How To Make Money on Youtube Without Making Videos

Might you want to get money on YouTube without making your playlist of videos or revealing your identity? I will show you a mind-blowing strategy to make money on YouTube without making videos. 

YouTube is the best way to deal with make simple income and achieve autonomy from a futile daily existence.

Yes, there are many ways to deal with the day to day grind and generate an extra income.

I feel that YouTube is one of the best options for this. 

Making income on YouTube isn’t simple, and it’ll take a massive load of work, especially at the beginning.

It’s harder than a standard job, yet when you set everything up it can get rolling on its own.

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how to make money on youtube without making videos

How can you earn on YouTube without making videos?

You’ll be bringing in cash on YouTube by posting assemblage recordings. 

Along these lines, all you require is to make recordings in a specific specialty and post them on YouTube. 

Assemblage recordings remain prominent on YouTube, and they get plenty of attention. If you make great vids and post reliably, you’ll be found and begin to earn substantial sums of money. 

You’ll be bringing in cash on YouTube from the promotions that are  on your recordings.

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Why can this method be more efficient?

Anyway, why utilize this technique rather than merely vlogging or making instructional exercise recordings or some other strategy? 

Beginning an individual YouTube channel these days is incredibly troublesome because nobody knows you and doesn’t identify with you.  You have to build a following.

Making arrangement recordings is simple and doesn’t require high-altering expertise. In addition, you’ll be posting content that you realize individuals like to watch and has a built-in audience.

Follow this instruction to set up your Youtube and make money without filming yourself.

So we’re learning how to make money on YouTube without making videos. I’ll begin clarifying the specific advances you need to follow to start your automated revenue, so kindly remember that this technique requires a ton of work and consistency. That isn’t a make-easy money strategy; however, if you apply this technique’s specific strides, you’ll begin to bring in cash from YouTube. You can peruse these three profitability improvement rules to design your day and ensure that you stay zeroed in.

Discover a Specialty 

You need to discover a specialty you’ll be posting recordings about and bring in cash on YouTube.

YouTube has a video for everybody, so you need to pick a specialty and have a local area of fans around it. By choosing a particular niche, you’ll accumulate a draw-in crowd that will observe the entirety of your recordings. 

There are a ton of specialties that you can pick, yet here are my proposals:


Interesting Clasps 

Everybody on YouTube watches interesting clasps recordings on YouTube, so you have a colossal crowd. Furthermore, they are straightforward to discover and alter. 

Instagram Cuts 

Find viral clasps on Instagram and use them for your YouTube channel. If those clasps circulated the web on Instagram, you ensured to get at any rate a good measure of perspectives on YouTube. 

You can scan Instagram for viral substance in a particular specialty (exercise cuts, for instance). 


Music is something that everybody on the planet tunes in to. So you’ll discover incredible accomplishment with specialty lake music. For instance, you can make inspirational music recordings that have a ton of perspectives on YouTube. 


Gaming is the simplest specialty since it has a huge crowd, and discovering cuts is incredibly simple. You should simply go to Twitch, and you’ll locate an unending measure of clasps that you can utilize.

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Accumulate substance or clasps to make your recordings 

Since we’re learning how to make money on Youtube without creating videos, what you’ll do is you look for cuts on YouTube with a CC permit and make your substance from those clasps. 

What is Creative Commons (CC) on YouTube? 

So before I begin disclosing the means to this strategy, I need to clarify creative commons on YouTube. 

A Creative Commons (CC) permit is a few public copyright licenses that empower the free conveyance of a copyrighted work. A CC permit utilized when a creator needs to give others the option to share, use, and expand upon a job that he (that creator) has made. 

That implies that you can utilize recordings distributed on YouTube under a CC permit for your recordings.

How do you discover those recordings? 

Discovering recordings with a CC permit is exceptionally simple. After you pick your specialty, go to YouTube and look for applicable terms or subjects you need to post about. At that point, click on Channel, and under Highlights, you select creative commons, and by doing this, YouTube will just show recordings that were distributed under a CC permit. 

That implies that you can utilize any of the recordings that are being appeared on that page. Presently, don’t make a whole video and repost it for what it’s worth. Even though you can do that, it’s better on the off chance that you alter a video and make it your own by adding your introduction and outro and your YouTube channel’s name. 

By and large, individuals add their YouTube diverts name in the introduction or the outro of a video, so they get the watchers to buy-in. If you take a video and post it as it is, you’ll be advancing different channels, not your own. 

So you should assemble various recordings, make your gathering from them, and add your introduction and outro.

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Alter and make your recordings 

Presently, that you have downloaded the recordings, you need to make your recordings. You need video altering programming, and since you’re merely going to do some basic alters, you needn’t bother with a to pay for a video altering programming. You can utilize a free one. 

After you’ve introduced a video altering programming, you need to get an introduction and outro. So you should simply look on YouTube “free YouTube introduction/outro format”. You’ll a rundown of recordings showing the intros/outros that they need to pick one, and you’ll discover the download connection in the depiction of the YouTube video or you can go to Renderforest and get one from that point.

Alter your video 

Presently, you should begin altering your video. In the first place, pick an extraordinary 20 or 30-second clasp and start your video with. By beginning your video with a unique clip, you’ll snare individuals and stand out enough to be noticed, give them the motivation to watch your video, and mention to them what’s in store from your video directly from the beginning. 

At that point, include your introduction, content as you see fit, and eventually, add in your outro and recommend different recordings for watchers to watch.

Before you go to the subsequent stage, you ought to plan in any event 30 recordings and put them in a safe spot. You ought to set up many recordings, so you transfer reliably and don’t fall behind in your timetable. Reliably sharing is vital for your Channel’s development.

Set up your YouTube channel 

Presently, you have a lot of recordings prepared to make a YouTube channel, it doesn’t make any difference if you utilize your record or create another one. What you need to do is add an incredible profile and cover pictures. 

At that point, alter the about part of your YouTube channel and mention to individuals what’s in store from it.

Begin posting 

After setting up your recordings and setting up your YouTube channel, it’s an ideal opportunity to begin posting content. 

Toward the beginning, you will probably post in any event three times each day. You need to post a great deal toward the beginning, so you get more opportunities to get found by individuals, and once you begin getting a few perspectives, you can bring down that number to once per day. 

Try not to debilitate if your recordings aren’t getting any perspectives. Simply continue to post, accept the views that will come. At the point when you’re new to YouTube, nobody knows, so YouTube will not prescribe your substance to anybody. Be patient and continuously. You’ll get some openness and begin getting sees.

Incredible title and thumbnail 

Utilize comparable titles to the ones that you used to look for content and make great thumbnails. 

Your thumbnail is critical because YouTube is a visual stage. Individuals the more significant part of the occasion, pick a video dependent on the thumbnail, so take as much time as necessary. This part is very important!

Transfer your recordings and set them up to open up to the world at a particular time each day. Being steady is vital, so by sharing your recordings and setting them to open up to the world at one specific time is key.

Tips to earn money on YouTube without filming yourself:

In this article, we’ve touched on how you can make money from Youtube without making videos. None at all!

Set up a timetable. By doing so you can make a day where you just create vids, one day to create thumbnails, and another to upload recordings to your YouTube channel. 

That is vital to your success. You must be consistent. If not, you’ll get overwhelmed, and you won’t make it over ‘the hump’.

That was my methodology on the best way to bring in cash from YouTube without making videos yourself. I trust you loved it, and if you did, let’s be sure to stay connected.

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