $1,000 per month without devoting too much of your time.

13. Use CafePress to sell your designs. 

CafePress enables you to sell products with a digital design.

If you’re a talented graphic designer, you might produce various designs for various formats.

You can design shirts, hats, and cups and earn a percentage when they sell.

14. Teach teens how to drive. 

Do you have an excellent driving record?

Why not become a certified driving instructor?

You can plug your services both online and offline.

You could also look for part-time driving teacher positions on sites like

15. Write other people’s resumes. 

Are you a resume writer?

Publicize your resume writing services on sites like LinkedIn and other professional networks.

Do a couple for free to get positive feedback, then watch your sales soar.

16. Work as an affiliate marketer. 

Affiliate marketing is a very appealing venture.

However, many affiliate marketers do not make a lot of money.

If you have the necessary talents to thrive in this field, you could make a little fortune. 

But be heedful of getting caught up in unrealistic aspirations of gaining money without putting in a lot of effort.

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17. Work as a personal trainer. 

Work as a personal trainer

Look for clients you can assist in reaching their weight-loss or fitness objectives.

Make meal plans or training programs, and you may earn a respectable living for your efforts.

18. Open a food truck. 

A food truck demands a significant investment, but the food truck industry is rapidly expanding.

The choice of location and cuisine is crucial.

Before you begin, be sure you have done your homework.

19. Open a car detailing business. 

Cars in your area are washed and detailed.

Distribute flyers in your community or advertise your services on social media.

In more affluent areas, mobile car washing and detailing has become a relatively profitable enterprise.

20. Publish YouTube tutorials. 

This method isn’t the quickest option to make money on the side.

Still, creating YouTube lessons can help you earn a reasonable amount of money if you produce valuable content.   

You can even utilize free tutorials to upsell visitors on your selling items and services.

21. Join marketing focus groups. 

Marketing firms frequently conduct focus groups to investigate consumer reactions to products, services, and advertisements.

Who wouldn’t want to get paid for merely sharing their opinions?

Best of all, you won’t need special training to participate. 

22. Work as a personal chef. 

Work as a personal chef - ideas for side jobs

You may work as a personal chef, preparing meals for others.

You may quickly sell your services on social media or grow a website from scratch.

With numerous websites where you can advertise your services, such as HireAChef, it won’t be challenging to find work. 

video about side hustles for college students

23. Publish an eBook. 

You can easily produce and sell an ebook that costs nothing to make.

You could also write a cheap paperback that makes you money only when it sells by using Amazon’s KDP and CreateSpace.

This removes a lot of the previous barriers involved in getting published.

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24. Tutor over Zoom or Skype. 

You can tutor folks via Zoom or Skype from anywhere in the world.

This is fantastic, especially if you’re a digital nomad searching for a way to supplement your income. 

Tutor students from the United States or the United Kingdom if you live in Asia or other places with low living costs. 

25. Manage a business’ social media accounts. 

Some smaller companies require social media managers because they lack the skills and time to manage their social media activities.

Make the initiative to contact local businesses and offer your services for a monthly fee. 

26. Recycle old electronics. 

Anyone can sell smartphones on Gazelle.

It’s a simple method to earn money if you have an old iPhone, Samsung phone, or other gadgets. 

Even though you won’t get top dollar for it, you will be able to get a small sum of money.

And depending on your financial circumstances, it could come in handy.

27. Sell old stuff on Craigslist or eBay. 

Unloading stuff on eBay or Craigslist is one of the safest ways to get money when you’re in a pinch.

Any used objects like appliances, furniture, collectibles, or anything else collecting dust can be sold online for a profit. 

If you’re serious about it, you could even do it for others professionally and earn a tiny percentage per transaction.

You’ll be in a terrific position if you take decent images and write excellent descriptions. 

28. Sell NFTs. 

Tokens that aren’t fungible aren’t going away anytime soon.

NFTs offer an opportunity to make serious money in the collections and gaming sectors.

It’s all due to the growing interest in the metaverse.

You can sell NFTs on platforms like Rarible and OpenSea.

29. Invest with LendingClub. 

You can invest in LendingClub, a peer-to-peer lending platform.

This is the method for you if you have some extra income and want to put it to good use. 

With LendingClub, you may invest in companies across a variety of industries.

Algorithms evaluate the risk for you, and the more risk an investment is, the higher the possible gain.

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30. Decorate people’s spaces. 

Consider doing interior decorating for clients if you have a creative flair.

Use a website like Houzz to promote your services to the general public.

31. Work as a local tour guide. 

Think about becoming a local tour guide if you live near a popular tourist site.

You may also want to give your services for free and then request a tip at the end to entice extra customers.

32. Look after people’s homes. 

You could work as a professional house sitter and keep an eye on people’s homes when they are away on vacation. is a great platform to find some house-sitting opportunities.

video titled how to make money without any investment

33. Offer music lessons. 

Consider teaching others in your community if you play the piano, guitar, or another instrument.

Use social media or your personal or professional networks to promote your business online.

34. Start a mobile pet grooming service. 

Do you have an affinity with animals?

Then invest in a mobile van for grooming pets on the go.

This does involve minor financing, but it may be a fun side job to do in your spare time.

35. Perform odd jobs with TaskRabbit. 

TaskRabbit links you with people in your region who are looking to finish specific tasks.

Lifting heavy stuff, gardening, assembling furniture, and so forth is what you might be asked to do. 

You’ll need to sign up and be verified, but it’s a simple method to supplement your income.

36. Offer technical or coding services on Upwork. 

Upwork is a freelance marketplace where accountants, lawyers, IT developers, and other professionals may make money.

Keep in mind that you’ll compete with thousands of other service providers.

So it’ll take some time to get things off the ground.

37. Hold a yard or garage sale. 

You could always have a garage sale to raise money while getting rid of unwanted items in your home.

This is perfect if you have children who have outgrown their toys.

The same goes if you have years’ worth of new apparel, decor, and appliances. 

Place some signs around town or use Craigslist to advertise your sale. 

38. Clean homes. 

There’s always the option of getting hired to clean spaces.

Many families and homeowners rent their properties out on a short-term basis and require housekeeping or cleaning services. 

You can list your services on sites like and others to promote yourself.

39. Walk dogs. 

Be an email marketer

Dog walking is a skill that almost everyone can learn.

Create a few fliers on your computer and place them in mailboxes if you live in a dog-friendly community. 

Indicate that you are a dog walker and offer a rate.

Build up a constant supply of customers, and your dog-walking business will flourish.

40. Record an audiobook. 

Record and sell audiobooks on platforms like Audible and iTunes using a platform like ACX.

You can easily earn a five-figure monthly income if you have a brilliant idea for a non-fiction audiobook.

Folks would rather listen than read about challenging subjects like accounting, investing, and online marketing. 

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Final Thoughts 

Everyone must consider establishing a side job.

Stuff that was once accessible is becoming increasingly scarce, and you can get additional skills to stay competitive in the workforce.

You’ll also be able to pursue your interests while earning money through a side job. 

There are hundreds of other side job ideas that are variants of the ones I highlighted above or have never been done before.

Don’t give up if you don’t think you’ve found the right one!

There are tons of resources available on the internet to assist you in achieving financial success.

Good luck!

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