My 20+ Best Virtual Credit Card Providers

Credit card fraud is on the rise globally.

There is no guarantee that shady folks won’t attempt to hack into a website.

More than ever, websites are prone to attacks – even if they have safety procedures to secure your information.

As a result, more people are actively seeking credit card solutions offering virtual credit card numbers.

In this post, you’ll find the best virtual credit card providers and how virtual credit cards work. 

What is a Virtual Credit Card Anway? 

Virtual credit cards, also known as virtual account numbers, are credit cards issued for single usage only and can be used to make anonymous purchases online. 

Some services allow you to generate a virtual credit card number from your account.

Others require additional apps or a browser extension. 

Some modern cards even use novel approaches to virtual cards, suggesting that this technology will become more widely available and adaptable.

After researching, we found the top virtual credit cards.

The Best Virtual Credit Cards in the US

A Screenshot For Site. (I had a colleague share with me) can connect you with a virtual credit card.

Because of this, the virtual cards issued by are incredibly safe to use. 

If you want to utilize a bank account as the source of funds, the cards issued are likewise free of charge. is a great place to make private and secure transactions because its virtual credit cards have many valuable features. 

It won’t take five minutes to finish the application, but it may take up to seven days before your VCC is issued. 


The Wise Transfer Site Screenshot.

With Wise, managing and controlling your expenditures when traveling abroad is a breeze, thanks to a virtual credit card. 

You can use the virtual card you receive to make online purchases using accurate exchange rates.

It is the most effective method for preventing fraud because the card can be frozen immediately following each transaction.

Over 50 different currencies can be kept on the card at once.

Its dedicated app allows for real-time conversions between these currencies. 

These currencies can be efficiently utilized to make purchases later online, offline, and abroad. 

However, you must order a physical card to get a VCC from Wise.

Wise is an excellent option for travelers who want added security when shopping overseas. 

Your virtual card can be obtained in three simple steps and stored online in your Wise account, which is always accessible.

My business is a massive fan of Wise, and we use it to pay our international employees.

Here, you can read how Wise works and how we use it for business.

You can watch my real-life feedback in the video I recorded below.

After watching, what are your thoughts on Wise?


The Screenshot For Stripe Website.

With its excellent virtual credit cards and simple signup procedures, Stripe is a top-notch money transfer service. 

Their website allows you to create a virtual card without entering into a long-term agreement or paying a setup charge.

The unique feature of Stripe is that you can generate as many cards as you like without having to pay any monthly fees. 

Additionally, thanks to the programmable card controllers, their cards allow for significant customization. 

You can set up your cards, choose specific merchants, and create single-use or reloadable cards with merely a few clicks.

The dashboard for your account statistics on Stripe is pretty intuitive and easy to understand. 

Using this dashboard, You can change your spending restrictions, add new cards, and freeze or unfreeze current cards.

To have total control over your virtual payment card, Stripe allows you to build complex rule combinations utilizing their API administration services.

As you’ll see in this video, credit cards are great if used wisely!

Okay, let’s carry on to more virtual credit cards!


The Apple Card Site Screenshot.

Apple, the same company that creates iPhones, Macs, and other technological gadgets, offers a virtual Mastercard credit card called the Apple Card.

An Apple Card cannot be obtained without an iPhone because the two are linked.

The card is free to use.

The app calculates how much interest you’ll pay based on the amount you choose to pay rather than presenting you with the minimum payable amount.

As a result, you’ll be in a better position to make financial decisions depending on your circumstances.

Purchases of Apple products are interest-free, and you have the option of making monthly payments.

Depending on the retailer, cashback is limitless and ranges between 2% and 3%.

In-store iPhone or Apple Watch purchases can also be made using your virtual Apple card.


Get Your Divvy Virtual Cardit On Their Official Site.

Divvy provides quick, free, and unique VCCs (virtual credit cards) for all your recurring payments and the merchants you shop at. 

You can make as many variations of their virtual cards as you like for free. 

Divvy is also an excellent solution for managing corporate funds because it combines business credit cards with tracking and reporting on business expenses.

Folks can use the platform to make a special subscription card for each vendor their business works with.

Then, they can set the funds on the card and establish the limit. 

The financial limit on the card automatically readjusts each month so that all suppliers are paid on time at no cost to users. 

Plus, you can access a real-time view of every transaction made using the VCC. 

The primary draw of these cards is the security they offer clients against potential fraud.

The card safeguards you from issues like vendor overcharging and compromised accounts. 

If you come across questionable activity, you can promptly freeze a card.


The Citi Official Website.

Diamond Preferred 

A virtual card option is available on the Citi Diamond Preferred, a physical MasterCard credit card.

It has a digital wallet allows you to shop at millions of vendors.

The card also offers access to your FICO score, which you may check whenever you wish.

To help you relax knowing that you are protected, the Citi Diamond Preferred card also comes with Purchase Protection.

Citi Premier

You can access virtual credit cards with the Citi Premier Credit Card, a physical credit card.

Although it is primarily geared toward travelers, you may use it to rack up points even if you don’t travel much.  

When paying with the card in stores, restaurants, gas stations, airports, and hotels, you can accrue 3x the points.

One point is awarded for every $1 spent on any purchases.

No international transaction fees and contactless pay are additional card features.

Citi Double Cash 

With the Citi Double Cash card, you can access virtual card numbers using a conventional physical card. 

You can earn cashback in two methods, the “Double Cash.” 

There are no restrictions on the amount of cash back you can earn.

Citi Entertainment, which provides exclusive access to events, concerts, and dining experiences, is also included with the card.

American Express 

The American Express Official Webpage.

Blue Cash Preferred 

The Blue Cash Preferred Card from Amex offers cashback tiers on different purchases.

With US supermarkets, you receive 6% cash back on your first $6,000 purchases and 1% after that. 

You also receive 6% cash back on streaming services, 3% on transportation and gas, and 1% on all other purchases.

Additionally, you can receive an Equinox+ credit of up to $120 annually and travel-related car rental loss and damage insurance.

Online pre-qualification checks are simple, and application outcomes are produced in under a minute.

You can use the bank’s virtual credit cards after you have the account.

Amex Gold 

Having the American Express Gold Card comes with a lot of benefits.

When ordering from participating restaurants, you can receive up to $120 in dining credits and up to $120 in Uber Cash annually. 

Instead of giving you cash back, the Gold Card rewards you with points.

It gives you 4X points on groceries and restaurants and 3X points on airfare while giving you 1X on all other eligible transactions.

Gift cards, statement credits, and purchase payments are just a few ways points can be redeemed.

The card includes several repayment choices, such as Pay Over Time and Plan It, to assist you in better managing your funds without going over your budget.

Capital One 

The Capital One Bank Webpage.

The Venture One credit card from Capital One is intended for travelers who don’t mind earning fewer points in exchange for not paying an annual fee. 

They do have a free virtual credit card feature.

When making hotel and vehicle rental reservations through Capital One Travel, you’ll earn 5x points, but for all other transactions, you’ll only get 1.25 miles for every dollar spent.

There are alternative ways to use points if you don’t travel.

Gift cards, account points, and cash in the form of checks are among the choices.

US Unlocked 

 US Unlocked Virtual Prepaid Cards And Debit Card Webpage.

The opportunity to purchase at various US retailers online from anywhere globally is perhaps the most well-known benefit of this virtual prepaid card.

To use the card for one-time purchases from various US stores, you must sign up for their service, load the card for $50, and pay their fees.

This virtual card includes a US billing/shipping address, so it’s perfect for shopping at US stores. 

Looking at their virtual card fee structure, it’s a bit on the high end.

You can get two different card types from US Unlocked.

The first type is only valid for a single transaction, so it cannot be reused.

The other is a card tied to a particular merchant after engaging in business with them.


The Amazon Virtual Store Card.

A card created just for Amazon users is called the Amazon Store Card.

It has no annual fee and a 0% APR for items that qualify when paid in monthly installments. 

When you sign up for Prime, you will also receive 5% back on Amazon purchases.

You can choose between monthly payments and special financing with the Amazon Store card’s promotional offers.

Depending on how much money you need and how long you want to pay everything back, both alternatives include conditions and restrictions.

The card is exclusively valid at Amazon and a number of its subsidiary companies, including AWS, Audible, and others.


A Capital One Walmart Store Card.

Walmart MoneyCard, supported by a robust digital ecosystem, is a comprehensive digital financial system that can successfully handle all your banking needs.

Any bank in the US can instantly send money to your Walmart MoneyCard.

With the use of these funds, internet transactions can be very breezy. 

MoneyCard app users also access free cash deposits at any Walmart in the country.

Within the MoneyCard app, you can add four more virtual debit card accounts, so long as the users are all older than 13.


EcoPayz Credit Card Website.

EcoPayz is a centralized online payment system that facilitates international money transfers.

EcoPayz lets you quickly open an account without requiring bank information or a credit check. 

Once you’ve signed up, you can use this service to withdraw funds whenever you like.

In addition to being equipped with cutting-edge fraud protection technology, this platform guarantees the security of all your online financial dealings.

Using EcoPayz’s virtual card, whether making purchases or paying vendors, partners, or online businesses, is breezy, safe, and convenient.


Blur Virtual Credit Cards.

Blur’s virtual credit card services are popular because they add security to online purchases and financial transactions.

It synchronizes with many different gadgets, which makes it easy to complete a purchase and pay from a mobile phone, tablet, or web browser.

You can get a new credit card number for every purchase.

The service’s safety features may be its most significant selling point.

The site can encrypt your password, making it hard for hackers to access your personal data or financial information.

Blur is worth considering if you’re looking for a VCC that will give you solid security when conducting online transactions. 

You can rapidly generate a new credit card number whenever needed to prevent phishing and other shady tactics. 


EzzoCard Visa And Mastercard Online Shop.

If you’re looking for a virtual card that makes it simple to shop online anonymously, EzzoCard is an excellent option. 

Any website that accepts payments from Visa and MasterCard can take payments using the virtual credit and debit card from EzzoCard.

If you choose an EzzoCard card, you have many options.

Depending on the characteristics and terms of validity that you desire, you can select the Blue Card, Green Card, Brown Card, or Black Card.

EzzoCard is for people who like their internet transactions to remain anonymous. Getting the preferred virtual card from here is pretty straightforward. 

You can apply for the cards using any name and address and conduct transactions fast anywhere in the world. Virtual Page.

Creating a virtual credit card for online purchases may be done quickly and easily at

The platform has no hidden costs or requirements for credit checks. 

You can also add different images to your card for a unique appearance.

You can select a card design from their extensive selection or specify your requirements to create a card that satisfies your every need. 

Users of the virtual card service can enjoy the early direct deposit feature to receive their paychecks up to two days early.

If aesthetics are important to you, you will be ecstatic to receive a personalized virtual card from 

When this brilliant service issues you a virtual prepaid card, you may begin enjoying a hassle-free online purchasing experience.


Open Virtual Card Official Page.

Open is another excellent alternative for a virtual credit or debit card. 

With the virtual card, you can control, restrict, and monitor the company’s online spending in real-time.

Limiting your spending will save you from going over your allotted funds. 

In addition, you can set up simple alerts that will inform you immediately of any transactions made using a virtual card.

To get an Open Money virtual card, you must create an account on the platform.

After signing in, navigate to the “virtual cards” tab to apply for a virtual credit or debit card.

With Open’s virtual card, you can control your online subscriptions from a single location. 

By enabling you to set spending restrictions and keep track of your expenses in real time, the cards help you stick to your monthly spending plan. 

Freedom Bank

The Freedom Bank Visa Check Card.

Users of Freedom Bank can conduct all of their banking transactions using one reliable platform thanks to the company’s all-in-one online banking system. 

You can easily manage your personal or business account by joining Freedom Bank. 

A virtual Visa card that supports your transactions is available to its customers. All websites that accept Visa cards online accept this virtual card.


Neteller Phone App and Official Website.

Thanks to Neteller’s Virtual Card service, you may manage your money digitally while conducting online transactions like shopping and other banking activities. 

You can buy and sell cryptocurrencies and receive money using Neteller’s virtual card services. 

With a quick, free registration process, you can choose Neteller’s services and conduct online transactions immediately.

X1 Card 

X1 Card Credit Card.

The many virtual credit card choices available with the X1 Card give you more flexibility and security without any difficulties. 

The Visa X1 Card is marketed as a consumer credit card, but it offers three points for every dollar spent on significant business transactions when you spend more than $15,000 in a calendar year.

You’ll have to download the X1 Card mobile app for iPhone or Android to view and manage your virtual card numbers. 

There are three choices for virtual credit cards, each of which allows for simultaneous use by multiple cards. You may choose from the following: 

  • Standard virtual card 
  • Free-trial card 
  • Single-use card 

Redeeming rewards with X1’s brand partners, such as Costco, Ikea, Amazon, Home Depot, Southwest Airlines, JetBlue, and United Airlines, will increase their value. 


Access Your Money When You Want With Airtm.

Users of Airtm’s digital banking platform can send, store, and make direct payments.

It recently began providing users with virtual cards with many functions and advantages.

Custom restrictions for Airtm cards are subject to customer verification.

You can create up to five prepaid virtual cards as a verified user with a minimum amount of just $1, and you also get a $2400 monthly card limit. 

However, things become somewhat limited if you are not a verified user.

Although you can create up to ten virtual cards, the monthly spending cap is only $1,000.

You can still generate reusable cards with no expiration date or single-use cards that are good for only one online purchase, whether or not you are a verified user.

Because you can exchange and recharge your virtual card using cryptocurrency, the Airtm virtual credit card service is exceptional. 

Your Airtm funds can now be linked to more payment methods thanks to Airtm’s excellent peer-to-peer service.


Emburse Virtual And Physical Credit Card Virtual Site.

Are you looking for a VCC for your business?

If so, Emburse provides digital credit and debit cards that make paying employees and independent contractors easier and safer.

It features a built-in ecosystem enabling companies to track their online payments remotely from anywhere worldwide and automate categorizing purchases and expenses. 

Additionally, businesses may instantly manage their financing requests and approval while in real-time expense data and insights.

Emburse lets you control your spending caps and link a single card to a specific retailer, like most well-known virtual payment card providers. 

This is made possible by its cutting-edge fraud protection mechanism, which guards against account theft and compromises due to hacking or data leaks.

Best of all, Emburse provides its services to companies with 100 or more employees without charge.

Large enterprises can also make use of their customized plans.

However, fees vary according to the size of the enterprise.

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The Upsides and Downsides of Virtual Credit Cards 

Virtual cards offer spending restrictions, fraud safeguards, and reporting features to aid in managing, tracking, and protecting expenses, just like regular credit or charge card products.

A virtual credit card’s main drawback is that it can only be used online, making it inapplicable in many situations.

Virtual card numbers can, however, occasionally be used over the phone.

The non-physical benefit of these cards is that when people amass cards for various purposes, less plastic is used in circulation. 

People and organizations can avoid collecting or dispersing too many physical cards by connecting a collection of virtual card numbers to a single debit, credit, or charge account. 

This removes the worry of misplacing or losing physical cards, frees up space in your wallet, and lessens the adverse environmental impact of the creation of plastic.

Virtual card numbers give consumers more privacy, safeguard critical banking data, and shield them from data tracking by advertising.

Virtual card numbers benefit companies with implementation since they offer instant issuance and funding while also controlling cash flow, improving payables, and offering better analytics.

How are virtual credit cards different from payment apps? 

Most retailers will use NFC (near field communications) or MST (magnetic secure transmission) to accept Google and Samsung’s payment apps for online or in-store use. 

With these mobile apps, a payment token is the client’s primary account number (PAN).

Customers can use this payment token, which has a unique number linked to a real account, to make transactions without giving accurate account information.

This is also how a virtual card number is connected to an actual credit card number. 

Tokens safeguard account privacy and stop unauthorized parties from copying or using payment information.

Additionally, reporting and expenditure restrictions are provided by this kind of payment technology.

Because each card issuer may employ a different set of software to interface with mobile payment apps, tokenization’s specific characteristics differ amongst card issuers. 

Virtual card numbers are often platform-independent, in contrast to payment tokens, which are tied to the specific app used to make the purchase. 

They are compatible with most online retailers, payment processors, and mobile apps. For instance, a

People using virtual card technology might generate distinct Citi Virtual Account Numbers for each of their most used smartphone payment apps. 

In the end, the user might do this to have all their payment information accessible in one location, making it more straightforward to keep track of their app purchases. 

This might be especially helpful for a family using numerous devices and shared payment methods.

Virtual card numbers can also be assigned to specific services or family member accounts, just like some people give detailed actual debit, credit, or charge cards for a single spending purpose. 

This is helpful in today’s modern age, where parents may find it challenging to keep track of their children’s spending. 

Parents with access to pooled virtual card numbers can check purchase history, turn off spending limits, and reduce them from their bank portals. 

Virtual card technology offers simplicity and security for regular purchasing needs in various ways, and this is just one of them.

Should you use a virtual credit card? 

Now that we’ve discussed your options for VCCs, should you use one? Yes! 

Virtual card numbers are fantastic tools that allow consumers to shop online safely and efficiently, manage their finances, and be organized. 

It is simple for customers with debit, credit, or charge accounts that offer this option to access virtual cards online whenever necessary because they do not need to open a new account or undergo a credit inquiry.

The inherent security provided to the current card account provides an additional easierof protection.

With a virtual card number, your physical card information is always anonymous and secure.

The card issuer managing your real account and the virtual number you obtain is the same one you already work with. 

This gives you peace of mind and makes it easieu to generate fresh card numbers or modify any linked settings. 

How secure are VCCs? 

Most companies that provide virtual card numbers guarantee to safeguard sensitive account information during virtual transmission. 

Once the card program administrator or issuer has activated a card, the cardholder can set customized PINs (personal identification numbers).

You’ll often be asked for these to make purchases. 

The primary account number (PAN), the personal identification number (PIN), the expiration date, and each CVV are transmitted in encrypted form under the issuer’s supervision.

The majority of virtual card numbers are required to follow PCI DSS (payment card industry data security standards). 

This means that the virtual card number owner, card program manager, card issuer, and the merchant accepting the cash can all transact with certainty.

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Final Thoughts 

VCCs (virtual credit cards) are valuable tools to help you streamline your transactions.

Mose providers on this list will issue them for free with minimal background checks. 

Because of this, VCCs are an excellent option for those getting started with the credit world.

They are safe to use, and they won’t clutter your wallet! 

Whether you intend to use it for shopping online or conducting business transactions, some VCCs are more convenient than physical credit cards.

Virtual Credit Card FAQ

What’s the difference between a virtual credit card and a prepaid debit card?

A virtual card is a card number provided to you that you can use online.

It may be linked to a card you already have or be a number for a single use.

A prepaid card is a physical card where you can’t spend more than the amount paid.

A virtual prepaid card is the same, just online.

How common are virtual credit cards?

As the financial system changes, they’re getting more and more common.

What’s a VCC?

VCC = Virtual Credit Card

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