The Top 12 SEO Plagiarism Tools To Check Out

It’s plagiarism when you take someone else’s work and pass it off as your own. When you do this, you infringe on other people’s intellectual property, which is unethical and might put your business at risk. To avoid this, you need an SEO plagiarism tool.

There are many SEO plagiarism tools out there that can help you avoid these issues.

Plagiarism is not taken lightly by Google, and it results in the material being pulled down and your reputation being put at risk. 

That is why, before releasing your writing online, you should run it through a plagiarism checker.

Also, ensure that your work is unique and SEO-friendly, so avoid getting blacklisted. 

I will disclose that we use and love Grammarly, and I’ve listed it at the top of my list.

But I’ve compiled a solid list of plagiarism checkers for SEO for you to check out below!


Grammarly - seo plagiarism tools

Grammarly is by far my favorite and is one of the tools that I use almost daily.

As the name suggests, Grammarly will assist you in correcting your grammar while also checking for plagiarism.

You need to provide your email address and a secure password to make an account.

The coolest thing is that you can either submit your work online on the Grammarly portal or download it as a browser plugin. I use both features.

There is a free version but they offer a premium service with payment options that include monthly, quarterly, and yearly payments for discounts.

Grammarly is easy to use in the browser or on a mobile device. It is accurate and displays the websites that have duplicate material.

You can start using it now for free. 

I actually now have a habit of pasting anything that I’m writing into the tool in order to get a solid opinion on it.

Writing a bio? An important email? Website copy? Paste it into Grammarly!



Do you have to check bulk texts for plagiarism?

Then Copyscape might be your best option and makes our list of SEO plagiarism tools.

Many people consider Copyscape as one of the first significant tools to identify plagiarism.

It was founded by Indigo Steam Technologies in 2004 and has performed well since then.

When it comes to cost, the amount you spend will be determined by the length of the words you need to verify.

The good thing is that it is inexpensive, so you won’t have to spend a fortune.

The paid premium service includes batch searches and inspects content offline. 

It’s the perfect choice for web admins and content creators as it’s excellent at detecting plagiarism and sending email notifications while you’re not connected to the internet.

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Plagramme - seo plagiarism tools

Plagramme is the most cost-effective option for those on a limited budget.

You can use the website for free to check whether or not your work is original.

The best part is that Plagramme doesn’t have a word cap so that you can examine a lot of work at once.

Instead, you may input text to the plagiarism tool, and it will check it against billions of sources all across the internet.

Plagramme includes a premium service that provides you with helpful tips on how to enhance your writing.

The platform swiftly evaluates the text and provides in-depth assessments.

It’s ideal for searching for a large number of jobs at once, so it’s an excellent tool for software developers and businesses.


Duplichecker - seo plagiarism tools

This plagiarism checker software to use, and it can examine up to 1,000 words of material.

Moreover, you don’t even have to register a personal account in order to use it.

Duplichecker lets you upload or copy and paste your work to see whether it’s plagiarized.

You may also improve the quality by correcting the duplicated portions and rerunning them.

For novice authors, Duplichecker is simple to use. In addition, results don’t take long to appear, making it time-effective.

The UI is a bit outdated, but it does an excellent job of alerting you to duplicated work.

In addition, it creates and examines backlinks and even gives you keyword suggestions that are related to your search.



WhiteSmoke is yet another popular plagiarism checker.

It can be used as a Chrome extension or on Word and Outlook. 

The platform, launched in 2002, displays the plagiarism percentage as well as the sources.

In addition, WS, like other platforms, also checks for spelling and grammatical mistakes. 

Because it is downloaded, you may use it on your phone or tablet. It includes video lessons to show you how to utilize the tool to examine your material.

WhiteSmoke will translate your material into 50 more languages so that it reaches the broadest possible audience.

It works with all browsers and may be used to check for plagiarism. When it comes to identifying plagiarism across billions of sources, it is highly accurate.

If you’re interested in using WS, the billing plan can be for one year or three years, depending on your needs.

I have not tested Whitesmoke, but because of good reviews online, it made my SEO plagiarism tools list.



PlagScan, which was founded in 2009, is one of the most popular services for detecting plagiarism.

To check your articles, you must first register an account.

PlagScan provides you 20 free credits to use on 20 articles as a welcome gift.

To check for duplicate sources, you can upload or copy-paste your files onto the website unless you choose otherwise. The site stores the documents in your account.

Unless you choose otherwise, the site stores the documents in your account, PlagScan offers premium packages that you may select from based on your budget.

It allows you to upload files from cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.New users can try PlagScan for free before upgrading to a higher pricing plan.



Formerly known as UnPlag, Unicheck is a service that assists millions of people in reviewing their work.

The website allows you to tweak copied material to ensure that your content is plagiarism-free.

In addition, Unicheck offers a variety of payment plans from which to pick based on your budget.

It’s an excellent option for editors and bloggers that work with a lot of content.

Unicheck is cloud-based, ensuring the security of your content.

In addition, it’s a quick checker that scans your work in four seconds and delivers comprehensive findings.

It has mass checking capabilities, allowing you to verify whatever word length you have.

Unicheck also offers algorithms that allow you to change the text on a site to make it unique.


One of the newer tools on the block is Writer. 

Writer uses AI and has come on the scene ready to pounce. It also made our list of reliable SEO plagiarism tools.

According to their website, text overtook listening and speaking as the primary form of communication in 2014. And apparently, humanity exchanges trillions of words daily.

That’s nuts!

Writer has a chrome extension and a WordPress plugin that uses artificial intelligence to make sure that you’re using the perfect verbiage in your copy.

It allows you to create a style guide for your team so that you can stay on brand and consistent with your writing.

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Plagiarism Hunt

Plagiarism Hunt

This comprehensive tool is ideal for writers who want to take their SEO game to the next level. 

Plagiarism Hunt offers a free version that shows the percentage of uniqueness.

It also indicates the duplicated text and lets you alter it for better quality.

A plagiarism search does not require you to create an account.

However, if you want thorough reports, you might want to pay $45 for the services.

The best part is that navigating the website is quite simple, making it an excellent choice for newbies.

In addition, you can upload files in a variety of formats, including doc, pdf, Docx, and .txt.

All browsers, including Windows, mobile phones, and Mac, are supported.

Plus, Plagiarism Hunt deletes your work after 24 hours, making it impossible for others to copy it.



Copyleaks is a cloud-based program that detects and identifies plagiarized material.

The tool also recognizes sections you’ve duplicated so you can edit them. 

It allows you to scan your text in a matter of seconds with no delays.

In addition, Copyleaks safeguards the article’s copyrights and alerts you when they are violated. It’s ideal for SEO firms, publishers, lawyers, and other professionals in the business world.

You also have the freedom to choose from different payment options on the website.

You can check 2,500 words every month with the free membership.

It efficiently detects any plagiarized writings using AI technology.

Copyleaks also has translation services for a number of languages. It comes with a mobile app that you may use while on the go.



Quetext is a fundamental anti-plagiarism tool that you may use to ensure that your work is original.

It offers a free trial for those who want to test the site’s functionality first.

Quetext also exclusively employs the copy-and-paste method in the text box.

Therefore, it does not have the same uploading capabilities as the other platforms. 

The results appear in a matter of seconds, and you’ll immediately know the text that is problematic.

You can scan several texts with a monthly membership.

Quetext has a 500-word restriction per article, but the report is displayed pretty quickly.

I tested and had a good experience with Quetext, and so it makes my SEO plagiarism tools list.



Dustball is one of the industry’s pioneers, having been active for 15 years.

To scan the article, simply copy and paste the content onto the website.

Dustball compares your content to billions of others all across the world.

It then generates precise results that reflect the quality of your work.

The good thing is that you may upload the files directly from your computer.

It’s only $8 for a monthly subscription, and you may cancel it whenever you want.

You are not limited to scanning 1,000 articles every day.

The premium plan is ideal for companies that need to review a large number of articles in a month.

I wouldn’t use this website, but I wanted to give them an honorable mention since there so legendary in the space.

They’ve hung around a long time.



You don’t have to sign up to use PaperRater’s excellent services. In which case, you can upload your paper to check for plagiarism.

If there are any copied portions, the program will highlight them so you can change them. 

PaperRater also checks for spelling and grammatical errors, as well as grading the quality of your writing. It recommends the ideal wording to use so you may post high-quality articles online.

It is entirely free to install as a laptop add-on. Plus, PaperRater is very accurate when it comes to detecting plagiarism, which is why it takes so long to deliver findings.

Because it does not keep a copy of your document, the site is extremely safe.

You can either save the document to your laptop or upload it to Dropbox.

The Importance Of Checking Your Content For Plagiarism

Checking your work for plagiarism is crucial because even if you wrote it from scratch, it might match up with content that has previously been published online.

There’s a lot of content out there – this can easily happen.

The primary purpose of plagiarism detection is to ensure that your article does not include copied ideas and content from previously published works. That’s why you should use a plagiarism checker (our favorite is Grammarly) to verify your content against numerous other sources. 

Plagiarism checking is beneficial for authors, particularly those who write for online material with a tight deadline. If you’re working on a project with a tight deadline, an online plagiarism checker can help you quickly and accurately assess the originality of your work. As a result, if you’re a writer or content producer who wants to stay within the bounds of the law and ethics, you’ll need to examine your writing for plagiarism.

Most content moderation specialists will tell you that plagiarism is not a crime in and of itself. It can be prosecuted in court for prejudices induced by copyright infringement and violations of moral rights. Therefore, if you’re writing an article or anything else that requires you to do research and gather information from other sources, it’s critical to examine your work for any red flags that may indicate plagiarism!

Honestly, the process is short with these plagiarism SEO tools that I’ve given you above and not at all intimidating. 

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Final Thoughts 

If you feel weird about paying for plagiarism checking services, I must warn you that some free SEO plagiarism tools have several questionable data rules. When you upload your data to most of these free checkers, they will save it and then share it. This is the key reason why employing free plagiarism tools for your papers may not be the best option.

However, if you want a quick pass-through of what you’ve written, the free versions of the tools I listed above will do just fine. 

The plagiarism checkers listed above are the best for checking any plagiarized material that might result in a Google penalty. Plus, because your company demonstrates professionalism, you may attract more attention and create more revenue with creative work.

You can choose from paid and free tiers for that particular checker to fit your demands and expectations. Grammarly is my favorite (I use it for this blog also) and has a great free version. It will check for spelling, grammar, plagiarism, and readability. You may use these to guarantee that your viewers like reading your posts.

Disclosure: This article might contain affiliate links to the resources I refer to. It's at no cost to you, and it's how we pay the bills. Get more info here.

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