100 Money Making Ideas

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Brooks Conkle

How this List Works

Some ideas are simple to start, but they make little $$$.

Other ideas will take months (or even years) to generate their first dollar.

Yet, they can have a lasting impact.

But these harder ones can become passive and even make you money while you sleep.

Disclosure:  I may be compensated if you buy through my links (at no additional cost to you). More info in my privacy policy.

Let’s get going, shall we?!?

Create a Website or Blog

Obviously, this is one of my favorites. If you stay in touch with me here or on YouTube, you will see why.

Creating a website and a digital brand will open numerous opportunities for you to make money. You may also use it to promote your brand or write about other things in your niche and include affiliate links.

Building a blog to the point where it generates hundred dollars per day in revenue takes time, effort, and money.

Check out my detailed guide about building a niche website/blog.

Help a Business Create an Online Course

If you’re a pro in a specific field, teaching others how to do it can be lucrative.

The world of online education is vast, and many websites provide both free and commercial course-creation tools.

If you’d like to see an example, check out Destroy the Box University, which I created as my little personal answer to the current education system.

Here’s our resource for the best online platforms.

Freelance Writer & Content Creation

Freelance writing is an option for those with solid writing abilities. In addition to the money, freelance writing provides an excellent learning opportunity.

You’ll be able to improve your talents while getting paid for them. Writing unique material for a living may earn some bloggers well into the six figures each year.

If you’d like to try this, we have a resource for showing you some of the best freelance writing websites.

Hack the Credit Card Companies

Seems like a weird one, I know. But if you’re savvy, it is possible to take credit card offers and profit from them.

Credit card promotions, like cashback program reward points, can be great.

The better the credit score, the better credit card offers you can get.

We earn hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars a year with credit card rewards.

YOU Create an Online Course

To make money teaching people about things you know how to do can be fun. Many websites offer both free and paid tools for creating online courses. The best technique here is to use a platform that allows people to join up and access your stuff.

Of course, you must be well-versed in the subject matter and know how to convey knowledge to others to understand it fully.

Here’s our guide to the best online platforms.

[If you prefer learning by video, below I’ll walk you through the best online courses.]

Start a Business

Duh. Of course I suggest you starting your own business!

Starting your own business isn’t easy, but it’s one of the best ways to generate a long-term income.

There’s a lot to learn. And my advice is to start small. With every new project, you will learn new skills to add to your toolbox.

These skills will compound and eventually you’ll have the perfect recipe for business success.

Start with our guide helping you think through which business to start.

Flip Items

This one is near my heart. I love a good flip. I truly believe anyone can make at least $40,000-$50,000 a year by operating around 30 hours per week with this strategy.

The concept is simple: Buy Low. Sell High.

I know, it takes some work, but you can do this!

Start an Email Newsletter Business

You can earn money by sending out a curated newsletter to your subscribers.

Newsletters were just a part of companies, but companies like Morning Brew create a $75M newsletter, it became a serious category of business on its own.

Newsletters are a part of our business model, and we currently use Beehiiv to run our newsletters.

Get a Real Estate License

There are several benefits to having a real estate license.

At a minimum, you gain access to information about your local real estate market that others don’t have.

Real estate is an excellent investment (it’s one of our income streams).

If you’re wondering if you should get a license, we have this guide for you.

And we have another resource to help you learn the different ways to make money with real estate.

Rent Your Property on Airbnb

Guests can rent your property (or just a room) through Airbnb.

It is possible to make more money living in a popular tourist destination or a major city when you rent your room on Airbnb.

Depending on where you live, how often you rent out your house, the quality of your property, and the services you offer, this revenue can vary.

If you want more info, you can start with our guide on Airbnb investing.

Rent Your Car on Turo

If you don’t use your car very frequently, consider renting it out through a service like Turo. Each day you rent out your car on Turo is an opportunity to make money. Some even purchase multiple cars to rent exclusively on the platform. Turo will also cover your car’s insurance in case it gets damaged. You can make hundreds (even thousands) a month by using Turo to hire out your vehicle.

Property Management for Airbnb

As a manager, you are responsible for overseeing all parts of a property. You will answer guest messages, check-ins, and turnovers/ You may earn anywhere from 10% to 20% of each booking as a property manager. Put another way, the property owner makes more money from several renters, and you earn while managing it. Several automated airbnb tools have been developed to simplify the processes of managing Airbnbs. Some states may require a real estate license to do this.

Valuations for Banks (BPO’s)

To do a valuation for banks, you need a real estate license. When done well, you may earn close to a full-time salary from it. The real estate business uses “BPOs” to refer to them, which means broker price opinions. Clients place orders with you, and you fulfill those requests by preparing an appraisal report because it’s less expensive for a bank. My wife has been a BPO agent for more than seven years, and she loves them.

Start a Print-on-Demand Business

It’s possible to print your designs on many products, such as t-shirts and other casual wear, using the print-on-demand (POD) business strategy. To create your items for a POD business, you’ll need a tool like Canva. Then you may market them on Etsy or Shopify by setting up your store and listings. Small businesses that generate $100,000 in yearly sales can become a full-time source of income.

Refinance Your Debt

You must first minimize debt before focusing on saving and achieving financial independence. One way of managing your debt is to refinance it, saving more on monthly installments. You may be able to save thousands in interest each year. To me, this is the same as making thousands. To begin refinancing your debt, Credible is worth checking out.

Invest in Art & Collectibles

Are you a fan of history, art, movies, or sports? If so, learning the values of different collectibles might be an excellent fit for you. You can find deals at garage sales or estate sales. Or maybe you invest in collectibles on a website like Rally Road. If you enjoy looking at your collection, it can also double as a fun activity in addition to the investment.

Become a Brand Rep 

Companies often need to be represented. There are tons of opportunities that pay from $100-$200 per day to help them out by handing out samples and showcasing the brands. The jobs are usually hired through an agency rather than the companies themselves. The jobs are usually temporary because they are done at large music or sporting events, but you can also land long-term contracts.

In-Kind Trades 

While it is not physical money or income, the IRS views it as such. For instance, suppose you own a small media firm specializing in advertising to small businesses. They may provide membership perks or gift cards, resulting in significant savings if you utilize their services.

Trade Stock Online

Though earning money through stock trading demands commitment, there is some positive news. Using an app such as Robinhood, you may purchase and sell stocks online. Additionally, you may quickly sell these stocks and potentially earn more than $200 in a single day. While you can make $200 in a single day, you should be aware of the risks associated with stock market trading. And like I say here, ‘this ain’t no investment advice’ 😉

Flip Shoes

how to flip shoes

Flipping shoes is not a new hustle; it has existed as a successful money-making idea for years. Reselling shoes is unquestionably a legitimate source of revenue. However, you’ll need to draw people ready to spend an extra for footwear. Then you’ll need to know where to hunt for and acquire the hottest footwear on the market. Read this post about how to flip shoes, and you’ve got solid hustle potential on your hands.

Get Involved With Crypto 

Cryptocurrencies first gained widespread notice in 2017, leading to a massive increase in their value. Today, investors may purchase cryptocurrencies through several platforms, most of which are purely speculative. While predicting whether a cryptocurrency investment will payout is challenging, the rewards just may be worth it. 

Create and Sell NFTs

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) hit the mainstream in 2021. NFTs have lots of use, but one of the main showcases is digital art. If you have a fanbase, you can create NFT and sell it to your fanbase. You can also list them on one of the largest NFT platforms, like OpenSea.

Stake Crypto

Staking currency is similar to putting your money into a CD (certificate of deposit). By staking your crypto, you are promising not to use it for a given time period. You get paid a much higher interest rate than at your local bank in exchange for this.

Get Paid to Listen to Music

If you’re going to stream music, you might as well earn from it. Several companies will compensate you for using your ears. Most importantly, it is the ideal way to generate money while multitasking. You’ll have to follow particulars, and it won’t be a high-paying gig, but it is possible, and you can get paid to listen to Music

Invest in Farmland

Farmland investing offers buyers a value proposition that real estate cannot match: it combines consistently stable growth, exposure to a growing real estate, and several revenue streams into a single purchase. You enjoy the advantages of property investment with a higher average rate of return and a shorter time frame. Investing in farmland provides you with a hedge against inflation.

Play Games and Make Money 

If you want to make the most of your time, you’re interested in learning how to make money playing games. Please keep in mind, though, that gaming cannot replace your primary source of funds but can only support it. There is an app for everything, from strategy, arcade, and survival games such as Axie, Bubble Shooter Pro, and Spin To Win.

Complete Online Surveys

Taking a few minutes to take a few online surveys may win you extra cash. Companies like Survey Junkie are willing to spend a top price on market research. Consumers may take advantage of this by taking surveys for money. Filling out surveys definitely isn’t the highest pay per hour, but you’ll get paid real cash. You just have to meet the qualifications of each survey to take it and get paid.

Get Paid to Read Books

You may make money by following your love of books. If you’re seeking ways to make money while you read, then know that there are many options. Some examples include book reviews, proofreading, translation, and e-book conversion. As long as new books are released, this idea will remain popular.

Become a Virtual Assistant

There is also virtual assistance which is a fast-money earner. Most virtual assistants’ activities don’t need substantial technological knowledge; therefore, being one is quick and straightforward. Virtual assistants may make a good living. Your past expertise and the services you offer decide your rate as a V.A.

Buy Virtual Real Estate

As the metaverse grows, many think that everything in the real world will be duplicated in the virtual world. You can invest in virtual real estate with companies like Decentraland. Virtual real estate goes hand in hand with the NFT marketplace because you owning a digital character in the metaverse could classify as owning “digital real estate.”


Proofreaders look for errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and other aspects of a text document. Keeping note of any mistakes and correcting them as quickly as feasible is your duty. You can expect to make good pay as a proofreader, but you will have to negotiate with clients and prove yourself.

English Tutoring

Teaching English online is possible if you love dealing with other people. You can possibly make an hourly wage from $14 to $25. However, your prior experience will impact the same range you see. There is no doubt that you can earn $1,000 or more a month.

Social Media Manager

Managing a company’s social media sites is a handful for most firms. They employ social media managers since they don’t have the time to organize the accounts themselves. This person is responsible for managing the Facebook and Twitter accounts and other social media platforms. The annual wage for a social media manager might reach $50,000 or even more.

Resume Writer

Many people seek resume writing assistance at some point in their lives. Graduates and job seekers will take advantage of this opportunity to improve their resumes. You can help them create a resume that will appeal to the companies. Each CV you help with might pay you hundreds of dollars, depending on the quality of your work.

Data Entry

Data entry may be a lucrative side hustle for people of all ages. This position is for detail-oriented people and ready to work within deadlines. You may earn around $10 and $15 an hour doing pretty lucrative data entry with superior typing speed. 

Creating Sales Pages

Designing your own sales sites for campaigns or even for yourself is possible. You may add a variety of products to your websites and then move them around so that customers can purchase them. In addition, creating a sales page is work under virtual assistance that may bring in $15 to $40 per hour.

Managing Product Launches

If you have a knack for marketing and launching products, then you can do this for others. What may be easy to you is seemingly impossible for others. Companies will gladly pay you to help them with their product launch. They need to focus on their core business, which will be a sprint.

Project Management

Project Management can take many forms. Launching a product for a company is an example of project management. Managing a real estate renovation is project management. Anything in a company that has a specified timeline can be considered a project that you might be able to get paid to manage for them. It could be as little as 30 days to as many as multiple years. But the project has a finite beginning and end. 

Pinterest VA

how is pinterest used - 100 money making ways

Your skills can get you a job as a Pinterest VA that creates mood boards and applies SEO strategies for the benefit of your clients. With tools like Canva and Tailwind, a Pinterest VA helps companies set their Pinterest accounts, complete profiles correctly, note down board characteristics, produce fantastic images and develop a unique pinning schedule. You may also make money by designing pins for other people.

Daycare Owner

If you’re a mother, you’ve probably had a lot of experience with child care. You can be a daycare owner and benefit from this talent and expertise. Because you’re already taking care of children, you may be able to earn money by taking on a few more. If you succeed in this venture, each child could bring in hundreds of dollars monthly.


When it comes to money-making ideas, drop-ship is one of the most cost-effective methods to do it. Dropshipping differs from other types of businesses in that it eliminates the need for you to maintain inventory or handle shipping. Your first step in dropshipping is to set up an online store on platforms like Shopify, feature your items, and then locate a direct supplier once a consumer orders. Many people from the U.S., Australia, and other countries earn a lot with dropshipping without putting money into the business.

Interior Designer

You can make money with your strong sense of style as an interior designer. Also, you may guide others in making the most of their houses’ design and functionality. This career may include site visits, although video discussions may be an option for you. When you’ve accumulated a reputation, you may bill any from $50 to $150 as your hourly rate for your services.

SEO Expert

Search Engine Optimization is a skill that can serve you really well. It can be used for your business and is a skill for growing other business brands. I used SEO skills to grow this blog to over 100,000 monthly website visitors (in 2021). You can do the same and get paid for your efforts.

Consignment Seller

Many people have items of value, but they don’t have time to market and sell. You can offer this service for a portion of the proceeds. This is called selling on consignment. The % you collect can be as little as 15% to as high as 70%. It just depends on the services you offer and how much value you bring to the table regarding making sales.

Record Audiobooks

If you can pronounce clearly and have a pleasing tone of voice, you may earn money reading books. Because there are not many up-front or maintenance costs, recording audiobooks is an excellent side gig for bookworms. You may not need extensive voice training, acting experience, or even a fancy home studio to become one. Even though vocal training and acting might be advantageous, they are unnecessary.

Walk Dogs

Offer to walk your neighbor’s dogs

You can make money by walking dogs in your spare time, and if you have a soft spot for dogs, it will be a rewarding experience. Dog walkers often make between $20 to $30 on 30-minute walks, based on the number of dogs and walks per day. It’s a way to earn additional cash on the side when you’re not working full-time. The money you make from dog walking may cover part of your bills.

Wash Residential and Commercial Windows

If you can find places or companies with dirty windows, washing residential and commercial windows pays a lot of money. Cleaning liquids and microfibre cloths are all you need to prepare to begin. You may invite a friend or two who are also trying to make some money, form a group, and scour the neighborhood for dirty windows. When you see a business that might use your services, go over and give it a quick cleanup.

Be a Streamer on Twitch.tv

Twitch.tv is a site where people may stream themselves doing various activities, such as playing computer games, live. Selling advertising, gaining followers, collecting donations, and other methods are all viable ways to earn money as a live streamer. Many very famous Twitch streamers make thousands of dollars each month because of their popularity. As long as you continue it and enjoy what you’re doing, building an engaged Twitch audience may be a worthwhile endeavor.

Clean Houses

To clean houses, you must have an intense distaste for clutter and be a master of cleaning and organizing things. If you do not want to build a cleaning company, you might assist other individuals in cleaning houses or act as a housekeeping assistant. All you need to work on is going to your client’s home and helping clean. A typical hourly wage for house and office cleaning is $25 to $45 per hour, on average.

Run Errands for People

You can make money by running other people’s errands, mainly if you can drive legally. When it comes to household chores, most people are too busy working or doing errands to do themselves. To avoid doing it themselves, they pay other people to do it. Those who need help with errands, laundry service, or other such chores may be available in your neighborhood. Sites like Task Rabbit can easily connect you with such people.

Retrieve Golf Balls

For those who like golf and live anywhere near a course, gathering and reselling balls may be a way to make extra money. The best way to start selling is to build a booth near the golf course. You could also set up an online store yourself to sell the balls on sites like eBay or Amazon.

Earn Scholarships

You have the best chance of going to college without being trapped by student loans if you apply for scholarships. An excellent scheme may allow you to earn a lot of money through a scholarship. There are different kinds of scholarships like athletics, academics, and more. You can increase your chances of receiving scholarships by achieving the required and maintaining grades. 

Work for Doordash

Delivery orders from restaurants are becoming increasingly popular, mainly when many people prefer not to leave their homes. DoorDash needs drivers, a food delivery service, to help customers get their food. Delivering goods to people’s homes is another option to make money with your car. As a DoorDash delivery worker, you may choose your hours and get paid extra for each delivery you make.

Get Paid for Walking

You have several apps to choose from to make money from walking. Some of the apps are paying you directly to walk. Other apps are job-related apps where you can walk and get paid. Not only are you making money from walking, but you get to stay in shape too. 

Sell With Amazon FBA

FBA is an e-commerce business concept that allows sellers to ship their products to an Amazon warehouse and advertise them on Amazon.com. It is one of the most exciting money-making ideas available on the internet. Come up with an excellent concept for a product, find a supplier, ship your goods to an Amazon Warehouse, and then market your product to increase sales. Entrepreneurs and side hustlers may take advantage of this growing trend by selling things online through e-commerce, a lucrative business opportunity. Learn how you can make money with Amazon FBA here.

Take Part in the Research Group

Companies like Respondent provide this service. Your participation in research projects is joining their panel, requiring you to provide basic information like your location and occupation. Taking surveys, getting interviewed, or simply expressing your thoughts may all be part of the process of gathering information. You can earn up to $350 just for participating in the study.

Negotiate a Pay Raise

There is no assurance that a new job would help you earn more money if you are currently working. However, you may command a higher salary depending on your position and how well you do. Most people never even think about requesting a pay increase. Instead, they accept the pay agreed to when they get the job. When it comes to asking for extra income, it’s a good idea to rehearse or do some reading before you get into a negotiation.

Claim Your Unclaimed Funds

You may be entitled to a tax refund, but you may not be aware of it. You can find your missing money if you failed to file your tax return or if your refund check was missing in the mail. As with unclaimed tax returns, there may be additional money waiting for you in your bank account. Unclaimed.org and MissingMoney.com are good places to start looking for unclaimed funds.

Buy and Sell Domain Names

You can buy domain names to resell them for a higher profit. There are a lot of domain names that will become popular in the future that dealers in domain names come across. The most significant part of domain investment is buying low and selling high. You may earn money online with minimal effort if you choose an undervalued name that becomes popular.

Start Investing

Start investing

Investing is the best way to earn money quickly. Investing in a high-interest bank account can help you grow your passive income. The earlier you invest, the greater your chances are of having a stable financial life and not having to work as hard for little sums of money in the future. Make the most of your present resources by putting them to work for you.

Make Money Watching Videos

You may run adverts on your phone or do various activities on mobile applications that pay cash. You don’t need any prior experience or complete attention to make a few additional bucks by watching videos. Many websites and apps will reward you for seeing advertisements if you’re in a tight spot and need some extra spending money. There are no signup fees for these applications, and many of them even give you a freebie for doing so.

Set Up an Etsy Shop

As more and more people purchase online, competition in this industry rises. So, if you’re thinking about creating an online business, Etsy is a fantastic good way to begin. You can find handmade things from all around the globe on Etsy, an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers. Open an Etsy shop and sell your beautiful crafts, paintings, custom jewelry, bags, or anything else you can think of on the site. Get an idea of what you can sell on Etsy here.

Grow a YouTube Channel

To get out of a dreary everyday living, YouTube is the most acceptable option. It’s not easy to make money on YouTube, and it takes a lot of effort to build a channel from the ground up. When you have everything set up, it’s more complex than a typical task, but once you’ve got it going, it can run on its own. The daily earning potential of a popular YouTube channel ranges from a few dollars to upwards of $100. I have covered details about the basic equipment needed to start a YouTube channel here.

Amazon Affiliate

Affiliate marketers can earn around a few hundred bucks to a few million dollars each year. You may make money by advertising other people’s goods and services through affiliate marketing. Amazon provides a way to monetize its visitors for content publishers because of its worldwide reputation and wide selection of items. Amazon Associates program is an excellent affiliate program for beginners because it is free to enter and quickly accepted.

Self Publish at Amazon Kindle

Amazon is perhaps the most popular option for self-publishing firms because there is no need for an expert to publish your book. Using Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing to publish your book is likewise a quick and straightforward process because you can reach more audiences. Despite Amazon’s low prices for eBooks, the site nevertheless receives a large volume of traffic, so it can compensate for the low price by generating a reasonable income each month.

Start a Garage Sale Online

You don’t need to make a garage sale or dump your belongings at a consignment shop; the internet will do. You may post advertisements of your garage sales on social media pages to help you get the word out about your one-of-a-kind garage sale. Nowadays, everyone wants to do business through the internet, which explains the rise of online marketplaces. Garage sales are a terrific way to generate additional money, and you can even take the help of your family.

Be a Website Tester and App Reviewer

Every day, a new generation of websites and applications emerges, all of which rely on user feedback to continue to improve. To make money, a website tester or app reviewer depends on the technical aspects of a website or mobile application. Spending two hours every day on the internet or applications may earn you $10 an hour. U.S. and European companies often acquire more work because of the enormous demand in these regions.

Make and Sell Stuff Online

You’ve probably been to fairs where artisans sell their crafts if you’re the artistic sort. By selling something you’ve made, you may do the same thing online. The charm of handcrafted goods is well-known, so selling yours online should be a piece of cake. Several online platforms for small-time makers, such as Etsy, allow you to sell everything.

Offer Yard Services

As a kid, or even as a grown-up, it’s a common trend to offer yard work as an extra job. It can vary from mowing a neighbor’s lawn, collecting garbage, raking, watering plants, or cleaning up around the house. Nowadays, promoting your services via social media is a more convenient option. Clients should tell their friends and family about your work, leading to recommendations and repeat business.

Offer Digital Marketing and SEO Services

This one requires a bit more time and work on your part before getting started. Don’t get started in the industry without doing your homework and taking a short course about it. You may earn up to $200 each gig with the proper clients if you’re serious about learning it. Digital marketing and SEO organizations are always on the lookout for new employees, so if you’ve earned your certification, you may turn it into a profession.

Sell Feet Pics

Bloggers, salespeople, and other industries purchase foot pictures to promote business content, products, and services. Ads for shoes or socks would welcome your photos of your feet. Selling foot photos may be a good way for those who already have full-time jobs to earn extra money while putting in very little time and effort. Selling pictures of your feet may seem strange and unfamiliar to most people, but it may be lucrative.

Get Paid to Chat

Several reputable businesses are ready to pay people to chat. For example, in the case of Amazon, staff are needed to respond to client questions. In most chat jobs, you’ll be working from home or remotely, so you’ll need to provide your equipment and personal data like your I.P. address or SSN. It is possible to make money through talking, but not all accessible sites are secure and trustworthy. Read this guide to get paid to chat.

Self Publish Children’s Books

As for self-publishing, the author is responsible for all aspects of the book’s production, distribution, and promotion. The process of self-publishing a children’s book may seem overwhelming, but preparing and adhering to the proper procedures may make it easier. Having a physical copy of your creation in your hands will make you realize that all of your hard work has been worthwhile.

Join a Network Marketing Company

People are scared of network marketing companies (often called MLM) for some reason. It’s understandable. Sometimes companies run a fine line that can get them in trouble with the Federal Trade Commission. This causes the industry to get a bad name. These opportunities are a great intro for you into the business world. But before getting involved, ask these two questions. First – “would I buy the product or service yourself at the price you’ll be selling it for?”  If yes, you can move to the second question, which is, “Is the company’s focus on selling product or on recruiting other folks to sell?”  If they focus on recruitment rather than their product, move on to the next opportunity.

Create & Upload Compilation Videos on YouTube

Random video compilations of other people’s videos gain millions of views on YouTube. Adding your affiliate links to the video description may open up a whole new cash stream for you, making it possible to earn up to $6000 a month from advertising alone. You may earn up to $300 a day just by editing and uploading videos to your YouTube channel. Read this post to learn how to make money without making YouTube videos.

How To Grow Your YouTube Audience 

Become a Shopper With Instacart

The food delivery business has been expanding year after year and will continue to do so in the future. Getting a job bringing groceries for Instacart might be a good fit for people searching for jobs with more flexibility regarding when and where they work. Become an Instacart shopper, and you’ll earn for picking and delivering what clients want. How much you make depends on the number of hours you put in each week.

Be an Uber & Lyft Driver

Driving for ride-hailing services is a great way to make extra money if you have a car and some free time. You will have to go with them to get money at various times and locations. As long as you have a valid driver’s license and are at least 18 years of age, you may sign up for Uber or Lyft as a driver. Driving during peak times and completing a certain number of trips within a set length of time might earn extra money.


These money-making ideas are just the beginning. Keep in touch with me to get free content and ideas from my YouTube channel.
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Either way, I look forward to cheering on both of us as we continue to grow and Destroy the Box.