The Absolute Best Places To Get Free Crypto Today

You’re probably looking to amass cryptocurrency now that it’s a lucrative endeavor. I’m happy to say that your search is over. This blog post will drop the best places to get free crypto these days. 

While cryptocurrencies are notoriously volatile, they can yield far more significant returns than traditional investment opportunities.

For instance, bitcoin reached an all-time high of $64,863 in April 2021.

And on November 10, 2021, it surpassed that amount with a new all-time high of $68,950.

When Bitcoin was first introduced in 2010, a single Bitcoin cost about $0.0008.

While the price of many cryptocurrencies has risen dramatically, it is still feasible to obtain bitcoin for free.

Warning: cryptocurrency is wildly volatile.

The crypto market crashed in December 2021 and again later in 2022 — but that’s no biggie if you got your crypto for free!

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So What’s The Deal With Crypto?

Cryptocurrency may appear to be complicated, and it is in many aspects.

However, the concept of cryptocurrency is pretty straightforward. 

Cryptocurrency is a digital peer-to-peer currency tracked by a public digital ledger.

This is opposed to a centralized form of real currency.

A blockchain is a public ledger, and mining the blockchain is one of the most prevalent ways to earn cryptocurrencies.

This massive running ledger is encrypted to protect user data and the whole system.

Crypto can be used just like any other kind of cash.

The difference is that it is stored digitally rather than being printed and coined physically.

Cryptocurrency exchanges, which are comparable to stock exchanges in specific ways, offer another option for investing in cryptocurrency.

Virtual wallets are used to make these digital transactions, rather than using a traditional bank account to save and transfer money.

These wallets keep bitcoins safe, simplify online transactions, and even provide access to the public ledger.

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Mining 101

The ledger queue is reconditioned with each cryptocurrency transaction.

Every transaction must be authenticated before it can be tallied into the public ledger.

Miners employ software to authenticate transactions in blocks of transactions.

They try to validate data as rapidly as possible after completing a block of transactions.

A bitcoin reward is given to the first miner who verifies the data.

The validated block is then uploaded to the public ledger.

This forms a chain of blocks that make up the ledger and give rise to the term “blockchain.”

The entire system is code-protected, and when mining software solves the encryption, the transactions are validated.

Advanced mining software works to check every transactional data before any other user by using a keyword.

It’s a string of numbers that only a given keyword can produce (called a HASH) and a randomly generated number.

Before the advent of the cryptocurrency market, it was possible to mine cryptocurrency profitably from your personal computer.

As the value of cryptocurrency increased, more miners competed for it, and more transactions took place worldwide.

A home computer would now take years to validate just one block of transactions.

As a result, many miners have begun to rely on expensive hardware and cloud-based mining software.

However, other cryptocurrencies, like Helium, can be mined without the use of pricey equipment.

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The Best Places To Get Free Crypto 

The Best Places To Get Free Crypto

If mining seems too complicated, we’ll show you how to acquire free cryptocurrency in a few easy steps.

To acquire free bitcoin like this, you don’t need to invest in an expensive crypto mining right.

You also don’t have to be a cryptocurrency specialist.

Here are our top 20 non-mining ways to obtain free cryptocurrency.

1. Take advantage of exchange signup bonuses. 

Signup tips from bitcoin exchanges are the breeziest way to earn free crypto.

To be entitled to the bonus, you must hit a minimum deposit within the platform within a specific timeframe.

It’s similar to stock market bonuses.

As of December 2021, I’ve developed a list of the most excellent platforms for getting cryptocurrency signup bonuses. Here they are: 


Voyager connects you with over a dozen cryptocurrency exchanges so that you can trade more than 50 currencies as a broker.

This means you won’t have to join several exchanges or manage multiple accounts to establish a broad crypto portfolio. 

You select the currencies you wish to buy or sell when you make a purchase or a trade.

However, you don’t get to choose which exchange they come from.

You can track the performance of any asset you own and your whole portfolio with the Voyager mobile app.


BlockFi is a worldwide cryptocurrency exchange that also offers interest-bearing accounts and low-interest loans.

It doesn’t have any transaction fees on trades, and there are no hidden costs or minimum balance requirements.

You may earn between 3% and 8.6% compounding interest on your cryptocurrency assets with a BlockFi Interest Account.

There are no hidden charges or minimum balance requirements with this account.

The interest rate varies by currency and is subject to market fluctuations.

Interest is computed daily and credited to your account monthly, so you’ll be earning interest on your interest each month.

You can choose the currency in which your interest is paid if you select the Interest Payment Flex payment method.

BlockFi will provide a 1099 to US investors at the end of each year, detailing the amount of interest they received.

Customers from other countries are responsible for their own tax obligations.


Coinbase has over 43 million verified members in over 100 countries and over $90 billion in Coinbase user accounts.

That’s why it’s one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

Coinbase currently supports 43 cryptocurrencies, ranging from Bitcoin and other big coins to smaller and younger digital tokens.

Among the most exemplary cryptocurrency exchanges, this has one of the most extensive options.

Coinbase lets users buy as little as $25 worth of Bitcoin.

That’s in spite of the digital currency’s price, which is hovering around $50,000 right now.

If you’d rather invest gradually over time, there is also an easy option to set up recurring purchases.

Unveil Coinbase’s fees and more in the Coinbase Referral Code article!

Celsius – Best Places To Get Free Crypto

Celsius is a decentralized finance (DeFi) network that focuses on cryptocurrency lending, borrowing, and earning.

It’s also a cryptocurrency software that lets you buy ten different cryptos that can be exchanged for over 30 e-currencies. 

The Celsius Network is perfect for beginners and anyone looking for passive income.

It is not for day traders.

Residents of the United States are allowed to register on this secure platform.

However, new users in New York and Washington will be unable to purchase assets using the app as of July 2021.


Yotta Savings may be described as savings software with lottery features in one statement.

Yotta users have the opportunity to win a $10 million jackpot every week, plus a variety of additional prizes and benefits. 

Yotta’s gamification components are integrated with its standard savings app design, making it a unique contribution to the finance market.

Apart from the lottery and reward features, Yotta is mostly a savings app.

Yotta has made a name for itself by offering unusually high APY rates on savings accounts, up to 4% APY.

Yotta isn’t just a fun way to save money.

It also allows you to put your money in a high-yield savings account.


Nexo is a cryptocurrency interest account and lending platform that pays between 6%-12% APY for various digital assets.

You can deal in XRP, XLM, BCH, ETH, TRX, EOS, LTS, and BTC on the app.   

It’s a one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency interest account because it pays out daily.

Plus, it gives international users up to 12% in major fiat currencies, including USD, EUR, and GBP.

Nexo’s main page says it manages $12 billion in assets for over one million members.

In effect, it’s become one of the largest crypto interest account platforms on the market.


The Gemini crypto exchange is among the most popular platforms to buy, hold, and sell cryptocurrencies in the US.

It has a diverse range of cryptocurrencies and some exciting features.

Customers in the United States can trade various cryptocurrencies on Gemini’s platform.

While this isn’t the most comprehensive list available on crypto exchanges, Gemini surely tops a few. 

Although Gemini has minimum order amounts, they are deficient.

The smallest amount of Bitcoin that a consumer can purchase is 0.00001 BTC.

Other digital coins have low investment requirements as well.

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2. Let videos run on Coinbase Earn. 

As I mentioned before, Coinbase is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

It recently launched Coinbase Earn, a component of its website that lets you earn free crypto by watching instructive crypto videos.

So you’re not just getting free crypto but also free education.

CoinMarketCap has an earn feature as well, although I found it to be a little more cumbersome than Coinbase’s.

3. Get yourself a BlockFi credit card. 

Cryptocurrency exchange BlockFi just launched the BlockFi Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card.

This card gives you 1.5% back in Bitcoin for every transaction you make, plus there’s no annual charge!

You’ll also get 3.5% back in Bitcoin for the first three months after getting the card and up to $100 in Bitcoin.

You could earn 2% back in Bitcoin for any purchase over $50,000 per year.

Additionally, if you trade cryptocurrencies with BlockFi, you will receive 0.25% of your trades back in Bitcoin.

A $30 refer-a-friend signup bonus is also included with the card for each person who is authorized for the card.

You may check if you’re authorized without affecting your credit score too!

4. Install and use the Brave Browser. 

Install and use the Brave Browser

Using the Brave Browser to access the internet will get you the Basic Attention Token (BAT) cryptocurrency.

This browser is available on both desktop and Android devices.

In most cases, Brave will block all advertisements from your internet browsing experience.

However, you will be prompted if you want to join the Brave Rewards program when you first download Brave.

According to Brave, if you sign up for Brave Rewards, you’ll be exposed to some “high quality” adverts.

Brave pays you BAT in exchange for showing you adverts, which you can deposit into your Gemini digital wallet.

You can then earn 3.49% interest on what you collect. 

5. Lay your eyeballs on Publish0X articles. 

Publish0X is a cryptocurrency publishing platform that distributes a share of the site’s ad revenue to both writers and readers.

The following is how you get free crypto with Publish0X: 

  • Sign up for Publish0X. 
  • Read some of their articles on cryptocurrency. 
  • You’ll be asked how much of your rewards you want to keep at the end of each article. You also get the option to give to the author of the article you just read.
  • Watch your earned cryptocurrency get instantly deposited into your account!

For example, reading a post that takes less than a minute can earn you $0.02 of a cryptocurrency called FARM.

FARM is a well-known cryptocurrency that can be purchased with a Coinbase account.

It’s not some obscure token that requires you to sign up for a dodgy DeFi network to utilize.

When looking for free cryptocurrency chances, keep the following in mind:

If the “free” cryptocurrency you’re getting isn’t tradeable on major exchanges, it can be more trouble than it’s worth.

So, while you won’t make a fortune with Publix0X, it could be a fantastic way to keep track of the price of Bitcoin.

Just keep in mind that there isn’t any editorial oversight on Publish0X.

Anyone can post an article if they want to.

So, like with anything in crypto, take what you read there with an open mind. 

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6. Know the market cycle by heart. 

Nobody knows what the future holds, but I believe Bitcoin and Ethereum values will skyrocket during this bull run.

Yes, this indicates unprecedented highs for Bitcoin, even exceeding $66,000.

A run-up could follow this in altcoins before the next crypto bear market begins.

So, what’s the point I’m trying to make here? 

If you’re sitting on a lot of Bitcoin, you should consider putting some of your earnings into altcoins.

I suggest doing so the next time Bitcoin has a big run-up. As a disclaimer, this is merely my opinion, not investment advice.

Note that you will be taxed on the increase in value of your Bitcoin when you exchange it for altcoins.

However, using an exchange like Celsius will allow you to do it for free.

Crypto is one of the most unstable investments accessible today.

But if you invest wisely, it can also be one of the most lucrative.

You’ll realize significant gains if you strategically exchange your currencies.

This particular approach does not provide you with “free” crypto the same way the other techniques on this list can.

However, it has the potential to enhance your net worth significantly. 

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7. Get Reddit Karma – Best Places To Get Free Crypto

The famed r/CryptoCurrency subreddit has its own cryptocurrency, Moon, which it awards to subreddit members every month.

Earnings are based on how much karma they earned in that month’s subreddit.

Moon is not to be confused with the dubious SafeMoon crypto project.

SafeMoon is an entirely separate project from the Moon project.

8. Have fun with free mobile games, all while earning crypto. 

Some free mobile games will even reward you with cryptocurrencies just for playing them.

However, compared to NFT-based games, the amount of cryptocurrency you earn is relatively modest.

But they can still be a fun way to spend time while making a small amount of cryptocurrency.

Listed below are a few examples:


Vweeter Limited’s CryptoPop is a free match-two game for Android that rewards you with Ethereum (ETH) just for playing.

Simply download the Google Play Store app, connect your Ethereum wallet, and begin playing.

If you don’t already have an Ethereum wallet, you can easily create one at any major cryptocurrency exchange.

Coin Hunt 

Coin Hunt is a free phone app that functions similarly to Pokémon GO in terms of cryptography.

You download the app and go out into the real world looking for different-colored keys.

You need these keys to access vaults.

The game will offer you a trivia question when you open a vault.

You will be paid with Bitcoin or Ethereum if you answer the question right within the time limit.

Yes, I mean the real world when I say “real world.”

The game displays a GPS map of your current location and directs you to the nearest key.

You must then physically travel to that area to obtain the key to access the vault.

I’ve discovered most keys are found in high-traffic areas like malls and parks. 


Vweeter Limited’s CryptoWord is another Android-based release that gives you a small amount of free Ethereum.

Of course, you’ll have to link your Ethereum wallet.

To make words, you just connect adjacent letters.

Warning: CryptoPop and CryptoWord are mainly ad-supported games, so expect to see a lot of advertisements while playing.

9. Grab some free NFTs. – Best Places To Get Free Crypto

Grab some free NFTs

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are crypto-adjacent but not precisely cryptocurrencies, and people are making life-changing money with them.

Of course, most NFTs aren’t worth millions of dollars, but I’ve made a few thousand dollars by flipping them.

Some NFT projects provide invite incentives.

The project’s creators award an NFT to the top 5-10 persons who bring the most people to the project’s Discord server.

If all of this sounds too work-intensive, there’s an easy way to get a free NFT.

Simply search for NFT giveaways on Twitter. 

You’ll find a slew of giveaways that generally require you to follow a specific Twitter account.

You’ll be asked to retweet one of its tweets to be entered to win an NFT.

10. Install the Lolli Extension. 

The Lolli browser plugin is a cryptocurrency-backing program that returns a portion of your purchase in Bitcoin.

You must install the extension and then shop online at your favorite stores.

You’ll need to configure the Brave Browser to allow you to see ads on Lolli if you’re using it.

11. Join crypto referral programs. 

Crypto programs are only available to members of cryptocurrency exchange sites and if you own crypto.

But I’m sure you’re already a member of one of these exchanges. 

As an affiliate program, a referral program is typical on these exchanges.

You can earn free bitcoin or other benefits by getting others to sign up using your referral link.

To earn your referral incentive, users must accomplish particular actions.

You’ll likely need a minimum number of transactions or purchasing and selling a minimum amount on the exchange.

To avoid typical frauds, always go through secure, reliable exchanges.

Using a cryptocurrency exchange’s referral program lets you earn cryptocurrency for free with minimal effort on your part.

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12. Use crypto faucets. 

Scams abound on cryptocurrency faucet sites!

Before giving any website your cryptocurrency wallet information, make sure you do your homework.

Crypto faucets are similar to InboxDollars in that you get rewarded in cryptocurrency rather than cash or gift cards.

Some of these sites are utilized to reward visitors.

You can earn as much as five Bitcoin just for completing a Captcha.

Of course, five Bitcoins were not worth much back then.

Today’s faucets don’t pay nearly as high, but the core concept remains unchanged.

You get free cryptocurrency to complete small tasks on the faucet’s website.

The following are some examples of faucet activities:

  • Watching educational videos 
  • Playing games 
  • Tapping ads 

Faucets are a breeding ground for crypto scammers since they require you to give up your cryptocurrency wallet address.

However, faucets are still an easy way to receive free cryptocurrency without making any prior investments, despite the low rewards.

However, similar to gift card rewards sites, you must keep an eye on the minimum redemption value.

Some crypto faucets set the minimum crypto redemption amount extremely high.

Reaching it would take a long time, rendering the faucet useless.

Here are some reliable faucets: 


Cointiply, which pays out in Dash, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Dogecoin, is probably the most popular cryptocurrency faucet today.

Cointiply is unusual because it allows you to earn interest in the cryptocurrency you make on the platform.

You’ll have this privilege until you reach 35,000 coins.

Not technically Bitcoins, “coins” refers to the Cointiply in-platform currency. 

Cointiply’s unique captcha puzzles might be bothersome because they take a long time to load.

Given how vulnerable cryptocurrency faucets are to bot manipulation, I think this is par for the course.

Also, don’t be fooled by the large point values you’ll get for Cointiply activities.

Ten thousand points are worth $1 in Bitcoin; thus, each point is worth $0.0001.


Bituro is another example of a credible bitcoin faucet.

And, once again, the revenues for this cryptocurrency faucet aren’t significant.

In Bituro, for example, completing a 1-minute survey will get you ten points.

But how valuable are these ten points? 

If you have a Coinbase wallet, you can exchange your points for $1 worth of Bitcoin after earning 1,000 points.

As a result, each Bituro coin is worth $0.001, or one-tenth of a cent. 

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14. Earn some interest in the crypto you do have. 

best places to get free crypto - Earn some interest in the crypto you do have. 

If you’re fine with keeping your cryptocurrency on a controlled exchange, you can earn a bit of interest on your coins. 

The amount you earn is based on the exchange you use and the type of cryptocurrency you’re earning interest on.

It also depends on the amount of that cryptocurrency you have on the exchange.

In some situations, how many of the exchange’s native tokens you own matter too. 

It’s critical to remember that, unlike regular bank accounts, interest-earning cryptocurrency accounts are not FDIC-insured.

You could squander everything if the exchange is hacked.

You could be comfortable with this risk for a percentage of your portfolio.

I simply want you to be aware of what you’re getting into.

This is true for both non-stablecoin cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin and Ethereum) and stablecoin cryptocurrencies. 

Keep in mind that the SEC is attempting to regulate stablecoins at the moment.

So these high-interest rates may not stick.

15. Take part in airdrops. 

An airdrop is a cryptocurrency giveaway conducted by the producers of a (generally) new cryptocurrency.

They do this to raise knowledge about that cryptocurrency, usually as part of an initial coin offering (ICO) (ICO).

Airdrops are similar to free samples at Costco.

They offer you a taste of their latest product to entice you into buying it. 

With airdrops, it’s the same thing.

The creators of a new coin provide you with a “sample.”

Hopefully, this entices you to purchase more of it and participate in its ecosystem.

You typically have to perform some action to participate in an airdrop, such as:

  • Join the company’s Telegram group or Discord server
  • Share info about the project on social media 
  • Sign up for the company’s newsletter 
  • Follow the company’s social media accounts 

It’s crucial to remember that many airdrops are hoaxes.

Even those that aren’t can be a waste of time if they leave you with a cryptocurrency that never succeeds. 

You may look at sites like to learn about the latest crypto airdrops.

If that site is too much for you, visit CoinMarketCap’s special airdrop page.

Before I go on to the following method, I want to reiterate that many airdrops are scams.

You should conduct extensive due diligence before partaking in one.

16. Enter the CryptosRUs Giveaway 

On January 1, 2022, CryptosRUs, a crypto YouTuber, will give away five Ethereum (ETH).

Each of the five lucky contestants will receive one Ethereum.

Sign up for a chance to win and complete as many tasks as you can, including:

  • Follow CRUNewsDesk and CryptosRUs on Twitter.
  • Refer your friends and family to the giveaway. 
  • Visit CryptosRUs on Instagram, Facebook, Teachable, Youtube, and Patreon. 

You should be able to get at least 15 entries by simply following people on social media.

There are over 700,000 entries as of this writing, so your odds of winning are slim.

But you’ll never know. You might just be one of the five lucky winners. 

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Final Thoughts – Best Places To Get Free Crypto

I want you to be successful in all aspects of your financial life.

And in the financial markets, I’ve seen cryptocurrencies have an extraordinary impact.

To get into the bitcoin market, you don’t need to invest in expensive mining software.

With so many free ways to earn cryptocurrency, now is an excellent time to get started.

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