StreamYard vs Riverside: Which Video Recording Tool is Better

More and more business owners and content creators are realizing that videos are a great way to market their products and get new subscribers. 

These days, video streaming is a trend, and many businesses, marketers, influencers, and streamers use it to produce quality content.

They use video recording tools to let them record their screen, camera, or activity simultaneously. 

This tool can create lectures, gaming streams, instructional clips, support responses, and more. 

But with many video recording software floating on the market, you may need help identifying your effective tool. 

For example, StreamYard and Riverside are two of the most valuable and quality software for your personal and business needs.

In this post, you’ll know why StreamYard and Riverside are effective video recording software and which is better. 

We’ve been a user of StreamYard for a few years already, and early this year we dug in seriously to compare it with Riverside.

What is StreamYard?

What is StreamYard

As more people started to prefer watching live videos, StreamYard decided to make something to help people express themselves better. 

StreamYard is a live streaming tool that helps you create professional outputs for your social media pages, business, and others.

You can share directly to Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more platforms for business. 

Whether you are a business owner, marketer, content creator, or want to live stream your moments, StreamYard can help. 

StreamYard features smooth live streaming and recording, multistreaming across apps, inviting guests, and interacting with viewers.

This tool makes streaming fun and easy with the help of its themes, backgrounds, overlays, and digital delegate integrations.

How Did StreamYard Start?

Geige and Dan, co-founders of StreamYard, pitched the idea of making a simple yet powerful tool for streaming. 

They met during college, where they started putting ideas into life until they thought of the concept behind StreamYard. 

So in July 2019, they launched StreamYard with reliability, accessibility, and professional use. The pandemic helped it explode.

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What is Riverside?

What is Riverside is a video recording software that allows you to record podcasts, remote interviews, and other content with high-quality audio and resolution. 

It makes streaming, regardless of internet speed, feel and sound like you are recording in one room. has clear and uncompressed audio, 4K resolution, a cloud-based dashboard, more streaming controls, and access to other platforms. 

Big names like Spotify, Disney, Marvel, Verizon Media, Hilary Clinton, and Fox Sports use this tool to record studio-quality clips. 

It is also accessible on your desktop or mobile device, so you can stream anywhere you like, any time you want. 

How Did Riverside Start?

Gideon and Nadav started in 2019 from their original headquarters in Amsterdam but are now in Tel Aviv.

These brothers studied in their respective universities while busily developing a video debate platform for politicians. 

This platform turned out to be, which became a successful tool for broader streaming purposes.

What Are the Features of StreamYard?


Some apps don’t allow you to save your live video streams, but StreamYard has a video archive. 

Your previous broadcasts can be accessible by you or the audience at a later time through their paid plan.  

Their basic and professional plans let you save up to 50 hours long of your previous videos for easy access.

Multi-Platform Streaming

StreamYard allows you to share your broadcast across different social media platforms simultaneously.

It makes sharing efficient because you don’t have to set up each site before you can stream.

This feature works with Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Real-Time Messaging Protocol outputs. 

Website Embeddable

If you have a site, you can embed your live video streams from StreamYard, so your audience doesn’t need to leave your page.

From an SEO perspective, it is an advantage because you can keep viewers on your page while optimizing their viewing experience. 

Hosting Platform

StreamYard is a cloud-based video streaming platform which means that the audience has to go to the app or tool before they can access the stream.

Another pro of this feature is that you can avoid server errors, drive more traffic, and maximize performance.

Social Media Streaming

You can share your broadcast across several social media sites so you have more audience reach. 

Many people prefer watching broadcasts on Youtube or Facebook, so this feature helps creators attract more views.


After your stream, you can edit and highlight clips to boost your video on different platforms. 

You can get the best parts of your live stream, add some effects or subtitles, and share it with another hosting tool. 

Live Audience Chat

Content creators and influencers will like this feature because it can help them interact with their audience.

When you have a live audience, it is best to talk with them so you can have better engagement and connection.

Data Analytics

StreamYard does not only help on the surface, but they also aid you behind the behind-the-scenes of your hard work.

They collect analytics based on the viewer count, demographic, engagement, and more to help you with the content planning. 

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What Are the Features of Riverside?

streamyard vs riverside

Studio-Quality Audio

One of Riverside’s best features is its audio quality which many said is as good as studio quality. 

Every stream feels like you recorded it in the same studio because of its seamless quality compared to other tools. 

4k Video Resolution excels not only in the audio realm but also in the provision of high-quality video.

You can take your videos up to 4K resolution with an unstable or fast internet connection. 

Smooth Streaming will provide a smooth streaming experience wherever you record your videos or own podcast. 

They locally record your files while uploading them to the cloud so you can produce high-quality and stable videos. 

Mobile App

Most video streaming software only works on computers, but Riverside is available in mobile apps for convenience and accessibility.

You can invite guests, record, and download recordings wherever you are, regardless of the internet speed. 

Clips continuously improves and adds useful features you can regularly use, such as the “Clips.”

This feature lets you edit your lengthy content to a short version so you can easily share it across different social media pages. 

Media Board

Live editing your videos is easier on the “Media Board,” where you can upload, play, and record from the online studio.

It helps you lessen switching tabs or screen sharing, so you can focus on inserting music, intros, and outros without post-production. 


With just three quick, easy steps, you can edit and stitch your recordings to help you streamline your processes.

They have an AI Speaker View that studies your recording and switches the speaker into a full screen to avoid interruption.

You can change your background by uploading your recording, adjusting the settings, and adding background before exporting. 

Comparison: StreamYard vs. Riverside

Comparison StreamYard vs Riverside

StreamYard and Riverside have almost the same function, and some of their features are similar to each other.

However, both streaming tools have more specific differences that this segment will discuss to find what’s your deal breaker. 

Target Market


StreamYard’s target market focuses on businesses, influencers, creators, marketers, media, politicians, leaders, teams, and religious services.

They want brands to connect to a broader community to help reach more prospects and grow businesses. 

It also lets influencers and content creators engage with their followers or audience so they can inspire more people.

Companies can also use StreamYard to host virtual events like seminars, training, lectures, and celebrations everywhere in the world. 

Especially for companies that use a remote work setup, StreamYard allows work teams to collaborate better and organize workflow.

Finally, StreamYard also helps religious groups to continue their services even at home and politicians to do social media campaigns.

Riverside isn’t too far from StreamYard’s target market as it helps content creators, businesses, teams, and influencers. 

The founders of this tool originally started this software as a platform for politicians to host their online campaigns.

But over time, the purpose of broadened into learning and development, which broadened their market. 

You can be a content creator that loves to share podcasts and live shows to entertain your audience.

Or you can be in a business that needs a tool to help in internal communications and virtual conferences. 



StreamYard offers free, basic, and professional plans where you can save more than $60 if you subscribe annually.

For the free plan, you can enjoy the green screen, screen sharing, banners, on-screen comments, and brand colors.

You can add up to six on-screen video participants while a small StreamYard watermark is in your videos. 

You also have a limit of streaming up to 20 hours per month under the free trial, which is still long enough. 

The basic plan, which costs $20 monthly if billed annually, has everything in the free version with additional special features. 

You can remove the watermark from your broadcasts; there’s no limit to how long you can broadcast in a month.

You can also access overlays, backgrounds, pre-recorded clips, 50 hours of recording storage, logo, and three multi-platform streaming. 

The first six hours of each stream are also available to store and download when you need to repurpose it. 

The basic plan lets ten participants on-screen and shares the stream to RTMP platforms like Wix, Vimeo, etc.

Finally, their professional plan, which costs $39 if billed annually, has everything in the basic plan plus a couple of new features.

The first ten hours of each stream are available to save and repurpose, with 50 hours of recording storage.  

You can also concurrently stream on eight platforms of your choice without worrying about server errors. 

This plan allows you to use both or switch alternately during live streaming if you have a multiple-camera setup. 

It also lets you produce content up to 1080p full HD resolution with separate audio from your guest for post-editing. 


Riverside’s free subscription lets you record and edit content unlimitedly with 44.1 kHz audio quality. 

You can also take videos up to 720p and two hours’ worth of individual audio files and video tracks.

However, when you save your recordings, there is a watermark in your file.

The standard plan in costs $15 per month, which either has an upgraded version or the free version.

You still get unlimited recording and editing, but there are no more watermarks when downloading the videos. 

The video quality reaches 4K resolution, and the audio quality improves at 48 kHz for excellent content. 

You also have five hours each month’s worth of separate tracks for your video guests so you can easily control and edit them. 

This plan allows you to screen share, broadcast across social media platforms, and access the producer mode. 

Lastly, the pro plan, which costs $24 monthly, has the same inclusions as the standard plan with additional and upgraded features. 

You get 15 hours per month of separate tracks, live call-ins so your audience can participate, and unlimited transcriptions. 

Affiliate Program


StreamYard’s affiliate program lets you earn a recurring 25% of the subscription plan you sold using your link.

It means that as long as the person who used your link is under the plan, you get the commission from it. 

If you have the knowledge and mastery of using StreamYard, you can use it to teach others and earn while doing so.


The affiliate program in offers a recurring 20% sales commission from your referred users. 

The process is also easy because you only need to sign up, wait for approval, get your link, and share. 

You can use your creativity to promote and affiliate links so you can drive traffic to yours and Riverside’s.



StreamYard Business is a helpful feature that lets you build your brand and upscale your live streaming needs. 

This tool can help you stream to multiple platforms, wherever your audience may be, to maximize your reach.

You can also use the customization options in the business mode to elevate your business’s image with designs. 

Because this detail is specifically for businesses, it helps you simplify the collaboration and production process. 

You can create a team and add members while you manage professional content in your team’s studio.

The interactive live chat lets you build connections with your community to expand your business. 

The business feature allows up to 15 participants during a broadcast and connects guests in a green room. 

You can have a multi-screen recording, screen sharing, and interaction in one streaming session.

Overall, this element gives you control, assigns roles, secures content, streamlines the procurement process, and prioritizes customer support. 


The business feature is a recording solution for remotely operating businesses. 

It is the smoothest and most accessible way to record professional content with your team anywhere in the world.

Riverside takes pride in its high-quality audio that makes separate tracks seamless as if you are in the same room. 

You can also access the smoothest 4k video resolution to eliminate the glitches and pixelated and frozen screen. 

It also creates a smooth production process with the help of creating separate tracks, mobile accessibility, and more. 

For example, Riverside uploads recording and audio to the cloud as soon as it is streaming, so you can download them anytime.

They also have a user-friendly editor so you can quickly produce files with a few steps to save time. 

Another valuable detail of this mode is its automatic transcriptions, which are extra helpful when creating highlights and quotes. 

With shared team spaces and dashboards, team members can see projects and manage them according to their roles.

For example, the admin can access everything; the director can access all recording features, and the editor can access files.

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Final Verdict – Which Video Streaming Platform is Better

Final Verdict - Which Video Streaming Platform is Better

While StreamYard and are almost at par in features, purpose, and pricing, one still stands out from the other in specific categories. 

If your goal is to create a video podcast, takes the crown as the better video streaming platform for this article because of its price and features. 

Riverside is slightly less expensive, with studio-level audio recording, 4K resolution, and an automatic transcription as its unique features. 

Streamyard wins for live streaming. Our team actually uses Streamyard to record locally (a new feature that they recently added – we think it was in order to compete with Riverside).

So just as we were looking hard at possibly switching to Riverside, Streamyard came in clutch with a great feature that we now use!

Your pick will depend on the nature of your tasks, as some may need basic or advanced features.

They both keep improving and have great products.

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