Top Tools for Side Hustlers

We’ve spent years researching tools and using different software with every project that we start to generate income from.  I’ve used dozens of different tools for helping launch blog sites, tools for email marketing, tools for tracking customer outreach and relationships (CRMs). 

In the video below, I go through some top tools for business that I’m using to run my projects (you’ll find the list with links below the video – note that many of them are affiliate links, which means I will be paid a commission if you use the link – but you’ll pay the same price and will often be given a special deal from the company by using my link).

Below are currently my top favorites in each of those categories.  I have a larger resource list here, but this is the main page I revisit to determine if these are still the current tools that I’m using.  I could talk about each of these for days and am happy to do so over in YouTube comments.  Enjoy.

My Current Top Tools For Business Are…

Streamyard for live streaming on Facebook and YouTube:

BuzzSprout as our Podcast Host (I switched from Libsyn):

Divi Theme is my favorite WordPress Theme:

Web Hosting for my websites:
I am testing out WPX and am really liking it, so my favorites might be swapping!

Legendary Marketer if you’re not sure of what hustle to tackle or you want/need accountability:

Simple, I know, but such an important tool for me!

For Email Marketing we use Converkit (we switched from Mailchimp):

My favorite tool of 2021 is Canva for Designing graphics or literally anything:

I use this Screen Recording both for training my employees as well as making YouTube videos:


Want to see ALL of the tools that I use?

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