How To Join eXp Realty: Be A Next Level Real Estate Agent!

Are you thinking about joining eXp Realty but aren’t sure what to expect? The eXp Realty onboarding process may appear daunting initially, but eXp provides ample support and resources to assist you. 

If you’re curious about how to join eXp Realty, then you’ve stumbled upon the right post.  

The six stages to becoming an eXp Realty agent are outlined below. I’ll share all of the emails you’ll get along the process, as well as a couple of helpful resources. 

how to join exp realty

How To Join eXp Realty in 6 Straightforward Steps 

1. Fill out and submit your “eXp Realty Join Application.”’ 

I’m assuming that by now you already know How eXp Realty works and that you’re looking for sign-up details.

The “eXp Realty Join Application” and Independent Contractors Agreement are the first phases in the eXp Realty onboarding process.

Visit to complete the quick 10-minute Join Application.

In the middle of the page, click “Apply as an Agent.”

2. Read and sign the eXp Realty Independent Contractor Agreement. 

Once you’ve completed the Join Application, you’ll be emailed the eXp Realty Independent Contractor Agreement via an e-signature platform. 

This document contains all of the specifics regarding your responsibilities to eXp Realty and vice versa. 

You can also download a copy of the eXp Realty US Independent Contractor Agreement to study it even further.

Name Your Sponsor 

You’ll have to name your sponsor or the person most responsible for your decision to join eXp Realty. The field is at the very end of this document. 

You can type the agent’s name into the search box or choose from a list of agents. If there are two agents with the same name, there are images for each of them.

Adding your sponsor costs you nothing, but the sponsor will help answer any questions that you might have.

If you’d like to add me, just search for Brooks Conkle (I’m from Mobile, Alabama) and feel free to add me. If you join our team, you get the full access and training that we provide to new eXp Realty agents (if you need it and would like it).

Of course, if you have more questions before you join eXp Realty, schedule a call with us!

Pick Up Where You Left Off 

Your application is linked to a login that saves your progress. This allows you to access a dashboard where you may resume where you left off.

To finish your eXp Join Application and Independent Contractor Agreement, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Use your credentials to log in.
  3. Finalize your eXp Join application and sign your Independent Contractors Agreement, then click Next. 

Gaining Access To eXp World As A Guest 

When you visit the link above, you’ll get an email with your login credentials. You’ll also get a guest pass that will allow you to access eXp World even if you aren’t technically accepted yet. 

With your admission to eXp World, you may get help from the support team with the eXp Realty onboarding process. You can also get any other customer care you may require.

Keep a copy of this email for your records so you can remember how to activate your eXp access.

Follow these procedures to activate your eXp access:

  1. After signing your independent contractor agreement, click the “Activate” link in the email eXp provides you.
  2. To authenticate your account, go to “Configure factor” and enter your phone number.
  3. Select a security question and provide an answer.

You can log into eXp World with the following instructions: 

  1. Go to and download the application. It’s completely safe. 
  2. Choose whether you want to download and install eXp World on your PC or Mac.
  3. Click “Login with Passport” to sign into eXp World.
  4. Select “Sign In” after entering your username and password.
  5. Agree to the License Agreement by checking the box on the right.
  6. To get started, click the “Create New Avatar” option to design your avatar.

The activation link stated in step one will also be included in the same email to activate your eXp access. Your guest pass will be activated once you click this link. Below it, you’ll see your visitor username and password.

3. Wait for the eXp internal team to sign your independent contractor’s agreement. 

eXp’s internal team must also sign your Independent Contractors Agreement now that you’ve signed it.

You’ll get another email with a copy of your Independent Contractors Agreement. You may save this document for your records once that’s done.

4. Upload your real estate license. 

For this step, you must upload your license to eXp. Each state follows a particular procedure. 

After you sign your independent contractor agreement, you’ll receive an email from your state broker team within 24-48 hours. Step-by-step instructions tailored to your state will be included in the email.

You’ll need to notify your eXp Realty Broker team to start the transfer process once you’ve gotten this email.

Uploading your license doesn’t automatically happen, so you might need some assistance. 

Depending on your state, the rules for uploading your license may differ. When you call your broker, they will explain the procedure to you. You may also directly call your state license commission and ask how to do so.

Suppose you have any active listings that you want to move to eXp Realty; inform your broker during this step. Remember, in most states those real estate listings legally belong to your broker. You need to be clear if they will transfer with you over to eXp Realty.

It would help if you did so as you initiate your license transfer so that they can assist you with the paperwork.

Your broker team’s email address will be your state abbreviation followed by “,” for example, “” 

The Designated Managing Broker should sign off on your file once the license transfer is complete. After that, you can proceed to the next stage. 

5. Set up shop at eXp Realty. 

You’ll be an official member of eXp Realty in your state after your license has been transferred. You’ll need to focus on setting up all of eXp Realty’s systems and tools to get started.

To continue, you’ll need to create an eXp email address. Ensure your personal and eXp email addresses are correctly forwarded to avoid missing any pertinent emails.

You’ll get an email with the subject “Activate your eXp Realty email address.” To complete forwarding to your eXp address, follow the instructions in the email.

You should be able to send and receive messages from your eXp realty email address once you’ve validated it.

In addition, any communications from your eXp Realty address will be forwarded to the email address you specify.

Visit eXp’s Knowledge Base to learn more about sending email as your eXp Realty alias. The link, as well as a unique password you’ll need to log in, will be sent in the same email.

6. Congratulations! Explore eXp as a new member. 

You’re now an eXp Realty agent who is actively working! When the team activates you in the system, three different emails will be sent to your new eXp email address.

That’s why it’s imperative not to miss any steps on this guide. 

These are the three emails:

  • A personal welcome email
  • Your Skyslope activation 

Skyslope is a cloud-based transaction management software to upload all of your signed contracts with customers.

  • A coupon for complimentary business cards 

In your welcome email, you’ll find a link to activate your eXp Realty Passport, which is eXp’s single sign-on system.

eXp Realty employs over 15 different tools and platforms, including eXp Workplace, Enterprise, the Marketing Center, and Explore Guide. You merely need one login for all of these systems if you use eXp Passport.

If you need help activating your eXp Passport, contact the eXp Tech Support team at You can also contact general customer service at

The easiest way to receive support is through eXp World, where you can talk to eXp personnel in real-time. 

This is eXp World’s schedule: 

Monday-Friday 6:00AM-5:00PM PST and 9:00AM-8:00PM EST 

Additionally, keep an eye out for a calendar invite from the Agent Experience Team for your agent orientation. 

The bulk of your queries will be answered at the orientation. The event is held in the eXp World auditorium.

You’ll also learn about the many systems and technologies that eXp employs, as well as a bunch of other resources. 

Finally, the eXplore Handbook is another helpful resource available through eXp Enterprise.

It contains a wealth of information about eXp Realty that you can read to learn more about how it operates.

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Why Real Estate Agents Are Flocking To eXp Realty 

Why Real Estate Agents Are Flocking To eXp Realty 

eXp Realty is a global network of agents and partners dedicated to improving the real estate experience. The company provides world-class education, strategic partnerships, and stock awards to our agents.

The following are some of the highlights of what they have to offer:

Multiple Revenue Streams 

At eXp Realty, agents earn a revenue share from the sales activity of the productive agents they bring on board. eXp Realty pays the revenue share, which does not lower the agent commission.

Revenue Share Plan

eXp Realty agents can earn revenue share income from the sales activity of productive agents they sponsor into the organization. 

They calculate this income with the gross commission income from sales transactions closed by a personally sponsored capping agent and their entire group of active agents.

eXp shares 50% of its revenue (Company Dollar) from each transaction before expenditures are deducted.


To promote the agent’s well-being, eXp offers a program called eXp Agent Healthcare. This program allows agents to access low-cost healthcare options such as:

  • Medical cost-sharing and insurance 
  • Supplemental insurance 
  • Telemedicine services 

This initiative aims to assist eXp agents in saving money, expanding their provider network, and reducing out-of-pocket expenses.

Excellent Commission Streams 

There are no desk fees, royalty costs, or franchise fees when you deal with eXp Realty. This advantage is one of the most significant reasons agents flock to the brokerage. 

Agents keep 80%-100% of their commissions and have one of the most lucrative agent experiences in the industry.

Does it cost anything to join eXp Realty?

Yes, eXp is pretty transparent about their upfront signup costs. Although, the wealth of tools that they provide their agents outweigh these costs. If you decide to join, you will have to pay the following fees: 

Agents From the United States (USD):

  • A startup fee of $149
  • A cloud brokerage fee of $85 per month 
  • A transaction broker review fee of $25
  • A transaction risk management fee of $40 with a $500 annual cap 

Agents From Canada (CDN):

  • A startup fee of $199
  • A month cloud brokerage fee of $139
  • A transaction broker review fee of $29
  • A transaction risk management fee of $17 with a $200 annual cap 

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Is a real estate license a requirement when joining eXp Realty?


how to join exp realty - Is a real estate license a requirement when joining eXp Realty?

Yes, it is. You must be an active real estate license holder to be qualified for entry. You will be asked to transfer your license during the application process. 

Can an entire brokerage join eXp Realty? 

You and your team can all join the company. Of course, individual agents are welcome too. If you’re planning to bring an entire team over to join eXp Realty, feel free to set up a call in order to run the numbers to see how that transfer will look for you and your team.

Can you join eXp Realty with a newly issued real estate license? 

Technically, yes. After all, eXp Realty provides a learning platform for newly licensed agents to familiarize themselves with core skills.

These skills are needed to begin and grow a successful real estate career. 

Each mentee is matched with a licensed eXp mentor who lives in the same region. However, many evaluations note how difficult it is for novice agents.

Supplementary Resources 

  • Team Services can be reached at if you’re a team leader with inquiries concerning general team onboarding.
  • Agent Onboarding can be reached at for general agent queries about the eXp Realty onboarding process.
  • Visit to see how far your onboarding has progressed.
  • The complete onboarding process at eXp Realty usually takes 2-5 working days. It should take about two business days on average.

Final Thoughts 

eXp Realty’s progress is nothing short of phenomenal, so it’s no surprise that many agents are flocking to the company.

The commission splits, lead development tools, and revenue share program makes the pot sweeter. 

Plus, you get the chance to be an owner in the firm with their stock program, open to all their realtors. 

Real estate agents who are constantly on the road and want access to the office appreciate its virtual aspect too.

Also, new agents can benefit from live training classes from anywhere in the world.

When you join eXp Realty, you join a global family of partners dedicated to revolutionizing the RE industry.

You can learn more about how they equip their agents with skills, strategic relationships, and stock awards on their site. 

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