SnapTravel Review: Is It Still the Best Travel Booking Portal?

I know one thing that all travelers love: a good deal. 

It doesn’t matter if this is your first time making travel plans or if you’ve traveled the world over; I’m sure you wouldn’t say no to a discount. 

But it can be a hassle to look for the best hotel and flight deals.

That’s because there are so many travel deal sites out there, all vying to offer the best prices to customers. 

One such travel site is SnapTravel.

Maybe you haven’t heard of them before. 

Or maybe you’ve seen a couple of online reviews for SnapTravel, and now you’re wondering if they’re legit. 

Well, it’s a good thing you landed on this post because that’s what we’re going to be tackling today! 

Let’s get started. 

What is SnapTravel? 

Screenshot Of The Snap Travel Website.

SnapTravel, a Canadian company established in 2016, uses AI to find its customers the lowest possible rates at hotels and on flights. 

SnapTravel’s agents can get you the best deals that only brick-and-mortar travel agencies used to offer. 

SnapTravel employs algorithmic analysis to locate cheap fares and accommodations.

If you have any queries or issues, real customer care agents are standing by to help.

Best of all, you can take advantage of SnapTravel’s fantastic offers without ever leaving your house. 

Everything is handled digitally via and social media platforms, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and text messages.

There’s no mobile app installation required.

Entrepreneurs Hussein Fazel and Henry Shi created SnapTravel, which SnapCommerce now owns.

As of now, nearly 10 million people use SnapTravel.

Even well-known people like NBA star Steph Curry and Expedia’s CEO Peter Kern have invested in the company. 

Bloomberg, the Los Angeles Times, Forbes, and a slew of other publications have all featured SnapTravel as the next big travel booking platform.

How Does SnapTravel Work? 

This company has created a high-tech, message-driven commerce platform that employs AI to pair bargain-hunting customers with attractive discounts. 

Because of this, SnapTravel can provide tremendous savings on hotels (between 30% and 50%) and other travel necessities.

With their “private 1:1 relationship” with hotels and airlines, they are able to negotiate the best rates for their users. 

And by using a sophisticated algorithm, SnapTravel is able to uncover cheap hotel rates and airfare that are unavailable on other booking sites.

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What’s With The New Name? 

There is a current rebranding effort underway to change SnapTravel into SuperTravel. 

Although the company has changed its name and logo, it assures customers that their existing travel benefits, like discounts and rewards points, will remain unchanged.

So as not to cause any confusion, I will continue to refer to SuperTravel as SnapTravel until the rebranding is finalized.

One possible motivation for the rebranding is an effort to counteract the growing number of unfavorable reviews about SnapTravel on the web.

More on that later. 

How To Use SnapTravel? 

Mother And Child Using A Laptop While Traveling.

Now, let’s talk about how SnapTravel operates. It’s very intuitive. 

On the SnapTravel site, you can search for hotel discounts based on your preferred city or vacation spot. 

You check out what’s available, the rates, and locations before ever contacting SnapTravel via their message service. 

SnapTravel’s deals are only accessible by text message, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger, so online booking isn’t really SOP here. 

SnapTravel is an add-on for Facebook Messenger that allows you to search for travel offers while chatting with friends!

Do you want the VIP treatment when you travel? 

Using SnapTravel’s tools, you can fine-tune the quality of your accommodations to make your trip truly unforgettable. 

SnapTravel is like having a personal relationship with a human travel agent, except that AI powers it. 

Their booking system is able to access deals that aren’t widely advertised, like private contract rates, bulk fares, and consolidator inventories.

The SnapTravel team calls itself “half-bot, half-human.”

While a bot will handle the bulk of your questions, you’ll have access to real-life help if you need it.

SnapTravel Searches 

Let’s talk more about how SnapTravel flight and hotel searches work. 

Discount Flight Fares 

SnapTravel initially just offered hotel reservations, but they have since included flight bookings.

You can visit their flight-focused portal for cheap flights today.

There you can uncover the best-hidden deals with their flight search technology, allowing you to book a flight within your budget.

SnapTravel’s flight service, in contrast to its hotel booking service, allows you to do all of your research online instead of using messaging apps.

If you enter your travel details, you will be presented with a list of available cheap flight options.

You can save even more money on your next trip by inviting a friend to join SnapTravel using your referral link.

Take note that after selecting a flight on SnapTravel, you will only have 20 minutes to finalize your purchase.

Important Note: 

SnapTravel is essentially a third-party site because it does not directly handle flights and simply matches people with cheaper flight deals utilizing AI technology. 

Check out reviews of specific airlines if you have any questions about the quality of the flights offered by SnapTravel.

Hotel Booking Service 

With SnapTravel’s Hotels feature, you can easily search for cheap accommodations in your chosen destination.

It can be used to reserve a room at a hotel worldwide.

If you want to know how to receive the best hotel deals on SnapTravel, here’s how:

  • Indicate the city, date of visit and number of guests in the search bar. 
  • Choose where you want to receive your deals (SMS, Messenger, or WhatsApp) 
  • Hit Search. 
  • Wait for customized deals for your booking. 
  • Choose the best deal that fits your budget and meets your requirements. 
  • Confirm your booking. 

Find out if the hotel offers reimbursement for cancellations before making a definite reservation.

Let’s take a break, bookmark this related post, and return to it later.

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The Pros and Cons of Using SnapTravel 

A Lady Using A Mobile At A Restaurant.


Why should you use SnapTravel in the first place? 

Following are some of SnapTravel’s primary advantages over making airline and hotel reservations independently or through other online travel agencies like Expedia.

Ease of Use 

The SnapTravel platform is intuitive and simple to use, and the company’s website is well-designed.

You can get your deals immediately after entering some basic details about your trip.

If you want, you can even upgrade your reservation right on SnapTravel.

It also serves as a central archive for all of your trip confirmations and related data.

The Best Deals 

When using SnapTravel, you can find some of the best hotel and airfare deals available. 

Many SnapTravel reviewers claim that the company always offers the lowest prices when compared to other booking sites and when booking with hotels and airlines directly. 

I’m talking about a 30%-50% discount!

Nothing beats discount flight tickets.

Tailored Deals 

SnapTravel tailors its price comparisons to your unique requirements. 

You can find the specific airfare or hotel you require rather than being limited to a predetermined set of options. 

You can get a truly customized rate by providing details like your preferred hotel type, upgrades, and travel dates.

All Types of SnapTravel Hotels Available 

SnapTravel provides a variety of solutions to suit any traveler’s needs and budget.

Now, you can sift through hotel prices and book a room without breaking the bank. 

With this service, you get special SnapTravel hotel deals on more than 200,000 properties!

Round-The-Clock Support

Anytime, day or night, SnapTravel users can reach out to the company’s helpful staff for assistance. 

SnapTravel’s support team has a hybrid approach, utilizing both automated systems and human representatives to handle customer inquiries and complaints. 

Their Facebook chat, WhatsApp, and text message capabilities are all readily available. 

SnapTravel also offers a phone line for those who prefer to communicate with an actual person.

It’s Free

You can’t beat free. 

There are no fees associated with using SnapTravel.

The only costs incurred are those associated with the specific reservations you make, be they airline tickets or hotel rooms. 

To receive more of SnapTravel’s amazing deals, you can join the VIP program for an additional $5 per month, although this is not required.


While Snaptravel is generally convenient, it does have a few downsides that will be discussed in this section.

Inconsistency with Rewards Programs 

If you book a hotel with SnapTravel, you may not receive membership rewards points.

Reward points on airfares don’t seem to have this problem.

Can’t Book Hotel-Flight Combos 

You can’t book a travel package that includes airfare and accommodations like you can on other online travel agents.

You will have to make two separate reservations with SnapTravel if you want to book a hotel and flight.

Occasional Booking Issues 

Problems and errors with reservations are more prevalent when you don’t book directly with the hotel or airline. 

Some dissatisfied SnapTravel reviewers bring this up. 

They claim that they paid for and received a booking confirmation from the company, but upon arrival at the hotel, they were told they did not have a reservation. 

Other customers have complained that SnapTravel did not inform them when their flights were canceled by the airlines.

There’s that to consider. 

What’s With All The Negative SnapTravel Reviews? 

Oh Dear! How Do I Do This?

I briefly mentioned that SnapTravel is undergoing a rebrand to SuperTravel.

Why did they go through all this trouble to develop a new image? 

SnapTravel and the hotels seem to have some communication and consistency issues, which is the main source of customer complaints. 

This suggests that SnapTravel’s description of the hotel’s services and rules may be inaccurate. 

There is always the risk that SnapTravel will be late in informing the hotel of your payment.

It’s usually a good idea to double-check the hotel’s website for information on services and verify SnapTravel before setting off on a trip. 

Some have accused SnapTravel of being a scam, but these claims are based on the negative experiences of a small subset of customers. 

These do not apply to the vast majority of people who have successfully used the service.

It’s possible that the rebrand is aimed at rehabilitating SnapTravel’s image and counteracting these negative reviews. 

Still, the Better Business Bureau has awarded SnapTravel their highest possible score of A+. 

It’s still a legitimate business that provides value to its customers. 

How Does SnapTravel Make Money?

If SnapTravel is a legitimate business, then how does it make its money while providing great deals? 

The company makes money not just from its premium service but also from the commission it takes in on each booking.

SnapTravel receives a commission on any bookings made through their website.

Both hotels and airlines provide commissions for these confirmed bookings, not the traveler. 

This is how they can provide exclusive deals: by working with airlines and hotels directly.

SnapTravel FAQs 

Is SnapTravel legit? 

There’s no denying that SnapTravel is a legitimate business. Travelers have been able to use it since 2016. 

It is useful for locating affordable accommodations and flight options. And you don’t even have to talk to a travel agent!

From the convenience of your own home or office, you can search for the most affordable travel deals available. And the most attractive feature of SnapTravel is that it is completely free to use.

Despite some poor reviews, SnapTravel generally receives positive feedback. Trustpilot, the BBB, and the Google Play Store are just a few places to read their glowing reviews.

They’ve already amassed a user base of over 30 million people. It’s definitive proof that their customers value the work they do.

Are SnapTravel bookings refundable? 

SnapTravel does not offer refunds for canceled or rescheduled trips that were booked as “non-refundable.” 

The fine print specifies that SnapTravel is not responsible for problems that arise with the hotel provider. 

You will be responsible for any charges made to your credit card if the hotel you booked is unable to accommodate you.

What are SnapTravel’s payment options? 

Both debit and credit cards are accepted for payment when booking a hotel or airfare. Google Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal can also be used to secure your reservations.

There’s also the SuperCash MasterCard® Hybrid Card, a debit/credit card that offers significant benefits when used to make transactions on the site.

MRV Bank issues this unique card. 

The SuperCash Card provides a 10% rebate on all SuperTravel purchases, a 5% rebate at the SuperShop, and a 2% rebate on all other transactions. 

They advertise it as a convenient way to build credit without the hassle of having to meet monthly minimums, pay an annual fee, or pay interest on overdrafts.

How do you get updates regarding your flight? 

If there are any changes to your flight or cancellations, the company will contact you by phone or email.

The airline will send you automated messages to keep you informed of minor changes like gate adjustments, etc. If you’re already at the airport prior to your flight, you can ask for help from the staff there.

Final Thoughts 

SnapTravel is an excellent choice if you want a quick and simple way to arrange your next trip.

You can book cheap hotels and flights with only a few taps on your phone with SnapTravel.

I understand that you may be confused by the many contradictory SnapTravel online reviews. 

It’s true that the company should do a better job of getting its updates through.

However, the unpredictable nature of rate changes is out of their control. 

All that being said, I still recommend that you check out SnapTravel (SuperTravel) to see if you can get the affordable bookings that you want.

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