The Best Airbnb Tools: Software To Help Hosts

This is the most comprehensive list of Airbnb tools for hosts available. If you want to see all of the best Airbnb tools in one location, this is my updated guide for you.

I researched and reviewed a large number of free and paid products. I hope that, by the end of this list, you’ll have found the best Airbnb software for your needs. Let’s get started. 

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Airbnb Tools That Help With Pricing 

If you’re searching for Airbnb pricing solutions that can help you automate the process of optimizing your Airbnb listing’s prices, look no further. 

Check out the following platforms to get listings with optimized rates that will earn you more bookings at better pricing than ones that don’t.



PriceLabs, unlike the other pricing tools on the list, charges a monthly fee rather than a commission per booking.

This is especially useful for property managers that have hundreds of listings on their books.

It also offers over 30 integrations with some of the greatest Airbnb hosting tools, property management systems, and channel managers on the market.


Wheelhouse allows you to tailor your pricing method to your specific hosting needs.

Whether it’s actively holding out for the best possible price, fine-tuning your pricing for maximum occupancy, or everything in between, it’s all part of their services.

Airbnb hosts will benefit greatly from utilizing the Wheelhouse pricing plan tool.

You can create a price plan based on your revenue targets!

Additionally, it will change these rates every 24 hours for the following 365 days, maintaining constantly competitive pricing.

Beyond Pricing (Paid) 

Beyond pricing uses what it has learned from years of experience in the airline and hotel industries to Airbnb.

It’s been in operation since 2013, has possibly the most accurate pricing algorithm in the industry.

Rate Genie 

Rate Genie is a cross-platform pricing tool for the whole short-term rental business, rather than being specific to Airbnb.

It also has a flat-rate monthly cost structure that starts at $9.99, perfect for hosts on a budget. 

Airbnb Tools That Help With Automated Messaging 

You can automate 80-90% of all visitor interactions with automated message technologies, that is, if you set it up first. 

It works by constructing a message sequence that is prompted to transmit at various times throughout a guest’s stay, starting with the original booking and ending with the check-out.

Hospitable (Formerly Smartbnb)

I currently use Hospitable (used to be Smartbnb) in my Airbnb business and here’s why Hospitable is one of the best Airbnb tools.

Every message I send, every guest review I write, and every cleaning reminder I send are all automated.

I will admit that there was a bit of a learning curve for me to get set up, but once I did it’s like having an additional employee on our team.

It also comes at a reasonable price, making it a no-brainer. To cut it short, this is the finest Airbnb product available right now, and it’s constantly improving

Host Tools 

Host Tools serves as both an automated message system and a dynamic pricing system.

It does what many more costly applications do for a fraction of the price, plus it’s also straightforward to use.


iGMS (formerly Airgms) has all of the capabilities you’d expect from an automated messaging service, as well as some cool integrations with other systems like HomeAway, VRBO, and others.

There’s more to this program than meets the eye; all you have to do is delve a bit deeper to uncover it.

Your Porter

The Your Porter app is easy to use, inexpensive, and effective.

It has everything a small-scale host might possibly require, including automated messages, reviews, and iCal integration.

Plus, for the same amount as software, you can create your own branded website and generate reservations without having to pay Airbnb commissions.

To top it off, they offer native iOS and Android applications and assistance for both. 


Hosty is a tool that has a free trial to allow you to get started and check out the features.

Although restricted in functionality, the basic plan will nonetheless manage message automation and delivery and a few other essentials.

If you wanted to upgrade to the next level and gain task management, automatic reviews, and a slew of additional capabilities, you’d have to pay $5 each month.

Airbnb Tools That Help Manage Channels

Airbnb Tools That Help Manage Channels

Channel managers provide you a single point of management for all of your listings across numerous platforms, as well as the ability to synchronize calendars, pricing, and other features.


Tokeet excels as a channel manager, allowing hosts to maximize visibility for their listings across numerous platforms such as, Tripadvisor, Everipedia, and others.

They also provide choices for small size hosting, unlike many other tools in this field. As a result, even if you have one property, you can still maximize exposure through several channels.


The versatility of Guesty’s customized website builder is one of the company’s most unique advantages.

You can apply their templates, or if you want even more freedom, you can use their custom widget to integrate it into an existing site that you already run.

Airbnb Tools That Help With Digital Guidebooks

Digital guidebooks are more than bonuses for your visitors. In fact, when utilized effectively, they may help you save time as a host while also adding a lot of value to your visitors.

Touch Stay

Touch Stay

Touch Stay’s digital guidebooks have a great UI that I truly appreciate. It’s smart, stylish, and polished. 

It has a fantastic user experience for your visitors and neatly organizes all of your information. This is a fantastic small app. 


I’m sure you know that your guests’ experience can be enhanced by using digital guidebooks. 

Hostfully provides a pretty cool digital guidebook maker that will help you bundle your house manual, check-out timings, house rules, and other important information into an interactive format.

Airbnb Tools That Help With Cash Advances

It’s now possible to receive a cash advance on your Airbnb rental’s future revenue. A few new services have lately emerged in this arena, and I’m confident it will continue to expand.

Airbnb Tools That Help With Market Research 

If you want to buy a property to rent out on Airbnb, you need first to learn about the competition and demand in your region. Market research tools like this come in help in situations like these.

Airdna (Paid)

Property managers may use Airdna’s short-term rental data and analytics to make educated, smart investment decisions.

It examines market data from more than 10 million short-term rental units throughout the world.

It also monitors over 25 various statistical sets, including occupancy rates, average nightly rates, rental revenue, and more.

Airbnb Tools That Help With SEO 

Airbnb SEO is the practice of influencing your listing’s ranking in Airbnb’s search results pages by altering it. These tools assist you in receiving feedback so that you may make adjustments and measure your progress.

RankBreeze (Paid) 

RankBreeze is a tool that allows you to keep track of your performance on the Airbnb search results pages. You may use this information to make changes to your listing and enhance its performance over time.

They also provide a copywriting service in which they assist in creating search-friendly listing descriptions to maximize any further ranking chances.

There are many excellent tools on this list, but here is my basic tech stack recommendation for new Airbnb hosts: 

Dynamic Pricing 

Price Labs makes price optimization an afterthought. Once you’ve set it up, it’ll take care of all the heavy lifting for you.

Automated Messaging 

Smartbnb has been fantastic for me for the past three years. It’s the tool I use the most out of all the others on my list. Once I got everything set up, it runs on autopilot.


RankBreeze is the most effective SEO tool for Airbnb. It’s currently head and shoulders above the competition. I recommend this to everyone with minimal SEO experience. 

Digital Guidebook Creator 

A digital handbook is more than simply a nice addition to your business. In fact, if you utilize it correctly, you’ll receive better ratings, more visitor happiness, and overall better ratings. Touch Stay is now my favorite digital guidebook solution.

How Do I Use Airbnb Tools For My Account? 

Click “use professional tools in your Account Settings. 

Please return to your Account Settings and select Stop using them in the Professional hosting tools section to stop using Airbnb’s professional hosting tools. You’ll lose access to these tools in 1-2 days, and your new data will be erased. 

Why Are Airbnb Tools Essential? 

Adding some of the above-mentioned tools to your Airbnb host toolkit is the greatest way to work smarter, not harder. Maybe you’ve been hosting on Airbnb for a while and want to step it up a notch. 

Maybe you’re just getting started and want to know how to be the greatest right now. Finding methods to help your business function more effectively is a good concept, regardless of your motive. 

Using these Airbnb must-haves can result in more reservations, more revenues, and happier visitors.

Who Can Use Airbnb Tools? 

You don’t have to be a full-time host or property manager to have access to Airbnb’s professional hosting tools. The sole prerequisite is that you manage many Airbnb listings. The professional hosting tools will automatically become available if you manage more than six listings, but you will need to opt-in manually if you manage between 2 and 5 listings.

Airbnb’s professional hosting features were created with all sorts of hosts in mind. To use them, you don’t need to own a vacation rental management firm, have a business license, or operate in a team.

How Can Your Guests Benefit From Airbnb Tools? 

By using the tools above, you will get the following perks that will attract guests and make their stay more efficient: 

  • Updated and descriptive listings 
  • Prompt responses to queries
  • Competitive rates 
  • Lower chances for cancellations 
  • More positive reviews 
  • Listing promotions

Final Thoughts 

If you don’t use the correct Airbnb tools, managing an Airbnb may be quite stressful. You can free up more time, receive better reviews, and earn more money with the appropriate set of tools in your wheelhouse. 

It’s no surprise that many hosts are exploring automation to help them cope with the strain.

Some people, however, mistakenly assume that it is solely for major corporations. Even if you manage one property on a single platform, it can be daunting at times. As a result, automating your business might offer you a boost and even help you increase income.

Indeed, as an Airbnb host, there are a variety of options to automate your short-term rental administration and save up to 70% on everyday activities and operations.

You could reduce the number of tedious chores you have to do as a host and focus on more vital elements of your business by using the Airbnb tools above. You’ll be able to expand your business faster and more efficiently after you put it on autopilot.

I think it’s admirable that you want to streamline your business. I hope you now more or less know which tools would benefit your specific listings on our favorite rental app, Airbnb. Good luck!

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