(My Tips) How to Transfer Money From Venmo to PayPal?

Ok, so you’ve got a Venmo account.

And you have a PayPal account.

And now you’re trying to figure out how to transfer from your Venmo over to your PayPal.

brooks showing how to transfer from Venmo to paypal

Here’s the short answer: You can’t directly transfer money from Venmo to Payal.

Bummer, I know.


There is a way around this, and I’ll show you in this post.

Ok, so…

How to Transfer Money from Venmo to PayPal?

Unfortunately, you can’t link Venmo to PayPal directly (even though the same company owns them).


You can still transfer from one platform to the other.

Follow my steps below.

1. Set up a bank account and link it to both your PayPal and Venmo accounts:

(*This step is the key!)

  • Go to your PayPal account and select Link a bank if you’re on the website (or Banks and Cards if you’re in the mobile app)
  • Enter your online banking details and make two small deposits.
  • Proceed to your Venmo account, go to Settings, and select Payment Methods.
  • Select Add a bank or card and choose your verification method.

2. Once you link your bank account to both, go to your Venmo, select Transfer to Bank, and enter the amount you need to transfer.

3. Choose the transfer option you prefer; Instant or 1-3 business days, then tap Transfer.

4. After that, go back to your PayPal account. Continue to the Transfer Money option³

5. Select Add money to your balance, and you’ll see the bank account that’s linked to both your Venmo and Paypal

6. Choose that bank account and hit Add. The money will arrive in your PayPal wallet in 3-5 business days

Bonus Tips on Money Apps like Venmo & PayPal

I am a fan of all of these apps.

And you can link your bank account to them all.

So set up Cash App.

[You’ll be able to transfer from Venmo over to Cash App].

Set up Venmo.

[Just be sure to make your Venmo payments private!]

Set up Paypal.

[Ha, once you do, you can get some free PayPal money].

Get Zelle.

[See my comparison if Zelle, Cash App, and Venmo to see who I like the best and prefer].

What about International Payments?

Yep, you can do this.

But here’s the issue.

PayPal eats you alive on international fees, but most don’t know this.

I found Wise a year ago, and I make ALL of my international transfers with Wise.

If you’re a freelancer and need a bank, it’s actually one of the best options!

I’ll show you how I make international payments here. You also watch below, as I show you how I make payments with the best exchange rates.

Final Thoughts On Venmo to PayPal Transfers 

Ok, so even though PayPal owns Venmo and it’s the same company, you still can’t directly transfer.

It’s too bad that it isn’t easier to make transfers from your Venmo account to your Paypal account.

At least the workaround is pretty simple.

If I failed to answer some questions you may have, check out the FAQ section that I’ve included below. 

And, I’ll also add some additional Venmo info after the FAQ.

FAQs about Venmo and PayPal 

Can I connect my Venmo to PayPal?

You currently can’t directly connect them. But you can indirectly connect them by adding the same bank account to each of the apps. Then you can transfer between.

Will I be charged if I accept a Venmo payment? 

No. Receiving payments in Venmo is free. It’s a different story when it comes to making payments. You will be subject to the same fees as you do for PayPal. 

Can I use my desktop for Venmo transactions? 

Not as of now, no. Currently, you can only make transactions on your mobile device using the app. I hope we can access our Venmo accounts on our computers in the future. 

What does it mean when I send a payment to a “New User”? 

It means that the name, email, and phone number you used isn’t linked to a Venmo account. The recipient will have to make one to access the funds that you sent. 

I made a mistake. Can I cancel a payment on Venmo? 

Unfortunately not. Sending money on Venmo is pretty much instantaneous, and there is no way to cancel it once you’ve authorized it. You will have to contact the user you accidentally paid to send the funds back to you. 
However, you can pull your payment back if you send it to a person who doesn’t have a Venmo account. 
How do I cancel a payment to a nonexistent or inactive Venmo account? 
Locate the ☰ icon at the upper left corner of the app and tap it. 
Locate “incomplete” and tap it. 
Go to the payment tab. 
Tap “cancel” below the payment overview. 

Can I use Venmo to pay someone on PayPal? 

No. There is no way to send money directly across these platforms. 

What kind of protection do Venmo transactions have? 

PayPal’s Seller Protection Policy covers Venmo transactions.

How to transfer Venmo to Paypal without bank account?

Currently, this isn’t possible. Since Venmo and Paypal accounts don’t directly link, you need a bank account to be ‘the connector.’

Ok, on to some background and basic info regarding Venmo…

What is Venmo? 

You might not know that Venmo is a mobile payment service owned by PayPal.

It allows users to send and receive money and make online purchases from approved vendors.

With Venmo, you can pull funds from your account balance, debit card, credit card, and any linked bank accounts. 

We know Venmo as a popular way to split the bill when we eat out with friends and family. It also operated like a social media platform where you can view other people’s transactions and comment on them.

Sometimes it’s helpful to know what your friends are purchasing to make comparisons and prices. 

Curious how Venmo makes its money? That article will tell you, or you can watch the video I made explaining it.

Is Venmo Free to Use? 

Yes, Venmo is free for everyone to download and use. Their primary features don’t have fees. But there are some features that you will have to pay for. What are they? 

First, it’s excellent that pulling money from a linked bank account or debit card is free. So when you need to use the hack I detailed above, you don’t have to pay for anything. There also isn’t a fee for cashing into your Venmo account when you use a linked bank account or debit card. It’s not like a standard banking app where you may have to pay monthly or annual fees. 

Next, please note that they will charge you a 3% fee if you choose to make transfers from a credit card. A 1% fee is also charged when making instant transfers, with a minimum of $0.25 and a maximum of $10. These rates are pretty standard when it comes to this kind of app. 

Venmo says that standard transfers can take up to 3 days to pull through. When you choose the instant transfer option, you can expect to receive the funds within 1-30 minutes. 

Also, if you are a Venmo user that has concerns over privacy, then make sure that you adjust your privacy settings to make your payments private.

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Can you use Venmo to make online purchases? 

We’re all getting addicted to online shopping, so it’s a good thing that we can use Venmo as a payment option. You can use it to pay for stuff with your existing balance, linked bank account, debit and credit cards, and PayPal. 

Whenever you see PayPal as a checkout option, you can use Venmo to make that transaction. You will most likely be prompted to opt-in. Here are the following steps to opt-in so you can pay with Venmo: 

  1. Locate the ☰ icon at the upper left corner of the app and tap it. 
  2. Locate Settings and open the Buying section. 
  3. Choose to connect with the browser you’re using. 
  4. Tap the Enable Mobile Web Purchase option. 

You can only do this with Safari or Google Chrome, so iOs and Android users should be covered. 

Quick Facts About Venmo Payments 

Venmo is a handy app, but it has a slight learning curve to take advantage of its features fully. Here are some quick facts you may want to know about making payments with Venmo: 

  • Venmo can function as a banking app because it allows users to quickly transfer funds from their balance to a linked bank account. 
  • The sender and recipient of the funds will have to own separate Venmo accounts. 
  • You can use Venmo for online payments and have access to your bank account and cards. 
  • You can find your friends and family within the app by choosing to sync your Facebook account or phone book. 
  • You can use Venmo to split costs among friends when paying for meal bills, event tickets, and plane tickets.
  • You only need the recipient’s name, email, and phone number to make a transfer. 
  • You can use Venmo’s social feed to learn about your circle’s purchases. There are also the options to like and comment on these purchases. 

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