What’s a Vision Board? Great Vision Board Ideas

So what’s a vision board & what are some vision board ideas to get you started. Vision boards are certainly something you’ve heard about. You may even have a rough concept of what one is. But what exactly are they, how do you use them, and, most importantly, do they work? 

Well, I’m going to answer all those questions in this post, so sit tight and read on!

what's a vision board & vision board ideas

What A Vision Board Is

What’s a vision board? A vision board is a collection of images, affirmations, statements, or anything else that appeals to, inspires, or motivates you. The images reflect your life’s objectives and things you wish to achieve.

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How A Vision Board Works 

Vision boards are mentioned a lot when it comes to goal setting, but what is the real significance of starting one? 

What is the significance of this? It’s one thing to tape some photos to a fancy board and put them on the wall. Making a vision board, displaying it, and using it to your advantage is one thing. Actually making one, displaying it, and using it to your advantage is another! There are plenty of vision board kits out there to assist.

Manifesting with a Vision Board

The things that we focus on end up manifesting into our lives. 

Reread that sentence. 

The things that we focus on end up manifesting into our lives. 

Have you ever heard of the term “self-fulfilling prophecy”? What you think about, you become. The concept remains the same. Visualization is a fantastic method to employ the mind, which is a string instrument. If you’ve read or watched ‘The Secret,’ here’s more or less what it says: 

The law of attraction is shaping your entire life experience, and it’s all thanks to your ideas. You are sending out a strong vibration into the Universe when you visualize.

But if you always take a scientific approach, here’s what Psychology Today says about what happens when an athlete visualizes: 

When a weightlifter lifts big weights, the same brain processes are triggered as when the lifter merely imagines (visualizes) lifting weights.

See? Thoughts are that powerful! 

Effective Vision Boards

But pay attention. Here’s the difference between an effective vision board and one that isn’t:

Sentiments and emotions must accompany everything you place on your vision board. Not only how you feel right now as you’re making the board, but how you want to feel when the exact thing you placed on it comes true. 

Instead of merely having a piece of paper on the board that looks good, this helps build an attachment and connection to the item/topic.

Here’s an example: 

Let’s assume you want to set a goal to spend more time in the great outdoors. You pick a photograph of a lady trekking and post it on the bulletin board. Imagine how you’ll feel after you start hiking more while you make your vision board. 

Consider how you’d feel if you were energetic and rejuvenated. Concentrate on those emotions and sensations. Each time you look at the photo on your board, repeat the process.

I even move a step further and begin to consider what responsibilities I can assign to some of the objects on the board. This section is optional, although it has been shown to be beneficial.

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What Should You Put On Your Vision Board? 

When it comes to selecting what to put on your vision board or even what you want to do with the board itself, the choices are endless. 

I’m going to show you two alternative methods to structure your board in this post.

There are a few things that every board should have in common.


Of course, you are not limited to using only one of the methods to structure your board. If it feels appropriate, you may pick and select what you prefer from each! And there are vision board kits that can assist you as well.

Topics To Put On Your Vision Board 

Focusing on finding images/affirmations to promote different themes in which you have objectives, values, or desires is one method to arrange your board. Here are a few examples:

  • Career 
  • Love 
  • Family 
  • Community 
  • Self-care 
  • Hobbies 
  • Wealth 
  • Health 
  • Values 
  • Travel 
  • Opportunities for growth 
  • Daily/monthly/yearly objectives 

After you’ve chosen several subjects, you may select whether to maintain the photos (and so on) for each distinct topic or to mix them all together on the board.

The “Intentional Living” Method 

If you already have very clear goals in mind that you’d want help envisioning, this technique is for you. In this scenario, you’d look for pictures, art, words, mantras, affirmations, and so on that support those aims. You might also include any talents or tools you’ll need to achieve your objectives.

Obviously, vision boards are highly adaptable, but writing down your goals on the board itself may be useful in this technique.

In addition to objectives, if you’re striving toward a more purposeful life and concentrating on your “why” (or several “whys”), a vision board can help you along the way. You would locate media that spoke to and supported your ‘whys’ for accomplishing whatever it is you want to do/work towards in this scenario, just as you would for the goals listed above.

As I previously stated, your vision board must connect with you. If it means combining some of the strategies listed above, go for it! These categories are only suggestions for things to include on your vision board. Once you’ve decided on an approach (or a combination of both), you may start looking for inspiring pictures, art, words, phrases, sketches, and so on.

The “Intuition” Method 

This is my primary technique of choice, which I refer to as the “intuition method.”

You might be wondering what the intuitive approach is. Basically, you spend some time going through magazines or other media and cutting out images, words, pieces of art, and other items that appeal to you and pinning them to your board.

This technique works for me because, by checking in to my intuition when I see something significant, I’ve already begun to create the emotional connection that I mentioned before – which is crucial to make a vision board truly function.

Another crucial component is trust. I go into the process believing that my intuition will guide me in the right route in life – after all, it hasn’t led me astray in the past. It may appear like I’m employing this approach at random, but I’m not.

Don’t worry if you’re not used to listening to your gut instincts. Anything that makes you feel peaceful, grounded, and at ease is the sensation you’re after.

A Checklist For Your Vision Board 

A Checklist For Your Vision Board

You’ll need a few things to make your vision board, and this checklist will help you gather everything you’ll need.

Before we get started, I have a few ideas to make this project low-waste and clutter-free. You’re not expecting anything less, are you?

Make do with what you have on hand. Before you buy something new, go through your junk mail, newspaper, magazines, and so on. There are also vision board kits if you’d prefer to go that route.

Physical Item List 

Do you want to use construction paper or a tag board? Do you already have a bulletin board? What about a whiteboard? What about your refrigerator? Here are some items you may use to make your next board:

  • Wall 
  • Door 
  • Box 
  • Fridge 
  • Bulletin board 
  • Whiteboard 
  • Tagboard 
  • Scrap paper 
  • Fabric 
  • Foam 

Of course, you’ll also need the following supplies: 

  • Scissors 
  • Glue 
  • Tap 
  • Pins 
  • Some time to work on your board 
  • Tunes and Snacks!

Electronic Board List 

Don’t care for the whole physical board thing? Make a digital version instead. There are some clear advantages to this: you may use it as a screensaver, a phone backdrop, and you can quickly check it on an app whenever you want. Use an app like Canva to create yours.

Here’s what you’ll need for a virtual board: 

  • If you’re not opting to use Canva (or need more photographs), you’ll need a location to look. Free stock pictures that are legal to use may be found on sites like Unsplash.
  • Some time to work on your board 
  • Your music of choice 

Set the scene! Whatever choice you pick, make sure the platform allows you to view it every day, many times a day.

A last reminder: when searching for photos, consider how you want to feel rather than just what you desire. It’s much better if the objects have accompanying activities.

Here’s an example from my most recent vision board and its influence on my life.

My Vision Board Experience 

My Vision Board Experience

More Outdoors and Adventure

I believe that life is a giant adventure and I always want to be pushing to try new things and get out and explore.

The objective: Live an Adventure.

Feelings attached: success. living up to potential. being alive.

Doable steps: Plan a trip to work and live in a different location.

The result: That year, my family rented an RV and had an adventure. My wife and I had the experience of working remotely to see how it would work for us.

It’s Time To Create 

It’s time to start gathering the images/art/words/mantras/affirmation/goals/etc. once you’ve decided whether you want a physical or electronic vision board.

Make sure you set aside some time for this. Get in the zone. Get some snacks. Turn on some music. Whatever helps you get in a creative mindset.

It’s Time To Arrange

The next step is to select how you want the things on your board to be organized. Do you want to categorize by subjects or by objectives? Place items at random across the board (my preferred method). Do what you think is best for you. There is no right or wrong way to do things in this situation.

It’s Time To Display

After you’ve finished your board, put it somewhere where you’ll see it several times a day. It made the most sense for me to hang it in my bedroom, directly next to my bed. That way, I’d be able to glance at it while lying in bed and getting ready for the day.

It’s Time To Visualize

Pick one or two of the photos on the board and concentrate on them whenever you find yourself staring at them. Consider what your life would be like if that vision were to come true, as well as how you would feel after it did. Imagine yourself taking actions and setting objectives to attain whatever it is you see in your mind’s eye. Consider your ideal day with that specific thing in your life.

Note: The goal isn’t to get so focused or obsessed with anything that it becomes stressful. If you start to feel negative emotions as a result of the vision board or something on it, make changes so that it no longer has that effect.

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Final Thoughts 

Feelings, experiences, dreams, and emotions that you wish to attract are supposed to be represented on your vision board.

It is based on the belief that positive ideas bring good things into your life, while negative thoughts bring bad things into your life. As a result, keeping a continual reminder of the positive things you want to attain and working hard to get them can help you achieve them.

Hopefully, you’ve gathered some great vision board ideas. It’s yours to design how you wish. If you want the sense of being near to something and want everything to touch and overlap, huddle everything together and overlap your things. 

When it comes to deciding what will make the final cut, lay everything down before you begin gluing and pinning so you can have a sense of where everything will go.

With a vision board, you develop a vision of your future self when the images in your imagination become physical. It may be difficult to describe the concept of time and space, yet it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that we are all going ahead.

Like I said before, you don’t need much to get started. Take these vision board ideas and start creating your own today. Good luck!

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