Top Platforms Where You Can Get Paid To Be a Friend Online

There are a lot of unconventional ways to make a living these days.

Some of them your parents or grandparents would think ridiculous. 

And one of these ways is to receive compensation for being someone’s online friend. 

Who would have thought maintaining friendly relationships could earn you a decent income? 

It’s not such a giant leap to imagine someone paying for virtual friendship as more of our lives shift to the online world.

We have better means of communication than ever before, but somehow, we’re more likely to get lonely. 

So, this could be the perfect job for you if you’re outgoing and have a knack for sustaining stimulating conversations. 

In this post, we will explore how and where to profit from some online friendships.

Let’s get started. 

What Does Being a Cyber Friend Entail?

A Man Actively Engaged Online Using A Laptop.

Think about the people you’ve encountered and befriended from all your time online.

There must be quite a few of them, right? 

The experience of having an online friend isn’t so different; only you get paid.

You communicate with someone through the internet via text, voice, or video calls. 

Over time, your clients could turn into lasting friends, even if you never physically meet them. 

You can share your thoughts on current events, vent about your day, or offer sound advice if they ask. 

Most of us have been using social media for quite some time.

So, becoming a paid online friend requires little in the way of adjusting how we behave online. 

Who Usually Pays for Friendship?

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Most people experienced what it’s like to be cooped up in their homes because of the pandemic. 

A recent survey showed that, while quarantined, the average American gained six new online friends. 

There isn’t a shortage of online communication services, but isolation remains a problem for many, even after COVID-19. 

Many folks are lonely and either don’t want to or can’t go out to make new friends. 

Online friends can be a lifeline for those who, due to age, disability, or mental health issues, are unable to maintain meaningful relationships in their everyday lives. 

As an online friend, your clients are most likely going to be: 

  • The elderly 
  • The differently-abled 
  • Those with chronic illnesses 
  • Those who suffer from social anxiety 
  • Digital nomads
  • Those who live in isolated areas 
  • Those who feel burdened with their problems 

These people appreciate online companionship because it makes them feel normal and safe. 

As you provide this service and do your part to alleviate some of the loneliness in this world, it will be an extra source of income for you! 

How To Become a Paid Online Friend 

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Becoming a paid online friend usually involves joining a platform that connects those looking for companionship to those who can provide it. 

They also ensure that you get paid for your time and effort.

Most of these companies have a screening or initiation process before you can start befriending folks. 

You can look at being someone’s online friend as a responsibility.

You have to be kind and reliable to provide this service. 

That’s why they don’t let just anyone sign up. 

Of course, nothing stops you from finding clients on other platforms that aren’t dedicated to this service.

However, it’ll be more challenging to explain the parameters of your relationship. 

If you decide to join a platform that’s meant to make things easier for you, it usually involves the following steps: 

Sign Up 

Signing up for an online friends site or app is the breeziest way to start working as a virtual friend.

You’ll usually be asked to fill in an application.

The information you provide will be used to pair you up with other users who share your interests. 

Sometimes, it will also ensure you live in similar time zones to your matches. 

To find your ideal friends, you must do your best to be as accurate as possible at this stage. 

You may be paired with someone you have nothing in common with or who lives somewhere with a significant time difference. 

Take a Personality Test

After that, you’ll most likely be asked to take a personality test. 

A personality test plays a significant role in zeroing in on your ideal matches.

Some platforms also use this to gauge your empathy, compassion, and humor levels. 

And don’t fret; you don’t have to be an extrovert to excel at virtual friend jobs.

If you’re the type to stay behind the scenes, all the more, this job might be satisfying for you. 

As you help others, you could even be helping yourself gain more confidence to socialize “IRL!” 

Provide a Description of Yourself 

These platforms also want you to tell your story. 

This is your opportunity to introduce yourself and share details about your character, passions, and pastimes. 

This is where you might list your favorite books, movies, and even your language proficiencies. 

Provide Your Payment Details 

You’ll most likely be paid through PayPal or other electronic money transfers on these platforms. 

You must provide your payment details to receive compensation, so set up your online wallets! 

The payment structure of online friend-matching services varies wildly.

Some platforms release funds weekly, while others do so monthly or after every “session.” 

Regardless of the platform you work on, don’t forget first to check out how frequently you will get paid and through what method. 

Activate Your Profile 

Your profile will be visible to people looking for friends when everything is in order.

So, sit tight and wait for those friend requests! 

Best Platforms Where You Can Get Paid To Be an Online Friend

A Gentleman Thoroughly Engrossed In An Online Conversation While On His Phone.

Rent a Friend

Users on RentAFriend can hire someone to be their buddy, precisely as the platform’s name suggests.

In particular, it stresses that there is no romantic intent behind any relationships you form on it. 

Although its primary function is to facilitate face-to-face meetings, users can also restrict their involvement to the online realm. 

Many users join the site in the hopes of not only meeting new people but also picking up new skills.

That’s why it’s essential to highlight any relevant experience or training in your profile.

This could be anything from helping someone practice a language to swapping recipes.

Share your passion with the world because you never know who might be intrigued by it!


On FriendPC, you can promote yourself as a life coach, gaming partner, or good old chat buddy.

People can meet offline through FriendPC, but I won’t focus on that here. 

The fact that you get paid immediately upon completing each job is a significant perk of FriendPC. 

That means you can count on receiving payments on the same day you communicate with your client/friend. 

You can also charge as much as you like and communicate with your customer whenever the two of you agree. 

FriendPC takes a tiny cut of your earnings (5%) and releases the rest to you.

So, if you want to get paid quickly as an online friend, this is your platform. 

Rent a Local Friend 

With Rent a Local Friend, you can get paid to befriend digital nomads and world travelers.

With its focus on foreigners finding local friends, this is also an excellent platform to earn money by conversing in your native tongue. 

You’re in luck because many clients want to polish their English skills. 

The app is more than just a messaging service; it allows users to host “cultural events,” much like Airbnb.

So, complete your profile and brush up on some local facts, anecdotes, and travel tips. 

Don’t worry; you don’t have to act as an in-person tour guide or anything.

This can be purely virtual. 

You can price your services by the hour, the day, or the job and tailor them to your interests and pastimes.


Fiverr is a big-name freelance platform where people peddle all sorts of skills — including virtual companionship! 

Fiverr has a specific section dedicated to friendship where you can create a profile detailing your virtual friend services. 

Fiverr lets you set your rates.

To get a sense of what you can charge, check out other profiles to see what other people offer and how much they charge. 

Friendship services could include: 

  • Playing online games 
  • Doing tasks together in real-time (like crafts, eating, working out, etc.) 
  • General friendly chatting 
  • Life or career coaching 
  • Grief support 
  • Therapy (if you have the credentials) 

Things can get pretty competitive on Fiverr, so do your best to set your profile apart!

Upload a high-resolution, friendly-looking photo of yourself, and be thorough in your bio. 

Let your personality shine to attract like-minded folks and those intrigued by what you can offer. 


Do you have a background in teaching, or do you communicate well with younger people?

Then Outschool is worth checking out.

In contrast to the other platforms on this list, Outschool’s goal is to provide a secure place for children to socialize online. 

Whether academic or not, you can use this site to organize online group hangouts on any subject. 

Don’t worry; teaching credentials aren’t required to sign up for Outschool as an instructor or moderator. 

The company believes that some adults have valuable insights to share with younger generations based on their life experiences and areas of expertise. 

They will run a criminal background check, though.

You also have to be a US, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand resident.

Once accepted, listing your classes on Outschool won’t cost you anything.

However, a 30% service fee is deducted from your enrollments. 

Rates and schedules are up to you, and you will get paid via PayPal once your class commences. 


Helping people improve their English conversation skills on Preply is another method to make money as an online friend.

Preply does not require any prior teaching experience or credentials from its tutors. 

You need to converse and be a virtual friend to someone who needs help with their English.

Moreover, you’re not limited to a specific location or time of day for work.

Remember that Preply charges a commission fee, which can be on the high side but is well worth it if you enjoy a challenge. 

In general, it’s a great way to earn some extra money and expand your social circle.


Even though it’s not the most common place for people to look for virtual friends, it doesn’t hurt to set up a profile on Freelancer

Freelancer is kind of like Fiverr, but you’re the one who has to actively seek out people who are looking for a virtual friend. 

You aim to convince them you’re the best person for the job. 

You get to set your rates, and Freelancer will take a commission for connecting you with potential clients. 

This platform has some drawbacks, though.

For one, it takes time to find projects regarding online friendships. 

You’ll also probably be bidding against other virtual friend job seekers vying for the same clients. 

If you want to attract more friendship-based work, the ideal strategy is to offer your services at a lower price point at the outset.

The first six bids you place each month will be free, but subsequent requests on friendship jobs will cost you.


While it’s true that Seeking caters to those who want to date around, that doesn’t mean you can’t find virtual friends on it. 

You can provide whatever services you like and establish relationships without a romantic aspect. 

For example, you can limit your offerings to friendly voice calls and video chats.

And if someone is interested, establish your boundaries beforehand so they can manage their expectations. 


The Papa platform is unique among the media on this list because it caters to older people. 

The New York Times has lauded the site for its efforts to alleviate loneliness among seniors. 

When you become a Papa Pal, you’ll be making a genuine impact on the life of someone who’s been through a lot! 

In its initial phases, the service matched college students with lonely seniors.

It also used to facilitate in-person encounters only, but that has since evolved.

You can now register even if you’re not attending college and operate purely online.

It also doesn’t require any special training or certifications. 

All you need is a warm disposition and a genuine desire to connect and help. 


Okay, this might be a little out there, but do you have psychic abilities? 

Keen is the place to be if you’re intuitive and want to share your psychic insights with online friends.

Keen was launched in 1999 and is one of the earliest internet psychic services.

Back then, psychics had to meet with clients in person or over the phone.

Of course, it’s a different story now because you can video chat.

You’re in business if you can provide the following clairvoyant services!

  • Psychic readings 
  • Psychic mediums 
  • Psychic advice 
  • Pet psychic 
  • Financial Guidance
  • Love and relationship advice 
  • Life path advice 
  • Spiritual readings 
  • Tarot card readings 
  • Astrology 
  • Chinese astrology 
  • Feng Shui 
  • Numerology 
  • Mayan astrology 
  • Vedic Astrology 
  • Angel readings 
  • Dream interpretations 
  • Cartomancy readings 
  • Aura cleaning 
  • Chakra cleansing 

While not strictly a paid friendship platform, it’s still the perfect avenue to connect with people, share your spirituality, and charge for your company. 

Keen has a strict vetting process, but applying is worth a shot if you have faith in your abilities. 

Your Website 

You might consider launching your website if you want to get paid to be a virtual friend and establish a serious online business. 

First, you must decide what kind of online friend you want to be.

Do you want to hang out, flirt, offer advice, teach, coach, or provide emotional support?

The type of companionship you provide is entirely up to you.

Once you know how to market yourself, you can develop your website. 

The good news is that you don’t need to be a tech whiz to get this done.

It’s pretty easy and affordable to build a website! 

When your website is ready, it’s not time to promote your services.

You can increase your site traffic by advertising your services on social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook. 

Your rates are entirely up to you and should reflect the value you place on your offerings. 

Do your homework to determine if the rate you’re asking for your services is reasonable and competitive.

Managing your website for online friend services is no easy task, but with some hard work and perseverance, it’ll start gaining attention, and you’ll profit from something you enjoy.

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Tips For Maximizing Your Profits as an Online Friend 

tips for maximizing your profits as an online friend

Zhuzh Up Your Profile

Highlight your individuality and use photos that capture your essence and personality.

Create a profile that makes people want to learn more about you. 

Essentially, you want to stand out. With so many profiles for online friends out there, try to answer why people should pick you! 

Join Multiple Virtual Friend Websites

Online friendship work can be unpredictable.

Some customers might not need your services regularly or outright disappear on you. 

It’s best to take on as much work as your schedule allows. 

And the more comprehensive your online visibility, the higher the likelihood that more people will discover and hire you.

So, take your chances on multiple platforms because you never know which will be the most successful. 

Provide Quality Services 

You’re officially a business once you sign up as an online friend for hire.

And what should be your priority as a business? Giving value to your customers’ lives. 

So, make sure your virtual friends enjoy their time with you because they’re paying for it. 

This means you must be completely present in every conversation with them.

Minimize distractions, concentrate on the task, and be your best self.

In a way, you’re expected to “perform.”

Always maintain professionalism because you don’t want to waste anyone’s time and money. 

Do the job you’re being paid to do, whether it’s to listen, entertain, sympathize, or chat casually, with a cheerful disposition and attitude. 

No one wants to be friends with a downer! 

Build Lasting Friendships 

Expressing Affectionate Gestures During A Phone Call.

Even though you’re being paid for your company, that doesn’t mean the relationships that you form can’t be genuine. 

Not only will building lasting friendships work wonders for your social life, but it’s also good for business! 

Do you have repeat clients that love your services? Can they give you glowing recommendations? 

Having online friends who will come back for your services time and time again will also make sure you have a steady income. 

Most of the platforms I mentioned above have review systems in place.

The more positive reviews you garner, the more your profiles will be more attractive. 

Only Join Trusted Friend Websites 

The abovementioned platforms are good examples of trusted companies with privacy policies and terms and conditions. 

If you venture beyond these sites, it’s a good idea to read through this documentation. 

It’s also a good sign if the site provides a dedicated means of communication, meaning you won’t have to communicate using third-party apps. 

Remember to be careful about your privacy and be clear about your boundaries. I’m sure the last thing you want is to be taken advantage of. 

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Final Thoughts 

As you can see, many opportunities exist for people who want to get compensated for socializing online. It’s relatively low-stress and easy to get into. 

Who knows? You might find your lifelong friends through this side hustle! 

And the fact that you get paid for your companionship is just a bonus of making someone feel happy and safe.

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