Qube Money Review: Is This Budgeting App Worth It?

Most folks consider budgeting a pain. Me included. Setting spending limitations might feel restricting and challenging to stick to. Lucky for us, there are solutions available to make this task easier. 

In this Qube Money review, I’ll give you a sense of whether the app is something you could use.

If not, I’ll also include a bunch of Qube Money alternatives that are worth checking out. 

Some people don’t even need apps for successful budgeting.

In fact, Qube Money is derived from the cash envelope system.

By literally putting cash into envelopes for defined expenses, the method gives a purpose to every dollar you bring in. 

You can keep track of where you spend money, how you save it, and when to utilize it to pay off debts. The cash envelope mentality was popularized by Dave Ramsey decades ago. The concept is to live on a tight budget to regain financial freedom.

The issue with cash envelopes is that they are inconvenient to use.

Sure, they work, but who wants to collect a few thousand bucks every month from the bank?

Moreover, many bills can only be paid online these days. 

This is when the Qube Money app comes into play.

It’s a platform that combines banking and budgeting.

The platform has the potential to be one of today’s most revolutionary tools for consumers.

Here’s all you need to know about Qube Money!

qube money review

Qube Money Review – A 101 Guide

Qube Money is a lot more than a budgeting tool and virtual bank.

It could change your spending patterns to address the fundamental cause of low financial health: lousy spending habits.

Choosing which “Qube” you’re spending from before each purchase limits your spending and helps with wiser budgeting thanks to its digital envelopes. 

Its debit card is designed with default zero technology, which requires you to allow spending by opening a Qube category from your phone.

Maybe you don’t want to open a Qube every time you want to spend.

If so, you can utilize the default open Qube, which has no spending limits.

This means you can treat it like a regular checking account and spend as much as you’d like. 

The Qube app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It does not, however, allow you to write checks.

Through your merchant’s billing program, you can use your card to withdraw funds, make purchases, and pay bills.

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Qube Money Review: Noteworthy Features 

Qube’s principle is straightforward: it digitizes the envelope budgeting method and overlays it on top of your bank account.

It streamlines the digital cash envelope budgeting method seamlessly. 

The “Qube” For Saving, Budgeting, and Debt Repayments 

The “Qube,” a virtual envelope that assigns each of your dollars for a particular purpose, is the core of this program.

Its objective is to assist you in developing a proactive budget that encourages you to:  

  • Allocate funds for regular and non-regular expenses 
  • Set aside funds for debt repayment 
  • Set aside funds for savings before spending 

You set up a Qube for everything you wish to spend your money on, similar to an envelope-based budgeting method.

Qubes can be created for common budget categories such as rent, electricity bills, cable bills, subscription payments, and vehicle loan installments.

Of course, these categories are customizable. 

Groceries, apparel, transportation, dining out, and entertainment are all examples of spending categories that can also be divided into Qubes.

You can make Qubes based on your favorite online retailers like Target, Sephora, and Amazon too. 

Goal-based Qubes can assist you in saving funds for purchases such as getaways, weddings, or a new vehicle.

You can also set aside Qubes for debt repayment to ensure that you set aside enough money each month before spending it elsewhere.

Financial goals are easier met when you have the proper tiles.

The program funds each category as you put money into your account through money transfers or paychecks.

It will do so once you’ve established dollar amounts for each Qube.

You can also set up unlimited Qubes, although I don’t see why anyone should.

Before you spend, you must first unlock a Qube to tell the app which fund source to use for your transaction.

The software automatically pulls from an allotted Qube for online bill payment based on customizable rules you establish within the app.

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Zero Balance Qube Debit Card

Zero Balance Qube Debit Card

The key to using Qube to change your spending patterns is to make real-time spending decisions.

Before you choose a Qube to unlock from the app, your debit card has no balance. 

If you wish to make a purchase, you have to unlock a Qube in the app to fund your card.

You can do so either by typing your card information in for online checkout or by swiping your debit card physically.

This is always better than using physical envelopes and actual cash in today’s digital world.

This has the added benefit of fortifying your bank account balance in the event your card is stolen.

Its actual benefit, though, is its power to prevent overspending and keep your finances in order.

When you unlock a Qube before you spend, it makes you think about your budget in real-time.

It’s pretty similar to when you take cash out of envelopes.

These are essentially digital cash envelopes.

Have you exhausted your “vacation” Qube?

You could use your “home renovation” Qube, or you may postpone your vacation to continue saving.

You have complete control over how the funds in your account are spent.

Qube is merely a system that allows you to see the consequences of your spending decisions before you make them.

Qube also assists you in keeping track of the purchases you make.

The app records each transaction in your account and adjusts the balance in the appropriate Qube whenever you check out.

Then it resets your card’s balance to $0 by default.

Compensated ATM Fees

You can withdraw money from your Qube account at any ATM, and it will repay ATM fees up to $10 every month.

You’re only allowed three ATM withdrawals every day, totaling $250.

Speedy Direct Deposits 

If you set up a direct deposit for your Qube account, you can get your money up to two days before your typical payday.

If your employer initiates the deposit and which banking institution the company employs determines how quickly you are paid.

No Minimum Opening Deposit When You Sign Up 

No Minimum Opening Deposit When You Sign Up 

It’s effortless to start using Qube Money.

You merely have to fill out the online registration form on the website or in the app to sign up. 

There is no minimum starting deposit, so you can open your account whenever you want.

You can also put funds into it whenever you want.

Here are the various ways to finance your Qube account:

  • Direct deposit payments

Set up direct deposit with your company to automatically put your paycheck into your Qube account.

  • ACH and person-to-person transfers 

Receive a transfer from any external account using your Qube account and routing number.

  • Link to an external bank account 

If your bank is part of Plaid’s network (which most are), you can link it to your Qube account.

You can then send up to $250 in one transaction.

Your initial instant transfer is free, but you’ll have to pay a 4% fee after that.

FDIC-Insured Checking Accounts 

Choice Fin, an ancillary of Choice Financial Group, is the bank that backs Qube Money accounts.

Your money is housed in a Choice Fin account when you establish and operate an account through Qube. 

Like any other checking account, the money in this one is FDIC-insured up to $250,000.

As a fintech business rather than a bank, Qube Money provides the technology that allows you to budget your funds online. 

Shared Budgeting 

You can include a collaborator to any Premium or Family account for joint money management.

You and your partner have a single bank account, but you choose certain Qubes to share and which to keep separate.

All users can see shared Qubes, but you can only see your personal Qubes.

You can choose to receive notifications when your partner creates a new Qube or spends money on shared Qubes.

This is particularly helpful in staying on top of your shared budget.

It’s your choice whether you want to be transparent or private.

Qube Money’s partner permissions help customize your account.

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Qube Money Alternatives 

Qube Money Alternatives

Don’t think Qube Money is for you?

Then here are some Qube Money alternatives that you might want to check out! 


Buxfer is a convenient and intuitive budgeting application that helps users get complete control over their personal financial affairs.

With Buxfer, you can: 

  • Manage investments 
  • Go over account overviews 
  • Shop and travel 
  • Pay bills 
  • Fulfill financial obligations with timeframes and deadlines 

It brings all of your accounts together in one location and sends you notifications regularly.

Buxfer makes it easy to keep track of your debts and other expenses.

It can give you peace of mind once due dates start approaching.


Toshl is a web tool that allows you to keep track of your credit cards, cash, and bank accounts in one location.

Over 3 million people use it to keep track of their finances. 

It has garnered positive feedback from a variety of reviews and is enjoyed by many folks all around the world.

Thanks to its support connection with thousands of different bank accounts worldwide, you may effortlessly input your data. 


MoneyWallet is a minimalist financial app and aiding module that assists users in efficiently managing a variety of financial tasks.

You can keep track of credit or debit card details, transaction records, outflow, budgets, and savings with it. 

The app is linked to a calendar, allowing users to schedule events, from meetups to shopping payments for future and approaching days.

It’s a fantastic tool for keeping track of money and other expenses.

Plus, it comes with a straightforward design and colorful categories to help you manage your available funds. 


Expendy is a budget, money, and expense tracker that allows you to keep track of your spending.

It enables you to plan and manage your personal finances in the same way that professionals do. 

Users may check their overall expense, balance, and spending by selecting a category and viewing monthly, daily, or weekly data reports with a single swipe.

The app’s chief goal is to help you manage your money more efficiently. 


Pocketsmith is a prominent money management tool that lets you effortlessly alter spending, bank balances, transactions, and other payment details.

It is guided by critical automated technology that assists consumers in receiving up-to-date information. 

Fiscal banks update the status and potential with real-time engagement.

The app keeps you up to date on the current activities and operational functionalities.

Your transactions are then properly categorized without any hassles.

You can regain financial control with this app on your mobile device right in your pocket.

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Final Thoughts 

Qube Money is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their money habits by using the cash envelope budgeting method. 

It’s excellent for families with children who are old enough to need money but too young to have a bank account.

It’s also a fantastic option for married couples who wish to keep their main bank accounts separate yet manage their finances together.

Maybe the thought of having to open an app on your phone every time you need to spend money is too much for you.

If so, you might want to look into less restrictive budgeting options. 

Maybe a digital envelope system isn’t the right fit for you in the first place.

In that case, there are plenty of systems out there to adapt.

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