Cash App Referral Code | SJPMDMX | Claim Free $5 [+Bonus]

If you’ve downloaded Cash App in the previous two weeks, you’ll be aware of the buzz surrounding Cash App referral codes.

Rest assured, the Cash App referral program is legit.

Referral codes for Cash App can get you up to $15.

how to get free money with cash app

That means you can earn up to $15 by entering a referral code on Cash App – mine is SJPMDMX

If you’re wondering how it works, I’ve outlined the steps below. 

It’s pretty simple, and you can have your Cash App referral bonus in your account in a matter of minutes.

What Are Referral Codes For Cash App? 

Each Cash App user is given their own personal code when they register for the app.

Friends, family, and others who want to join the app can use this referral code.

They can use this cash app code in order to get free cash.

[Read more about getting paid to help people join Cash App here…]

You get up to a $15 referral bonus for each friend who uses your code. 

For example, my code is SJPMDMX [feel free to use if you don’t already have one and would like $5 for free when signing up].

ways To Make Money With Cash App 

However, they have to send at least $5 within 14 days of opening an account.

A $5 cash incentive is also given to the friend who uses your code.

Bonuses are subject to change depending on current promotions.

The best thing to do is to watch for referral bonus info on Cash App’s twitter feed.

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How To Enter Referral Codes On Cash App 

Follow along with me to discover how to enter a referral code on Cash App after you’ve found the app. I’ve provided mine below if you need a code that genuinely works. [or here – it’s SJPMDMX ]

Step 1: Download and install Cash App. 

You’ll have to go to the App Store or Google Play to download the app to your mobile device. 

You’ll be asked to put in a phone number or an email address.

Because Cash App will send a confirmation text to the account or phone, ensure you have access to it. 

You’ll also need to provide your name and zip code, as well as select a $Cashtag (you can get funny here or just go with something simple).

This Cash App user name is what your pals can use to send you money, so keep that in mind!

You can then freely navigate the app and take advantage of everything it offers.

Of course, you’ll be focusing on entering a referral code for a cash incentive!

And just so you know, we’re not only tied to Cash App — we’re fans of Cash App, Venmo, and Zelle — we compare all of them in this article.

Step 2: Go To Cash App settings. 

Open Settings and pick the person icon in the top right corner of the default screen to enter a referral code.

You’ll see that image instead of an icon if you’ve already added an optional profile picture to the app. 

Your name, join date, Cashtag, and a list of settings and documents will appear on the next screen.

To find “Enter Referral Code,” scroll to the bottom of the page.

Step 3: Enter the referral code. 

Now you’re ready to put in a code. If you don’t have one, feel free to use mine: 


Remember, you’ll have to send $5 from your account for the code to work. 

From my understanding, you can even send me $5 and still get credit. [just leave a note saying “I read your blog” and I’ll send you the cash back]

You can add money to the app by linking your bank account.

This is required to receive the Cash App referral code incentive.

Open Cash App to the default screen, where you can send and request money to link your account. 

To open the Banking screen, click the bank icon in the lower-left corner of the screen.

If someone has previously sent you cash, the icon will be the cash amount in your account. 

Tap “Link Bank” at the bottom of the page. Then input your debit card number on the next screen to link your bank.

You can still connect your bank if you don’t have a debit card by selecting the “No Card?” button.

Also, just a note, but you can get Cash App even if you’re under 18. The only deal is that you will need a parent or adult to be your Cash App sponsor. Get more info in the video that I posted below…

Step 5: Send $5 through Cash App. 

You must transfer a $5 payment to another Cash App user to activate the bonus and receive the code incentive.

This could be a friend or family member who already uses the app or is interested in using it [I’m happy to help you out as well if you need it].

First, open the Cash App to the default green screen by selecting the dollar symbol. It’s in the middle icon on the bottom of the screen.  

Once your bank account is linked, enter at least $5 and select Pay to activate the referral code reward.

Then pick Pay and enter a friend’s or family member’s phone number, email address, or Cashtag. 

You can now keep the bonus paid out to you!

Get $15 for every friend you encourage to join. 

Given that you must send $5 to activate your referral reward, why not assist a friend in doing so?

That way, you’ll earn your $5 back from your friend as well as $15 extra! 

Your buddy must use your Cash App referral code and send $5 back to you for this to work.

Open the app and choose the person or icon on the top right of any screen to add friends. 

Allow Cash App to view your contacts and click the button “Get $15” next to your friends’ names.

You can also tap the share symbol at the top of the screen and share your code in another fashion.

Important Note: Most friends will refuse to join until you explain the process and offer assistance.

If you walk them through the process, your chances will be much higher that they’ll sign up.

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Other Ways To Make Money With Cash App 

1- Use Cash App’s Card For Boosted Offers 

By utilizing Cash App’s debit card, you can enjoy incentives and promotions. You don’t need a referral code, and you can use it as many times as you want.

The Cash Card is a terrific method to acquire boosted offers that quickly add to your Cash App balance.

It’s also the most convenient way to earn cashback on purchases.

And keep in mind that it functions exactly like a debit card, with no strings attached.

Other Ways To Make Money With Cash App 

When you use your debit card to purchase, the money is deducted from your account. It’s exactly like a traditional debit card. How does it work with boosted offers, though?

Cash App will deposit funds into your account (in $5 denominations) every time you spend money with the card. 

After that, the cash boost dollars are yours to withdraw after 24 hours! Once you have $20 in your account, you can order a new Cash Card.

Simply go to your main profile screen, tap ‘Cash Card.’

Then tap the ‘Order Now’ button to order it and fund it with money from your Cash App account.

Using a cash boost is a fantastic method to save money with only a few clicks.

2- Use Cash App To Invest In Stocks 

You can use your Cash App balance to buy and sell stocks! This is how you do it:

In the bottom corner of your Cash App profile page, tap the $Cashtag. Select ‘Go’ from the Cash Card drop-down menu (left)

referral codes for cash app - Follow Cash App’s Social Media Accounts 

Choose a stock that you fancy. To buy or sell that stock, tap Trade. You can also check out the list of equities available through the Cash App — companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook.

This is a fantastic way to get your feet wet with stocks, especially if you’re new to trading. 

Plus, if you have any questions or problems, you can contact Cash App support – they’re pretty helpful.

3- Invest in Bitcoin 

Did you know that you can invest in Bitcoin using the Cash App?

Cash App FAQs

It’s another fantastic option for new investors to get some practice with the process and gain confidence. 

You can buy, sell, and transfer Bitcoin right through your phone. Here’s how you can get Bitcoin using the Cash App:

Select ‘Go’ under Cash Card, then ‘Bitcoin’ (left side). Then find a price that you’re comfortable with and choose it. Done! Once the transaction is complete, Cash App will send you a receipt.

4- Follow Cash App’s Social Media Accounts 

Cash App has been known to host the occasional giveaway, so you should follow them on social media. After applying codes, this is a terrific way to make more money.

Sweepstakes on Twitter (and Instagram) are a regular Cash App offer. Prizes range from $100 to $500.

How do you get in?

Simply use your $Cashtag in a comment on their sweepstakes page. Retweeting the post will also get you one extra entry.

They also have various opportunities for you to win Cash App money right from your phone.

They had a promotion a while back for everyone who posted an emoji from their new emoji set. The winner won a cash prize of $1,000 from Cash App!

You may discover them on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

5- Use Cash App As A Way To Get Paid For Your Business 

This one may seem like a no-brainer, yet it’s a tried-and-true strategy. To boost your Cash App balance, sell some things you don’t need.

You can also use it as a mode of payment for the customers of your business.

Alternatively, you can receive payment to your bank account and then transfer it to Cash App.

Take Advantage of Offers and Surveys About Cash App

Surveys are a fantastic opportunity to earn some additional cash with Cash App.

Several survey organizations are interested in hearing about your experience with the app.

The money you get from Cash App’s referral program can’t replace your full-time income, but it’s an excellent way to get some extra spending green in your pocket.

If you want more ideas on making some cash, I’ll leave you with some options here:

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More Ideas to Make Instant Money

Final Thoughts 

Other peer-to-peer payment services like PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle have a lot in common with Cash App.

They all make it simple to send money to friends, family, coworkers, and businesses. 

Again, our comparison of these different apps is here.

Furthermore, they’re all extremely secure, with encryption to protect your transaction and a variety of security features.

Best of all, you can earn free money by playing around with referral codes.

Good luck!

Let’s hit up some Cash App Code questions.

Referral Codes For Cash App FAQs

Is there a ceiling to the number of Cash App referral codes I can use?

 It’s unlimited! Because they want you to spread the word as much as possible, you can share your Cash App referral code anywhere. Inform everyone you like, including family, friends, coworkers, and others.

How do I refer a friend to Cash App? 

Tap the Activity tab on your Cash App, then tap Invite Friends to Try Cash App.
You’ll both gain a bonus if someone new to Cash App starts an account, enters your reward code, and sends $5.  
The combination of digits and letters at the end of your invitation link is your referral code.
You may share this code immediately from the app or online.
To earn your bonus as a referred user, you’ll need to enter the reward code of the person who invited you.
By tapping Reward Status in the app, you may check the status of your referral. 

How soon will I receive my Cash App bonus?

Both you and your buddy will receive your sign-up bonus money immediately if you follow the method above. Cash App provides fantastic support through their Twitter page if you run into any problems.

What if I don’t have anyone to refer to Cash App? 

I recommend only sharing your referral code with friends, family members, or someone you know and trust.  
Cash App’s terms of service state that any accounts detected for fraud may be terminated. So please keep your reward code transactions respectful. Don’t do anything sketchy!

How do I find my Cash App referral code?

Your referral code is the combination of numbers and letters at the end of your invitation link and can be shared directly from the app or online. Get more info here.

What’s a referral code for Cash App?

If you need one, mine is: SJPMDMX
Or you can go directly to my share link here.

Disclosure: This article might contain affiliate links to the resources I refer to. It's at no cost to you, and it's how we pay the bills. Get more info here.

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